!!! Beachville Update - Resident adults confirmed via their band numbers! Joe and Virginia are back!!

April 01, 2019 - International, National and Local News

CPF Volunteer Reports:

March 17th - 2019

A big thank you to Lucie and Richard for their efforts and their successes in getting some good shots and an identification of the resident adult peregrines at the Beachville nest site again this year.

Confirmed,,, via their leg band numbers,,, that it is Joe and Virginia again this season back on territory hanging around on the CPF nest box and tower!

!!! Dafasco - Hamilton’s second pair of nesting peregrines are back nesting again this season!

March 30, 2019 - International, National and Local News

CPF Volunteer Reports:

March 26th - 2019

Just as a quickly update on Hamilton’s second pair of nesting peregrines,, we have been notified that the Dafasco peregrine’s are once again back on site at the Dafasco plant in Hamilton and are currently incubating an undisclosed amount of eggs.

Fingers crossed that the pair will be successful again this year in producing and fledging offspring!

Given the huge manpower resource at the plant and the many social and environmental programs that Dafasco has, we’re sure that their peregrines are in good hands and will be well looked after.

Nest site Summary of 2018

September 05, 2018 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

I know you have all missed keeping track of your local peregrine families but there is good news.

We now have someone to help with the web site and can post all the latest news.

Here is a quick summery of the 2018 nesting season, banding events and fledge watch. If you notice that I have not posted any information about the Bloor and Islington nest site it is because the nest failed this year. O’Connor the adult female has been replaced by a new female who although did lay eggs they did failed to hatch. We are not sure if O’Connor was killed by the new female in a territorial battle or if she has moved to an as of yet unknown location, hopefully the later is true.

Fledge Watch
although the fledge watchers were kept very busy by the fledglings and preformed many rescues we are happy to say that of the 41 chicks banded this season there were only 4 lost and 1 injured.

1 of the chicks lost produced at the Burlington Bridge nest was very sick with Trichominiasis a protozoan infection too advanced to save and who passed during extraction from nest.

The Second loss was Gigi from the Mississauga MEC nest site who unfortunately hit a window and died on impact.

The 3rd was Sun from the Toronto Downtown Sheraton Hotel nest who had gone missing for over a week and although our watchers made a tremendous effort to find him they began to expect by the end of the week that he passed. Unfortunately he was later found dehydrated and starving he was taken into rehab but passed same day.

I also got a report yesterday that one of the fledglings from 220 Duncan Mill Rd. Was found over the September long weekend in Hamilton with an injured wing. It turns out it is Loki identified by his band number X over 85. x-rays have been taken and shows a broken wrist so we are waiting on a report from the vet to see if this break is operable.

One other injury happened this year to the Adult male Lucifer in Kitchener at the CTV nest site and has been in rehab. Lucifer had a broken with that was operated on and he is now in flight pen to work the wing, His mate Mystery managed to keep her 4 chicks fed and protected but this is where the 4th loss comes in one of the chicks hopped off the nest box onto the tower where he spent a day or 2 and disappeared he was never found on the ground so we assume he was grabbed by and owl during the night. Hopefully all goes well for Lucifer and he will be released back to his mate soon.

Banding Events 2018

We are looking for funding to buy bands for next year as the Federal government is not longer supplying them to the Provinces and the Province of Ontario did not budget for them. If you are interested in supporting the banding program and help protect our Ontario produced falcon chicks please kindy make a donation to The Canadian Peregrine Foundation. You can send a cheque to the foundation at 25 Crouse Rd. Suite 20 Toronto, Ontario M1R 5P8 or go on line and click our donation button on the front page of the web site at www.peregrine-foundation.ca Canada Helps.

This year there were several unhatched eggs and most of the chicks hatched were male. The weights at banding age for most of the chicks was also low compared to pervious years.

May 22nd 2018
Mississauga MEC

band Z21

William Osler Hospital

band X14

May 23rd 2018
Windsor Ambassador Bridge

band Y59

May 24th 2018
Hamilton Sheraton Hotel


band Y51

band Y52

band Y60

May 25th 2018
Oshawa Lakeridge Hospital

band Z22

Burlington Lift Bridge

band Y61

band X13

May 29th 2018
220 Duncan Mill Rd.

Male- Thor
band X83

band X84

Male- Loki
band X85

Male- Velcro
band X87

June 5th 2018
Canada Square

band X95

band X97

band R14

June 5th 2018
Rogers Centre

band Z23

Male-Grand Slam
Band Z24

Band X94

June 5th 2018
Toronto Downtown Sheraton Hotel

Male- Geoff
Band X15

Band X92

Band X93

June 6th

OPG Pickering

Female- Millidarry
Band Z25

Band Z26

Male- Chadwick
Band R15

Band Z27

June 6th 2018
Scarborough Yellow Pages

Band R16

Band Z67

June 8th 2018
ADM Mills Port Colborne

Female- Mongolia
Band Z59

Band X03

Male- Macaroon
Band X07

female-Red Velvet
Band Z63

June 20th
Mount Sinai Hospital

Male-Chase ( banded when rescued during fledge)
Band X05

2 other chicks not banded ( believed to be male)

June 27th 2018
Don Mills Amazon

Male-Professor X
Band X04

Female- Chalaza
Band- Z38

June 28th 2018
Kitchener CATV Tower

Band Z39

Female- Sadie
Band Z40

Band X12

Band W92

There were also 2 Quarry sites that produced chicks as did the Mississauga CRH Cement plant but due to bad logistics this year we were unable to get the age of the chicks in time to band. Hopefully we will get the information a bit quicker next year and if we are able to raise the funds needed to continue to band your chicks.

