The Canadian Peregrine Foundation


July - September 2001

Friday September 28, 2001
David Dean reports:  2:20 Again thousands of birds, mainly blue jays, have passed by my south facing BCE Place window today, with no sign of either falcon, until the last flock (which was also the largest of the day so far). Victoria came from the north again down Yonge St, but from very high. I watched her as she continued on past the flock, appearing to head for something. Her stoop got steeper and steeper, and before I new it she was well over the water, probably halfway to the island. Her stoop turned into a dive, but I couldn't see what she was after against the dark background. BUT, then, what I believe was another peregrine came up to her. The two twisted, dove, and had a few close encounters before I lost both of them...they were so far. I'm not positive it was a peregrine, as it was so far (I wouldn't have known that Victoria was one at that distance either had I not followed here there). If it was, I don't think it was Kingsley, the behaviour would be unusual. 

Marcel Gahbauer comments:  Several of the southern Ontario hawk watches have started reporting migrating peregrines over the past week; it could well be that one of these interacted with Victoria.  While peregrines aren't usually particularly territorial at this time of year, I wouldn't put it past Victoria to attack an intruder at any time...

Thursday September 27, 2001
Jan Chudy reports: It's almost 5 p.m.  For about an hour earlier in the day, one bird was sitting on various perches on the west side of Scotia Plaza facing my office.  I couldn't determine who it was.  Now two birds are sitting on the very top of the west side of Scotia Plaza.  On is standing upright and the other is sitting down.  This is at least the second time this week two birds have been sitting on the top of Scoia Plaza at the end of the afternoon.

Tuesday September 25, 2001
David Dean reports:  4:25 pm.  I have been watching flock after flock of birds pass right by my south facing BCE Place window all day. Tons of blue jays, grackles and red wing blackbirds. I was wondering where Kingsley and Victoria were. A big flock just went by and I saw Victoria come from the north up high, targeting the back end of the flock. She was flying pretty horizontal, until it became clear she had found her target. She rolled into a dive, not a deep one (probably 50-80 feet) and took a swipe at a straggler. Missed. Looped around and came between the two towers, still hunting- I could see her looking all over the place, and went over to Royal Bank Plaza, where I lost sight of her. Shortly after Victoria appeared, so did Kingsley. But true to his unrivaled laziness, he didn't do anything, just flew around having a great old time. From my vantage point, I didn't see anyone grab anything, but after the peregrines and the flock disappeared, a lone feather drifted past my window.

Monday September 24, 2001
David Dean reports:  3:30 There has been a fair bit of falcon activity, both peregrine and kestrel, outside my south facing BCE Place window this afternoon. Kingsley and Victoria have been around in the drizzle, doing their normal routine. Kingsley set down near the top of the Canada Trust tower for a minute as did a kestrel. The funniest was watching the kestrel chasing around a big Monarch butterfly. Both were darting and dodging, it was hilarious! Times must be tough for kestrels for such a high energy expenditure for such little reward.

Marcel Gahbauer comments:  It's actually not uncommon to see kestrels and merlins pursuing insects, especially at this time of year.  The fall migration is underway for both species, and in an effort to cover distance as efficiently as possible, both of these species eat "on the wing", snatching whatever insects they can find up high, rather than coming down closer to the ground and disrupting their progress.  Kestrels and merlins are in fact quite adept at maintaining flight while holding prey in their talons and periodically reaching down with their heads to bite pieces off - quite a sight to see.

Friday September 21, 2001
David Dean reports:  10:40AM. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a quick glimpse of a small flock of birds flying by my south facing BCE Place window (about 30th floor) headed east toward Yonge St. They were sort of peculiar, bobbing up and down with their wing beats. Immediately after, I saw the dark silhouette of Victoria pass between the towers. She was rotated onto the tip of her left wing, so it was a perfect silhouette and was headed for the flock. Immediately it reminded me of a shark up in crest of a wave, approaching unsuspecting prey in the tide. I don't know what happened, but she sure broke up that flock in a hurry as I saw a couple birds scramble in different directions, one of them headed my way and landed on the other BCE Place tower close to where I sit. They were white-breasted nuthatches, and I'm sure that they are not used to dealing with peregrines. It looked funny hanging on to the building, upside down as usual, way up. It stuck around for a few minutes before it took flight again. I don't know if she caught a pre-lunch snack or not.

5:25. I was walking down Yonge St, heading north from Wellington when a familiar sight appeared over head. The peregrine set down on a corner of a building on Melinda, so I pulled out the binoculars. It was an immature. I don't know who it was, but I don't think it was Angus, but I'm not 100% sure about that. I have not seen an immature in the area in weeks, if not months. But considering that this bird appeared to he right at home, at King and Yonge, I suspect it was one of the local youngsters. However, I was certain that those two had moved on, and Trillium isn't in the area according to the last transmission. 

