Welcome home Hopper, Rey & Eleven!!

June 16, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Update: Toronto/Don Mills/Amexon: June 15 & 16: Sally & I met up to check on this family Monday night to see if they had come home–all were over on the condos still! Two( we think they were different juvies, only ID’d one) flew home but then headed back. One was definitely Rey, guessing the other was Hopper. We called it a night as they did not look like they were coming. Last night, I headed over around 7pm and was delighted to see one juvie on a letter! And it was Eleven!!! Way to go! I saw the other two over on the condo so moved the car and settled in. And in came a second juvie, landed right beside Eleven–Rey!! They found a stash of Dad’s lol and nibbled on that and preened. I caught a flash going around the building–could this finally be the elusive Hopper??!! Yep. In he flew, around and around, chasing Dad. Landing and then off again, way over the DVP southwest to the apartments there-chasing dad off the roof—and a bunch of pidgeons. Then back again-a very hungry juvie. He finally landed above the girls. And there I left them..I am sure food would be coming soon so they could settle for the night