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Transmitter 15115 fully sponsored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission

This female peregrine hatched at the Gulf Tower nest in Pittsburgh in April 2002.  On May 17, 2002, she was fitted with a battery-powered satellite transmitter.  Posted below are details on her first year of activity; click here for more recent notes.

Summer / early fall 2002:


Click here for reports since May 19, 2003

May 19, 2003:  39.9N, 75.1W (Philadelphia PA).  Not much movement from 15115 over the past week, still staying near downtown Philadelphia.

May 12, 2003:  40.0N, 75.1W (Philadelphia PA).  After seemingly having settled in the New York City area, 15115 has again returned to Philadelphia!  Her arrival there today followed a few days of restlessness which first saw her fly south of New York City, then off to the northwest, before returning to the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania.

May 5, 2003:  40.9N, 73.9W (Manhattan NY).  15115 remains in the same general area, moving just slightly back to the southwest into Manhattan again.  It is unclear whether she was actually off the coast last week or not, but any rate she is safely back in what appears to be turning into her neighbourhood.

April 28, 2003:  40.9N, 73.8W (New Rochelle NY).  By April 23, 15115 had returned to the area a bit north of Manhattan, near New Rochelle.  Her most recent report yesterday was somewhat perplexing, as it placed her roughly 70 kilometres offshore, east of Atlantic City.  The report wasn't of the best quality, and may be in error; hopefully the next set of transmissions will clarify the situation. 

April 21, 2003:  41.5N, 73.7W (Patterson NY).  On April 19, 15115 was back south in the Philadelphia area again.  Now she has returned north once more, this time ending up east of the Hudson River, roughly 60 km north of the core of New York City.

April 15, 2003:  40.9N, 73.9W (Tenafly NJ)For the past few days, 15115 has been back along the Hudson River a bit upstream from New York City.

April 11, 2003:  40.9N, 74.2W (Verona NJ)15115 remained along the Hudson River until at least April 9, but now has moved a bit further inland to around Verona, New Jersey.

April 7, 2003:  40.9N, 73.9W (Tenafly NJ)The lure of Long Island seems to have been just temporary; as of today, 15115 is back along the New Jersey side of the Hudson River again.

April 5, 2003:  40.8N, 73.2W (Islandia NY)Yet again, 15115 has returned to the New York City area.  On March 23, she moved northeast to around Clarion, Pennsylvania, roughly 100 kilometres northeast of Pittsburgh.  By March 27, she was back on the east coast, a few kilometres from the airport at Newark, New Jersey.  15115 then spent a few days moving north along the Hudson River, with stops in Manhattan and near Tenafly and Park Ridge on the New Jersey side.  As of last night, she had moved out to near the middle of Long Island, a few kilometres north of Islandia.

March 22, 2003:  40.0N, 80.7W (Wheeling WV)15115 remains on the move!  Tonight she's a bit south of downtown Wheeling, West Virginia.  Interestingly, this is only ~75 kilometres southwest of where she was raised in Pittsburgh.  Will she yet try to return home, or perhaps settle in a nearby city such as Wheeling?

March 19, 2003:  40.3N, 76.9W (Harrisburg PA)Sure enough, by March 17, 15115 was back in downtown Philadelphia again!  As has become typical though, she did not stay long, and as of tonight she has headed off in a new direction, this time to the north side of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  How long will she stay there?

March 14, 2003:  40.8N, 74.0W (Manhattan NJ)It almost looks like 15115 is getting in the habit of commuting between New York City and Philadelphia!  By March 8, she was halfway back to Philadelphia, stopping over in Trenton, New Jersey.  Her March 10 signals came from Philadelphia once again, mostly on the south side of the city.  However, by March 12, she was again back in the New York City area, once again in Manhattan a bit north of the Queensboro bridge.  She remains there as of tonight.

March 6, 2002:  40.8N, 73.9W (Manhattan NJ)After more than five months of remaining relatively stationary in the Philadelphia area, 15115 made a sudden shift northward to the New York City area today.  The clearest signal from her indicated she was in the area of the Queensboro Bridge.

December 30, 2002:  39.9N, 75.0W (Ramblewood NJ)As the end of the year approaches, 15115 remains in the greater Philadelphia area.  Today she happens to be on the east side of the Delaware River, near the small town of Ramblewood, New Jersey.  While she moves around somewhat from one report to the next, she has tended to mostly remain within ~15 kilometres of downtown Philadelphia for the past three months, and it will be interesting to see in the spring whether she has picked out a territory during this time, or will head off to look elsewhere for a place to settle down with a mate. 