Thursday September 13, 2001
David Dean reports:   There was a lot of peregrine activity outside of my south facing BCE Place window today. It started off with Victoria, taking her time flying from Yonge and Front to the Air Canada Center at about 8:15 (I think), then Kingsley made about 4 appearances throughout the day, coming pretty close a couple of times (I can look him right in the eye occasionally). The last time (4:30ish) he came in from below, played in between the BCE Place buildings for a bit, then departed. At one point, there was a peregrine soaring very high over the harbourfront at the bottom of Bay St. It could have been Kingsley, I doubt it was Victoria, but it also could have been a juvenile as it was exhibiting some behaviour typical of a young one (the fluttering wings). I also saw the local Kestrel today, much higher than normal (near the upper floors of BCE).

Wednesday September 12, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  Victoria was spotted sitting at the former nest ledge at 1:50 p.m. she was there until approximately 2:15 p.m. and was last seen over the King and Yonge St. area.

Monday September 10, 2001
David Dean reports:  10:40 am - Kingsley just gave me the thrill of the most spectacular aerial display I have ever seen, and it happened just outside of my south facing BCE Place window. I first noticed him in an extremely fast, mostly horizontal (about 35 degrees maybe) stoop, from the area of Yonge and Front, to the Air Canada Centre. I lost him behind the Canada Trust tower of BCE Place (I'm in the Bay/Wellington tower). As soon as he disappeared, he emerged, but going the other direction, from the Air Canada Centre to the area of the flag on top of the Dominion Public Building on Front, again going a million miles an hour. He did a sharp turn due North, heading straight for the Bay Wellington tower, came within 30ish feet of the building, did a complete inverted loop so that I could see his complete underside as I gazed down at him. Once he did the full 360 degrees, he found himself again headed straight for the Bay Wellington tower, so he turned 90 degrees left, and did another loop in between the two BCE Place towers. I don't know what happened after that. Anyone in that square between the towers would have been privy to a pretty good show, he wasn't very high. I have also noticed Kingsley sitting on various locations of the Royal Bank Plaza south tower over the past week.

Jan Chudy reports:  It is 5:15 p.m. on Monday, September 10.  There have been several sightings today of soaring falcons between and above Scotia Plaza and First Canadian Place.

One adult is now perched on the top of the west side of Scotia Plaza.  I still cannot tell one from the other. The Western sun is striking on the white chest and it looks truly magnificent.

Tuesday September 4, 2001
Jan Chudy reports:  12:21 p.m - A falcon has been sitting on the top of the window washing crane on Scotia Plaza for the last 30 minutes.  It may be a juvenile since I believe the front is brownish white. 

Thursday August 30, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  3:15 pm - Window washer ropes were hanging down the east side of #18 King St. East this afternoon and sure enough, Kingsley could be seen sitting on the ledge beneath the camera hook-up. Victoria was on the ledge south of the former nest site. She was looking rather ruffled as if she just had a shower. Her feathers were sticking out every which way and by the way she was sitting I figured she was drying off. They were still there when I left the area around 3:45p.m. I didn't see Jasmine or Angus today.

David Dean reports:  3:15. I cannot be certain because she was just out of range, but I believe that Jasmine just paid me a visit on the south side of BCE Place for the first time in quite a while, although it may have been Victoria. Yesterday, both Victoria and Kingsley were out and about around 7:10AM. Neither did anything spectacular, but it was nice to see that the pair are still flying together after rearing another batch of kids.

7:40PM. I noticed a very white pigeon (with some brown patches) flying in between the BCE Place towers a little higher than where I sit (about 36th floor level). I was wondering if any of the falcons would also notice it (the same pigeon has caught our eye before). I watched the pigeon until it passed over my tower, and I lost site of it. Thirty seconds later, something flashed within feet of my window, I don't know who it was, but then two more bullets went past in pursuit. I don't know if the first flash was the pigeon (going a million miles an hour), but the second and third were Victoria and Kingsley, respectively. I saw each as they dove at about a 45 degree angle from the east, heading for Royal Bank Plaza awfully fast. I didn't see what was going on, if they were chasing a pigeon or just playing tag, but there were certainly 3 birds involved, and by the time I got up out of my chair, Victoria and Kingsley had their tails spread wide, their wings out and were hitting the brakes pretty hard

Tuesday August 28, 2001
Jan Chudy reports:  I think it may be my lucky week.  I was walking east on Adelaide to lunch at about 12:05 and as I crossed Victoria I looked up.  A falcon flew over from the south-east and landed on the flag pole atop 36 Adelaide. It stayed there for about 4 minutes then flew off. I did not have my binoculars but could clearly see a brown front.  So, I'm sure it was Angus or Jasmine.

