Windsor nest update July 14th to 16th

July 17, 2020 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

DAY 4 7 14-20Morning shift with Bob Hall Brooks.Was pretty melow today,mom was on watchful eye.Was swooped at when Rockette was exercising,guess I was to flew in with breakfast mom went and chased him.Mom brought food back later.

7/15/2020 A very slow night from 5:30 pm till 8 pm nothing going on at all just a bit of walking around a few flaps no food brought in daisy and victor in site Rockette resting in the middle of the north side hope the storm early morning don’t bother her.

DAY 6 7-16-20 Rainy day,had to set up in my Falcon watch mom flew in and fed Rockette at 8am.Than Rockette started callin out at 11am for more to eat.Daisy prepared lunch ,than teased Rockette on the ledge ,and went and dropped it in the big opening.Than started yelling at her.Rockette just sauntered on over and than realized her dinner was there.Was by myself today.

July 16-2020 8:20 pm Another easy night alot of flapping Rockette has been sitting on the light has not moved no one has come in yet to feed her.