Etobicoke Watch Notes. One Fatality, One in Rehab and Two Doing Outstanding

June 12, 2016 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:
The overwhelming nature of the west end watches this year has not left a lot of time for posting so I apologize for these late updates. Bruce Massey has been handling all of the watches so far as the primary and I cannot thank him enough for his efforts and vigilance.
More extensive and detailed notes will be coming but for now here is a brief to catch you up.
Tuesday June 7 - Etobicoke watch begins. Just after 6am the first chick takes flight and is identified as Sprucer. He makes a great flight over to the Kingsway condos and stays high. He makes several more flights staying high each time. At 1:45pm Maverick takes flight and heads over to Kingsway condos. Lost her grip on her landing and flew back towards the nest building. Maverick could not handle the high winds and struck the windows of the nest tower. She died on impact and was recovered by Bruce from the mezzanine roof. Sprucer took a few more flights and ended up low on the Good Life Fitness roof for the night.
Wednesday June 8 - Sprucer still on low roof to start the watch and winds still continue to be high. Cheemong took flight and ended up high over on the Aberfoyle side of the nest tower. She flew again back around and struck the tower. She was rescued from the mezzanine level and was unable to stand. Cheering was rushed to rehab and treated for inflammation. Her condition remains guarded. Oakley took flight and safely landed on a lower roof of Kingsway condos. Sprucer took flight and made it back up to roof level. Oakley took another flight and came to ground. Safely rescued and released to the nest building roof at dark.
Thursday June 9 - Sprucer ripping up the skies!  Lucky had to attended to him and settle him down.g  Oakley only made a couple of flights yet they were decent. Still no word on Cheemong.
Friday June 10 - Both Oakley and Sprucer flying and maintaining height. Sprucer doing very well and Oakley catching up fast. Both over on the roof of the west tower with O’Connor.
Saturday June 11 - Both juveniles spotted this morning at elevation. Watchers continue to check in on their progress.
The Islington and Bloor nest site has always been a challenge for young birds in that it presents a number of first flight dangers, everything from reflective glass windows to balconies and let’s not forget the traffic and ground predators. Those that survive the fledge period at this site often go on to do great things as adults and we are proud to have many young from Etobicoke now nesting elsewhere. For now the watch has been scaled back to spot checks and we will update you as soon as we receive word on Cheemong.
I would like like to thank Bruce Massey for taking the lead this season as well as all the other watchers that contributed their time to this family. Great job folks, we are well on our way.

Etobicoke News Flash. First Fledge

June 07, 2016 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Bruce Massey Reports:

Not sure who it is just yet but no sooner had I parked when the first chick flew.   Made three flights and stayed at rooftop level. Will update as news becomes available.

Etobicoke Foursome Looking Ready

June 06, 2016 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Caught a cam shot of all four kids this morning on the web camera and there is very little down left to be shed. Local watchers have reported that they are starting to get very active on the ledge running, flapping and of course screaming for food. Looks like the kids are getting ready.

If anyone has time to share at the Islington and Bloor nest we would love to have you join us. Bruce Massey will be spearheading the bulk of the watch as he will flip from the MEC boys down to Etobicoke Wednesday morning. Until that time it will be patchy coverage and we could use all the help we can get to support this family. If you have any time to share please contact our head office at 416-481-1233 or email me at

!!! 4 Chicks Successfully Banded Today :-)

May 20, 2016 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

May 20th 2016
Another successful banding at Bloor and Islington Center. Although O’Conner was back to original self the terror or Etobicoke ,Cathy Smith from CPF and the brave young men from Skyreach Window Washing
took the lick-en from her in stride as they extracted the chicks from the nest for banding. Thanks so much to you all for a job well done!

This year there are 3 girls and 1 boy and all were very healthy and feisty like their mom.

We had a great turn out of viewers from the local community, building tenants and a group of students from Spruce Court Public School.

Mark Heaton and Tina Hassannia from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests weighed and banded the chicks and had 2 young helpers from Spruce Court school who gave each chick a drink of water and placed coloured tape on the silver band. The coloured tape will help the falcon watch team identify at distance each bird during the fledge watch.

The students from spruce Court School got to name 3 of the chicks this year and came up with Sprucer, Oakley and Cheemung and the 4th was named Maverick by Mark Heaton’s assistant Tina. Below is the band information and weights.