November 12, 2002:  39.9N, 75.1W (Philadelphia PA)Reports have come in from 15115 on a regular basis over the past month, and all have indicated that she remains in Philadelphia, usually near the Delaware River - perhaps showing an interest in bridges which might offer nesting opportunities in the spring?  Having now been here for more than six weeks, it is likely that 15115 will remain in the Philadelphia area at least for the winter.

October 15, 2002:  40.0N, 75.1W (Philadelphia PA)It seems that 15115 has settled down, having not moved away from Philadelphia in nearly three weeks now.

September 25, 2002:  40.0N, 75.1W (Philadelphia PA)From one city to another - within the past week, 15115 has relocated from the heart of New York City to downtown Philadelphia.

September 17, 2002:  40.8N, 73.9W (Bronx NY)15115 has shifted just a short distance to the northeast, but remains within the New York City area.

September 12, 2002:  40.7N, 74.0W (Manhattan NY)Today 15115 was a bit further northwest again, pretty much around the south end of Manhattan.  Interestingly, 05260 from Harrisburg was less than 20 kilometres to the north, south of Hackensack, New Jersey.

September 8, 2002:  40.7N, 73.6W (Salisbury NY)15115 remains restless, this time moving northeast to Long Island, reporting in from near Salisbury, approximately 15 kilometres northeast of where Ruby spent last winter.

September 4, 2002:  39.6N, 75.0W (Victory Lakes NJ)What a peculiar peregrine!  After a few weeks in the Philadelphia area, she headed back home toward Pittsburgh, yet now just a week later is back east again, this time even beyond where she was before!

Aug 31, 2002:  40.1N, 77.8W (Fannettsburg PA)15115 seems to be having some second thoughts about her westward journey, having now turned back and headed ~130 kilometres back toward the east again.

Aug 27, 2002:  39.7N, 79.3W (Accident MD)Quite the surprise - after roughly three weeks in the Philadelphia area, 15115 has headed almost straight west to the far end of Maryland, between the town of Accident and the Pennsylvania border.  Perhaps she was feeling homesick - her current location is within 100 kilometres of where she began her journey in Pittsburgh.

Aug 23, 2002:  39.8N, 75.3W (Eddystone PA)15115 has shifted slightly in position again, back to the southwest edge of Philadelphia, near where she was roughly two weeks ago.

Aug 19, 2002:  39.9N, 75.2W (Philadelphia PA)The latest report from 15115 indicates that she remains in the same general area as for most of the past couple of weeks, though she has moved slightly to the northeast, closer to the heart of Philadelphia, though still outside the downtown core.

Aug 11, 2002:  39.8N, 75.4W (Chester Township PA)Another slight shift in position, now in the very southeast corner of Pennsylvania, within a few kilometres of Delaware.

Aug 8, 2002:  39.8N, 75.3W (Eddystone PA)Over the past four days, 15115 has continued to slowly head southwest, in the process crossing back over the Delaware River into Pennsylvania.  Her present location is near Eddystone, on the southwest side of Philadelphia.

Aug 4, 2002:  40.1N, 74.9W (Burlington NJ)15115 has made another significant move, this time ending up surprisingly close to her brother 15114 - after more than a month apart, they are today only 50 kilometres from each other, and to get to where she is tonight from her previous location in Connecticut, 15115 likely flew fairly close past 15114 at some point.

Jul 31, 2002:  41.6N, 73.0W (Waterbury CT)Back on the move again!  15115 has put another 175+ kilometres behind her, arriving today in central Connecticut, northwest of Waterbury.  This puts her now a total of approximately 600 kilometres ENE of home.

Jul 27, 2002:  42.9N, 74.1W (Amsterdam NY)For the first time in a while 15115 has settled in one spot for more than a single report - she is only slightly to the east of where she was four days ago.

Jul 23, 2002:  42.9N, 74.2W (Amsterdam NY)Perhaps 15115 feels she has overshot somewhat, as she has backtracked west roughly 85 kilometres to Amsterdam NY.

Jul 19, 2002:  42.8N, 73.1W (Stamford VT)15115 is really on the move now!  She has headed more than 440 kilometres east over the past four days, ending up northwest of Stamford, in the southwest corner of Vermont.

Jul 15, 2002:  41.9N, 78.4W (Eldred PA)It seems that 15115 may have struck out away from home for good this time, being located near Eldred, Pennsylvania, more than 200 kilometres northeast of Pittsburgh.

Jul 11, 2002:  40.4N, 79.8 (Wilkins Township PA)15115 has moved back a bit closer to home, and is now about 15 kilometres east of downtown Pittsburgh.

Jul 7, 2002:  40.7N, 79.7W (Freeport PA)Today's signal comes from along the Allegheny River, roughly 40 kilometres northeast of downtown Pittsburgh.

Jul 3, 2002:  40.4N, 80.0W (Pittsburgh PA)15115 remains in the downtown Pittsburgh area.


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