!!! Very sad news to report about Voyager -the little Rochester N.Y. female retrieved in the KW area.

July 24, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

July 24th - 2014
Voyager update:
Some sad news.

Marion reports this afternoon:
I was in contact with the Owl foundation today to get an update on Voyager and was told that she was examined on July 22nd. She had serious injuries to her “wrist/hand” or metacarpal bone,, it was completely destroyed in addition to the server bruising on her radial ulna. They contacted the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and got the approval to put her down. She was put down yesterday - (July 23rd - 2014).

As an adult wild bird with such serious injuries they felt she would not have done well in captivity and would not be able to fly up to perches. Sadly, we agree the only humane thing to do was to euthanize her. They said she was 762 grams at intake and was very thin.

!!! Territorial dispute ends up with some injuries! A 2013 Rochester female named Voyager has some injuries!

July 21, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

July 21st - 2014
Territorial dispute ends up with some injuries! A 2013 Rochester female named Voyager has some injuries!
We do have some sad news to report. Yesterday, I was contacted by the Kitchener Waterloo humane society with reports of a downed peregrine that we assumed might be one of the young fledglings that was produced at the Sun Life nest site this season, and with only one surviving fledgling, we expected the worst. There is good news and bad news to share.

The good news, I asked for a photo of the birds leg bands to confirm the peregrines identity, and it turns out to be a sub-adult female, banded with Yellow and Red tape over its Silver USFW band and a Black 95 over Green BA. Its not one of the resident KW peregrines!!

The bad news, is that the peregrine has some serious injuries to the wing & wrist along with other obvious evidence of punctures very consistent to wounds sustained in battles with another raptor. The sub-adult peregrine female turns out to be a peregrine produced in Rochester New York in 2013, one named Voyager, dawning a Black 95 over Green BA coloured leg band.

Rudy Kruppa from the CPF was kind enough to pick up Voyager from the KW Humane society and drove her to team members of the Owl Foundation that met him half way in between the long drive between Kitchener and Vineland. We are waiting for updated news on her status.
We have our fingers crossed for her.

A huge thank you to the KW humane society for calling us so quickly and to Rudy for picking her up and driving her to medial assistance so quickly!!
Again, another fantastic team effort of caring people!!!!

We are waiting on reports from the KW group as to the status of the resident adults at the KW nest site to see if there were any life sustaining injuries with them.
Fingers crossed that there was no serious injuries sustained on their end.

!!! The best is yet to come!!! Photographers get your camera’s!!!

July 05, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

The best is yet to come!!! Photographers get your camera’s!!!
Remember that the family rearing process is far from being over, as its now dads turn. Over the next 30 plus days, the adult males will be doing most of the flight and hunt training with the fledglings, leaving the resident adult females some time to themselves to catch up on some most needed sleep and de-stress time. WE often see the adult females on the nest ledges doing some est box or nest tray rearranging and sleeping.

The fledglings will still be completely dependant on the adults for food, protection and support for the next 30 to 60 days as they will be staying very close to home around the nest buildings.

We often forget that the fledglings (I guess we can call them juveniles now, as they are the equivalent of teenagers in their mind set), still have no idea that they have actually been eating birds, as their food has been prepared by their parents. Many of the food packages have already had their heads removed, and with many of the feathers already having been removed, and as such, the juveniles have had no idea what they have actually been eating!
Of course its birds and only birds, but the young peregrines must be taught this!

They must be taught how to chase, stoop and dive for things and encouraged to chase their parents for the food. They must be shown what to hunt, how to hunt, how to catch it and how to kill it and then how to prepare it. The fledglings still have a long way to go before they are actually able to catch food themselves!

For the next few weeks, its all fun and games (at least for the fledglings),, but they are actually be taught important life skills that will prepare them for survival on their own this fall.

The fledglings, (juveniles) will succumb to a couple of thousand years to migrate in the fall and they will be on their own.
Most all of the resident territorial nesting adults at our southern Ontario urban nest sites will NOT migrate, and they will stay on territory all year. The adults have learned that you they can survive in the city all year long, (urban adaptation), and have figured out that there is an abundance of food around all year long, ideal habitat, no predation and lots of warmth from the buildings, especially from that of the illuminated signs that they roost on.

But the young of the year will go! Being creatures of habit (almost to a fault), what they know, they deal with,,, what they don’t know, they avoid! So its up to the parents to teach them as much as they can over next two months so the fledglings have the necessary life skills to be able to survive on their own. The fledgling juveniles typically migrate south to central and southern America for the winter months and have a very long trip south with many dangers.