Monday August 27, 2001
Jan Chudy reports: It is Monday evening at 5:40.  I am on the 61st floor of First Canadian Place.  One of the falcons is sitting on a ledge on the west side of Scotia Plaza and it is ripping something to pieces!!  I believe it is one of the adults because the front is all white but unfortunately I can't tell if it's Kingsley or Victoria.

Wednesday August 22, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  Kingsley was seen on the ledge north of the nest area at around 1:30p.m. He remained there for awhile. He then flew off and returned shortly after to the roof of the nest building, vocalizing. He was there for approximately 5 minutes and then flew off northwards between the buildings. Jasmine and Angus have not been seen in the area for a while now and I suspect they have moved further out of the area. Victoria has not been seen either. I think if we can find her, we may spot Angus and Jasmine.

Saturday August 18, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  Victoria was seen sitting on the ledge south of the former nest area. The other peregrines were not seen during this time. I returned to leader lane around 5:30 p.m. and did not see any activity at that time.

Monday August 13, 2001
David Flikkema reports:  I work in the Munich Re building which is at the corner of Bay and Richmond.  At approximately 9:40am today, a peregrine landed on the roof ledge of the building next door to us (80 Richmond W). In its talon was a pigeon, still alive. Over the next hour I had the unique opportunity to watch this peregrine enjoy his catch for "brunch".

Marcel Gahbauer comments:  David added in a subsequent e-mail that the bird in question was brown, therefore a juvenile, either Angus or Jasmine going through the process of learning to hunt for themselves.

Thursday August 9, 2001
David Dean reports:  6PM Kingsley finally made an appearance! He just did a really fast pass from the area of the Air Canada Center, past my BCE Place location, headed toward the nest site at about a 30th floor level. I haven't seen him in weeks.

This morning, Jasmine flew the other direction, toward the Westin Harbor Castle, where she did some quick loops, a fake left and right, up over the AON building and then dove straight down (from a level just higher than the harbor buildings) in behind one of the buildings on the west side at the bottom of Bay.  Three pigeons took flight from where she was headed, I lost sight of her behind the buildings so I don't know if she was successful or not, or where she went after that. I suspect she went west.

Linda Woods reports:  6:50 pm  As I was approaching Yonge and Richmond St. I could see three peregrines flying in the area west of Yonge St. It appeared to be Jasmine, Angus and one of the adults. They were in the area for a while and could be seen playing "tag" with each other. Later on, Jasmine was seen hovering above Bank Of Montreal Building. She looked like a stick pin stuck to the sky. Both Angus and Jasmine were also seen setting down on the large antenna. Jasmine has certainly improved her landing skills. It wasn't that long ago that Jasmine had difficulty following Angus to this perch. It is nice to see them still together. I was a little concerned with the recent heat wave, that they may have ventured further away in search of cooler temperatures. Perhaps we'll see all four together after the heat passes.

Monday August 6, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  5:45 pm - Jasmine and Angus were both seen in the north-west area of King and Yonge St. Jasmine appeared to be riding the thermals near the bottom of Scotia Tower. Angus was following and then took off in a stoop towards the north-east. Victoria and Kingsley were not seen at this time.

Sunday August 5, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  5:30 pm - Kingsley is seen on the south side of the former nest area. He could also be heard vocalizing. Victoria, Jasmine and Angus were not seen during the time I was in the area. No other activity was seen and I left the area around 6:45 p.m.

Friday August 3, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  I was in the area around noon today and didn't see any of the peregrines. I returned at 5:30 and it wasn't until 6:00 p.m. that one peregrine was on the bottom ledge of the Scotia Tower, facing inwards. A second peregrine was approaching the roof of Scotia Tower and set down just above the south logo of Scotia Bank. I couldn't tell whether or not they were immatures or the adults. No other activity was seen. I left the area around 7:45 p.m.

David Dean reports:  8:30 AM. I haven't seen much peregrine activity outside of my south facing BCE Place window this week, but Jasmine and Victoria were just out and about a couple minutes ago. I rarely see a falcon alone anymore, its either the two kids, or one of the kids with an adult. I'm wondering where Kingsley has been, haven't seen him out my window in a couple weeks. I've also been to the nest site a few times this week, each time to be disappointed. I've spotted a lone bird on the north east corner of King and Yonge a few times over the past couple weeks, but with a doubling of the immediate peregrine population, I would have thought I would be seeing them more often. I would be surprised if I'm seeing them half as much as I did in the spring. Perhaps their range has expanded.

