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October - December 2004

Monday December 6, 2004
Jeff (from Metropole Condo) reports:
Today saw the first real snow in Toronto this winter and both adult falcons were trying to shelter as best they could. They could be seen perched on the canopy of the King Eddy's West-facing 'ventilation window'. The larger of the pair was stood there most of the day and the smaller one put in an appearance during the afternoon, crouching rather than standing. It's the first time I have seen two falcons on the canopy at once. Prior to this there was a long gap of not seeing either adult for many weeks, broken two weeks ago by daily sightings for one week of one bird on the canopy and on the South-West corner of the highest part of the King Eddy.

The canopy is used as a shady location in the summer mornings and obviously gives some shelter from West-bound wind but it looked pretty cold today!

Thursday December 2, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
At 1:15pm, both Windwhistler-Spike and Mandy were on the east side of 18 King East: Windwhistler-Spike was on the north east corner of the roof finishing off a late lunch while Mandy was on the ledge directly beneath him.

Tuesday November 15, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
I arrived at Toronto street at 1:25 to find Harry and Zoe watching Mandy on the north west corner of 1 Toronto Street. Scanning around to see if I could find Windwhistler, I found him on the weather vane of St. James. A few minutes later he had vanished. The three of us decided to go to Leader Lane to see if we could spot him. As we started to walk down the Lane, we were showered with fresh pigeon feathers flying off the roof of the King Eddie. Could not find Windwhistler, but clearly he was preparing lunch somewhere on the east side of the roof! A few minutes later Mandy flew over and perched on the north east corner of the lower ledge. She remained there and Windwhistler remained out of sight for the duration of our stay (approximately 1:50).

Thursday November 18, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
Both Windwhistler-Spike and Mandy were on the nest ledge, separate sections, at around 9:30am. A later visit to the area at 1:10pm found only one of the peregrines there.

Wednesday November 17, 2004
Cheryl Ramos reports:
The pictures were taken by myself on November 17, 2004 at 11:30 to 11:32am.
My office building is located at 44 King Street West on the 22nd Floor. I'm not sure if you can see the birds band in the pictures, but the colour of the band is light purple.

Many thanks to Cheryl Ramos for sending in some great photos of the peregrines that she has been seeing on a weekly basis from her office windows at 44 King Street West. Cheryl reports that the pair of peregrines are being seen on a very regular basis, once or twice a week in the morning hours at Adelaide and Bay. Efforts are being made by Cheryl and co-workers to get the band numbers, to help identify the birds. While we suspect that they are Windwhistler- (aka Spike) and Mandy, only the band number will tell.

Friday November 5, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
Passing by 18 King at 7 a.m. both Mandy and Windwhister-Spike were visible on the east side.

Wednesday November 3, 2004
Bruce Massey reports:
Around 1000 Hrs there were 2 birds @ 18 King East, which I believe is the first time in 2 or so months they have been seen there together.


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