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MaryAnn's transmitter fully sponsored by Eastman Kodak Corporation.

Tracked June 24, 2000 - August 11, 2000

MaryAnn was one of four peregrine falcons hatched in Rochester, New York in early May 2000.  She fledged in early June, but by the middle of the month she was in the care of a veterinarian after being found on the ground in need of hydration.  After a few days of rest and recuperation, MaryAnn was fitted with a lightweight satellite transmitter and released from the Kodak building.  Below is a map summarizing her travels, followed by commentary on her movements.

February 9, 2001:  no data.  There has still been absolutely no news from or about MaryAnn.  The map above summarizes the extent of her travels during the brief time we were able to track her.  Unless we receive any further news about MaryAnn, this will be the last entry in her Traveler's Diary.

September 20, 2000:  no data.  More than five weeks have passed since we received a transmission from MaryAnn.  Of course we hope that the bird is fine, and there is a mechanical / electronic problem with the transmitter.  It has happened in the past that a transmitter falls silent for a while (for whatever reason) and eventually recovers, so we still hope to hear from MaryAnn again.  In the meanwhile, we appeal for everyone to keep an eye out for her and report any possible sightings to us.

August 15, 2000:  unclear data.  Another poor transmission from MaryAnn's unit.  Again, we hope for a better signal in the next window.

August 11, 2000:  43.3N, 77.7W.  MaryAnn is slightly northwest of her usual location, but still in the Rochester area.

August 7, 2000:  43.2N, 77.6W.  MaryAnn's wanderings didn't last long - she's back in downtown Rochester again.

August 2, 2000:  42.7N, 77.4W.  As we had hoped, this transmission was received more clearly, and indicates that for the first time MaryAnn has moved away from her traditional grounds in Rochester.  Instead, she's now a bit southeast of the city.

July 28, 2000:  unclear data.  Satellite technology is unfortunately not yet perfect.  Today's data was poor and does not allow us to identify a location for MaryAnn.  This could be due to any number of reasons, but is most likely due to interference with the transmitter signal, either because of MaryAnn's position, and/or atmospheric conditions between her and the satellite.  We hope to get a clearer reading in four days' time.

July 24, 2000:  43.1N, 77.6W.  Again, little change in position for MaryAnn.

July 20, 2000:  43.2N, 77.6W.  MaryAnn has shifted marginally to the north, but her coordinates still place her in Rochester.

July 11, 2000:  43.1N, 77.6W.  There has been no significant change in MaryAnn's coordinates over the past week, as she is still in Rochester.

July 2, 2000:  43.1N, 77.6W.  A bit over one week has passed since MaryAnn took to the skies again wearing her new transmitter.  Today's coordinates indicate that she remains in Rochester.

For earlier reports on Maryann, see the Kodak Rochester home page.


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