Friday July 27, 2001
Paul Marshman reports:   I took a walk around the neighbourhood tonight and didn't see any activity until about 8:15. Then suddenly three peregrines appeared flying low over King Street near the nest building. They were chasing each other around, and when the dust had settled, Jasmine was sitting on the smokestack on top of the King Edward Hotel, screeching loudly and persistently (does this girl ever shut up?). Angus, meanwhile, perched on top of the nest building for a few minutes, then flew over to unseat Jasmine, who flew onto the nest ledge and disappeared. A minute or two later, Angus joined her. I returned about 8:30 to see Jasmine sitting looking out of the nest ledge, with Angus above her on top of the building. It seems these two are constant companions, and still not above coming back to the nest at bedtime.

Wednesday July 25, 2001
Linda Woods reports:   No activity from Jasmine and Angus  during the early evening. As I was walking north on Yonge at King St. a peregrine was on the roof-top, west side of One  Financial  Place  ( Trust Building ) at  8:10 p.m.

Tuesday July 24, 2001
Linda Woods reports:   6:30 p.m. Jasmine and Angus remain in the area of King and Yonge Sts. Jasmine perched herself on the west side of "Sleep Country" for approximately 1 hour. She was then off for a quick jaunt around Scotia Tower and returned to the same roof-top until approximately 8:45 p.m. Angus then made an appearance and both immatures were seen heading for Old Commerce Court and disappeared out of view. One Adult was seen on a ledge near the top of Scotia Tower in the early evening, I can't be sure but I think it was Kingsley.

Monday July 23, 2001
Linda Woods reports:   6:45 PM. As I was walking south on Yonge St, approaching King St. Jasmine and Angus were seen circling the area. It appeared a game of "tag" was in process and Jasmine was always "it". Eventually they drifted towards the Scotia Tower and momentarily set down on the very top, south side, and then they were off again. Kingsley was seen on one of the ledges of the Scotia Tower and didn't seen to pay any attention to the two immatures. No other activity was seen after that.  9:20 P.M.. As I was entering the subway at King and Yonge St. vocalizing could be heard...."Good Night Kids!"

Friday July 20, 2001
Linda Woods reports:   7:45 p.m. Neil reported seeing both Jasmine and Angus on the roof of the condos south of the King Edward Hotel. Angus sat on one of the steel air vents and didn't seem to be bothered by the fact it was spinning. Jasmine was sitting on the roof itself and appeared to try and walk up the wire that was supporting the air vent Angus was sitting on. A little later both immatures were seen soaring and gliding over the new CIBC building, attempting to land on the basket that surrounds the red flashing light. Angus loves it up there and several times tried to get Jasmine to join him. She made several attempts to land, but for some reason just did not seem comfortable and she was off again. After several rounds of  "Tag" and "Follow the Leader" with turns, swoops, dives and hovering over the building they both headed north and disappeared out of our view. The delightful air show lasted about 30 minutes and it was wonderful to see them still together.

Thursday July 19, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  06:30 a.m.  Harry and I walked from Bay St. to Cherry St. No sightings of any of the peregrines. Zoe hooked up with us at Cherry St. and stated she might have seen an immature on the smoke stack of the old Gooderman and Worts. We searched the area back from Cherry St to Redpath. No sightings.

It wasn't until 4:30p.m. when Zoe and I were headed back to south-side of St. Lawrence Market when we saw two immatures chasing each other over the Esplanade condos south of the Hummingbird Centre. One  headed south and the other headed north. A few minutes later one large peregrine was seen in the area of Redpath Sugar.  (I didn't think they would hang around the Redpath today, a ship was docked with all three gantries down unloading raw sugar. There was also roof-top maintenance occurring on the main building.) Eventually one was seen soaring over BCE Place and drifted towards Scotia Tower. At 5:30p.m. no further sightings of any of the peregrines.

Wednesday July 18, 2001
Harry Crawford reports:  At 8:45am a kestrel flew rather low from west to east over Redpath Sugar.  It appeared to be looking for something.  At 8:55am an immature male peregrine flew from the lake area up to the top of the north crane on the east side of Redpath Sugar.  He was only there for a minute before taking off to the east, directly into the sun. He was high up and facing me so I couldn't see if there was an antenna on him -- it had to be either Angus or Trillium.  He was flying very well, landed solidly and looked healthy.  I tried to look east but it was difficult with the sun facing me.  I did see a falcon profile flying rapidly around the area just south of the abandoned silos and eventually south above Cherry -- it could have been a peregrine or a kestrel.  I stopped in at Leader Lane around 9:30am and couldn't see any peregrine activity.

Linda Woods reports:  Today we scoured all of Harbourfront, west of the Westin and saw no movement from any of the peregrines. Around 3:30 an adult was seen on the upper ledges of the Scotia Tower. Viewing from the south side of St. Lawrence market, a possible sighting of a peregrine seen in the Redpath area at around 6:45p.m. A few moments later, two peregrines were seen on the south-east side of BCE Place. One took off towards the south and circled back towards the north and out of sight. The second, soared around new CIBC and just hung in the air near the antenna. I think it was Jasmine, she attempted to land on the flashing red light on top of the antenna. After two attempts she circled again and went out of my sight. On returning to the Leader Lane area, no further activity was seen when I left at 7:30p.m.

