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August - December 1998

Monday August 3
Bruce Massey reports
:  Kingsley back at his favourite position on the east side of the nest building, two squares south of the old nest site.

Wednesday August 5
Bruce Massey reports
:  Kingsley was at the old nest site on the east side of the nest building, and was later joined there by Victoria. Later, after the adults had flown off, an immature also landed on the east side of the nest building.

Monday August 10
Bruce Massey reports
:  Kingsley and Victoria both on east side of nest building for 2 plus hours.

August 11 - August 22
Bruce Massey reports:  Periodically checked the downtown nest area, or was working evenings in the area, Sporadically would see the Falcons, usually the adults, but occasionally would see 1 or 2 of the immatures up around the top of the buildings.

Saturday September 26
Bruce Massey reports:  Was down at the nest site this morning. Good news - both adults in the neighborhood of the old nest site, but no juveniles seen in the 4.5 hours I was there. It looks like they're setting up for another winter.

Saturday October 3
Bruce Massey reports
:  Around 6:45 this morning one adult was on top of the New Commerce Court antenna.  At 7:25 both adults came flying low from the south, crossed Adelaide, and landed on the southwest corner of the second building east of Adelaide and York, on the north side of the street.

Thursday October 15
Bruce Massey reports
:  Around 3:30 this afternoon both adults were at King and University Ave, on buildings diagonally opposite each other.

Friday October 16
Bruce Massey reports
:  Both adults were on the New Commerce Court antenna at 8:20 this morning, then flew southeast twenty minutes later.  At about 9:15, Kingsley was perched on a building near King & York.  An hour later, Victoria flew from north to south, at around the height of the buildings.  By about 10:45, both Kingsley and Victoria were on the low building on the southwest corner of Bay and Richmond.

Tuesday October 27
Bruce Massey reports
:  Kingsley was soaring over King and Yonge shortly after 3:30, then headed north to the area of City Hall, where Victoria also was.

Friday October 30
Bruce Massey reports
:  Early this morning, Kingsley was on the National Trust building, and Victoria was on her favourite perch on the CHFI cooling tower.  At 9:50, while I was walking along King Street near Bay, I heard a Peregrine in full battle cry, and looked behind me to see what I assumed was a hawk being pursued by both Kingsley and Victoria.  The hawk headed toward the middle Toronto Dominion Building and swerved around it at the last minute.  Kingsley just barely back-winged and turned to the side before he hit the window, but he still impacted hard enough for me to hear the 'thump' from 100-150 metres away.  Kingsley, however, continued to chase the hawk south down Bay Street.  It actually ducked into the Old Stock Exchange, then continued flying south along Bay Street.  I was quite concerned for Kingsley's well-being, sa it was a fairly hard brush with the windows.  I found both Kingsley and Victoria an hour later - he was on the Revenue Canada Building on Adelaide, and she was on the old nest ledge.  Kingsley then flew over to join Victoria, and the remained there together for the next 2 hours and 35 minutes.  This bodes well for the spring, as the more time they spend around the east side of the nest building, the better the chance they will return to the nest they used for the first three years.

Thursday November 10
Bruce Massey reports
:  Roofing continues on the nest building.  Kingsley was on the southeast corner of the Sheraton Centre, and a second Peregrine, presumably Victoria, was on top of the Toronto City Hall antenna.

Saturday November 14
Bruce Massey reports
:  The roofing project at the nest building is still in progress.  Kingsley was on the northwest corner of the taller building of the Adelaide/York Centre.  Victoria turned out to be right around the corner, just out of sight, but I did not see her until she flew off.  Both birds flew to the east end of the Worker's Compensation Board building at Front and Simcoe - this is the first time I've seen them on this building.

Tuesday November 17
Bruce Massey reports
:  Walked around downtown looking for the Peregrines, but no luck today.

Sunday November 29
Bruce Massey reports
:  Today Kingsley was on the second building south of the southeast corner of Adelaide and University.  He then flew off to the east, and I later found him on the southwest corner of the Revenue Canada building.   The resident male Kestrel also put in an appearance, flying east from Temperance to bother Kingsley while he was on the Revenue Canada building.  Construction on the roof of the nest building continues.

Tuesday, December 8
Bruce Massey reports
:  I was heading downtown to see the peregrines, and had an adult peregrine flying due south down Yonge Street, around the old train station between Summerhill and Rosedale.

Sunday, December 13
Bruce Massey reports
:  Around 11:15 this morning Kingsley and Victoria were copulating on the east side of 18 King Street East, near the old nest site.  The mating lasted about 15 seconds. We can only hope that they are just doing this 'for fun', and that Victoria doesn't consider laying any eggs until spring.

Saturday, December 19
Bruce Massey reports
:  Yesterday and today I observed both Victoria and Kingsley downtown, in the general vicinity of the nest building at 18 King Street East.  Work continues on the roof of both 18 King and 8 King.

Tuesday, December 29
Bruce Massey reports
:  During a visit to the downtown site today, I could not find Victoria, but Kingsley was perched on the southwest corner of the Revenue Canada building on Adelaide.

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