September 02, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) has posted a falconry proposal for public comment on the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO 019-1806). The proposal will expand the falconry wild take by eliminating the draw and adding goshawks.

They have already approved the take of one of the following species, Red Tailed hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, Sharp Shinned Hawk and Merlin by Ontario falconers.

CPF does not agree with the take of any wild raptor regardless of species status wildlife should not be taken from the wild for sport. If you feel the same as we do please, please make your opinion and comments know by responding to the OMNRF public comment registry before October 8th 2020 deadline.

Lets keep our wild birds of prey flying free as they were meant to be! please share this information to your friends.

You can read and respond to the proposal here: https://ero.ontario.ca/notice/019-1806

June 29, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Last year I reported that there was a Falcon nest in the cliffs by our cottage in South Algonquin township. On several occasions this year we have heard and seen the falcons at the same nest. (As we have checked photos of falcons we definitively know that the birds are falcons). Last weekend we had the opportunity to see one of the adults bring back prey and actively tear off pieces and feed 2 fluffy chicks. It was a joy to watch. As the nest is half tucked in on a ledge near the top of the cliff it is very hard to get a clear picture. We have been using binoculars to watch from our boats. We will keep trying to provide a pictures.

Tawsha Thompson

2 boys for St. Mary’s Cement in St Mary’s Ontario

June 05, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Today was banding day for St. Mary’s Cement chicks. There where 2 male chicks both healthy and of good weight. The chicks were 30 and 31 days old.
Tara and her team got up up to the tower to the nest site and watched out backs keeping the adults off Mark while the chicks were extracted. Anne Yagi and I set up the banding table in a small mechanical room at the nest level. When the chicks were brought in Mark warned that they were grabby and feisty and that they were the first one Anne picked out of the carries grabbed and ripped her glove.

Once we had the chicks in hand they calmed down and both were weighed and banded.

The first weighed 649 grams at 30 days old his band number is 21 over AW named The Rock.
The Second chick also a male weighed 703 grams at 31 days old and his band is 22 over AW named Pebbles.
Both chicks had a full crop of food so their weight would be 35 to 40 grams less.

Photos of banding to come.

More Photos from Beachville

April 29, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Garry took some more shots of Virginia and Joe at Beachville yesterday April 28th and pointed out a small bald patch on her chest. There does not seem to be any skin damage and she looks otherwise healthy, so I have asked him just to watch how she flies and lands or if she seems to pay any special attention to that spot when preening but I think she looks ok. The first shot is of Joe.

!!! Looking forward to more chicks for Beachville

April 26, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

I received an e-mail on from photographer Garry Cowdroy who took some great shots of the Peregrine adults at Carmeuse Lime and Stone Beachville. He has been keeping an eye on the site for me and believes they are now on eggs.
Looking froward to another successful hatch and hope we can work out a banding of the chicks again this year.
Thanks for the great observations and wonderful photos Garry keep them coming.

Rochester has 4 eggs

April 01, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

We want to celebrate the clutch of 4 eggs in Rochester, New York for Beauty and Dot.ca! For those of you who don’t know him, Dot.ca was hatched in 2010 at the Etobicoke nest site at Bloor and Islington. Now I should tell you that Dot.ca is a male who is rather fond of his eggs and chicks and will often try to shoo Beauty off of the eggs for “his turn”. He is such an attentive male that in his first year as a parent he attempted to feed his eggs the day before hatching (he could hear the chick) and has been seen to do that in other subsequent nesting seasons. He is so incredibly happy to incubate its become somewhat of a competition between the two and a dynamic that sometimes produces hilarious results. If I can find the picture I’m thinking of I’ll post it for all. Congratulations Beauty and Dot.ca on your 4 gorgeous eggs!! Way to go Rochester!

CPF Raptor Centre

March 23, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

I just want to let everyone know that The Canadian Peregrine Foundations ” Educational Birds of Prey” are still being well taken care of during this pandemic. The birds are being attended to each and every day being fed and monitored and are all healthy well. The center is not open to the public and we recommend for your own health and the safety of your family that you stay home and only go out if necessary.