Tuesday July 17, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  At 2:30 PM. viewing from Leader Lane, Angus was seen on the spire.  6:30 P.M.  Jasmine was on the south-east corner, service area ledge of the nest building. Angus approached out of the east and set down on the same area. Jasmine was not there long after Angus and arrived and quickly departed. She circled once and came to rest on the ledge north of the nest area. Both immatures then stepped back and disappeared behind the pillars, re-appearing moments later. Angus was off again, and was next seen sitting on the west spire of the steeple. Jasmine was next seen on the roof-top of the Trust building at 7:30 P.M..  There hasn't been any positive sightings of Trillium as yet, but we keep hoping he will show himself soon.

Monday July 16, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  11:30 No sightings of Trillium as yet. A bird was spotted on the silos of Redpath, but when we re-positioned to get a closer view, the bird had moved on. I wasn't even sure it was a peregrine.  1:20 PM. It had started to rain and upon returning to Leader Lane, Kingsley was seen at the nest ledge. 1:45 Female on Old Commerce Court, east side.  4:00 P.M. Peregrine was spotted heading south along Jarvis St. area

7:05 P.M.. Bruce and I were once again heading north on Yonge St. We turned the corner at King St and at the same spot as yesterday, we heard vocalizing. We looked over head and there was Jasmine and Kingsley flying directly above us.  7:10 P.M. Kingsley at the nest ledge. Victoria, Angus and Jasmine were circling the King and Toronto St. area. A lot of vocalizing. Victoria could be seen with prey in talons. Food exchange was attempted by Jasmine but she missed and the food was dropped onto # 1 Toronto St. Angus was right there trying to get a morsel for himself, but Jasmine managed to snag all the goods. Angus flew off and sat on the southeast side of # 1 Toronto while Jasmine dined on the south-west side. She didn't eat very much, I guess she was saving some for her brother Angus. Victoria set down on the east side of # 33 Victoria St. after the food drop, while Kingsley remained at the nest ledge. After Jasmine finished her share of  food she was off the chase her mother. Angus then went to feed while Jasmine chased her mother. Kingsley probably knowing better to stay out of the games with the two females remained at the nest ledge.

8:05 P.M. Victoria over to the St. James steeple. Jasmine followed shortly after and chased Victoria off the church.  8:25 Angus was seen on the south-east corner of the condos south of the Esplanade and Front St. area.  Crows were in the area and took a few dives at him. He didn't seem to mind the first few swoops, but this constant hassling by the crows was too much and he flew off. Bruce and I checked the area again before it became too dark and still did not see any activity from Trillium.

David Dean reports:   Around Noon. Jasmine just paid me a visit outside of my south facing BCE Place window. I was very happy when set down on the southern tower easily visible from my location. She started on the south eastern second from the bottom step, moved down to the bottom step right below, and then moved to the triangular outcrop in the middle of the eastern side. She was actively exploring all over, scooting here and there, and sticking her head out sideways, looking down. It was quite comical.

4PM. Jasmine and Angus were just buzzing around BCE Place (Jasmine set down again), and right now there is a Peregrine sitting on the eastern side of the Westin Harbour Castle. I think it is Angus. If Trillium is in the harbour area, he isn't visible from my vantage point, and neither youngster found paid any attention to him.

Sunday July 15, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  12:10 Walking south on University Avenue, I spotted one Adult ( Kingsley, I think) on the west side, lower ledge, Scotia Tower.  1:30 Walking north on Church St. at King St. one immature, from the size I would guess it was Jasmine, soaring in the Church and Lombard St. area. She was gliding every so gracefully and then a sudden change of direction and she was off to the west. As I arrived at Leader Lane two immatures were seen chasing each other above the Trust building. One adult was seen on the lower ledge, east side of the Trust at this time. The adult was not in view very long. It leaped off the ledge and just dropped out of sight. I have seen Kingsley do this before.

4:15 Jasmine was seen on the north-east side of BCE Place. She stretched her wings a few times and then stepped back out of view. No sightings of the third immature, Trillium. We'll have to wait for the satellite signal for any indications of his whereabouts.  (Marcel Gahbauer comments:  check Trillium's page for tonight's update on his location)

Saturday July 14, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  The hunt for Trillium continues without any sightings. Three peregrines were seen earlier today soaring very high above the downtown area, south of Front St. near the Air Canada Centre. Later in the day, one immature was seen on the roof top ledge on Yonge and Wellington Street. Across the street on the sidewalk was a pigeon that looked like it could have come in contact with one of the peregrines.  Kingsley kept  out of the heat at the nest ledge and his hiding place was discovered when he poked his head out from behind the pillar and vocalized. Late in the afternoon Bruce and I decided to try viewing at the Hummingbird Centre again. Nothing was seen at this time. On our way to the subway we spotted one immature (Jasmine, I believe) on # 10 King St. East, looking down on us, as if to say "Where are you going?" Today the activity was short but very impressive.

