Chester and Jenna on Eggs at DeBeers

April 07, 2014 - International, National and Local News

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Yesterday Bruce and I went out to the ICICI nest site at Don Mills and Eglinton for a check in on the progress being made by Jenna and Chester towards hatching young.  When we arrived, we checked in with security first and then made our way out to the parking lot.  After a quick scan we located Chester right away on the Foresters sign where he was roosting on the R; Jenna was not in sight.  We set up to watch Chester and see where he was going to go when he moved. He came off of the sign heading straight for us and when he got over the parking lot he flew past the east side of 250 Ferrand and then circled back landing on the DeBeers sign.  There he sat preening for about 15 minutes before he was off heading back to the Foresters building.  He landed in the O and I must say retrieved a substantial cache from the back of the letter.  It looked more gull sized than anything and he began to chow down.  After eating his fill he flew back over to the DeBeers building and right up into the east ledge.  He disappeared into the ledge being very vocal and about 1 minute later, he was out and on the DeBeers sign once again where we were able to confirm his band number.  All of Chester’s attention was focused on the DeBeers building at 250 Ferrand, sister building to ICICI, and so we kept our eyes glued to his every move.  He stayed on the sign a little longer this time before he was in the air and back over to the east ledge of DeBeers.  He disappeared into the back of the ledge for several minutes but this time it was Jenna, the unbanded resident female, that came out to the edge of the ledge and took flight.  She didn’t go very far, just around the corner to the sign, where she took up position showing off her very full crop.  I think Chester must have muscled her out of there insisting that it was his turn to incubate.

The great news is that Chester and Jenna are in full time incubation.  The interesting news is that the have decided to switch it up and change buildings.  They are on the exact same ledge as last year but instead on the sister building to ICICI.  We aren’t sure when they went down on the eggs full time but we believe that given recent observations that they may in fact be a good week into it.

Pictures to follow.

!!! Spent a few hours and sadly no sighting of anyone!! Amexon Nest site - Don Mills & Eglinton - (ICICI)

March 30, 2014 - International, National and Local News

CPF Postmaster Reports:

March 30th - 2014

Amexon Nest site - Don Mills & Eglinton - (ICICI)
While I know that I likely over reacting, it was never the less somewhat disturbing after spending several hours at the Don Mills nest site at Eglinton Ave and Don Mills Road having not seen either of the two resident peregrines anywhere. After more than an hour of sitting and watching the nest building and nest ledge, we decided to take a tour around the neighborhood to check all of the usual roosting spots and leading edges of most all of the other buildings from various viewing spots, and each turned up negative. No peregrines anywhere to be found!!
After talking to security, they did inform us that their grins were very vocal several days earlier, and could be herd from the ground level, so we know that have been around.
What was also somewhat disturbing, was the lack of “fresh” white-wash staining under their usual roosting spots. Hmmmm?

Thinking positively, we hope that they are already involved in full time incubation on the nest ledge, and the non-incubating adult was simply off hunting or roosting in a non-typical spot.

Time will tell, (and a whole lot more observations are needed)!!
Any assistance with observations if you have the time to get out and spend some time watching would be most appreciative!

Peregrine Fly Through at the CPF Raptor Centre

March 28, 2014 - International, National and Local News

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Had a surprise visitor at the CPF Raptor Centre last night. As I sat in my car watching the snow, above the treetops bombed in a hunting peregrine! Only one bird in the 14 years I’ve been at the barn caring for these birds has done this... …Hurricane. I am now desperately wanting to get down to the William Osler nest site and see if he is in fact home. The picture is not good as I was caught completely by surprise and it was taken during the snow falling (hence the white dots on the bird).

!!! The new nest boxes and nest trays are ready to go!

December 31, 1969 - International, National and Local News

Mark Nash Reports:

January & February - 2014
Despite the bitter cold temperatures and what seemed to be never-ending snow events these past two months, both Tracy and I continued to brave the freezing cold temps and carried on with the manufacturing processes of the new nest boxes and nest trays needed this year to replace some of the old nest boxes and nest trays that are in much need of replacement. In addition to having to replace some of the old vintage nest boxes and nest tray that we built and installed back in the mid 1990’s, we have also built a brand new nest tray and new nest box to accommodate two new peregrine pairs nesting here in both Toronto and southern Ontario.

