!!! Looks like a hatch! Congratulations Hamilton!

May 15, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

May 15th - 2015
Very excited to report that it would appear that Ossie and Lily have had their first hatch as a pair down at the Hamilton Sheraton hotel! Congratulations Hamilton and Ossie and Lily!

That being said, given the date and the age of the this first hatchling, the optimum banding time frames will be between June 2nd and June 12th.
Stay tuned for more news…..

Ossie and Lily Have Their First Egg

April 08, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

Tracy Simpson Reports:

The new pair at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel have laid their first egg today, April 7th, and are well on their way to starting a family this season.  Congratulations to Lily and Ossie on your first egg.

!!! New resident adult female has been identified as Lily from Grand Haven Michigan USA!

March 16, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

March 16th-2015
Well, it would appear that its change-over time at many of the southern Ontario urban nest sites, weather the causes are due to injuries, deaths and / or territorial disputes or simply hostile take-overs,,, (among the most recent causes),,, there are a number of other new boys and girls in town taking over some of the existing occupied territories.

Spring is in the air!!!!

Most recently, as a result of the ongoing territorial disputes and squabbling at the Hamilton Sheraton nest site, (and with the injury and replacement of Surge), we quickly noticed that the long standing resident adult female - (Madam X,,, a.k.a. Run-Around-Sue) had disappeared from the Hamilton Sheraton nest site and been replaced with a new adult female dawning a very unique Green over Black leg band configuration!!

What makes this particularly interesting, is the fact that the Green over Black leg band that has been observed being on this new Sheraton female is actually upside-down! The Black should be on the top and the Green should be on the bottom. The band was obviously put on the bird at banding upside down. This is of course very important when it come to the birds identification and origin.

The Black over Green aluminum bands were issued to the Michigan State Wildlife authorities by the Federal United States Fish and Wildlife in the USA along with a complete serious of consecutively numbered Black over Green aluminium leg bands,, and this particular alpha-numeric sequence falls in sequence with the other bands both issued and used in Mich. state in 2010.

This being confirmed by our friends at the MDNR in Michigan USA, the leg band number is Black *P over Green *E. As such, this band number is recorded to have been placed on a 2010 produced female banded peregrine that was both produced and banded in Grand Haven, Michigan USA.
Her name is Lily!

I am to understand after talking with the CPF head office this afternoon, that Tracy Simpson has a far more detailed report to post with regards to her site observations of the events and timelines.

Stay tuned……………….

!!! Ossie confirmed at Hamilton, Sheraton!

March 12, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

Kathy Reports:

Thanks to Charles Gregory from Hamilton Falconwatch who provided us with this very clear photo of Ossie’s black band, Tracy from the CPF was able to confirm it is indeed Ossie.  He was hatched in 2012 at our William Osler Etobicoke site and banded O / 8 by Mark Heaton of the MNR, using a rare three character band.

!!! New Tiercel Tentatively ID’d by Hamilton Falconwatchers

March 11, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

Kathy Reports:

The Hamilton Falconwatch Team has tentatively ID’d the new tiercel hanging around Madame X.  With Tracy Simpson’s help they were able to match a O/8 to a young 2012 bird banded at William Osler in Etobicoke.

Hamilton, say hello to Ossie! Based upon a slightly blurry look at leg bands this afternoon, we have tentatively identified the new male at the Hamilton nest as a bird that was banded in 2012 at the William Osler Hospital in Etobicoke. His parents were Hurricane (male) and Chessie (female). This is “tentative” until we can get a clearer look at the bands, to be sure that the upper character is the letter “O” and not the number “0″ (or something else), as it is the former that identifies him as Ossie. So for now, that’s what we’ll be calling him. Welcome to Hamilton, Ossie!

!!! Sad news to report from Hamilton. Surge has died…

March 08, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Thursday, March 5, 2015
We must apologize for all of the late postings and update’s as there has been so much to report and post over the past ten days, we have been a little backlogged trying to get everything posted.

It is with great sadness that we must report that Surge has died. As you may recall, back on January 24th, Surge was retrieved from the ground near the HMCS Haida in Hamilton after suffering from injuries consistent with those similar to fighting with another raptor, in addition to a cere and upper mandible injury consistent with that of a collision with a much harder object - (likely occurring as he made contact with the ground).

Surge was transported by the Hamilton Animal control to the Owl foundation for care and up until a few days ago was doing very well indeed. He was recently taken to the OVC, (the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph) for an examination and assessment with regards to a new complication that developed and unfortunately died the following day at OVC during a physical examination.

