Seven’s in the air again!

June 16, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Update Toronto/Don Mills: June 16 & 17-After Seven’s rescue Monday morning, she spent the rest of that day and most of the next, on the roof resting up. When I stopped by near dark yesterday, she was gone. Could not see anyone, except Quest who was sitting on the balcony railing, 8th floor of that horrible glass building. Oh no…she was sitting looking in. It is a concrete balcony so I could not see in but she could. Was Seven down there and if so was she ok? I left at dark. I was back early this morning to only find a parent on that same spot. Ugh. No one else around. So I proceeded to try and get into that building, which is locked down due to covid. I buzzed a company that I figured was open and bingo, a very nice lady answered and came down and let me in. Then I spoke to the great security explaining who I was and what I was looking for. As I was speaking to him, a very nice lady came in with her dog(isn’t that great she can bring him to work?!) and she was a big fan of our little family. So that helped! The unit that the balcony is one that is vacant so up we went to see what was up-thank goodness no juvie yayyy! Just Dad-looking at us lol. While I was in the building—everyone showed up!! There was Quest and a juvie on the nest building top ledge and a juvie was on Kendall’s corner!! I was thrilled. Down to get a positive ID- Seven was with Mom, Canuck was in Dad’s spot lol. So all good here-she’s flying again! Sally is going to check in on them tonight, can’t wait for her report!! Here are some of my pics from yesterday and this morning.

Update from Etobicoke Residence - home of ARIA & INDY. MILBURN (blue) and SCARLET (red) fledge and rescue.(Photos by Martin Dekkers)

June 17, 2020 - Greater Toronto - Private Residential 1

Marion Nash Reports:

Milburn’s fledge & rescue, Saturday, June 13 - One fledge watcher reported:

“Lots of excitement this morning! After flying towards the golf course, he ended up on our outdoor pool fence. The blue jays were not impressed with the intruder and started to attack him. Our watchers waved towels without much success. Milburn took off and flew into the trees on the golf course side and landed on the ground. A couple of watchers drove over there, talked to one of the employees into letting them borrow a golf cart and the employee led them to where Milburn was stuck. Just like they were taught, the watchers took towels, got Milburn and placed him into a box. CPF volunteer Lucie Kirchknopf brought a proper carrier, and put Milburn into it. Security got in touch with residence manager who very willingly took Milburn and a watcher to the roof and released him.”

Scarlet’s fledge & rescue, Saturday, June 13 - One fledge watcher reported:

“Just to advise that Scarlet has safely fledged - is sitting on a low balcony ledge and I have perfect view of her - she is calm”

In the evening, one fledge watcher reported:

“Scarlet took off across the street to a parking lot and latched onto the fence. A brave person got her into his grasp/bare handed (said all you have to do is hold the wings) they placed her in the box. She was put back on the roof that night”

Cheers, Lucie

Casey is missing

June 16, 2020 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

The fledge watch started with Tony reporting at 7:32: “I am here now and can see Artemis still at the top of the Kings Tower antenna and one of the parents is on the west side of the upper red rung of the CTV tower. Can’t see the other parent or Casey.” At 8:25, Tony checked for Casey from the Sun Life Tower but there is still no sign of Casey on Kings Tower or anywhere.

The last sighting of Casey was around 4:15 yesterday afternoon by Heather, Martha and Paayal. Heather reported: “There was a bit of flying shortly thereafter and it was difficult to see who went where. We split up a bit to try to see the King Street side of the building. I’m not sure any of us saw both chicks at the same time after that.” A ground search began shortly after 9:00. One of the adults was on the CTV tower and Artemis was on the Kings Tower antennae.

Rudy gave an update on Hope around 11:00: “Hope is still favouring her left wing this morning. No release today. The good news is that I gave her a half a pigeon and she ate it on her own with no force feeding required. I will be trying to get an avian vet to check her today if possible.”

Karen reported at 11:26: “Artemis flew along with an adult back to the CTV tower. He landed on the top level on his second attempt. We can’t see him now but Randy has checked and can see him on the middle of the platform near where the hole is. One adult is on the Mount Hope side of the next level. Can’t locate the other adult at present. Still no sign of Casey.”

