The Canadian Peregrine Foundation


July - September 2004

Thursday September 30, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
I spotted a bird in the next box at 9 a.m. but that was the sole sighting for the day.  

Wednesday September 29, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
Checking in at 9:15 a bird was visible on the ledge and remained there until 10 a.m.  It appeared to be Windwhistler.  Checking at 12:50, no bird was visible.  Between 5 p.m. and 5:50, a bird was visible on the ledge.  Again it appeared to be Windwhistler.

Tuesday September 28, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
Check in at 9:35 Wind was on the ledge.  I had no other sightings until 12:50 when I saw a bird on the ledge but since it had its
back to me I could not identify it.  At 12:53, a second, significantly larger, bird arrived and went straight to the back of the ledge.  The first bird hopped over and they had a staring contest for about 5 minutes.  Then the first (smaller) bird took off and the second bird went behind the nest box. Between 2 p.m. and 5:15, this bird stayed on the ledge either at the end of the ledge on on the nest box.

Monday September 27, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
Wind was visible between 2:55 and 4:45, either on the ledge or behind the nest box.  Lots of tidying up.

Tuesday September 21, 2004
Joan Wilson reports:
We spotted an immature Peregrine Falcon in mid August , while canoeing at Hullett Marsh, just outside Clinton, Ontario. We got really close and took some pictures and he had a band on. We could make out some of the numbers. It was 96 over D. I am not sure who to contact, but thought someone might be interested in knowing where the Peregrine is, since he is banded.

Mark Nash replies: Thank you so much for sending us this observation. That is good news indeed. The little falcon that you have seen is a male named "Sheraton Chinook", and is in fact wearing the black band number 96 over D. He was was hatched at the nest site at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto, along with three other siblings. All of the falcon chicks were banded on June 17t 2004. Chinook really kept us all very busy, as he was rescued on June by the CPF falcon watch team, after falling down a chimney and ending up in the boiler, in a building across the street from the nest site on June 28th. He was released later the same day after a short period of observation to ensure he was not injured.

I have CC'ed both your e-mail communication and my response to the many devoted folks that spent many long hours in the streets in downtown Toronto while on the fledge watch, as they know this little bird quite well, and I know that they will be delighted to hear that he is still healthy and doing well it would seem.

Friday September 3, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
At 8:10 Wind was sitting on the Sheraton nest ledge. No further sightings today.

Thursday September 2, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
At 7:40 I spotted Wind on the NW corner of 130 Adelaide. At 8:05 she was on the Sheraton nest ledge. No sightings until 10:20 when I saw her rooting around behind the nest box. She kept this up for abut 30 minutes. At 11 she was perched on the nest box. No more sightings for the balance of the day. 

Thursday August 26, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
From 12:40 until 5:20 Wind was on the nest ledge. Preening, tidying the ledge, and surveying the world.

Tuesday August 24, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
As I stood up from my desk to get something, I was fortunate to see a peregrine in an amazing dive going east to west (high to low). It was amazing to see - I saw no strike, though and lost the bird over University and Adelaide. Since I was standing, I thought I should check the nest ledge, and sure enough there was Wind watching the event. She remained for about 10 minutes preening and when I checked after that she had gone. At 5:15 on check the ledge I saw an adult scurry behind the nest box. Five minutes later the bird was on the ledge looking out. I could not clearly determine who it was but I believe it was Windwhistler. At 5:20 it suddenly took off and I lost it, only to have it re-appear within a couple of minutes. Two minutes later it took off again and flew slowly to land on the "3" of the west 390 Bay logo. It appeared to be Windwhister. At this time a second bird was on the Sheraton ledge. It may have been a trick of the afternoon light but it looked like Mandy - I could clearly see a peach ruff. At 5:30 Windwhistler had gone from 390.

Saturday August 21, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
2:00p.m. -2:20p.m. An adult is seen on the east side of Mt. Sinai Hospital, fourth ledge from the north, hmmm, looks a lot like Windwhistler.

