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Sunday, November 30 2008

Atilla Reports:

The female, named Lawrie, was stooping over the Investors Group building repeatedly as I approached from the North. Wondering just what the heck was going on, I made the quick left onto Milner Ave. and then the quick right onto whatever street that is and pulled into the parking lot. Hopping out of the car, I stood there watching and listening. She was stooping, talons extended, and screetching at the top of her lungs just like she was when she was protecting the nest ledge from intruders. I watched her do this for about 5 minutes before she departed and went back to the Yellow Pages building and sat on an Western facing antenna.

I knew there was something up there, probably a Red Tail that just wanted to rest on the roof while it was flying around. Then it appeared - a female snowy owl took off from the roof and flew North. Lawrie took off in hot pursuit, stooping at the owl repeatedly until they were out of visual range.

For those who don't know Lawrie, she is a very aggressive female who has taken out Turkey Vultures (as in killed them - personally witnessed), and has spent the better part of this year chasing Red Tails, Ospreys, and Sharpies away from her nest site. She has already greeted members of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation during banding day. She truly is a sight to behold in the skies if you have the chance to see her.