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Apr 3
Brian Burgon reports: Bird seen to take a pigeon on the north side of the building.

Apr 4
Brian Burgon reports: Weather has been sunny & warm most of week. Saw bird in near end of nest ledge - unable to see activities but could be on scrape.

Apr 8
Brian Burgon reports: Saw female on nest ledge take off and fly to south of Ellen Fairclough Building then return in a minute with a pigeon in talons. Report of birds chasing TV's to the north of the building.

Apr 9
Brian Burgon reports: After not seeing activity on the nest ledge that indicated incubation, we saw female at 3:30 jump up onto ledge from the near end of the nest ledge and then fly off. This morning, the male was seen sitting on the Sheraton Hotel sign for extended period of time looking over the nest area.

Apr 14
Brian Burgon reports: Visited roof of Standard Life Building. Female was on scrape and did not move; she was scanning the sky. She had cleared an area larger than her body in the pea gravel. Saw wings of Flicker and pigeon on the parapet corner a dead mouse on the highest level.

Apr 30
Brian Burgon reports: Saw change of incubation duties at 11:00 a.m. and this is reported to be a regular activity over the past few weeks.

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