It has not been determined as yet as to the cause of his death.

Mean while, back at the Hamilton Sheraton nest site, the unidentified male peregrine that has been hanging around the Hamilton Sheraton nest site is still being observed on a very regular basis, although Madam X has still not given him mate liberty status as yet, but its only a matter of time now with spring in the air, longer daylight hours, increased photocell and elevated hormone levels, we expect that she will give in and accept him as a mate. (This is of course if he stays, and comes up with all of the right moves)!

Stay tuned………….

!!! Athena from 2010 Etobicoke Willaim Osler nest site has been identified and spotted in Hamilton!!

March 05, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

February 28th - 2015
A big thank you to Robert Secord for sending in some of his photos and his observation report of a peregrine falcon that he was able to photograph today. He was also lucky enough to get some clear photos of the peregrines coloured leg band number, and as a result, we have been able to get a identity on the bird!

The Black band number 23 over X in Roberts photos turns out to be a 2010 produced peregrine falcon, banded as a female who was produced at the William Osler Health Care Centre – (Etobicoke Hospital) nest site in Etobicoke Ontario. Her name is “Athena”, and her mother is non-other than O’Connor – her father is Hurricane. Both O’Connor and Hurricane have very long detailed histories of their own with lengthy detailed family trees.

Thank you Robert for sharing!!!!

Robert Writes:
I had the privilege of seeing this peregrine today February 28, 2015 at Eastgate Mall on Centennial Parkway in Hamilton, Ontario. I am wondering if you can identify it from the attached leg band photo and tell me more about this bird. Look forward to hearing from you in regards to this peregrine falcon.
Robert Secord

!!! Suge is doing well and still in re-hap.

February 18, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

February 18th - 2015
A quickly update on Surge as his stay at the Owl foundation has lasted a little longer than expected given the minor complications with the damage he sustained to his upper mandible. While he is doing quite well and seems to be enjoying his stay, its going to be a few weeks before he will be able to be released back to the wild.

That being said, we have been able to confirmed a partial identification of the new male suitor that has been quite active around the Hamilton territory nest site, presumed to be the same male that had it out with Surge and led to his injuries. Madam X (a.k.a. - Run-around Sue) on the other hand, the long standing resident territorial adult female has not shown the new male suitor any hospitality as yet, but its only a matter of time before her hormones change as spring is almost in the air,,, (at least for peregrines anyway).

Despite the record cold bitter temps that we have all had to endure throughout the month of February, our urban resident peregrines see this as just another cold day.

With longer days, increased photocell and sunlight, we are already seeing renewed activity on most of the nest ledges, with pair bonding already underway with many of the resident urban pairs. There have been several conflicts and change-overs of mates at several of the urban nest sites, and we are diligently working on identifying the new suitors at same.

There are two new nest territories that we may be able to report soon, (as soon as they are actually confirmed as being full time occupied territories) that has created allot of excitement. Time will tell,,,,,,
Stay tuned……….

!!! Two Peregrines observed on territory at the Hamilton Sheraton hotel nest site!!! Surge is still away in re-hab!!

January 28, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Wednesday Jan. 28th - 2015
We have just received a report that two peregrines are in fact visible at the Hamilton Sheraton hotel nest site and we know that Surge is NOT one of the two peregrines being observed!!

As you know, this past weekend, Surge, the long standing resident territorial adult male at the Hamilton Sheraton nest site was retrieved from the sidewalk with some injuries that were very consistent with that of a full contact fighting with another raptor. Without witnesses, we can only speculate that his injuries may have been sustained as a result of fighting with another peregrine.

That being said, the fact does remain, that as of today, there are two peregrines currently being observed on site at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel so we’re being told! While there is no confirmation of their identities as yet, there is a strong possibility that at least one new male peregrine is now on the territory.

Surge of course is still at the Owl Foundation recouping from the injuries that he sustained this past weekend, and is currently on a 14 day antibiotic routine to reduce the possibility of any infections, in addition to the worming medication to clear up his little internal parasite challenge.

As with most of these hostile take-overs, the surviving peregrine is usually left on site holding the territory on their own, (in this case, it still may be Madam X), and it is not likely that she is very happy about having this new “intruder” in HER territory! It is also very likely that she may be involved in battles of her own to get rid herself of the stranger!

While this sort of mate changing happens all of the time, and far more often than you would realize, (as this is mothers natures way of sustaining the species by mixing up the gene pool), as you might expect, it doesn’t always happen with the blessing and immediate acceptance of the resident territorial mate that is left on the territory holding the site!