Friday July 13, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  Still no sign of Trillium. Endless searches in the eastern skies and we haven't even seen a hint of activity from him.  09:00 I walked along Queen Quay and rechecked Redpath Sugar and Harbour Front and all the south side of buildings. Jasmine and Angus were seen scooting around BCE place. Both Kingsley and Victoria were seen on the tower at different times of the day.  

3:00p.m. Angus was seen at the nest ledge by Brian who came in from Etobicoke to help with the search. Jasmine, Kingsley and Victoria were out of sight at this time.  Around 7:00p.m. a peregrine was seen high above the Scotia Tower. It eventually headed north, very high and flapping continuously until it went out of our viewing range. A few minutes later Bruce had seen what he thought was one of the peregrines heading south again on the west side of the Tower. We then repositioned ourselves to the Hummingbird Centre for a better look of the Harbourfront and of the south side of the buildings. Angus was found on Old Commerce Court, lower south-east corner. He flew off and landed on the top of the same building. He was fidgety, moving around from spot to spot and eventually headed north. Jasmine then appears directly in front of us. She circled once in the Front and Yonge Street area and the set down on a building at Yonge and Wellington, on the south-west corner. She didn't stay long and the headed north, low between the buildings. Bruce eventually spotted them both on the roof-top of Starbucks at Yonge and King St. They both looked like the had settled in for the night.

Marcel Gahbauer reports:  A new page has been established to document Trillium's travels, as reported by the satellite transmitter he is now wearing.  Photos of Trillium with his new transmitter can be viewed in the new Trillium Gallery.

Thursday July 12, 2001
Marcel Gahbauer reports:  Bruce Massey called me this morning to inform me that Trillium had been rediscovered on the Redpath sugar buildings south of the Gardiner Expressway around 7 am.  Volunteers are on the scene to monitor his first full day back home, and further details will be posted later.

Harry Crawford reports:  Trillium was found around 7am today.  He was on the northeast corner of the main Redpath Sugar building on Queen's Quay.  After preening, stretching and looking rather comfortable, he was suddenly attacked by a kestrel who dove in from the east.  Several passes were made with the kestrel screaming loudly, but Trillium was able to fend it off.  After the kestrel left, he moved back into the building more so it was difficult to see him.  Linda watched from the roof of the King Edward and I relocated to the top of the Loblaws parking garage.  The two-way radios were handy indeed!

As if the kestrel attack wasn't enough along came Kingsley and Victoria.  They repeatedly dove on him, intentionally missing him by a couple of feet.  Each time, Trillium vocalised and appeared to jump up a bit.  Finally Trillium flew off and the chase was on.  He circled and landed on various locations of the complex.  At least one of his siblings had now joined in the chase -- likely his sister Jasmine.  The adults disappeared and immediately the three siblings were seen circling the area at a leisurely pace.  There didn't appear to be any aggression now and they all seemed to head north.  We didn't realise until later, that Trillium had stayed at Redpath.

Linda Woods reports:  After Harry Crawford discovered Trillium on Redpath, Zoe and I returned to the area. Trillium had changed positions and was now on the southern side of the building and on a lower level of the roof. He remained there until 12:45 PM. He was on the dark green piping that drapes down the side of the building and exposed to the sun. He took off towards the south-east, over the lake and towards the Docks Entertainment Centre. He was flying low, but maintained control and remained level. A few gulls in the area took a few swoops at him, but this did not seem to affect his flying in anyway. After what seemed to be a long flight, he made his way over to white cranes at "Atlas".  Set down briefly and was off again toward the northeast and went out of sight behind the abandoned silos, south of the Lakeshore Blvd. Zoe and I looked for hours without any further sightings. We returned to Leader Lane and scanned the roof-tops. Around 7p.m., one adult and one immature were seen heading north between the King Edward Hotel and the condos, flying low. The adult appeared to be carrying and food and the immature could be heard vocalizing. At 8:20p.m. more vocalizing could be heard and Angus was spotted on the lower ledge of the Trust building.

Wednesday July 11, 2001
Harry Crawford reports:  Around 12:45pm today, Jasmine put on a spectacular display of flying ability -- and someone recently said that fat birds don't fly well! There were incredibly strong northerly winds.  She hovered and then flew backwards towards the north tower on First Canadian Place. When she reached the tower, she simply landed, still going backwards.  She would then circle the tower and repeat the process. After about 15 minutes she took up various locations on the north tower of BCE Place.  After resting, she did a rapid shallow stoop south east towards the lake, rapidly disappearing from view.