In the afternoon, the team continued searching for Casey on ground, on the tower and roof tops. Dale reported: “The adults were trying to get him to fly all afternoon. I’m still not sure if he actually did. I looked at the tower from all angles about 3 p.m. and could not spot him. He must have either had a quick flight and come back when I was walking around the buildings and not looking up or he was hidden on top platform the whole time. I also did another check of the grounds around Sun Life, 18 Pine and the apt bldg at 75 York for Casey–no luck.”

Tara and I biked around Strange, Park, Glasgow and surrounding neighbourhoods. We also biked around some of the parking lots around Graffitti Market and the commercial buildings in the area. No sign of Casey.

Artemis was out of sight and Engima went in and out of the nest box a few times. He also perched above the nest box. Artemis showed up at 4:00 on the corners of the top platform, flapped a bit. He was just having a lazy afternoon lying around on the platform. Mystery headed south past Kitchener Collegiate Institute towards a crane and was seen flying with another bird with the same flight pattern of a peregrine. Could it be Casey? Enigma flew in and out and was squawking and calling for the kids from the north side of the tower for quite some time. Tara and I took a look through Mount Hope Cemetery on our separate way homes. A neighbour also searched the sports field perimeter.

More people were on the watch in the evening. At 6:46, Kim reported: “Artemis is still on the tower. Mystery delivered a package about 10 minutes ago. Enigma is back on the nest box platform (where he has been most of the evening). Short flight for both parents. Enigma is back on the CTV tower and Mystery on the Kings Tower antenna. Artemis just took a flight accompanied by Dad, and is now back on the CTV tower. Did not see anything in Mount Hope cemetery.” I walked back through Mount Hope Cemetery just before 7:00, and searched some of the perimeter, no sign of Casey. Still a few watchers out while Enigma flew in and out and Artemis back on the top platform.

The team alerted the Humane Society, Wildlife Haven in case Casey turns up. CTV was going to do a check below the locked up area of the platform.

Photos courtesy of Rudy Kruppa

Seven needs a boost/Canuck takes on a turkey vulture….or tries

June 15, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

TORONTO/DON MILLS/OLD HARLEQUIN: With fledge watch over as both Canuck & Seven flying well, I was surprised with a call from Security that a bird was down. Nooo. I was over in 5 minutes to find our girl Seven in a bit of pickle herself. She was on the upper parking deck, right at the stairs ugh. But with help from Ramesh, I scooped her up. Quest was NOT happy–the noise–esp. when the carrier came out. But we always give them back Quest. She was back to the roof in no time. Bruce said that the kids were really revving it up the last couple of days and that Seven did have a brush with a window, fairly hard but had recovered. This does do something to their confidence and can take them a while to recover from that. And now she got scooped up by an alien!!! I checked back on her in the late afternoon and was joined by Sally. We watched her get fed on the roof ledge, hop up and down from that ledge, wingersize and run along the roof. All good signs. She was joined by her brother for a bit as well. I hope to see lots of great flights from her in the next few days. I did see Canuck in action-chasing Dad, having fun playing with his Dad. And as Dad started alarm calling, so did he, off went Dad after a turkey vulture, then Canuck! Then Mom went after them-and sent Canuck home lol. What a crazy Canuck! Glad to see him doing so well. So the official watch is over for 2020 here. Sally and I will be doing lots of visits to check in on our little family here. Thanks to Sally, Bob & Bruce for all their time and help. Thanks so much to the security and staff at 220. Couldn’t have done it without them all. And great job Mom & Dad, our Quest & Mystery–what a great pair!

!!! Artemis back in the air

June 15, 2020 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

The watch was quiet this morning with both Artemis and Hope resting from their big day yesterday. Casey was spotted by Paayal and Sandye on the Kings Towers roof. One of the adults was on the CTV tower and the other was keeping an eye on Casey from the Kings Towers antenna.

The release was scheduled for 11:00. Artemis was released with a crowd of fledgewatchers cheering him on. Janice reports: “Artemis did a couple of flights including landing on the antenna and is hanging out on Kings tower. Casey is hanging out keeping Artemis company. Both parents are very vocal and are trying to get the boys back to the nest box.”

Hope is being held for a while longer as her left wing is a bit droopy. Rudy thinks it is only a strained muscle. Let’s “hope” so!