Unlike the older nest boxes and nest trays that we manufactured back in 1995, 1997 and 2000 at the various nest sites which were made out of only pressure treated wood and stained, newer materials are now available that are very exciting indeed!

Now, the new poly-composite marine decking material that we are using is already coloured and no longer needs to be stained. In addition, the new premium marine decking material is water-proof, UV resistant and incredibly durable that comes with a 25 plus year guarantee!

On the down side, this new premium marine decking material is very costly, very heavy, and requires special screws in addition to everything has to be pre-drilled. It is quite a challenge to work with given the detailed cuts and connections that we have to do in the manufacturing of the nest boxes and nest trays. The up-side and good news is that once constructed, this new material is incredibly strong and durable, and completely UV and water resistant. No fading or rotting!!

While the structural interior frame of all of the new nest boxes we are manufacturing are still made of 2″ and 4″ inch pre-stained pressure treated lumber, all of the outer shell of the new nest boxes are covered with this new marine poly-composite material providing a permanent colour fast UV and water resistant exterior covering.

The new nest trays are for the most parts now completely made from the new poly-composite material and once again, colour fast, completely UV and water resistant!

Stay tuned for the install updates soon to come!

!!! A love relationalship developing in Whitby Ontario, - Simcoe (from Toronto Ont.) and Alfrieda from Buffalo NY. USA

January 14, 2014 - International, National and Local News

CPF Postmaster Reports:

January 14th - 2014
A huge thank you to Rob for his observation report and photos, we have identified both peregrines via their leg band numbers from his photos, -
The Black banded peregrine with the solid black band 63 over X and the Yellow tape on the silver USFW band on the other leg is one that was banded on May 24 2012, produced at the Canada Square nest site here in Toronto in 2012 as a hatchling, - named Simcoe, (produced at the Canada Square nest site is a the Yonge & Eglinton nest site here in up-town Toronto). You can see the history of the nest site on the CPF web site -

The larger female peregrine in your photos, is a USA produced peregrine, (the one with the Black over Green band – 73 over AW). The Black over green/ 73 over AW peregrine was Hatched 2012, a Female, Her named is Alfrieda, named after one of the architects of the Central Terminal in Buffalo NY USA

Rob Reports:
Sighting January 14, 2014 at the lakeshore in Whitby, Ontario, at the waters edge in Lynde Shores Conservation Area.
Two Peregrine Falcons were resting in a tree by the lake’s edge. After some stretching, they flew off one at a time towards the East.
There are many ducks and also many small birds in the area as they are constantly fed by visitors here.
One bird had a silver metal band on the right leg and a black over green on the right leg. The number on the black was 73 but the letters on the green were not very clear, I believe it may be AW (see pictures).
The other bird had a yellow band on the right leg and an all black band on the other. This one was clearly 63/X .
Please feel free to use the attached pictures. I can send higher resolution pictures if needed.
yours truly, rob millar

Rob Millar

!!! Banded Juvenile peregrine spotted - Niagara River - near Fort Erie!

November 17, 2013 - International, National and Local News

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Good morning.

November 17th - 2013
My friend and I were out birding the Niagara River yesterday (Sunday November 17th) when we saw this Juvenile perched high up in a tree. Sorry the lighting was awful so the photo isn’t very good but I thought you might be interested and hoped you could identify it by the leg bands. I don’t know the name of the park but it was at the head of the river near the Fort Erie historical site and it was 11:20am.
The photos have been colour and light edited to see if the leg band number can be more visible.


Paul Reeves

Both Adults Recently Seen at ICICI

January 29, 2014 - International, National and Local News

Tracy Simpson Reports:

A great sighting and photos of Jenna and Chester, the ICICI nest site resident adults, by Cathy Kerr.  Thanks so much for the great news!

The first photo is of Jenna, the resident female, and the second is of Chester the resident male.

