Windsor nest update July 14th to 16th

July 17, 2020 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

DAY 4 7 14-20Morning shift with Bob Hall Brooks.Was pretty melow today,mom was on watchful eye.Was swooped at when Rockette was exercising,guess I was to flew in with breakfast mom went and chased him.Mom brought food back later.

7/15/2020 A very slow night from 5:30 pm till 8 pm nothing going on at all just a bit of walking around a few flaps no food brought in daisy and victor in site Rockette resting in the middle of the north side hope the storm early morning don’t bother her.

DAY 6 7-16-20 Rainy day,had to set up in my Falcon watch mom flew in and fed Rockette at 8am.Than Rockette started callin out at 11am for more to eat.Daisy prepared lunch ,than teased Rockette on the ledge ,and went and dropped it in the big opening.Than started yelling at her.Rockette just sauntered on over and than realized her dinner was there.Was by myself today.

July 16-2020 8:20 pm Another easy night alot of flapping Rockette has been sitting on the light has not moved no one has come in yet to feed her.

Another rescue

July 12, 2020 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

5am this morning when I had woke up I had 4 missed calls and few messages saying Rockette had come down to the ground again and was found walking around at 10pm at night I showd up at the bridge this morning at 5:45 am finding Rockette on the ground in one of the parking lots I sat with her for a bit till Wayne came then I called Bob he showed up around 7:30 I had already put Rockette in the cage let her relax a bit then put her up on the wall in the middle lower level she was fed 2 times in the morning be for 11am she then rested most of the day Victor and Daisy sat with her for a few hours then Daisy took off Victor went after her and I happen to turn around seeing Daisy sitting in a tree she was getting dive bombed by blue jays Rockette started walking around and flapping a lot Daisy came in with more food around 7:15pm then Rockette went in her corner and stayed there I left at 8:50pm. These are pictures


!!! Windsor Fledge watcher Paul reports a rescue before fledge

July 10, 2020 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

I will try and explain as best as I can. yesterday morning Kim from the bridge crew had message me on Facebook saying that a security guard from the bridge had just pulled up to the light by the bridge and at that time the young falcon im guessing had fell off the ledge of the wall came down to the ground on the road he had got out and walked it over to the grassy area. Soon after an officer had come along and stoped to watch the falcon. Constable Bouverat was the officer that took care of it and sat with her till kim had come to the bridge with a rescue cage. kim took it to her house and kept it in a cool area . Because she had message me about it saying that it had come to the ground I called Ellen from Erie Wildlife. Ellen told me to tell kim to being it on over so she did. Ellen looked it over and could not see anything wrong with the bird she then had it sent to a vet in downtown Windsor to get x-rays to be on the safe side. Good news is the x-rays came back clear, nothing wrong with the bird just a few roughed up feathers. later in the day it had been returned to Erie Wildlife and it stayed there for the night. Ellen told me that she had gave Rockette ( named by the officer who watched over her) a mouse to eat and she ate it. I had called up Kim to arrange to get the falcon back to the bridge witch happen today Friday July 10th between 2pm and 3pm kim took the bird up cleaned the area up and kinda blocked off the edge of the wall as the nest box would not fit in that area. Dad Victor was on the pipe across from the nest area watching the whole thing but never moved. Mom Daisy came in later about 10 mins after and victor took off behind the bridge. There was a lot of flapping and vocalizing from the Rockett. Victor nor Daisy came over to check it out yet but all went well. A bit thank you to officer Bouverat, Kim and Ellen for all that they have done to help out. Rockette was banded by Bob Hall-Brooks while she was at Earie Wildlife she weighed 800 grams. Here’s hoping Rockette’s fledge goes well and she has learned that the ground is not the place to be! Based on the age and amount of down she still has it will be a few more days before she is ready to take the first flight.


One chick for Windsor

June 27, 2020 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

There was only 1 chick produced at the Windsor nest this year. Here are some photos from Paul of Daisy sitting in front of the nest area and her chick.

Update from Windsor

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Marilyn Weller Reports:

Site Coordinator Paul has been watching the Ambassador Bridge nest site closely and reports sighting one tiny head popping up for feeding. Looks like a very recent hatch and so far, only confirming one hatchling.

Paul hopes to get some photos to share soon.

Ambassador Nest Update

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Marilyn Weller Reports:

Paul reports that the eggs which were previously reported have disappeared today. It is not known what happened but it is possible that Daisy recognized they were not viable for some reason.

Paul also noted that Daisy and Victor seem to spending more time on the other side of the bridge, perhaps intending to relocate their nest to the southern face of the bridge again.

Ambassador Bridge Updates

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Marilyn Weller Reports:

Paul has shared a few photos from today’s visit to the nest site.

Ambassador Bridge

Ambassador Bridge Nest update

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Marilyn Weller Reports:

Site Coordinator Paul, reports that he was able to see 2 eggs and possibly a third egg when at the site this evening. Although construction at the bridge has caused some disruption to the former nest site, Windsor’s pair have set up this year on the north face of the bridge (on the Detroit River side of the bridge).

We are optimistic for another successful season!

Windsor 7/7/2019

July 07, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

Report and photos from Paul Gosselin

A little slow start to the day as the sun came out. Later Juno and Mckeever got more active they have been flying together all day chasing each other and playing around and they both got fed twice. Juno chased victor allot. Daisy got chased by Mckeever.

Around 3 pm Juno was chasing victor and a pigeon came in victor went after it with Juno right behind him. Victor turn away and Juno went after the Pigeon, man what a chase but the pigeon got away. Juno is learning very well and quick to catch his food and looking to hunt on his own, Mckeever is getting there.

Taz was no were to be seen today hopefully he is off somewhere else and he is ok.

Mckeever was left on the back wall when I left at 8:30pm Juno off by the roof’s of the school.

First 3 picture’s are Juno last 3 picture’s are Mckeever.

McKeever finally found her wings

July 01, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

I am glad I have a good cardiologist because as of today McKeever is starting to show greater confidence in her flying skills. Frank almost had a coronary this morning when she flew up and over the trucks on the bridge.

I am attaching a digiscoped picture of her which I believe epitomizes the confident Peregrine Falcon.

Bob Hall-Brooks