Dale reported: “Casey and Artie stayed on the Kings Tower roof from about 12:30 to just before 3:00 p.m. Casey then flew towards the CTV tower and Artie followed. He tried to land on the antenna at the top but couldn’t so he went back to Kings Tower and made some good flights around the building before landing back on the roof. Both Casey and Artie made a number of good flights shortly after, with Casey dive bombing and urging Artie higher each time.They finally landed on the Kings Tower antenna where I left them around 3:30. Artie hasn’t made it back home yet but no doubt will try again. Casey has no trouble landing there now.”

Heather reported: “6:30 and all is quiet. Artemis is way up in Kings Tower after sharing a dinner with Mystery. One parent on CTV tower and the other left a bit ago. We think Casey is on Kings Tower building roof.”

At the end of the watch, Fraser reported: “When I left at 9:10 pm Artemis was still on the tower at Kings Tower and one of the parents was beside the L on the Sun Life Building. I assume they were staying in those locations for the night. Casey was never found and had not been seen since sometime in the afternoon. Both parents spent about 20-30 min near the top of the CTV tower near 8 p.m. and both flew at the same time to the Sun Life building. One later returned to KT for a brief visit with Artemis and then departed.”

Sandye reported: “Earlier today when I couldn’t find Casey, he was hunkered down behind the nest box. I only figured that out when Wayne saw him jump onto the verandah and then into the nest box.”

Double rescue of Hope & Artemis !!!

June 14, 2020 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

The watch started early as the search for Hope continued. Heather reported:” Karen, Tim and I have been here for a bit. Casey has flown a couple times. He’s probably hungry. We think Hope is in the same place on the hospital as last night. Parents have been over there trying to call her back. Artemis is on the platform behind the box.”

Others joined the hunt for Hope. Heather reports at 8:35: “Artemis is flapping a lot on the orange platform. Casey has been flying a fair bit. He’s becoming a pro! Casey and the adults have continued to fly over the hospital periodically.”

At 9:49, Sandye reports: “Kim, Karen, Christine and I are here. Casey has been doing some flying and is now back in the nest box. Artemis is hunkered down on the Pine Street level of the nest box level. The parents have both been flying around. Still no sign of Hope. Kim was able to get a contact of hers to look out the windows at the roofs of the emergency level. No sightings.” Paayal also contacted her unit at Grand River Hospital and convinced one of the nurses to help look for Hope.

Karen reported at 11:05: “Still no sign of Hope. Kim and Sandye are doing a ground search. Both parents have cruised over the same area as last night. No food drops that we are aware of. A short while ago, a food drop was made to the nest box and Casey is still eating it. Artemis has been out of the box all morning and making lots of wing slapping. No feeding. Girls are back and no luck. Saw an adult once again come out from the lower area at the hospital. Randy is here now and headed to the garage top and going to use his scope.”

After some searching and some help from a security guard, Paayal found Hope on the ground in the courtyard. Paayal and Rudy worked with security to rescue Hope. By 1:45 Hope had been rescued and examined by Rudy and she appeared to be in good condition.

Joy reported at 2:38, that: “Casey just did a short flight and had an awkward landing on the scaffolding above the platform and fell down to the platform.” David reported at 5:14: “I just stopped for a quick look, Casey was on the top platform. He suddenly took off, towards an adult soaring on the Kitchener side of Kings Towers. He flew around and past Kings Towers for a bit, finally landing on the antenna, half way up.”

Micah reported at 5:20: “In case there wasn’t enough excitement today, Artemis went down about 25 minutes ago, and we got Rudy to come down and rescue him. He could have been a bit banged up, but he should be okay. He had a pretty decent flight, circling around the tower a few times. Unfortunately, he did hit the tower a bit on his way down. After wandering around the parking lot, he made a beeline towards King Street, but we cornered him in some bushes before he got there. As I said, Rudy came and got him and everything is all right now. Surprisingly it’s been Enigma in the nesting box for a while now, just hoping that Casey isn’t too lonely tonight, provided he gets back from his perch about halfway down the tower okay.”

Rudy will examine Hope and Artemis more thoroughly and will hold them overnight. They will be released at some point tomorrow. Great teamwork and dedication from the Kitchener-Waterloo fledge watch team!!

Photos courtesy of Jim Bowman, Kim Woods, Randy Fowler, Paayal Burman & Rudy Kruppa.

