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October - December 2001

Monday December 31, 2001
Jan Chudy reports:  Both birds are settled on the very top west of Scotia Plaza.  Last Thursday and Friday they spent the better part of both days in the same spot with occasional flights to the north west and south west.

Sunday December 30, 2001
Harry Crawford reports:  Paul found Victoria and Kingsley on the nest ledge at 18 King East around 8:00am.  Later, at 11:30am, Kingsley was still in the same spot but Victoria was on the north east corner of the east wing of the King Edward Hotel.

Marcel Gahbauer comments:   Today was the annual Toronto Christmas Bird Count.  These two peregrines, in addition to those observed by Harry Crawford and Paul Marshman at the Uptown Toronto, Midtown Toronto, and Etobicoke sites contributed to a record high number of peregrines being counted.  Including also the individual spotted by Karl Konze in the Don Mills area, and a juvenile observed by John Carley on the Leslie Spit, the new record now stands at 9 individuals (though we hope to see the number continue to rise in future years).  For the time being, we are particularly interested in any further observations of the juvenile seen by the lake, and welcome any reports of it at

Monday December 24, 2001
Harry Crawford reports:  Victoria was on the north east corner of the east wing of the King Edward Hotel at 11:00am.  She was still there an hour later.  Bruce Massey had seen Kingsley around the Scotia Plaza a bit earlier.

Friday December 21, 2001
Jennifer Barr reports:  I have now seen both peregrines at the old (Sheraton Hotel) nest site every day since Tuesday!  The most reliable time seems to be in the 9:30 to 11 am time frame.

Thursday December 20, 2001
Jan Chudy reports:  I am happy to advise that after several days' absence, both birds are perched on the top west side of Scotia Plaza enjoying the late afternoon sun.  They have taken off a couple of times and soared around but seem content for the moment to sit.  It is quite endearing to see how closely they like to be to each other.

Tuesday December 18, 2001
Jennifer Barr reports:  This morning I saw two peregrine falcons at the old nest site on the Sheraton Hotel.  I can only guess who they were!  They were there for at least 30 minutes and flew off together not long ago.

Thursday December 13, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  1:00 pm.  Walking past Leader Lane, Kingsley was seen on the roof-top #18 King St.

1:50 pm.  On my return trip past Leader Lane, Kingsley remained in the same spot on the roof-top of # 18 King St. Film crew on the corner were asking "what are you looking at?" As I was telling them about the birds, vocalization could be heard from Kingsley. He flew off the roof-top and onto the nest ledge. He continued vocalizing into the " former nest" area. He then turned and faced east. Victoria came out from behind the pillar and flew over to #33 Victoria Street. Kingsley left the "nest ledge" and flew over to Victoria and mating was seen. Kingsley then flew west along Kings St  towards Bay. Victoria followed. Both were seen flying around Scotia Plaza and then off to the south-west and eventually one was seen again flying around Scotia Plaza. One adult ( Victoria ) must have backtracked towards the King Edward Hotel as it was seen about 15 minutes later heading west again along King St. towards Bay.

Monday December 10, 2001
David Dean reports:  10:30AM Both birds were back again today, with Victoria sitting in her usual spot on the top, north east corner of the nest building and Kingsley sitting 2/3rds of the way down on the south eastern side.  1:30 After disappearing for lunch, Kingsley and Victoria have returned. I'm not sure about this, but I think that Kingsley is on top of Victoria (once again on the north eastern top corner). He is either busy doing his thing, or immediately beside her. First time I've seen that.

Jennifer Barr reports:  Kingsley lately seems to be spending more time at his old station, on the northeast corner of 120 Adelaide St. West.  He has also favoured the First Canadian Place with a few flybys today.

Sunday December 9, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  8:00 am - Peregrine seen sitting on the bottom ledge, north-east side of Princess Margaret Hospital. I haven't seen a peregrine up there since early 1999. It remained there until 09:30, flew off to the south and a second peregrine was directly behind it. Both came to rest on the north-east corner roof-top of University and Edward Streets. They were briefly and both departed at the same time. I have been down to Leader Lane area frequently but have not spotted either Kingsley or Victoria during my brief stops.

Paul Marshman reports:  Around 11 a.m. I came out to see if the peregrines were around, and found Victoria and Kingsley in their customary positions on top of the nest building -- Victoria on the northeast corner, and Kingsley a few feet south. I've seen them in this spot a half-dozen times in the past two or three weeks. Last Sunday morning they were sitting together on one of the top steps of the Scotia Tower, shining out like beacons in the sun. However, this Sunday, since I came out later, that side of the tower was in shade and they were enjoying the sun on the nest building. Last Wednesday, another bright, sunny day, I came out to see the two of them chasing each other in circles near the Scotia Tower, like a couple of chicks -- almost made me wonder if they WERE chicks, but I got a good look at the male, and it was definitely Kingsley. These two are spending a lot of time together these days.