Friday August 20, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
I have had very sporadic sightings over the last two weeks but interestingly over the last three days I have spotted Wind spending a couple of hours a day on the nest ledge. I have not seen any juveniles and was wondering if our Fall like weather had caused them to leave the area. I am glad to read they are still around. As I send this (7:15 a.m.) she is standing observing the world from the nest ledge.

Linda Woods reports: 11:00 Two peregrines are seen in the area of Elm St. and University Ave. One was on the south side of Mt. Sinai Hospital and the other on the north facing logo of National Life building. One bird flew south the other remained on the National Life logo with prey. I think this may have been Windwhistler (malar stripe was evident and bird was banded) but he did not look as white on the chest as we are used to seeing him. Perhaps it was the flat light of the day. This bird appeared to have more caramel spots on it's chest. Second bird is now seen on the Zurich Building. at the same time.

1:30 p.m. Peregrine seen on the east side of Mt. Sinai Hospital, fourth ledge from the north. This bird has live prey with it! As the peregrine releases its grip on the prey, the prey flutters further into the ledge. The peregrine once again captures it under its talons. As the small bird struggles, the peregrine begins to feed. I am not sure what to think of this, I can clearly see the small prey flutter between "bites". This peregrine does not look like an inexperienced juvenile so I am surprised to see that the prey was not killed before being fed on.

5:30p.m. Two adults on in the area, one on the north-west corner of 390 Bay St. and the other on the north facing logo of the Hilton Hotel, across from the Sheraton Hotel.

Thursday August 19, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
Early morning I saw two peregrines flying around the south side of the Sheraton Hotel. I think it may have been a juvenile female chasing the adult female. 5:00p.m. I checked the nest ledge and found Wind asleep on the sandpipe. After her snooze she jumped down to the edge of the ledge and starting chattering to herself. The vocalizing was not loud enough to be calling out, I barely heard it myself. After a few minutes of talking to herself and a few more head bows, she flew off, directly south. I think that may be where the juveniles may be spending some of their time, near the AON building and Harbor Front Condos.

Friday August 6, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
6:00p.m. - Two juveniles are seen flying north of city hall in the area of Bay and Elm St. The juvenile male attempts to land on the side of the large smoke stack, but was unable due to the installation of "pigeon pins" Both eventually end up on the south side of 180 Dundas St. west ( this is the office building on the corner of Dundas St. and Chestnut St.) They also have been on the east side of 393 University Ave and the Zurich Building.

Harry Crawford reports: Around 8:50am while walking down Bay and approaching Elm, I spotted a peregrine above me, heading east towards Yonge. A couple of minutes later, loud vocalisation could be heard. An adult female, carrying a pigeon, was heading west, across Bay, being pursued by two noisy juveniles, a male and female. They looked like they were heading for the roof of the nurses residence just south west of LuCliff Place.

Thursday August 5, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
Having checked all morning and seen no activity, at 12:50 just before I left to go to the Toronto Street site, I spotted a juvenile on the "S" preening. It spread its wings and did the bat thing then settled down. Judging by the size, I guess it was the female. Returning from Toronto Street at 2, I could not see any birds. At 3:10 I spotted a juvenile on the top of the "n" in Sheraton and it was eating. At the same time an adult was on the last "e" of centre. At 3:35 the juvenile was preening again. Checking at 5:25, the juvenile was gone but the adult was still in the same place. I thought it was Windwhistler. At 5:35 I was waiting down on Adelaide for my husband to pick me up and I could see the adult was still on the "e". As I watched, another bird appeared from the east and made a few slow passes around the south side of the Sheraton and then vanished from my view (blocked by 130 Adelaide). I went to Adelaide and York to check the west corners of 130 Adelaide but could not find it. About 10 minutes later, a bird flew in from the west and again passed to the south of the hotel. I lost it behind 390 Bay. At about 5:55 one bird flew from the east and one seemed to come from the west but judging from its flight, may have taken off from the nest ledge. So, did I see three birds or two?