Also remember, that the peregrine has more than an 80% mortality rate until it reaches breeding age (typically between two and three years of age), with the higher percentage of this mortality happening in the first year of their lives.

For all of the photographers out there, this is the best opportunity for some incredible photos of the adults training the fledglings over the next 30 plus days!! This is the time to really enjoy your peregrines,, so get out there with your cameras and spend some time with them!

Wind surfing

June 25, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

Lisa Reh Reports:

Tony & Rudy were on the watch at first light this morning. Helia was near the nest box. Caster brought in what appeared to be a dove for breakfast. Caster dropped the fresh package on the parapet and Helia picked and flicked feathers until 7:30. Helia was still on the parapet at 9:15.

At 11:45, all 3 were accounted for. Helia was on nest box, one adult was on the King St. sign and one adult was flying high overhead. Between 12:30 and 1:00, Helia was on the top right corner of the nest box, lying around like a lazy teenager. Just the tip of her wing and tail could be seen sticking out over the edge. One of the adults flew around the Park St. side of the building and out of view. All afternoon, Mystery was visible on the “n” in Sun from the 19th floor women’s bathroom. At 4:00, Helia was perched on the Union St. parapet beside the red light while one of the adults kept an eye on her from the nest box.

Helia was eating with one of the adults on the King St. parapet to the left of the sign when I arrived at 8:15 for the evening watch. While she continued to tuck into her supper, there were some fabulous flights by Caster and Mystery around the top of the building. Janice joined me around 9:00 and the adults swooped around and around and enticed Helia to join them. There was a lovely breeze giving them lots of lift. Helia stood at the edge of the parapet just holding her wings open feeling the wind until she lifted off. They took her up and around and out over the parking lot. Just spectacular watching the 3 of them dance together. They all landed and then flew again and then repeated the pattern again and again. There were too many flights to count! It was just spectacular. We left them at 9:30 after they had all landed at various vantage points on the top of the tower. Helia is getting incredible flight training from her parents. Awesome flying Helia!!!

Helia is learning the ropes

June 24, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

Lisa Reh Reports:

There was a lot of vocalizing on the tower when Janice started her watch at 6:45 a.m. She witnessed one of the parents fly by the nest box and enticed Helia to follow. Breakfast was served in mid air with Helia catching the food package.

At around 10:00 a.m. there was a report that one of the grines had hit the 18th floor windows at the corner of King and John Streets. It was a light hit and the grine was able to take off and the bird was not seen to fall. Needless to say, the fledge watch team were anxious all day for Helia’s welfare. At 12:30, Helia was vocalizing by the nest box while one of the adults swooped around the tower. Between 1:30 and 2:00, Helia was in Caster’s spot in front of the nest box. She hopped onto the roof and out of view just in time for Karen who took up the watch at 2:00. Within 10 minutes she reappeared on the cement ledge below the nest box. Around 2:30, she started squawking. An adult flew around the building and landed on the King St. sign just on top of the ‘n’ in Sun. Both birds stayed for the rest of Karen’s watch while a thunderstorm brewed up. At 4:00 p.m. it looked like Helia was still sitting below the nest box. At 5:45 p.m., Helia was on the ledge of the nest box at looking a little wet as the rain persisted until after 6:30.

Photos courtesy of Karen von Knobloch.

!!! A brave and valiant fight

June 23, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

Lisa Reh Reports:

Tony arrived on the watch at 5:30 a.m. and went to look for Merry on the 19th floor. Caster and Helia were on the parapet facing John & Park. Caster flew away and Helia dug into her breakfast. Tony then went down to look for Merry from the 5th floor roof and discovered the little lad was perched on the parapet to the left of the Caroline Street entrance, with Caster keeping a watchful eye on him. Rudy too arrived at 6:00 to help look out for Merry. Janice arrived at 7:00 and observed Merry flying east towards Union on the 5th floor level. Karen took up the watch shortly after 9:00 but could only view Helia lazily digesting her breakfast on the corner of the John and Park parapet. Shortly after, Tony gave us the heartbreaking news that he had found our little Merry on the 5th floor roof who had likely hit one window too many. Rest in peace, brave Merry.

On a positive note, Helia does appear to be thriving and is turning into a large, beautiful bird. At 6:15 pm she was on the 19th floor parapet on John Street overlooking the King Street balcony. At 9:00, she was perched on the railing of that balcony and then flew to the very corner of Park and John shortly after. One of the adults was on the King Street parapet, the very opposite corner of Helia. At banding, she was the baby with the most attitude. A strong and feisty fledging she is!
Photos courtesy of Tony Bergauer.

