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May 5
Brian Burgon reports: Female on NE corner of Ellen Fairclough Building feeding on pigeon but left much of carcass on ledge, flew off - 8:35 a.m. Red band on right leg was visible although not readable.

May 12
Brian Burgon reports: Male attacked immature gull over MacNab St driving the bird to within 30 feet of ground.

May 13<>
Brian Burgon reports: Watching for feeding activity that would indicate hatching but none observed as yet. This morning is sunny and both birds have been seen off the nest simultaneously. More flying in the afternoon. Visited Standard Life Building roof at 3:30 p.m. Female on nest. Male appeared and perched on SE corner of Sheraton Hotel then on top of penthouse. Did not threaten us. Female did not move from nest.

May 14
Brian Burgon reports: At 4:00 p.m., saw male with small bird in talons fly to nest ledge, female immediately hopped up out of scrape area and took prey, them hopped back down into scrape. Male then flew to top of Standard Life Building.

May 16
Brian Burgon reports: Increased frequency of feeding noted - once per hour during middle of day. Visited roof of Standard Life Building but female did not move. She did appear to be covering a larger area than previously as if something bulkier than eggs was in scrape.

May 17
Brian Burgon reports: King Street, female was overhead about 12 feet above sidewalk. Saw small bird fall to sidewalk and retrieved it - black throated green warbler.

May 19
Brian Burgon reports: Feeding activity reported on Saturday evening, May 17.

May 21
Brian Burgon reports: Saw both birds attacking Photographer on roof of Ellen Fairclough Building. They are becoming increasingly aggressive. Saw something small and white in nest while both parents were off flying. In afternoon, apparent from Stelco Tower 18th floor that adult in scrape was moving around near end of ledge. Visited Standard Life Building roof. Three chicks in nest. Aggressively attacked by both adults.

May 23
Brian Burgon reports: First time saw activity in nest area - saw three chicks moving around and accepting food from adults. Worker on roof of Sheraton Hotel was attacked vigorously.

May 29
Brian Burgon reports: People report seeing all three chicks moving about in nest scrape area. May 29 is cooler and showery and activity seems reduced. Workers on roof of Ellen Fairclough Building around noon were attacked. Banding date tentatively scheduled for June 11. Chicks would be 28 days old at that point and can be banded up to 35 days old before flight feathers come in.

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