Linda Woods reports: 7:50p.m. After watching the filming of "Cinderella Man" I made my way towards Bay and Adelaide St. Two juveniles were sitting on the east side of the bell building on Adelaide St. A third peregrine flew off towards the north, but I lost it behind buildings and could not say if it was a third juvenile or an adult.

Wednesday August 4, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
I am very happy to report that after a week of seeing no juveniles I finally saw one today shortly before noon sitting on the north east corner of the Sheraton roof. At the same time I had an adult in view on the south west corner of 390 but could not clearly identify it since it had its back facing outwards (which makes me think it was probably Windwhistler). Checking again at 1:30, I could not see any falcons. Between 4:25 and 5:25 I had the adult back in view on the south west corner of 390 Bay, again with its back facing me.

7:45p.m. The peregrines appear to be still visiting the nest ledge at the Sheraton. The area has been disturbed and "items" have been removed and/or rearranged. This evening one adult is seen on the north-west corner of the office building at Dundas and Chestnut Sts, I think it may be Windwhistler-Spike. A juvenile can be seen approaching the building from the city hall area and knocks the adult off the corner. Both birds land on the lower north side of the same building. The Juvenile is a female, and the adult is a male. The adult flies off towards the south-east. I missed the juvenile's departure while searching for the adult.

Thursday July 29, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
7:00p.m. Viewing from Nathan Phillips Square, Three peregrines in view, but unsure if all three are juveniles. One peregrine on north-east corner of 390 Bay St. feeding, second peregrine on south-east corner of the Simpson Tower, third peregrine on the south side of a office tower on the east side of University Ave. ( I believe this building is the same block as Business Depot)

Tuesday July 27, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
Chilly 18c. overcast and drizzling 11:30 Viewing from Queen St. looking north, male Juvenile lands on the antenna of City Hall and is there briefly when I spot two great blue Herons flying towards the south west from the north. Juvenile takes off and flies around the north side of Nathan Phillips Square. The next thing I see is this juvenile flapping with all his might to catch up with the Herons. He is right on their tails when I loose sight of the birds behind the trees at Osgoode Hall and don't know what happened next, but it was great fun watching the pursuit. 12:30 Viewing from the 43rd floor of the Sheraton Centre, Female juvenile on the south-west corner of 390 Bay St., and who I think is Mandy, can be seen on the west side ledges of #318 King St. east. No other birds are in view. 6:30p.m. An adult peregrine is on the north-west corner of the office building on Chestnut and Dundas St.

Sunday July 25, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
11:00 Wind is on the nest ledge and has been there for a while now. Viewing into the ledge, she spends a great deal of time "soft footing" around in the former nesting area. It seems like she is looking for something as she checks every little area in and around the nest box. A few times she bends her head and stares at her feet ( Just like Ulrich's bald eagle) and then she picks debris up with her beak and drops it again.( it almost appears she is imaging she has chicks under her) She did this in three different areas of the actual nesting area. Wind climbed into the nest tray ( which was unused this year) and began to shuffle her talons, gently scraping, and then she dropped her chest down into the gravel and shuffled again. After she jumped down out of the nest tray and back to the actual nesting area she once again began to scrape with her talons, drop her chest down into the dirt and then with her feet she pushed her body through the dirt as if she were "body surfing" in snow. This behavior was very fascinating to observe and after 1/2 hour of doing this, she then sat quietly on the ledge, preening. I did not see Windwhistler-Spike or the four juveniles in this area at all today. Perhaps on of the other volunteers did.

Thursday July 22, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
I have one seen one bird twice today. Early this morning one adult on the antenna of the Zurich Building on University Ave. and again at 8:00p.m. an adult on the north facing logo of the Zurich Building.

Harry Crawford reports: Walking down Bay, I spotted a peregrine on top of the City Hall antenna at 8:54am. It remained there until chased off by another peregrine at 9:28am. The two birds then circled the area a number of times before disappearing from view.