Marcel Gahbauer reports:   After two weeks away from home, most of this time spent recuperating at the Owl Foundation in Vineland, Trillium was pronounced ready for release today.  Mark Nash and I, along with Mark Heaton and Pud Hunter of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources inspected Trillium, and once we were convinced that he was again in great health, we equipped him with a new satellite transmitter to involve him in Project Track-'em.  We hope that this will enable us to track Trillium's movements for up to a full year.

It was evening by the time we were able to release Trillium back in downtown Toronto.  We took him to the roof of 18 King Street East (the nest building), where Mark Nash released him from the southeast corner of the building.  Trillium immediately headed off to the east with a very strong flight.  He was over Church & Adelaide when Victoria came into view from the west chasing after him, followed closely by Kingsley.  Over the Jarvis and King area, the two adults began making repeated stoops at Trillium, which he skillfully avoided.  Around this time one of Trillium's siblings (probably Jasmine) joined in the attacks, also making some stoops at him.  

While it is normal behaviour for the adults to make an initial stoop toward juveniles which have been away from the territory for an extended period, the attacks are normally cut short when visual and/or vocal recognition is made. This is what we observed with Adelaide last year when she was released after having her transmitter applied.  For whatever reason, Trillium experienced a much more vigorous and less friendly welcome home tonight.  After a couple of minutes of avoiding the dives of the three other peregrines, Trillium was flying lower and lower, and he finally dropped out of our sight somewhere southeast of Jarvis and the Esplanade.  Victoria returned to the Scotia Tower a couple of minutes later, followed within the next quarter hour by Kingsley and Jasmine.

The many volunteers who had gathered to monitor the release spread out to see whether Trillium could be relocated, but wherever he ended up, he must have settled in to rest overnight, as nobody was able to spot him.  Trillium will hopefully come back into view in the morning, and will likely make another attempt to reunite with his family.  Trillium squawking for food will likely bring out the maternal instincts in Victoria.

Tuesday July 10, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  All was very quiet viewing from Leader Lane. Kingsley was discovered on the Scotia Tower around 4:00 p.m. Jasmine approached the King Edward Hotel from the south-east and landed on the east side of the Hotel, at the entrance to the "pigeon hole".  She stayed there for approximately 20 minutes watching pigeons come and go. Although I think the pigeons were on to her, since there seemed to be a lot less pigeon traffic in that area during her stay. Jasmine took off towards the south over the condos.  Kingsley may have departed off the Tower around the same time. No peregrines were in sight at 6:15p.m. BCE place was scanned and no activity at this time. 

Monday July 9, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  2:45p.m. Victoria was seen on the ledge north of the nest area. Kingsley was on the Tower. Jasmine approaches and sets down on the ledge to the south of the nest area.  3:20 Jasmine off the ledge and heads to the south-east. One adult is seen on the tower while Jasmine and Angus are scooting around the Scotia Tower.  3:55 A lot of vocalizing can be heard over the Leader Lane area. The vocalizing is not that of a peregrine but a Kestrel. A Kestrel can be seen swooping and diving at one of the ball-room windows of the King Edward Hotel on the east side. A closer look and Kingsley is seen sitting on one of the window sills and the Kestrel is not happy he is there. We've never seen  Kingsley nor Victoria on any of those ledges before and find this odd. As the Kestrel swoops and dives Kingsley can be seen flinching with each pass. Eventually Kingsley has had enough and takes off and heads to the ledge of the nest area. Victoria appears out of the east and sets down on the nest ledge. Both Kingsley and Victoria step back off the ledge and disappear out of sight. Jasmine approaches from the east and sets down on the left side of the nest ledge. One adult reappears on the ledge and off to the east. Jasmine follows directly behind the adult and heads to the south-east over the King Edward Hotel.  5:30 No further activity was seen.

Sunday July 8, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  At 1:30 today walking south on Yonge St approaching Adelaide, I saw one immature soaring above the Bank Of Montreal building. When I arrived at Leader Lane, Kingsley was on the Scotia Tower and same immature, from the size it appeared to be Jasmine, make an attempt to land on the large antenna of the Bank of Montreal. Around 6:00p.m. one adult (Kingsley) was seen on the Tower.

Saturday July 7, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  Early this morning Kingsley was seen on the Trust building. Jasmine and Angus were both on the upper south-east corner of CHFI. They were there for a long while and I think they must have been feeding. Just after noon it started to rain and Kingsley is seen on the north side of the nest ledge. One peregrine with it's back to the east was on the bottom ledge of the Scotia Tower.

