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July - September 2004

Tuesday September 7, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
At 1:15pm, Windwhistler-Spike and Mandy were on the nest ledge of 18 King East. They were still there when I left, 15 minutes later.

Monday September 6, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
While watching the CNE airshow from the roof top patio of my residence, an adult was heading north along University Ave, it circled once around Toronto General Hospital and then set down on the south-west corner of 777 Bay St at College St. ( MacLean-Hunter building) The adult retrieved prey that had been stashed on the roof and began preparing it when the juvenile made a very vocal appearance off the construction cranes at the Toronto General. I am very surprised that the juvenile still does a lot of in flight flapping. As the juvenile attempted to land beside the adult, it missed the landing and tried again a little further east along the south side of the MacLean-Hunter building. As the adult continued prepping the meal the juvenile continued to be very vocal and even with the big jets passing nearby, one could still hear the "feed me, feed me, feed me now" Not waiting another minute the juvenile approached the adult and after a few minutes of submissive posturing, the adult released the meal and the juvenile took off and over to the east side of Mt.Sinai Hospital. The adult followed close by and set down few ledges north of the juvenile. What is very curious again is the juvenile is a male, the adult being larger is female of course, but from what I could see, it appeared to have a distinct malar stripe ( not Wind, but possibly Mandy?) I am also curious that the adult is still providing food for this juvenile. The juvenile's behavior is as if he has only fledged a few weeks ago. I have not seen any other juveniles down in this area in weeks. I'm assuming that they are very close, if not independent of the adults for food. I will try and keep a closer eye on this pair to identify them.

Monday August 30, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
At 10:20am, Windwhistler-Spike and Mandy were on the nest ledge of 18 King East. There was no sign of any youngsters in the area.

Jan Chudy reports: Between 12:35 and 1:30 an adult was on the edge of the nest ledge. I could clearly see the malar stripe - I therefore think it was Windwhistler. From 3:55 until 5:50, Wind was on the standpipe.

Monday August 9, 2004
Jeff Metropole reports:
Both juvenile(s) and adult(s) are now putting in daily appearances on the roof of the King Eddy: early morning, evening and sometimes during the middle of the day, e.g. juvenile on north-east corner of roof around midday, 9 August. I have not seen the two juveniles together for a good while and I cannot remember that last time I saw the adults together. So, I don't know if I'm seeing the same juvenile and the same adult or different ones (I cannot tell the juveniles apart and I cannot tell the adults apart). The rusty 'roof-let' that acts as a canopy over the 'vent window' has become popular with the adult(s). I haven't seen an adult yet today but there's half a pigeon on the roof-let that wasn't there last night.

Tuesday July 27, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
From Court and Toronto, Neil and I watched two juveniles on the nest ledge at 1:10pm. The female chick was already there and then a few minutes later, the male chick flew in from the area of the King Edward. When I left the area at 1:30pm, I spotted Mandy on the roof of CHFI.

Monday July 26, 2004
Zoe Berger reports:
Today at lunch Neil and I watched the male juvenile sitting in the nest ledge - quite still - for almost 50 minutes. I thought I saw an adult fly over/behind the King Eddy which got the kid screaming - which apparently woke up his sister - FINALLY after about a week we've seen the two kids together - in the same box at the nest site. We didn't see where the adult flew but shortly after Neil spotted an adult on Scotia - two steps down from the top. We left and the two in the nest site remained there.

Sunday July 25, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
Around noon hour today one juvenile was seen on the north ledges of # 18 King St. About an hour later as I was walking through the walkway between the Dominion Store and the Hot Pot Restaurant, a juvenile was vocalizing. It was close and because the buildings directly in that area not very tall, I assumed the juvenile was low. The call was that of a stationary bird and not one in flight. I checked the south side of St. James Church and then moved on to all the adjacent condo buildings but was unable to locate the bird. Heading back to Leader Lane, an adult was on the east side of #18 King St. No other birds were in view.

Tuesday July 20, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
A I ran by this morning at 7:35 I spotted Mandy on the NE corner of the King Eddie, exactly where I had seen her eating yesterday morning. As I watched, she took off flying towards the nest ledge with much strong screeching. As I ran towards Victoria Street I could hear her calling still very loudly. I could not see her or anyone else as I ran past. Looking back from King and Yonge I still could not see anything but she was clearly ticked off about something.

Paul Marshman reports: A few of us gathered to watch the nest between 1 and 2 p.m. and saw a peregrine soaring around the neighbourhood, first heading south and then circling in front of the Scotia Tower. A chick also appeared on the ledge of the KEH, screeching from time to time. But Harry then noticed some movement on the nest ledge. We could see a bird there, but it looked an odd colour and we couldn't make it out. Finally Harry took a good look with my binoculars -- a pigeon! In fact, there were two, preening themselves and shuffling around right in the nest while the peregrine chick looked on from across the street. A few minutes later they flew off, unmolested.

Around 8 I found a chick on the northwest corner of the KEH, screeching again. It flew over to the CHFI building but no other peregrines appeared.

Thursday July 15, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
3:00p.m. - Both Juveniles seen on the nest ledge. Judging by the size both appear to be the females. Windwhistler-Spike and Mandy are not in view at this time.

Tuesday July 13, 2004
Paul Marshman reports:
Around 1:30, Neil, Zoe and I watched the two juveniles put on a real air show. They chased each other around the sky, mostly east of the nest site, soaring, swooping each other, flipping over in the air and going into tight little stoops. It was a windy day, which gave them a lot of air movement to play with. When they got tired, they landed on the steeple of St. James' Cathedral for a rest, sitting on the knobs and on the round ledges that divide it into segments. At one point the female landed on top of the weather vane and managed to sit there for a couple of minutes before it got too uncomfortable.

It's pretty apparent now that only two of the four chicks have survived, and judging from their sizes, it would seem they are a male and a female. However, the only thing we can say for sure is that one is a female, and she is a BIG girl. She flies pretty well, but at times she seems to be working pretty hard to get aloft, and some of her landings are pretty clumsy. The chicks spend a lot of time on the King Edward and are often seen chasing the adults around, screeching loudly. That seems to confirm that they still aren't hunting for themselves, since the parents are still delivering food and no one has seen them chasing prey.

Tuesday July 13, 2004
Paul Marshman reports:
CANADA DAY AND THE PEREGRINE AIR SHOW HAS BEGUN! I did get back that roll of film from when Nina was on the Black building. Here's a couple of photos that came out well.

Sunday July 11, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
1:15p.m. - Mandy is seen at the nest ledge area of # 18 King St. Two juveniles are on the ledge under the Crystal Ball Room windows on the north east corner of the King Edward Hotel. Windwhistler-Spike is not in view.

Tuesday July 6, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
09:30 approx. - Two juveniles chasing each other over the Leader Lane area. As I was leaving the area they both came to rest on the north side of the King Edward Hotel. Adults not seen at this time.

Saturday July 3, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
As I left St. James cathedral at 2:10 on Saturday afternoon I heard a screeching above me. An adult and two juveniles were playing tag over Church Street. As they approached King, one bird broke off flying back west and the other two carried on.


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