Thursday December 6, 2001
David Dean reports:  I have seen very little of Kingsley or Victoria during the past week or so. Yesterday (Wednesday), Victoria was sitting on the top of the nest building (northern part of the eastern side) for about 20 minutes, and right now (Thursday 10AM) Kingsley is sitting in the middle of the eastern side, on the top. He is looking quite well. His breast is quite bright and his feathers are blowing in the breeze. He's preening.

Monday December 3, 2001
Jan Chudy reports:  I was just bemoaning the fact that I still have not seen the birds when I looked over and there on the very edge of the north east corner of CIBC is one of the adults!  I cannot tell who it is but it is standing very tall facing in to the sun.  This is my first sighting since last Wednesday.

Friday November 30, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  I was down in the King and Victoria St area around noon today and didn't see either adult. I was expecting to see Kingsley sitting at the nest ledge during the rain, but he was not in sight. However at 3:45 this afternoon, an adult peregrine was seen on the north-west corner of Edward and University St. Couldn't tell if it was one of the King St. adults. It eventually took off and headed south-west.

Jan Chudy reports:  I too have had scant viewings this week.  Only one adult very briefly on top of Scotia Plaza on Wednesday.  However, a colleague of my husband saw a bird she is sure was a peregrine flying by her 10th floor window at Spadina and Adelaide on Wednesday with a pigeon firmly clutched in its talons.

Marcel Gahbauer comments:  In past winters, Pounce-Kingsley and Victoria have often extended their range west toward Spadina and even Fort York, so it could well be that it was one of them who was seen flying with the pigeon.

Tuesday November 20, 2001
David Dean reports:   10AM.  I have moved from my south facing BCE location to a building on Toronto St, and as luck would have it, I've got a clear line of sight to the nest site. Both birds spend a lot of time on the building and on the ledges. Victoria was all fluffed up this morning, sitting there looking quite comfortable.

5:30PM Kingsley came in to the nest area from the east, very fast. He was in a stoop, diving toward the middle of the eastern face of the nest building, toabout the 10th floor level. When he came to within 50 or so feet of the building, he went vertical, slowing himself to a crawl exactly at the point of the nest ledge. It was magnificent, but lasted only a couple seconds. Although Kingsley was alone today, I am quite impressed at how much time the pair spends side by side, either flying or having a rest.

Friday November 16, 2001
Jan Chudy reports:   10:20 a.m.  Both adults have been sitting on the top west side of Scotia Plaza since about 9 a.m.  They just took off soaring and as I watched one, a small bird flew along the west side of Commerce Court West.  Both birds pursued and one struck the small bird and flew off with it.  The bird-less adult is now back on perch on Scotia Plaza.

10:30 am.  Second bird just returned and soared close to perching bird on Scotia Plaza before flying off to sit on CIBC antenna.

4:30 pm.  Both adults have spent the greater part of the day soaring around Scotia Plaza and the other Bay & King Buildings.  At one point, three birds were seen but the third couldn't be identified.  One adult was just perched on the west side of Scotia Plaza basking in the glow of twilight but took off and lazily flew over First Canadian Place.

Friday November 9, 2001
Harry Crawford reports:  Both Kingsley and Victoria were spotted by Linda when she arrived at Leader Lane around 8:00am:  Kingsley was on the north east corner of the nest building while Victoria was on the south west step of the Trust building.  Both took off to the south at 8:24am.  Kingsley was on the west side of Scotia Plaza at 8:32am.  At 8:38am a peregrine was seen in a fast stoop past the Canada Trust towers heading south. At 8:50am, what was likely a Red-tailed hawk, was on the west side of Scotia Plaza.  Unfortunately it was gone when we got close to the building.  A peregrine was circling above Scotia Plaza at 9:10am and it eventually landed on the top of the antenna on Commerce Court.

Wednesday November 7, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  8:50 am - Looking west towards University Ave, from my apartment window, I could hear vocalizing. I followed the sound and saw an adult approaching out of the south east( from the area of city hall) heading towards Bloor and Avenue Road. I kept my eyes on it and the adult eventually turned and headed east, along the area just south of Bloor.