Friday July 6, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  Not much activity today, perhaps they are saving it for when Trillium returns. Jasmine and Angus were seen on the north-west corner of BCE Place at 11:30 a.m. Jasmine was seen at 6:00 p.m., approaching the east side of Scotia Tower and it appeared she tried to grab hold of the window, she fluttered a bit and then attempted to grasp onto the window sill, without any luck she went off to the south and made another approach and set down on one of the ledges. Jasmine, Angus, Kingsley and Victoria were seen scooting around the Bay and King St. area briefly in the early evening.

Alan Kirschbaum reports:  Things were very quite today.  The adults where in and out of the area, spending time on and around the Scotia Tower.  At one point, one of the adults stooped off of the Scotia Tower, looking very much like someone dropped a white bowling ball.  None of the juveniles were in view until I left, when one landed on the lowest step of the Scotia Tower.  You could tell it was a juvenile by the way it landed, more flapping than the adults, and that it faced the building not away from it.  I had my scope with me today, it attracts a lot of attention and I was able to show a number of people the adults when they were on the Scotia Tower.

David Dean reports: 1:30 There has been a lot of Peregrine activity outside my BCE Place window today, both adult and juvenile. Angus and Jasmine were just engaged in some tag in the Toronto Star and BCE Place area, with multiple talon to talon exchanges, with one of them upside down during the exchanges. Neither one seemed to be "it", all the time, as they both alternated. I believe a third Peregrine entered the area, soaring over Redpath- no idea who it was. Jasmine and Angus parted ways, one headed over to the ship yard area at the Harbourfront (far east) and the other came back toward BCE Place, and made a bee line back toward the nest area.  I got a VERY close view of the two as they played close to BCE Place, and of the one that returned. At one time, the two were very low in the Redpath area.

Thursday July 5, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  Earlier today Jasmine, Angus, Kingsley and Victoria were all seen on the east side of the Scotia Tower. This evening both Angus and Jasmine were seen on the first ledge from the top, south side, sitting together. I cannot be sure, but I think a feeding occurred, they were together on the same ledge for more than 2hrs. Not much soaring around the Tower tonight, probably the gusty winds kept the immatures from venturing out.

The latest on Trillium is that he continues to gain weight and improves each day. Trillium is expected to be healthy for a release in the very near future.

Wednesday July 4, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  This morning at 08:15 one peregrine was seen on the north-east corner of old commerce court. Fog rolled in off the lake and by 09:00 not much of the upper half of the downtown buildings could be seen. By noon the skies had cleared and Victoria was at the nest ledge. Jasmine and Angus were seen on the Tower along with Kingsley. Both immatures were seen earlier soaring and gliding in the Bay and King St. area. Late afternoon Victoria was once again seen at the nest ledge and could be heard vocalizing. Jasmine appears from the north-east and sets down directly below Victoria, on the grated area( Kingsley's rain haven ) Victoria is then off the nest ledge and heads towards the west. Angus and Jasmine were seen chasing each other in the BCE area at approximately 6:10p.m. and then again in and around the Scotia Tower at 7:00. Both immatures are doing well.

David Dean reports:  4:55 I am sure it was Jasmine who just flew by my south facing BCE Place window. She is much larger than I had previously thought. She looked even larger than Victoria, and she would certainly dwarf her father. She was alone, was flying quite well, and disappeared flying from the area of Yonge and Wellington to the area of Bay and Front. She appears to be doing quite well indeed. This is the first time that I have observed any of the immatures on the south side of BCE Place. Hopefully as they become more adventurous, the others, and Victoria and Kingsley will come visit me more often. Yesterday, I observed quite a bit of activity on the other side of the tower (north, looking toward Scotia tower).

6:10 PM  After seeing Jasmine not long ago (for the first time from my BCE Place office), I can now happily report that Angus has also paid me a visit. Angus came very close to me, less than 10 feet, and rose seemingly motionless in the draft between the towers. Angus appears to be doing quite well also, and still has those dark eyes (I was THAT close).

Monday July 2, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  Angus and Jasmine continue to do well and appeared to have tolerated the high winds and rain of yesterday. Early this morning we found them enjoying the view from Scotia Tower and saw them taking turns, scooting the around the Tower. What a sight it will be when Trillium returns to join in on the flights.

Sunday July 1, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  Jasmine and Angus could be seen with Kingsley and Victoria in the early morning. They seem to enjoy the view from the Scotia Tower. Near mid-day Kingsley and Victoria and one immature were seen chasing a pigeon. The pigeons seem to sense a vacancy in the area. Yesterday and today, pigeons have been seen in the nest area. The pigeon would set down on the nest ledge and then disappear behind the nest pillar and pop out the other side. It was very funny and it seemed the pigeons were imitating Kingsley and Victoria's behavior during nesting. Jasmine and Angus were seen feeding on the Trust building at 1:30p.m. Both are doing very well at maintaining height and control on landings. With each game of chase the immatures play with the adults, it is teaching the young birds skills needed for hunting prey. Kingsley and Victoria are once again proving to be excellent parents.


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