Helia Merry

!!! Rescuing Merry !!!

June 22, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

Lisa Reh Reports:

At first light, Merry is still on the balcony displaying lots of vocalizations. He appears to be more motivated to get off this balcony but the reflective glass appears to be confusing him. He’s up on the brown ledge and is trying to use it as a run way to get a lift off. Mystery was on the Park and John Street parapet overlooking that balcony, she gracefully banked off that ledge westwards. At 9:10, 2 turkey vultures were flying around Park Street by the hospital and one of the adults attacked them quite a few times. They moved closer to the nest site and then got the message that they maybe should move AWAY from the nest box. A tiny bird chased the falcon. Helia flew from the right parapet to the nest box, walking along the ledge and then flew to the left parapet. She is becoming quite a graceful bird.

After consulting with Mark today it was suggested that we give Merry some food as there is no evidence that the adults are feeding him on the balcony. At 7:30 Rudy brought some quail over and fed it to him. Merry was easily caught and Rudy checked him over to make sure he wasn’t injured. He seemed only to have one slightly tender spot on his chest. He had been flying in the balcony but he kept on hitting the windows which is why it was decided to capture him and get him up to the rooftop. At 9:00, Merry was released onto the roof and went straight to the nest box where Mystery was. Mystery swooped around the building numerous times screeching the entire time. Merry appeared on the ledge below the nest box. Caster came in from the east shortly after. One of the adults came in directly on front of Merry on the ledge and enticed him off (and Helia) too! They passed the food morsel but Merry didn’t get it, it looked like Helia snatched it from him. Merry was then flying too low again and hit the windows again on the park st side. Tony, Rudy, Helen, Janice and I went up to the 5th fearing the worst. We found him right away but he was still struggling to land, he brushed the windows again. Then he flew out over the construction site and tried to land on a lower parapet on the 5th but hit the cement and slid down. We last saw him flying across park st but still at a low level. We all did a ground search until just before 10 but couldn’t find him. Mystery was still screeching and flying when we left. Let’s hope he has found a safe place to roost tonight.

Photos courtesy of Janice Newton and Lisa Reh.

Helia flying strong & Merry hanging out on the 19th floor balcony

June 20, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

Lisa Reh Reports:

June 20 & 21 – While Helia is demonstrating strong flying skills already, Merry is staying put on the Park and Union balcony opposite the nest box.

More details coming soon.

Photos courtesy of Karen von Knobloch.

Helia Helia Caster Mom and Dad Food Drop Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry

!!! Merry makes it to the top and seagull is on the menu tonight!

June 19, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

Lisa Reh Reports:

Merry was still on the 5th floor and was on the smoke stack at last report at 9:15 a.m. The fledge watch team kept a close watch on him and are concerned that he may have a wing injury due to his mishaps with the windows. The good news is that he is still flying although his flights have not had much height. Keep trying Merry – you are named after one of the bravest hobbits!

At 1:15, Dale reported the good news we needed to hear today. He observed 2 good flights most likely of Merry and perhaps also of Helia. The first flight was a long and leisurely one over the fledge watch tent on Union Street right. The juvenile flew back to the King Street side of the building where one of the adults was watching from the Sun Life sign. The 2nd flight ended up on the Park Street side of the building. They were of a good height, although not high enough to get up to the roof. At the same time, Susan had a report from an employee on the 16th floor on Park Street, that there was another crash into the windows. They thought it was a bird but weren’t sure. The adult falcons flew past right after.

At 7:30 p.m., Janice was looking out from the 6th floor window facing the hospital and Mystery landed on the lower roof with a seagull! She sat on it for quite a while looking around and pulled off all of the feathers. At 8:00, Janice found Merry on the 19th floor balcony at the corner of Union and Park Street. Looking a little bruised and battered, with a bit of a limp and a broken tail feather and missing his white tape, our little guy finally made it from the 5th floor to the 19th! No small feat for Merry especially since he had at least two crashes into the windows and possibly a 3rd on the way up given his noticeable injuries. The fledge watch team all breathed a big sigh of relief this night.

Photos courtesy of Janice Newton.

!!! More tragic news today

June 19, 2014 - Kitchener - Sun Life Centre

Lisa Reh Reports:

It is with immense sadness, that the team reported at noon, Pippin hit the windows and ended up in the gardens at the Caroline Street entrance and did not survive. Rest in peace, Pippin.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Reh taken on June 15.