Wednesday July 21, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
11:30a.m. - Two juveniles are seen chasing each other over the area of Armory St., Dundas and University Ave.
6:00p.m. - 7:30p.m. Viewing from the 43rd floor. Two Juveniles are on the north-east corner of 120 Adelaide, while another peregrine ( unable to determine if an adult or juvenile) on the north-east corner of the Zurich building on University Ave. Male juvenile takes off towards the east in the direction of the Scotia Tower. Its flight remained level and it appeared that it was heading for the King St. nest site area. In the distance just beyond the peregrine in flight, I spot two more peregrines. The larger one flying straight up and the second on its tail trying to keep up. As I try to figure out what is happening, the larger juvenile is now heading back to the east side of the Bell building on Adelaide St with prey. A food exchange just occurred and an adult is on the north west corner of One Financial Place (Windwhistler- Spike) As the food appeared so did, four juveniles. One of the female juvenile was not particularly interested in dining but did move in a little closer and then departed towards the north-east. After the meal the large female allowed the timid juvenile male to pick at the left-overs. It was very encouraging to see four juveniles all together.

Tuesday July 20, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
6:45p.m. - Adult seen on the north-east corner of the office tower at Chestnut St. and Dundas. (the exact same spot Mandy used to sit, before she and Windwhistler claimed the King St. territory)
8:45p.m. Two juveniles are on the north facing logo of the Hilton Hotel.

Monday July 19, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
7:00p.m. - This evening as I was looking out my living room window I could hear the juveniles vocalizing. Unfortunately I did not see them. However, Wind is seen on the antenna of new City Hall, taller tower. And way off in the distance on the upper north-east corner of One Financial Place is Windwhistler-Spike. He shone like a beacon against the dark sky over the lake. The sun just started to shine again and caught his very white feathering.

Sunday July 18, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
12:30 - 6:00p.m. - Three of the juveniles were seen having a good game of chase over University Ave between Adelaide and Queen St. area. Clearly seen are one large female ( Monsoon) and two males. Wind is at the nest ledge and as it begins to rain out, she moves further into the ledge. Later an adult is seen on the building on the east side of University Ave. across from the Zurich Building. A closer look found the juveniles on the Zurich Building. The adult is not Wind (prominent malar stripe).

4:30 An adult peregrine falcon is seen circling high in the College and Yonge St. area. I lost track of the bird as I moved closer to the area and my view was blocked by the high rises. 6:00p.m. peregrine seen on the east side of the Zurich building.

Saturday July 17, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
3:00p.m. - Viewing from street level, an adult is seen on the nest ledge. After making my way to the 43rd floor and looking south, One adult is seen on the south-west corner roof-top of a building at King and York Sts. area (address unknown) (peregrine is facing west). Second adult is seen on one of the ornamental ledges on the north side of old Commerce Court.( peregrine is facing east) I also noticed that the nest ledge has been disturbed. The gravel area in which the actual eggs had be laid, has been "scratched". Definite scrape marks are visible in the dirt and some of the dirt has been pushed up along side of the flashing. The dirt is no longer compacted but, loose and clean ( well, cleaner than it was two days ago). This is interesting as Windwhistler-Spike still visits the ledge on a daily basis.

Friday July 16, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
6:00p.m. Viewing from the 43rd Floor, Juveniles not in view at this time. Wind is on the sand pipe, preening. A lot of vocalizing is heard and I peer onto the nest ledge and Windwhistler-Spike makes an appearance. Wind does not seem to appreciate this intrusion and promptly flies off. Windwhistler appears a little surprised by this "brush off" and takes off after her. I saw very little activity this evening I only had two juveniles in view at 8:50p.m.,one on the north-west corner of the Sheraton Hotel and the other on the "t" on the north side of the Hilton Hotel.

Thursday July 15, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
1:30 - 4:45p.m. Viewing from Nathan Phillips Square (north side of the Sheraton Hotel). Two Juveniles are seen flying east along Queen St. I checked the nest ledge while in the area and it appears undisturbed ( everything is, as it was, a few days ago). Looking south from the 43rd floor, two juveniles appear to be as far south as Front St. flying westward. ( lost site of them behind buildings) 4:30 p.m. Viewing once again from Nathan Phillips Square. All 4 Juveniles are on the north-east corner of 120 Adelaide. They are coming and going from this perch in short little games of "Tag" and "chase" as Wind supervises from the second "e" in Sheraton Centre south side signage. It's really nice to see all four juveniles still chumming around together.