You can expect that when Surge is released, that he will have only one thing on his mind,, and that will be to get back to his home territory and his mate!

So, stay tuned for further updates as they come in, as it is likely to get far more interesting!!!

!!! Territorial dispute and Surge ends up with some injuries! We expect him to have a full recovery!

January 24, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Saturday Jan 24th - 2015
While many of us may have settled in for the duration of the cold snowy winter months, there are a number of battlefields still very active much closer to home than you would expect!

Just after 9am this morning, we received a call from the Hamilton Animal control that explained that an injured adult black banded peregrine falcon was observed on the sidewalk near Eastwood Park, a short distance from the HMCS Haida. Moments later, we were receiving e-mail from Sue McCreadie in Burlington, along with photos of the injured peregrine in an effort to learn its identity.

It didn’t but a few moments to check the banding database to get an identify on the injured peregrine,, and sadly must report that injured peregrine is non other than Surge, Black banded 7 over 8,, who is the resident territorial adult male from the Hamilton Sheraton hotel nest site. See photos attached, courtesy of Shaena who was able to snap some identification shots before and after his recovery. While his injuries didn’t appear to be life threatening, it was obvious that he had been involved in a full contact dispute with another raptor, and as a precaution, he would be taken to the Owl Foundation for a further more detailed examination and treatment if necessary..

Sue e-mail explained that he was on his way to the TOF

By 12:30pm, we had received a serious of e-mail communication from the Owl Foundation with an initial diagnosis of his examination and some photos, and again at 6:00pm with a more detailed diagnosis of Surge’s injuries.

While there were no witnesses to Surge’s grounding, most of his superficial injuries are very consistent to that of squabbling with another bird of pray, with some punctures and some damage to his cere that is also consistent with injuries having been sustained as a result of fighting with another raptor and making some hard contact with concrete. (Concrete always wins) :-(

The better news is that none of his injuries are life threatening, and failing any complications of infections, the current routine of antibiotics and worming meds he is being given should have him back to good health in two weeks time. Other good news, is with regards to his intake weight. He weighted in at 751 grams. After checking his 2002 banding records, we know that he was 669 grams (empty crop weight) at his banding when he was only 28 days.

At almost 15 years old now, Surge is still of very good weight (and although this is his heavier winter weight), it is, never the less, a very healthy weight for a wild male peregrine adult. The lack of external parasites is another very good indication of his overall health and body condition.

The owl foundation has sent along some of Surge’s photos during intake, and other photos taken of him after a second more detailed examination,, (and a caution that some are a little graphic),, although no where near as bad as we have had to deal with over the 18 years. We have held off posting the more graphic shots.

For all those that have forgotten, Surge was produced in 2002 at the Etobicoke Bloor & Islington nest site in Etobicoke Ontario. Hi obviously was successful in his fledging (with only one rescue from the streets during the fledge watch), and ended up calling the Burling Bridge nest site his home in 2004 - 2005 for only that year.

As a very inexperienced young adult, he was unable to take and hold this territory and was displaced (a polite way of say, he was run out of town) from the Burlington Bridge nest site by another older more experienced male. The following year, Surge ended up coming to Hamilton and displaced the resident adult male at the Hamilton Sheraton hotel. Surge has been nesting and producing at the Hamilton Sheraton hotel since 2006, and has been the resident territorial male ever since. Madam-X - (A.K.A. - Run-around Sue as she was named by the Penn. USA falcon watch team in 1999, the year Madam X was hatched. She has been the resident territorial female at the Hamilton Sheraton nest site since 2001.

So as you can see by this one short story of only Surge’s events, the meek do not inherit the earth - (or in these cases, at least do not inherit the peregrine nesting territory).

Over the past month, we have documented seven other cases of territorial disputes with resident peregrines trying to defend and protect their territories here in southern Ontario from hostile takeovers. We have a few surprises to announce with regards to the successful “take-overs” that have already occurred,,, AND waiting for the results of other ongoing hostile take-over events. Stay tuned on this front, as its just beginning!!

As for Surge, we are very confidant of him having a speedy, successful recovery given the care he is receiving and we will report updated news as to his progress as it comes in from TOF.

This would be the time to get down to the Hamilton Sheraton to see “who” if any, is now on territory??? And the obvious question remain,, where is Madam X (a.k.a - Runaround-Sue)?? And if Surge was in fact injured during squabbles with another peregrine for the territory, who, if anyone, has replaced Surge??