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July 1998

Tuesday July 14
Linda Deveau reports
: Around 5:00 pm I observed a number of aerial displays. It was simply amazine. At first, I thought they were hunting for dinner; however the more I watched, the better the display became. At first, Linda and Liona were circling around together; then one stooped at the other, then out of sight. Then Lucy appeared and she began to dive at the other. Their next trick was to practice a food transfer, as one flipped over and they touched each other's talons, briefly. It was spectacular! They finally went to the Scotia Tower for a rest.

Wednesday July 15
Linda Deveau reports
: At first I thought I was watching an adult, but it was an immature chick. Wow, they are getting bigger every day. About 1:40 pm, she circled around on the thermals, and showed great confidence as she gained more and higher altitude. I have noticed that one of the chicks seems to prefer perching on the old CIBC building, while the other two tend to hang around the Scotia Tower. These two (Linda & Liona?) tend to fly off to the north, while the other one (Lucy?) generally tends to fly to the south.

Monday July 20
Linda Deveau reports
: I have just again spotted all three of our fine feathered friends. They spend alot of time flying around the courtyard, landing on the building that faced the nest. They seem to be hanging around each other, keeping fairly close to each other. They all seem to be aware of each other. They enjoy landing on the old CIBC tower. I just witnessed a dive bomb. I didn't see anything that they would be chasing but my eye sight is not half as good as theirs.

Thursday July 23
Linda Deveau reports
: The chicks seem to be settling down to perching on the CIBC building. they have been there all day yesterday and today.  One of them attempted to circle around on the air currents, but looked like she was having difficulties. Another one was observed flying around with her feet hanging down; I thought she had something, but it was just the way she carried herself.  They are definitely gaining in weight and looking larger every day. Obviously they are being fed all right.

Friday July 24
Bruce Massey reports
:  2 immatures and the 2 adults around old nest site for the afternoon.

Tuesday July 28
Bruce Massey reports
:  Kingsley on the east side of the nest building today.

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