745 grams female named Maverick S over 50 with White Tape
535 grams male named Sprucer Y over 21 with Blue Tape
720 grams female named Oakley with Red Tape
720 grams female named Cheemung with Yellow Tape

Once again we would like to thank Building Management CBRE Canada and the wonderful security staff for all their support and as always Mark Heaton of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests for being there for the birds and the community.

!!! Banding Day is Set

May 11, 2016 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Banding day for the baby chicks will be May 20th at Noon at the same location as last year in the East Tower Lobby Bloor and Islington Place. come out and meet the newest additions to the Etobicoke peregrine family and watch the banding.

!!! We need your help!

May 06, 2016 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

May 2016
We are in desperate need of your assistance!

We are looking for someone that has in-depth hands-on experience with WordPress.
There are several major changes needed to both update some portions of the CPF web site, in addition to some design changes and in need of an experienced WordPress person that has some spare time to donate to the CPF.

This individual should also have in-depth hands-on experience with the technical side of web site management.

Please if you can help, and some spare time, we would love to talk to you!

You can contact us at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation via our telephone number at: 416-937-7226 or by e-mail to

Islington Bloor Centre First Hatch

April 28, 2016 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

O’Connor was all over the place today and looking quite unsettled so we were pretty sure that the first hatch was on it’s way.  We had a brief glance of the young one, or ones, but that is all that she’s been willing to reveal so far.  Hopefully we can capture a better view soon.  Congratulations to the Islington Bloor Centre, your first babies have arrived.

First Egg For Etobicoke on First Day of Spring

March 20, 2016 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

O’Connor spent the night on the nest tray and was laying down this morning so we suspected an egg was close. By dawn our suspicions were confirmed when she stood up and revealed her first egg of the season. Congratulations Bloor Islington Centre!

!!! Dome camera image adrift. Stay tuned, we’re fixing! O’Connor holding firm :-)

February 10, 2016 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

February 10th - 2016
Quickly update,,, as a result of the on-going work above the nest ledge elevation as the contractors are involved in the installation of the new signs, the dome camera housing has been bumped and the camera was slightly put off its target. We have been in contact with Daymar Security and they will establish their remote connection with the camera and re-position it back on the nest tray very shortly. Bear with us.

As a foot note,, despite the human activity above the nest ledge elevation with the new signs being installed, O’Connor (the resident adult female) was observed via the nest ledge camera sitting on the nest tray this morning roosting quite contently during the brief early morning sun. She looked quite good actually. While we really haven’t had a bad winter at all, (actually record setting mild and warn temps in comparison to past winters here in Toronto),, our urban peregrines still have to deal with the typical challenges of the winter season.
Despite the human activity,, you can regularly see at least one of the resident adults on the nest ledge early in the morning before workmen arrive on site,, and after they have finished at the end of the day.

Real Winter is although back with a vengeance this week with bitter artic cold freezing temps well below the norm in addition to and bitter wind chills expected for the next few days!!! They are talking close to minus -30 with the wind chills!!!
We’re all looking very forward to spring!!!

Frankie Goes to Hollywood… …Um, Ok. Maybe Just Irondequoit, New York!

August 29, 2015 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Edited and updated!

We have just received news from our friends in New York State that a falcon was photographed by Margaret Kurtz at the Medley Centre in Irondequoit that was clearly Canadian!  The band number, solid black S over 39, was placed on a bird in 2013 at the Etobicoke Sun Life nest and named Little Big Frank after one of our dear fallen comrades who was a falcon watcher for a decade at this nest site.

My phone lit up this afternoon with texts and notices requesting the identity of the bird MAK had spotted and after looking it up and sharing it with the Etobicoke team, the celebrations at seeing one of our fledglings once again as a potential breeding adult began.

Margaret found the bird on the peak of a building at the mall where it was hunting and she was able to get photos and confirm the band number.  This is amazing news and we are always excited to hear about a re-sighting of one of our own homegrown birds!  Little Big Frank was banded in 2013 as a female and it may turn out that this bird is in fact just that.  Male or female, well, Big Frank wouldn’t have minded either way.  He would have been proud none the less and should this bird turn out to be a girl, she can be thought of as “Big Frankie” and will still carry a great name forward with her.

Thank you so much to Dana and MAK for finding BF and updating us on the status of the bird.  All photos posted were taken by MAK.

Big Frankie was seen again last evening chasing pigeons very low through a parking lot. A chip off of the old O’Connor block, fearless and risk taking!