Monday November 5, 2001
Jan Chudy reports:  It's 11:17 on Monday, November 5.  Four falcons have been soaring at incredible heights over Scotia Plaza.  The display lasted about 5 minutes and now they are out of sight.  It caused quite a stir here in my 61st floor office. 

It is now 12:25 and two falcons have settled back on the west roof of Scotia Plaza facing in to the sun.  The second one just landed and looked very large.

Saturday November 3, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  10:30 am - Kingsley and Victoria were both on the roof-top of #18 King St. Kingsely departed at 11:15 and headed to the west-northwest and did not reappear. Victoria departed shortly after and I did not see them again. I departed the area around 11:30 a.m.

Monday October 29, 2001
David Dean reports:  4:30 pm - Well the pair were out and about on the south side of BCE Place this afternoon for a few minutes. First to come by was Kingsley, he glided by slowly about 5 floors above where I sit, he looked like he may have sat down on the south east corner of the Bay Wellington tower, but I cant say for sure. He sure was not in a hurry. Then about 30 seconds later, Victoria paid me a visit. She was soaring between the towers then she did a slow loop out of nowhere, and when she toped out, I swear she was looking at me, looking at her, as she headed off toward where Kingsley disappeared to. Her face turned directly toward me, and she gave me this look of discontent! I've got to say, I am very lucky to be so close to these two so often. They probably feel quite the opposite.

Linda Woods reports:  12:20 pm - Today Kingsley could be seen at the former nest ledge while Victoria sat on the roof-top of #18 King St. They remained there for a while. Later in the day, I was west of Yonge St. and could see one adult circling the King and Yonge St. area.

Monday October 22, 2001
David Dean reports:  On Friday, Kingsley made an extremely fast pass toward the nest site from the area of the Westin. He was pretty high, but be was going extremely fast, so he must have been out over the water. I am astounded at the flying skills of the peregrines every time I see them. They are always going so fast, and some of the things they do outside my window are inexplicable. It seems that the wave after wave of bluejay and nuthatch migration has dwindled to the odd small group every now and then. Hope the two were well fed last week.

Saturday October 20, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  10:30 am - As I was walking south on Yonge St. near Richmond, I could see Kingsley and Victoria soaring on the east side of Scotia Plaza making their way to the top. One adult came to rest on the second step, south side and the second adult followed and set down on the same ledge. It was really nice to see them sitting together enjoying the morning sun.

Wednesday October 17, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  1:30pm - Walking west along King St. towards Yonge, I could hear vocalizing, I looked up and Kingsley was sitting on the ledge south of the former nest site. Victoria flew in from the south-west and came to rest on the roof of #18 King St. Kingsley then flew off to the northeast.

Tuesday October 16, 2001
Jan Chudy reports:  As an update to my message of yesterday, my colleague advises that one of the birds was still on top of Scotia Plaza as the light was fading at 7'ish.

This morning (Tuesday October 16, 10:50 a.m.) there is much activity from both birds - soaring and swooping together around Scotia Plaza and BCE  Place.  One rested for a few moments on a ledge on Scotia Plaza (west side) but then took off.  Both seem to be having lots of fun buzzing flocks of little birds going by.

Monday October 15, 2001
Jan Chudy reports:   Two birds have been swooping around Scotia Plaza for most of the day with quite spectacular aerobatics.  Now both are perched on the very top of the west side surveying their kingdom.

Wednesday October 10, 2001
David Dean reports:  4:15 pm. Both Kingsley and Victoria came from the north, just above the Bay Wellington tower of BCE Place. From my south facing window of that tower, I could see Kingsley, gliding motionless above the Canada Trust tower of BCE Place, about 50 feet above the sign on the very top. He stayed right over the tower for about 30 seconds in the breeze and didn't flap once. Victoria was much lower, and she had something in her talons. She set down on the south eastern lowest ledge on the Canada Trust tower, and had a little buffet of whatever she had caught. Feathers were flying everywhere, and I could see her extremely well as she was reasonably close to where I sit. She didn't stay long, finished her snack, did a stretch and shook out her tail before she took off, headed north east. That's the first time I've seen either falcon eat here. I see them hunting here often, rarely successfully, but when they have gotten lucky, I've seen them take it elsewhere every time. I'm surprised that Kingsley didn't try to mooch an early diner off of her, the lazy guy he is.

Tuesday October 2, 2001
Linda Woods reports:   2:15 pm - One adult seen ( I think Victoria) on the ledge north of the former nest site. One can clearly see the colour  variations on the chest and the salmon hue around the neck.  Second adult is on the bottom ledge, east side Scotia Plaza.


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