Out and About; Lots of Resident Adults Seen Yesterday

December 27, 2013 - International, National and Local News

Tracy Simpson Reports:

I wanted to post a quick update on several sites that our watchers have reported in on.  Peregrine adults were out enjoying the sunshine yesterday as were many of our volunteers and sightings are now pouring in.  They include;

Windwhistler and Erin at 18 King

Chessie and Hurricane at William Osler

Peter at Hearn

Jack and O’Connor at Etobicoke Sun Life

MacKensie at the Burlington Lift Bridge

Rhea Mae at Toronto Sheraton Hotel

Haven at Canada Square

Jenna and Chester at ICICI

One adult ( not sure which, too far away ) at Duncan Mill Road

Thanks to all who have been monitoring and thinking about our resident adults through these two storms and checking in on their pairs.  With great appreciation we thank Bruce, Sue and Bill, Rob and Angie, Lyn and Linda.  Great sightings everyone!

ICICI Kids Doing Great and Female Gets a Name

August 13, 2013 - International, National and Local News

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Over the past week, Bruce, Cathy, myself and a few others have popped in to check up on Chester and his family.  I was fortunately enough to catch sight of Lucky at home and Bruce has seen AM-E stopping in to occasionally harass the parents in the hopes of a tidbit.  It’s been great to see the family doing so well and it is in part thanks to the exceptional watchers out there.

With so many concurrent watches happening this year, we were certainly short staffed for some of the sites around Toronto.  As with several other sites, there was a small crew at ICICI that held the fort and kept the kids safe from danger on their first flights.  Cathy and Irma were the mainstays at the site this year and were instrumental in helping to run this watch.  With help from Mark, Marion, Bruce and a few others both Lucky and AM-E are flying high.  As with many of our other sites where we have an unbanded female, we will often give them names and at this site we wanted to give that opportunity to a watcher that was the mainstay of this year’s Fledge Watch team.  Cathy was asked to submit a name for the unbanded resident female and has decided on Jenna as her new moniker. 

Thank you Cathy, Irma, Marion, Mark and Bruce for all of your efforts this year on the watch and the many others that stopped in to help.  We look forward to Chester and Jenna having another successful season next year.

Ossie Home Alone at Mississauga North

August 12, 2013 - International, National and Local News

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Well.  On Friday he had two girls arguing over him.  On Saturday he had one girl hanging out with him.  Yesterday little Ossie was alone at the Revenue Canada building and seemed to be enjoying time to himself to sleep and do some feather maintenance. 

Watching him I was feeling a little nostalgic and thinking about the fledge watch at William Osler last year with him and his sister.  When he was just a juvenile at William Osler, he and his sister Tobi spent much of their time teasing one another.  He being the older of the two would often take advantage of his sister’s wobbly growth period, sneaking up on her and plucking down off of her rump after which he would happily bounce down the ledge before she could catch him.  He thought that it was just a gas!  As flighted juveniles, the games between the two would get rather racous and it was always tit for tat.  His sister would fly by him roosting on the H sign at the hospital and bonk him on the head with her foot as she flew through and in return he would fly into the ledge while she was sleeping and grab her by the tail with both feet, hanging on while she wailed and dragged him down the ledge.  All of these games along with the training by his father, Hurricane, set him on a course to be ready for days like these.  He has shown us over the past few days that he has the potential to be a great territorial male and boy does he ever look like Hurricane!

Yesterday he was quite happy for the break though, resting on the northeast corner of the Revenue Canada building on his own.  As I watched, his head was swivelling north, then east and finally south towards the MEC complex that he could see quite clearly several kilometres south.  He has learned well by the experience of his father that when the girls get into it, you just simply get out of the way.  On this day he was doing just that.  Out of the fray but keeping his eye on everybody around him.  The MEC territory is the closest to Mississauga North whereas George St. in Brampton is almost 10km away.  We still have migration and a whole lot of activity to come but we do hope that Ossie is successful in setting up a territory of his own.

I was able to get some pictures of this handsome young man that I do hope you enjoy.