I will post some photos soon

OPG Pickering banding day

June 09, 2017 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Thanks to all the staff at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station we had another successful banding of 4 healthy peregrine nestlings. It was wonderful to see so many staff June 9th 2017

out to be part of, watch and assist us in the banding. Not only for their help in accessing the nest with a lift truck and operator but to navigate us through all the security and safety requirements to get this work done. Thank s to everyone involved!!!

Here is the information and photos of the newest addition to the OPG PNG peregrine family.

female 940 grams at banding named Eva banded Z over 15 with Red Tape on the silver band
Male 655 grams at banding named Grey banded Y over 48 with Blue tape on the silver band
Male 670 grams at banding named Becquerel banded X over 75 with green tape on silver band
Male 715 grams at banding named Fission banded X over 76 with White tape on silver band

As the chicks are 19 to 23 days old now we expect the first to fledge in about 12 to 14 days good luck to them all!

We have a hatch at Vinemount Quarry

June 03, 2017 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Reports have come in from the staff at the quarry of 2 hatchlings in the nest box. We are working out logistics to band them next week stay tuned for information and Photos.

News from Beachville

May 25, 2017 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

May 16th – 2017
Hi Mark, Richard and I checked in on Joe and Virginia on our way back from Pelee. Doesn’t look like a hatch yet. We watched for an hour and she didn’t move. Joe sat nearby on a tree. We’ll check again soon and keep you posted. Cheers,

Beachville Update

May 09, 2017 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Sunday May 9th – 2017
Hi Mark!
Richard and I are in Beachville. Looks like there are eggs!
We have confirmed by their leg band numbers that it’s still the same resident adult pair Joe and Virginia!!

Banding Day Pickering Nuclear

May 01, 2017 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

May 1st 2017

Banding day has been set for June 9th at 9:30 AM

Beachville news-both juvies have fledged!

July 27, 2016 - International, National and Local News

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Lucie reports:

I was thrilled that Cathy Kerr wanted to accompany me to Beachville so we did a road trip on Saturday, July 2!

My contact from Woodstock had informed me that the juveniles took their first flight just a couple of days earlier!

The weather was super, just the right mix of sun and cloud.  It can get hot sitting in the parking lot, so some cloud cover is refreshing.  Being a long weekend, it was also pretty quiet. You could hear the humming coming from the hydrator, a sound I’ve come to consider as quite soothing.

When we arrived around 1:30 we found both juveniles chilling out on the hydrator tower where they stayed ALL afternoon.
Just the occasional wing flapping and some vocal activity.

Joe and Virginia were always close by and provided us with some entertainment as they chased after a bald eagle that was passing overhead.  A bald eagle .. awesome!!  The fact that it was pretty high up didn’t matter and still warranted those warning calls from the parents.

We left around 5:00 to grab some dinner and when we returned about an hour later, the kids were scampering around on  the low-rise maintenance building. They stayed on the roof for pretty much the rest of the evening.   More wing flapping, dinner served, a little exploring and and then a stroll along the top of the long building.

Finally!   We were able to witness a take off and flight!  How wonderful!  And then they disappeared, landing somewhere out of our sight.  We we called it a night around 7:30.

We look forward to going back soon and hopefully witnessing some hunting lessons.

!!! Beachville hatchlings looking good!

June 19, 2016 - International, National and Local News

Mark Nash Reports:

June 16th - 2016

A big thank you to Lucie for being able to get back down to the Beachville nest site this week. Her efforts paid off for some good photos of the family that were captured and observed.
Included are some of her pictures from her Thursday’s visit to Beachville. After looking very closely at Lucie’s photos of the hatchlings, it would appear that there maybe one male and one female, with the older more advanced hatchling on the right as evident of the more advanced juvenile flight feathers poking out through its white down.

Two babies, looking to be 26+ days old, ready to fledge within 2 weeks!

I arrived at 11:30am. I was hoping the rain would stop soon and it did thankfully. I was able to watch the resident adult female Virginia and the kids in the nest and got a pic when they were having a real family vocal moment.

It was pretty much quiet all day. Joe (the resident adult male) was around off and on all day, but away from the nest. When he and Virginia took a flight around the nest, it got the kids’ attention, so I was able to get a few good pictures.

I thought it was funny when a great blue heron flew quite close to the nest box. It was just the babies in it and as I watched through the scope, I saw their eyes following the heron.

Also, the beam from last visit is now gone. It was where the food prep area was.

During the afternoon, around 2:30, a Carmeuse employee came by to ask me a question, and while talking, I missed Virginia flying into the nest with a starling. When I look through my scope, I saw her plucking the bird in front of the kids! They were even trying pull the bird from her and I saw one of the chicks with a feather in its beak.

Around 5:30 I saw Joe come in and land on a nearby post. He remained there until around 7:00 when he and Virginia took off together. That’s when I packed up and departed for home.