Jan Chudy reports: I also spotted the four chicks and Wind at 4:35. At 4:45 Wind was on the Sheraton ledge and one of the juveniles was eating something on one of the "pillars" on the east side of 120 Adelaide.

Wednesday July 14, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
8:00 p.m. All four Juveniles were on the north side of the Hilton Hotel by 8:30 three had moved to other locations. They are doing well and enjoy a good game of tag just before bedtime. The flight skills are advancing and they are expanding their "play" areas everyday. Already I have noticed that I am not seeing them as frequently.

Jan Chudy reports: The highlight of my day happened at 4:40 when I suddenly found one juvenile lying down on the east side of 120 Adelaide. As I started to scan the regular ledges, three others appeared flying low in from the east playing tag and touching talons. They flew between the Sheraton and 120 Adelaide. Then two settled on the north side of 120 and I lost sight of the third. Checking at 5 p.m. only the one on the east side of 120 Adelaide was visible.

Tuesday July 13, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
As Linda has noted before, it is getting more and more challenging to spot our family.
At 3:55 I spotted an adult on the nest ledge (looked like Windwhistler to me), a juvenile on the SE corner of 390 Bay and a second juvenile on top of the 3 on the west side of 390 Bay. Checking again at 5:10, I had one juvenile on the NE corner of the Sheraton roof, one juvenile on the south side of the Sheraton roof and Wind perched on the top of the "C". Coming home for dinner?

Linda Woods reports: In the evening 3 Juveniles were seen on the south side of 80 Richmond St. West and one Juvenile was on the north side of 120 Adelaide St.

Monday July 12, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
6:50p.m. Very warm, humid, and hazy today. For more than an hour now I have had the opportunity to observe, from my air conditioned living-room, two of the Sheraton Juveniles on the north-west corner of the taller tower of new city hall, and the other two juveniles on the south west corner of the Simpson Tower.

Sunday July 11, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
09:30 - Three Juveniles are seen on the south side of the Sheraton Hotel in various spots, on the letters, and roof-top. Vocalizing can be heard and breakfast is delivered to the area on top of the "T" of Sheraton.

Friday July 9, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
Earlier today while looking south from my living room window, I could see two juveniles having a great game of chase in the area south of Queen St. and north of King St.

I have also discovered where they are spending their mornings. ( The Eaton Centre has three office towers: One Dundas St. at the north end of the mall, 250 Yonge St. is the centre of the mall, and 20 Queen St. W is near the Queen St, entrance to the Eaton Centre.) Today, I saw one juvenile on the window washing rigging of 250 Yonge St. ( Centre Tower) This is viewable from the east side of Yonge St. at Shuter or further south. The second juvenile was on the south side of the new Pantages Condominum Tower on Victoria St.( 44 Floors) I have seen them head in this direction. This evening as I look out my living room window, 2 Juveniles on the north-east corner of the Sheraton Hotel, and 2 juveniles on the north -east and north-west corners of 390 Bay St.

Thursday July 8, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
Well I must say I am really torn. Clearly our juveniles are doing well since they spend so much time out of sight. However, I really miss seeing them.

At 7:25 a.m. this morning, I spotted Wind on the NE corner of 390 Bay, 1 juvenile on the top of the south wall of 390 and one on the east side of the Simpson Tower. Check at 4:30, I found 1 juvenile lying down on the NW corner of the Thompson Building and one standing on the NE corner of the Sheraton roof. As I watched, it settled down just like the other one.

I miss my viewings!