We have lost our sweet Hope

June 14, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Absolutely heartbreaking news-on her second flight this morning, our beautiful Hope hit an unmerciful glass building and was killed instantly. Bruce saw her first flight, which she kept height and landed on 240, second ledge from the top. He missed her second one, but saw Quest and Mystery on the pink building at the back, looking down and went around to find her . Quest flew low over her baby and away.

I have put together a few pics of her, plus the last pictures I took on Saturday morning when I stopped by.

Fly forever sweet one 

!!! Hope fledges!

June 13, 2020 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

Around 9:00 this morning, Sandye and Christine observed that Hope had fledged too! Casey and Hope took a little flight around and landed on the tower. Lots of vocalizations. Enigma had flown off while Mystery was on the top of the tower. When Karen arrived, just before 10:00, two of the siblings were in the nest box and one kid was on the tower.

In the afternoon, more fledgewatchers arrived to keep an eye on Hope.Dale reported at 4:00, “Hope is pacing back and forth on the struts below the box. Not much activity this afternoon after the one o’clock feed except the adults doing some flybys to entice Hope. The boys are hunkering down in the box.”

At 5:16, Micah reported: “Hope just left her perch about halfway down the CTV tower and took a decent (though quite wobbly) flight to the Pine Medical building roof. The others are flapping quite a bit as well.” At 6:15, Joy and Michal reports: “Hope flew again and is now on the CTV building. We are all in different spots so we can track her if she flies again! She does not get good altitude. Both parents were out trying to help her back for this last flight. At one point she was clinging to a balcony on the apartment building. She seems to start out okay but loses her height very quickly!”

David reported: “She did gain altitude on her flight from Pine St. over to Kings Tower. She had reached a level about 4 floors from the top, but got herself in a tizzy trying to figure out where to land, and ended up trying to cling to the vertical bars of a balcony railing, (one with blue tarp behind it) flapping wildly for a couple of seconds. When she let go, she tumbled vertically for about 2 floors, then regained flight, heading back towards the CTV tower. She barely cleared the roof of the Sleep Clinic building next to the Green Street lot, flew over the medical building, finally landing on the roof of the CTV building.

This is when I went to the Hospital roof, to keep an eye on her from that angle. She sat very quietly on the CTV roof parapet for quite a while, I’m sure she was pooped. Eventually she started walking along the parapet, gaining her bearings. She eventually started exploring the roof, hopped onto some of the equipment, and finally took a short flight over to the next building - the Grand River Hospital building next to the Green Street lot. She sat there for a bit, then eventually started exploring it, looking for something higher that she could launch from.

Then she finally took off, followed closely by one parent, and we think Casey, made a wide circle back around the CTV tower, and then across King Street to the Hospital, and must have landed there. I had my eye on her fairly consistently, and not the other birds so much, so I’m fairly sure of where she ended up.”

Karen reported: “I arrived just before 6 p.m. and left around 8:30 p.m Hope is on one of the lower roofs of the grey buildings at Grand River Hospital facing King Street. Both parents flew over a few times fairly low in that area. When I left one of the parents was on the top rail at that corner to probably keep an eye on her.”

It was a busy day for the fledgewatch team, and will be an early start tomorrow, looking for Hope.

Photos courtesy for Karen von Knobloch

Fledge update from Etobicoke nest site home of Aria and Indy.

June 13, 2020 - Greater Toronto - Private Residential 1

Marion Nash Reports:

Just to advise that Scarlet has safely fledged - is sitting on a balcony ledge two over from Roy - and I have perfect view of her - she is calm. Dad was just feeding Milburn so don’t be surprised if he goes today too! It’s a good day! Marlene

Update on the successful release of the rescued and newly banded chicks at Bloor and Islington Place

June 13, 2020 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

All went very well with the release this morning. There is a cage with an open end on the roof top and the chicks are placed in it one at a time with a rescue carrier at the front opening until all are out, then Mark and Lucie took the carrier and exited the roof leaving the 3 chicks to come out of the cage on their own.

Lucie, Mark and Erica watched for a while and soon saw all 3 on the leading edge of the roof then was joined by their brother who flew over to great them from the nest.

Great rescues and release thanks to everyone for the job well done!