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October - December 2003

Sunday December 21, 2003
Harry Crawford reports:
One peregrine was seen circling just north of the Sheraton Centre at 9:12am. It eventually landed on the `l` of the north Hilton Hotel logo. With the following sightings of the regulars, this is further evidence that there are more than two peregrines in the downtown area. Mandy was spotted on the south east corner of the roof of the CHFI building at 9:12am. A short time later she took up the north east corner of the King Edward and then disappeared from view. Spike was on the south east corner of First Financial at about the same time, flew over to the nest ledge for a few minutes and then returned to his original location.

Wednesday December 17, 2003
Jane Stanley reports:
1:00 pm - south-east windows on 30th floor, BCE Place, Bay-Wellington Tower.. Wow!! It came right up to the windows several times...hitting lightly to "scary" each time...perhaps attacking "itself" in the reflection. It did fly off then though, and landed on a building corner near where the 18 King Street E. building is. I have watched this happen before on the east side of the Scotia Plaza, very high up, and the bird just kept on attacking the windows. It made our hearts think....

Thursday November 27, 2003
Linda Woods reports:
08:45 - Both adults in view this morning. It's been a long time that I have seen both adults together this early in morning. Windwhistler is on the south-west corner of #33 Victoria and Mandy is enjoying breakfast on the south-east corner of #33 Victoria St.

Friday November 7, 2003
Zoe Berger reports:
I left work at 3:30 yesterday and walking up Bay Street from King I heard what almost sounded like a mouse and looked up to see one adult flying south towards the old Bank of Nova Scotia building on the northeast corner of King & Bay. It landed on the northwest corner of the building causing the other adult that had been on that corner to fly up and off to the south. I lost them as they both disappeared at King. Waiting for the bus at Queen & Bay I heard that same mouse sound again and saw one adult flying up Bay, then across Nathan Phillips Square diagonally NW - and lost it at the Zurich building on University. Pretty exciting.

Tuesday October 7, 2003
Jan Chudy reports:
At approx. 4:40 I spied a bird on the Sheraton ledge. As I watched, a second bird made three passes outside my window right in my line of sight about 6-10 feet out. Awesome!!!!

Thursday October 2, 2003
Harry Crawford reports:
Mandy was sitting on the nest ledge, up against one of the columns at 1:15pm when I arrived at Court St. Five minutes later, turkey vultures started passing over the area in waves, moving towards the north west. I stopped counting them at 36. Mandy didn't challenge any of them but instead, took off to the north after they left the area. A colleague saw several of the vultures north of Queen and Yonge later in the afternoon.


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