Wednesday July 7, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
Approaching the Sheraton Centre via Bay St. One juvenile was still on the south east side of the new City Hall. As I scanned the roof tops I heard a lot of vocalizing and found what I thought were two peregrines flying on the north side of the Nathan Phillips square heading west towards University Ave. Looking north from the 43rd Floor of the Sheraton Hotel, I found one adult peregrine on the north east corner of the Zurich Building, oddly from this angle it did not look like "Wind" one juvenile was still on the City Hall roof. Looking south from the same area, one juvenile was on the shoulders of 120 Adelaide. The juveniles did fly around a bit, and when I left the area, I had seen all four juveniles at the same time and "Wind" was supervising the activities. They are expanding horizons.

Jan Chudy reports: The weather made for difficult viewing yesterday. At various times of the day I saw Wind and one or two of the juveniles in the usual haunts. They seem to particularly enjoy 390 Bay or the Simpson Tower. However, checking at 4:35, I found two juveniles on the top south corner of the east portion of new City Hall (a new location) and one on the east side of the Simpson Tower.

Tuesday July 6, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
Somewhat quiet day, compared to the previous week. The juveniles are spending more and more time away from the nest ledge. They are seen frequenting 390 Bay St. and now the Simpson Tower. They do make trips back to 130 and 120 Adelaide St. on occasion. I always look out my living room window in hopes that I will see and fabulous airshow. Today I managed only to see two of the juveniles. They were sitting on the north-east and south-west corners of the Simpson Tower around 10:00a.m.

Jan Chudy reports: From 7:15 - 8:15, 3 juveniles were in various locations on the hotel signage and roof. At 10 a.m. I spotted four birds in various locations of the Simpson Tower. I could clearly identify three juveniles but was unsure about the fourth. However, in talking later in the day to Linda she advised that at the time I had been looking, she had clearly identified a juvenile in the corner I was unsure about. So, all four juveniles accounted for!! Miscellaneous sightings for the balance of the morning. At 2 p.m. I watched two birds soaring together high over the Sheraton - they were quite beautiful, swooping towards and away from each other. I guess it was Wind and Windwhistler-Spike. Again, through the course of the afternoon various sightings. On leaving my office at 5:10 I did one last scan and found Wind feeding two juveniles on the SW corner of the building on Richmond to the west of 390 Bay and a third juvenile was on the same building standing further along the west wall. As I was watching, another bird flew in low from the east and I lost it over towards University.

Monday July 5, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
Checking the usual locations at 8:20 a.m. no birds were visible.
8:35 a.m. 2 birds came in low from the east playing tag and circling. Within 2 minutes, a third bird had joined in.
8:45 a.m. 2 juveniles were on the east side of 130 and one bird was on the far north wall of the Bell building on Adelaide.
Shortly before 9, I spotted Wind and 2 juveniles on the SW corner of the Bell building with a kill. Then 1 juvenile moved to the ledge below the corner.
9 a.m. 1 juvenile at the back of the Bell building had gone, 1 bird was on the east side of 130 Adelaide.
I talked to Linda about 1 p.m. and she said she had spotted a bird on the east side of Adelaide about 10:30 - it was still there as I was viewing.
2p.m. The bird had moved from the east side of 130 Adelaide.
2:05 p.m. A juvenile was on the south side of 130 Adelaide with a kill and a juvenile was on the SW corner of 390 Bay.
2:30 p.m. Wind and two juveniles were eating on the north side of 130 Adelaide. It was pretty windy and all their feathers were ruffling - they seemed to be having a good meal, though. In addition at this time, one juvenile was on the NW corner of 390 Bay. As I watched it flew off to the NE corner of 130 Adelaide, so 3 juveniles and Wind were in view. Shortly after that, Wind flew off to the south west.
2:55 p.m. 1 juvenile on the east side of 1340 Adelaide.
4:15 p.m. 2 juveniles on the east side of 130 Adelaide, lying down, very close together and 1 juvenile was on the SW side of 390 Bay.
4:35 p.m Same as 4:15.
4:40 p.m. Same as above except I found Wind on the upturn of the "e" in centre. As I watched she took off and flew west.
End of report for today.