Take care of yourself and do your bird watching and get your bird news online for now!

Marion Nash
The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Update from Toivo

March 23, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Sunday Brampton both Grins sitting in the sun .. BDC and about 100 yds away. nothing exciting.
HRH Kelle st only the Male visible … but agitated, active , moving around a lot. Left the Hospital Bldg going N .. the first TV I have seen was coasting up N over Keele st … did not attack it but escorted it further away and came right back. Interesting.
KPMG Concord no falcon visible on arrival … I decided to sit on it a bit , after 15 min or so the M came in with a kill and left it on the E corner of the ledge and kited about for a bit in the breeze then returned to the W corner and sat . 2 or 3 min then walked in a bit and stood with his back to me I could just see his head from the Walmart parking lot. Then he was out of sight … I saw a head at the E corner by the kill and drove over to get a look .. it was the F eating for a minute then she took off with the kill across the road to the lower PWC bldg. 150 feet away. I went back to the Walmart parking lot and watched …. now it gets good.
The M came out to the edge of the ledge and screamed at her … then flew a few times past her returned to the ledge and sat for a minute watching her .. then he walked back in out of sight.
Note Tracy would know this the ledge is about 8 to 10 ft wide and 24 to 30 in deep no overhang. North side of the bldg. About 10 stories up … 2 years ago I watched incubation exchanges twice … then 2 days of hard cold rain right onto the ledge .. not a good spot!
Pics are from the Walmart parking lot … #1 she has just finished and #2 he is staring at her!
We could really use someone near HRH and KPMG to keep checking on these 2 sites
I hope posting it generates some interest ..

Report from Toivo on a posible 3 nest sites

March 22, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Was really looking forward seeing everyone at the show …
On Thurs I did a site Run (first 3 Pics in order about 20 mins apart) DT Brampton , Humber River Hospital at Keele and 401, and KPMG at Jane and #7 (right beside the new Subway stop not store LOL)
I have been watching Peregrines at all 3 sites for years whenever I can. Last 2 pics are Sat at HRH Keele and 401 S side of a bldg 300 yards from the hospital .. M unbanded … quick meal on a small kill then gone but not up to Hospital bldg. Went N in a hurry like on a hunt! Sorry about photo quality but I got a good at both legs with bins.
KPMG only 1 bird all winter second Grin showed up 3 weeks back and 2 weeks ago activity started … close pair flying and sitting together on the ledge on the N side of the bldg. , then for 4 days every visit 1 PF on the ledge , M stands in back from edge you could just see the top of his head. F on the corner as in the pic. And on Sat NO falcon visible 2 visits. Was wondering if 4 days was protecting un incubated eggs and now down!!!
Observed 2 Falscons at DT Brampton and the Hospital but since late last week only seeing one at all 3 sites // Sadly both Brampton and KPMG .. they are not good nest sites as both keep failing !!
I hope you are all well and being careful …
With Respect
Toivo Asikainen

Beachville Nest

October 14, 2019 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Wow busy Thanksgiving weekend for our Peregrine 2019 offspring! Grace banded at the Beachville nest June 5th 2019 ( perhaps looking so take a plane ride south for the winter instead of flying herself) Lets hope she stay’s away from the airports for the rest of her migration ;)

Report from the Detroit Metro
Airport October 14th 2019.
This weekend we captured a peregrine falcon with a blue band on the right leg and on the left leg it had a colored band with black background and white writing Z on top and 42 on the bottom. This bird is being relocated to Chelsea

Chelsea is a city in Washtenaw County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 4,944 at the 2010 census. In March 2004 by a 995-226 vote, residents approved a change in municipal status from a village into a city.

Thank you Detroit Metro and city of Chelsea please look after our girl and help her on her way!✈

Also see post from Oshawa Lakeridge Hospital site.