July 29, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:
A hot one!  Bruce opened the watch again. Saw Tardis briefly, some flapping before down into the nest again. But Kepler did not disappoint! Dad headed off east to hunt and Kepler decided to join him! He was heading for the blue glass condo on the other side of the DVP but couldn’t quite make it, so settled for the wee bit closer brown condos, about 5 balconies down! (it too is on the other side of the DVP) Way to go Kepler, that is quite a milestone…. And from there he flew over to the blue condo… Where dad kept an eye on him. Dad then decided he should head home and enticed him with a meal. Kepler didn’t seem to go for it and Bruce list sight of him. I was arriving at this point and I saw a parent on the ICICI sign and the backside of a peregrine going down onto the rooftop above parent. I drove in and as Bruce was leaving, Kepler flew in to the top floor of 250!! Home!! And there he pancaked out for the rest of the morning!
I took a break from the heat while our family was having their afternoon siesta.  I met up with Lucie later in the afternoon and we headed for shade and to watch Tardis.  With Kepler doing so well, we do not have to worry about him–we will enjoy watching him fly and learn from his parents.  And since Tardis is not very active, we can watch him now lol. Tardis is up and flapping more but still not quite ready.  Sally joined us in the evening-Kepler did a few short flights and was waiting to be fed…we were just talking about his amazing feat this morning, when off he went, quite low out and over the DVP, heading for the blue condo.  But he was way too low and kept going lower…we lost sight of him near the hotel.  We saw a parent fly up(Kepler had probably seen parent and went after them for food) and circle around high, near the 3 brown condos and then fly back to 150.  We searched but could see no sign of Kepler, but there are so many buildings and balconies over there.  Dad flew up above the nest ledge, prompting Tardis to scream for food.  Then we saw a parent flying back from the brown condos—so high and soaring-beautiful–but wait, a few wing flaps, soaring again, then landing with that landing only juvies make!!  Kepler was home!!  What a beautiful flight back, quite effortless…amazing flying by our little guy–We really don’t have to worry about him at all :)  The watch ended with Kepler flying out and back onto his nighttime ledge, where he got fed by Mom, and Tardis sitting waiting for her dinner which did not come…Mom and Dad want her to fly ….as much as we do lol…will tomorrow be the day?  Stay tuned….

Lucie has contributed her pictures to this post.  Enjoy!


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Cathy Kerr Reports:
Bruce opened the watch today(thank you Bruce for letting me sleep in!). Tardis actually popped up for a whole 15 minutes…sitting at the back of the ledge but its a start!!  Kepler made a few flights and made it to the roof!!!  A big accomplishment!! Just before I got there, he flew to the roof of 250 and out of Bruce’s sight.  And there he remained for the next 4 hours lol.  Bruce headed home and a few hours later, Sally joined me.
Pretty quiet in the afternoon until Kepler appeared on the roof near the nest (after resting on west side of the roof after his morning rooftop flights). At one point he peered down at Tardis and exchanged greetings with his sibling.A few more flights, each one more controlled with improved landings, the goal appearing to be getting to the nest. He made it back to much fanfare from Tardis! They had quite the reunion–was very cute. Food was dropped off and at one point a flash of bright yellow revealed a poor goldfinch, still intact and two unimpressed (hangry!) juvies not happy to have a ready to eat meal!
Kepler snuck out above us and decided to stay  on one of the nest building ledges for quite some time. His behaviour indicated he found a meal!  As evening closed in we saw less of Jenna, but towards the end of the watch she flew quickly east, then a while later back westward, back to Foresters. We assumed she might be hunting, but then wondered if she was on alert, considering the intruder who is probably still in the area (and would explain her behaviour)
We closed the watch with all four in view. Tardis on the nest ledge, Kepler on the top ledge of intel building. One parent on the intel sign (an eye on the kids and a view to the east) the other on the foresters roof with 360 view.  Maybe Tardis will ramp it up and fly tomorrow night?  Tune in tomorrow!

Kepler Tardis


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Cathy Kerr Reports:

What a day! Bruce arrived early to find Kepler had flown back to the nest building, 3 floors from the top!  Bruce left briefly and we both arrived to find him back on 150, top floor!  Good job Kepler!  He then kept flying!  He batted more than once but landed up each time! Bruce left but Sally joined me shortly after and enjoyed watching Kepler fly…not always pretty but he kept going, learning as he went.  There was one flight were he was losing height and it was Dad’s turn to be the hero and bumped him up!!  Great job Dad!  The wind gusted him low and to the back of 150 but he came back and landed high again.  Mark and Marion joined us for the evening.  Kepler was very hangry lol and flew again and again–he was trying to get back to the nest ledge(where Tardis was eating).  He didn’t make it but was close–right next to it and Mom finally fed him….and then he was down for the night.  A very tired peregrine but a strong one…I don’t think I have ever seen so many flights from a newly fledged peregrine in one day before…there were at least 12 flights today from the little guy!!  Tardis popped her head up a couple of times but that was it…Its Khalessi all over again ….Going to be a long week..but at least I can enjoy watching Kepler keep on going!


DAY ONE FLEDGE WATCH: Kepler flies and Jenna saves him!!