Linda Woods reports: The juveniles are spending most of their time now between 130 Adelaide St. and 390 Bay St. and now on the Simpson Tower. All four juveniles were spotted by Jan ( viewing from Bank of Montreal Building: BMO) around 4:30 p.m. This evening I saw three together but not the 4th. Walking through Nathan Phillips Square around 7:30 p.m. a male and female were seen soaring high above the Sheraton Site area. Not sure if it was Mandy/Windwhistler-Spike/Wind.

Sunday July 4, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
Upon arriving only one bird in sight on the north-east corner of the Hilton. I Tried and Tried to get the band number but it just wasn't happening. Second juvenile joined the first one and it turned out to be "Sheraton-Chinook" Both flew off towards the east. 11:30 a.m. "Wind" makes an appearance on the nest ledge, vocalizing. Her sounds are not that of an alarm, nor a courtship call. Just then a juvenile arrives on the nest ledge with prey in it's talons!! and of course it's none other than "Hurricane". "Wind" flies off to 130 Adelaide St. and "Hurricane" is busy with his meal. 5 minutes later "Wind" reappears on the nest ledge, vocalizing once again. "Hurricane" begins to mantel over his food. "Wind" is looking up and down the ledge and slowly enters the nest ledge towards the nesting tray. She is looking around as if not sure what to do. She picks up an old wing bit from a long ago meal and carries it down the ledge towards "Hurricane". "Hurricane" is uneasy about "Wind" approaching him, and continues to mantel over his food while vocalizing. "Wind" slowly approaches the juvenile and gently places the old wing bit at "Hurricane's " feet and then departs from the ledge. A few moments later "Hurricane" continues to feed on his meal. I wish I had a digital camera to have captured this engagement. I guess all in the learning to survive. No other activity was noted in the south side of the Sheraton Hotel. The others continue to favour 390 Bay St, however I was unable to see well enough to count the number of juveniles in the area. Hopefully tomorrow the air will be less humid.

Saturday July 3, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
After closing out last nights watch and knowing that our missing girl has returned, I just had to be there early enough to see her fly. When I arrived there was two juveniles on the north-east corner of the Hilton, and one on the "shoulders" of 120 Adelaide St. and one juvenile on the "railings" of 120 Adelaide St. "Wind" brought food to our "rail" bird. ( I was unable to confirm band numbers because of the glare from the sun) After all three had a bite to eat. I was very curious watching the behavior of the one juvenile on the Hilton. It was pecking at the other juvenile, aggressively as if it was trying to rip meat. It pulled at the wing, and pecked at it's head. Eventually the other juvenile moved away and then flew off to the east(390 Bay) Strange!

The one remaining on the Hilton and stayed there all morning was none other than "Sheraton-Chinook" I was surprised to see him there, I thought I was going to see Monsoon's leg band numbers. The remainder of the day I was only able to see 3 juveniles at a time and unable to confirm band numbers. They have been spending most of the days on 390 Bay St. south side and west side. So LOOK UP everyone!

"Wind" made a visit to the nest ledge. She examined it very well, and climbed into the nest box and began "scrapping" the gravel with here talons, and then flattened her body into the tray for a brief moment and then climbed out and sat on the edge of the ledge and then flew off. Another bird had been to the nest ledge at sometime, because "things" had been rearranged. My bet it was Hurricane, he's the only one that was always looking for food or eating.

In the late afternoon, a single juvenile was in view on the east side of the Hilton and it was eating. Put the scope on the bird and it was Hurricane and it looked as if he had just been hunting. The prey was not "prepared" and it was not in an area where I have seen "Wind" take food previously. "Wind" came and collected the remains after he had finished and flew off. She took the leftovers over to 390 Bay St. The remainder of the afternoon was quiet with very little activity on the south side of the Sheraton Hotel. I will return tomorrow and hopefully I will have more luck with getting a second positive sighting of Monsoon.

Friday July 2, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
Monsoon has returned? Not a lot of activity today. The Juveniles were quiet all afternoon. Some activity just after 3p.m. but really did not see a lot of newly acquired flying skills on display.

