Canuck & Seven doing well!

July 13, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Spot check: Toronto/Don Mills/Old Harlequin: A little late posting these pics but I was by last week and saw both our juvies and parents, all doing great! Canuck was on his corner( :) ) when I got there. Food was brought in and Canuck got the goods! But before long, in swooped Seven and the chase was on! Canuck took it screaming from the roof of 235 over and around to the back of 240(Seven disappeared over the forest). He was only two over from the workmen working on the building He was not happy(the workmen enjoyed the show though!!) and didn’t stay long with his food and headed to the roof. But Seven didn’t leave him alone for long and chased him over to the back of the nest building. He landed but Seven chased him off. I watched this all–heart in mouth at times–such low chases, around buildings through hydro wires, screaming the whole time lol. But all was good and ended with two very pooped juvies. Fun to watch!