July 26, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

A long day but a good one! Started off quiet, but Dad started trying to get Kepler ready to fly, flying in and out, showing him how! Lovely to see! But then alarm calls started, Mom and Dad were on high alert but then settled down but lessons ended. Lucie joined me in the afternoon and we finally got to see Tardis! Well his head anyways lol. Peeking over.. Very cute! But then Mom alarm called again and this time we saw the intruder! And Dad was after it in a flash.. Chased it off… But then Mom was on high alert for the rest of the afternoon while the kids snoozed. Sally joined us for the evening and then around 630, we had just talked about X flying at dusk last year, when off Kepler went!! Off the ledge and straight out, heading over to the DVP!! In a shot, Jenna was after him! She bumped and turned him back, then flew with him, bringing him over to the other building! Where he slightly batted on the wall, then dropped down onto the second floor from the top ledge!!!!! It was amazing to watch… Jenna saved him! He checked out his ledge, looked in all the windows and rested. Both babies got fed and settled on their ledges for the night!! Looking forward to seeing some more great flying tomorrow… And maybe all of Tardis? Lol

Kitchener update

July 24, 2019 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Marion Nash Reports:

This morning Mystery (I think) flew up to the Sunlife sign with a snack. A juvie followed and landed at the top of the sign. Lots of vocalizing but mom wasn’t giving up her snack. I grabbed a picture of her through the 19th floor window having a nap with her breakfast.

Janice Newton

Hello Kepler!!

July 23, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

I’ve been stopping by this nest site often to see how things are going and saw one of the babies pop up first on Sunday but couldn’t id.  Yesterday either, but he was up looking out on his big new world!  Today,  he finally showed me his bling!!  Its Kepler,as I thought it would be.  Still lots of fluff on him.  Fledge watch starts Friday officially but I will be stopping every day to check on their progress and hope to see Tardis up there soon!!

DON MILLS /AMEXON posted by Kathy Kerr

July 22, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Marion Nash Reports:

Hello little one! Stopped by tonight and was happy to see one of our babies hop up on the ledge! Lots of fluff still on the little guy but it won’t be long now! Fledge watch starts later this week! Stay tuned!

Bloor and Islington July 20th spot check

July 20, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Posted by Lucie

I waited about 10 minutes before the hot, sticky weather got to me. But as I was about to get in the car, I heard loud vocals and saw one of the juvies make an awesome landing on Dad, Lucky’s, favourite perch on the webcam. Wow, it was AVRO!! This landing is a big step for these kids as it demonstrates their skill level, which keeps getting better!

All 3 of these juvies have also been doing something that is very rare at this site. They are flying down to the two-storey Bell Building across the street. They land on the roof and play in the puddles!! Bliss, who has never been down this low, was seen with them. I can’t get photos from where am positioned on the street unfortunately ☹️ I drew a line from the nest ledge to the roof to give you an idea where they go.

Needless to say, we have grown very attached to these 3 amazing kids and through rain, shine or sweat .. I will definitely keep watching! Cheers, Lucie


July 12, 2019 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Lucie’s Report

2 boys and 2 girls for DR. JANE (black/red 32/Z, 2014 hatch from Toledo, Ohio, daughter of Belle and Allen) and her new mate, an unbanded one-year-old sub-adult! (He was not seen during our visit)

Welcome LIND (m, 11/AW, 643g, 33 days, white tape), MASON (f, Z/45, 879g, 32 days, red tape), PORTLAND (m, 12/AW, 600g, 28 days, blue tape) and STONE (f, Z/46, 862g, 30 days, yellow tape)

This is the first banding in St. Marys and also a first for DR. JANE! Although she produced three kids in 2017 (two survived) and one in 2018 with her former mate, COSMO, banding was not possible. This nest site is also in a new location, which is not far from where she and COSMO were the last couple of years. Coincidentally, her nest site is the former workplace of Don Bailey, who retired not that long ago, and is passionate about following these peregrines! He is our main contact in St. Marys and we are so grateful!!

We would also like to thank the wonderful people at St. Marys Cement Plant for hosting this banding and sharing in our excitement! This certainly is not an experience that everybody gets to have and we are so fortunate that St. Marys has been very welcoming to DR. JANE and her new family!

A little background on DR. JANE: She is the daughter of Belle and Allen, and there is a bittersweet story behind this couple and why Dr. Jane is a very special falcon. Belle (hatched in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2003) and Allen (hatched in Lima, Ohio in 2004) have been together since late 2006. They produced 24 offspring from 2007-2014. In 2014, Belle was attacked by another female and was seriously hurt .. while incubating her four eggs! Two eggs hatched and Belle, even in her injured state, took care of them. It was not expected that these eggs would hatch, much less thrive and fledge, but they did .. Dr. Jane and her brother Tennant! Belle never returned to the nest. Allan was with a new female in 2015 named Liadan, but in 2016 was replaced with a new male, Rocky. As far as I know, they are still together.

Belle and Allen’s legacy will continue with Dr. Jane’s children, who can now be identified if they are spotted! I don’t know the status of Dr. Jane’s brother, Tennant.

For anyone wanting to know more about Toledo’s birds, you can check out Toledo Peregrine Project’s facebook page.

Some of these photos are mine, and some are Don Bailey’s (also known as ‘Beetle’ .. cute) We wish our kids safe and successful fledges

Toronto Sheraton/ Mt. Sinai/ King St

July 08, 2019 - Toronto - King Street

Linda Woods Reports:

July 8th early evening.
Did a spot check on the Sheraton and only saw one peregrine. Can’t be sure if it was a juvie, sitting on the north/west corner of a building at Queen and Bay St.
I took a quick look around Mt.Sinai area and didn’t see any activity. They all must be out flying around with the Adults.

King St.
One adult on the south service area of 18 King St, cleaning prey. Later it was seen on the north east corner of the Dynamic building. I still think it’s Stormin and Chaos coming to this area. I was hoping to see perhaps Quinn or Bonvoy follow Stormin over to King St., have to wait and see if that happens.