3 juveniles were seen on either the roof of the Sheraton Hotel or over at 390 Bay St. The kids showed very little interest in the other hotel today, preferring the wonderful guests services at the Sheraton Centre Hotel on Queen St. and when you are a preferred guest, such as our peregrines, any request is honoured. Lunch was served by "Wind" on 120 Adelaide St. so they would have a terrific view of their wonderful accommodations. As the day closed to an end, Marion and I were looking and discovered "Wind" was sitting on 130 Adelaide St. She has not done this for a few days. A quick scan of the roof-tops and we find what we think is MONSOON! sitting on the east side of the upper level near the cooling fan units A partial band number is obtained by Marion and even without a band number, the behaviour of this bird is not standard of a bird that has been out flying for the pat couple of days. Got the scope on her and although not positive. we are sure it is Monsoon.

I had just called the Sheraton Watch "closed" at 5:p.m. I will head down to the site in the morning and hopefully I will see her take flight again so that I may monitor her flight skills.

Thursday July 1, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
CANADA DAY AND THE AIR SHOW HAS BEGUN! 09:20a.m. - 9:30p.m. Arriving on site, 3 juveniles on the south-east corner of the hotel directly across the street from the Sheraton, wonderful news since we only had two in sight last night.

Two leaped frog from the hotel to 130 Adelaide St. while "Sheraton-Chinook" stayed on the south side of the other hotel. Window washers out on 120 Adelaide so the group pretty much stayed clear of that building. Later I could only find two juveniles and "Sheraton-Chinook" had disappeared from the south side of the other hotel, where he had spent the entire day. I wasn't sure how he was going to fly after that humiliating drop down the smoke stack. Fortunately, "Wind" was scanning the area and I followed her with my binoculars. Way off in the distance (towards Front and Simcoe Sts?) on the very top, sitting on the rigging, a peregrine was spreading it's wings. It was little "Sheraton-Chinook" He eventually made his way back to 130 Adelaide St. to be with his siblings. "Hurricane" did his usual "stop in for something to eat" on the ledge and we even had a special visit from "Windwhistler-Spike" to the ledge. He was vocalizing and after a few minutes "Wind" appeared on the ledge. By the sound and volume of all the peregrine "chatter" going on , I think "Wind" was giving him the "what for" She left and headed south, he followed a few seconds later. and in the horizon we could see them both floating around the downtown core south of the Sheraton Hotel.

The sun was setting and time for the air show and we certainly got our money's worth. There were chases by the juveniles and the adult. Flying high and approaching the Sheraton Sign to land on the letters. Mark Nash was able to read the bands of the 3 juveniles. "Sheraton-Chinook"., Tornado, and Hurricane are all still with us. Monsoon, who we presume was the bird that was lost just before dark is still missing. We will search and listen in the morning and hopefully, "Wind" will point her out to us. All three are flying very well, and the hotel guests are enjoying the show outside the south side "CLUB LOUNGE" room.

Harry Crawford reports: This is a brief summary of a significant amount of activity this morning. I arrived after Bruce had been on scene for some time. He had seen 3 birds together -- assumed to be 2 juveniles and 1 adult When I arrived, there were only 2 birds visible -- 1 on the Hilton and 1 on 120 Adelaide. At 9:15am there were 3 juveniles on the south east corner of the Hilton. Another bird, presumably an adult, flew over the area from east to west. Vocalising could be heard. Four peregrines were now in view. The juveniles appear to be using the roof area as a training runway and you can see wingtips as they run and flap. At 10:01am all three were still on the Hilton although a few of them have made a number of flights over the building. A feeding took place at this time.

At 10:27am, two juveniles were seen on the east ledge of 130 Adelaide, lying down. At 10:42am a bird remained on the Hilton, playing with the lightning rod on the south west corner. At the same time, a peregrine was seen on the west side of 390 Bay. I couldn`t tell if it was an adult or not. This gives us 4 in view at the same time again. The 390 Bay bird eventually moved to the top of the `3` on the west logo. At 11:09am, there was an immature on the nest ledge, 1 on 390 Bay and 2 on the south side of the Hilton, again 4 in view. At 11:35am nothing had changed.


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