Windsor 7/7/2019

July 07, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

Report and photos from Paul Gosselin

A little slow start to the day as the sun came out. Later Juno and Mckeever got more active they have been flying together all day chasing each other and playing around and they both got fed twice. Juno chased victor allot. Daisy got chased by Mckeever.

Around 3 pm Juno was chasing victor and a pigeon came in victor went after it with Juno right behind him. Victor turn away and Juno went after the Pigeon, man what a chase but the pigeon got away. Juno is learning very well and quick to catch his food and looking to hunt on his own, Mckeever is getting there.

Taz was no were to be seen today hopefully he is off somewhere else and he is ok.

Mckeever was left on the back wall when I left at 8:30pm Juno off by the roof’s of the school.

First 3 picture’s are Juno last 3 picture’s are Mckeever.

McKeever finally found her wings

July 01, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

I am glad I have a good cardiologist because as of today McKeever is starting to show greater confidence in her flying skills. Frank almost had a coronary this morning when she flew up and over the trucks on the bridge.

I am attaching a digiscoped picture of her which I believe epitomizes the confident Peregrine Falcon.

Bob Hall-Brooks

3 still last night

June 20, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

Got some shots form CPF fledge watch volunteer Paul. These were taken last night. It was reported that 1 chick was missing but he was found it was Taz. Taz made it back to the nest and has taken a few short flights and was back in the nest last night a close of the sift McKeever took some flights this morning. Although the landings are clumsy they are all staying high for now.

Sad news from Windsor

June 17, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

2 chicks have fledges 1 MIA not sure who yet and 1 Screech made it to the top of the bridge but was hit by a car and did not survive. 2 more in nest not fledged yet.

More Banding photos

June 11, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

Here are a few more photos from Justine.

3 boys and 1 girl for 2019

June 08, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

Looks like the year of boys! most sites that have had more then 2 chicks have produced more boys and Windsor is no different.

We would like to thank the great folks at the bridge for getting us up to the nest using their lift truck and for giving us the space to set up our banding equipment. I would also like to thank fledge watch volunteer Steve for the use of his tent and Bob for the tables needed.

Paul will in contact with all the fledge watch volunteers as the watch will be starting very soon.

Here are the band records and names. I will post more photos as soon as I have them.

1st chick Male 690 grams named Juno in honor of the 75 anniversary of D-Day W over 97 Blue tape
2nd chick Female 1050 grams named McKeever in honor of Kay McKeever of the Owl Foundation Z over 44 Red tape
3rd chick Male 679 grams named Taz named by one of the Windsor fledge watch team 09 over AW Yellow tape
4th chick male 670 grams named Screech named by Bridge staff 10 over AW White tape.

Stay tuned for fledge watch updates.

Banding in Windsor

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Marilyn Weller Reports:

Banding will be done on Saturday, June 8th at 1:00 pm at the Ambassador Bridge nest site. Come and join us if you can.

Confirmation of 4 Chicks!

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Marilyn Weller Reports:

Paul reports that he was able to confirm 4 chicks at the Ambassador Bridge nest! Exciting to have another large brood again. The local watch team will need lots of folks to help watch these chicks as they develop their flight skills. It will definitely be an exciting watch season here in Windsor!

3 chicks seen

May 20, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

Got a report today that Bob has seen 3 little white heads for sure.

Banding day booked

May 19, 2019 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

Banding day for Windsors baby falcons is booked for June 8th. Stay tuned for banding information, names of the chicks and photos.