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July - September 2005

Friday September 9, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Just after Jan had reported to me that an adult was sitting on the Sheraton Ledge and had flown off, a quick look into the downtown area, I found two adults sitting on the north side lettering of the "other"hotel across the street from the Sheraton.

Thursday September 1, 2005
Mark Nash reports:
With fall just around the corner, reports have been streaming in that things have got very quiet at many of the urban nests sites, and with the absence of the juveniles, it is nice to see at least that many of the urban adults are still on territory, with reports of many of them still spending time on the nest ledges. Wind was photographed this past week spending some time on the nest ledge looking very relaxed and content, without the pestering of the "kids".

Now independent, and hunting on their own, it would appear that many of the juveniles have either moved on, or have dramatically expanded their hunting areas taking them farther away from the home territories. We remember years past, while very closely monitoring some of the peregrine nest sites, we witnessed the adults on more than one occasion actually chasing their offspring out of the territory as October moved in. It is believed that the adults reach a point that they will simply no longer tolerate the harassment for food from their offspring, (in addition to sharing the territory with the kids), and "encourage" their young to move on. Sooner or later, the urge move on overwhelms them, as in the peregrine release sites that we have been doing over the years, the juveniles simply stop returning to the hack boxes for the food being provided by the hack site attendants.

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Wednesday August 31, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
At 8:25 Wind was spotted on the standpipe. At 9:15 she had moved to the edge of the ledge and then flew off. No sightings until 11:20 when Wind was spotted on the right hand side of the ledge. At 11:55 she had moved to the standpipe. No other sightings until 5:30 when I happened to spot a bird flying in low from the south east. It made a couple of slow loops in front of the Sheraton and then flew up and settled on the upcurve of the "C" in Centre.

Tuesday August 30, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
No sightings until 10:45 when I found an adult on the ledge. At 11:20 it was still there. Because of the shadows, I could not confirm who it was. At 4 p.m. I spotted an adult peering in to the ledge. The lack of white "spot" on the back of the head indicates it was Wind. She stayed like that until 4:45 and checking in at 5p.m. she had moved to the standpipe.

Monday August 29, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
Checking in at 8:45 a.m. I found Windwhistler on the SW corner of the Simpson Tower. At 9:10 Wind was on the standpipe on the nest ledge and Windwhistler was on the SE corner of the Simpson Tower. At 9:45 as I watched Wind on the standpipe, I saw a falcon fly low from the south west across the front of the Sheraton towards the north east. I thought it might be Sher and as I bent to get the binoculars, it was followed by a second bird. Wind was still on the standpipe. By the time I got the binoculars focussed, I had lost them both. So, perhaps Sher and Windwhister since he was no longer on the Simpson Tower? Only conjecture - cannot be sure. At 9:55 Wind was at the edge of the ledge. No more sightings until 2:55 when I found Wind back on the standpipe. She remained there until 5:10 and since then I have not seen her as I sign off at 5:25 p.m.

Saturday August 27, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
5:p.m.- 5:45p.m.
An adult peregrine was seen on the north-west corner of 425 University Ave. at Elm St. which is a few blocks north of the Sheraton Hotel.
It had just finished eating as it was cleaning it's talons and beak. Not sure who it was, probably Wind from the Sheraton Nest.

Friday August 26, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
No sightings until 3 p.m. when I spotted an adult at the back of the next box. At 4:15 the adult was back on the standpipe and it remains there now as I sign off (5:25). I believe it is Wind.

Thursday August 25, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
Checking the ledge at 7:53 a.m. I found Wind preening. No other sightings until 2:15 when I spotted an adult in the nw corner of the ledge. At 2:35 it had moed to the nest box where it remained until 5 p.m. Could not clearly identify but I believe it was Wind.

Wednesday August 24, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
No sightings until 1:55 at which tuime I found Wind on the nest box. No further sighting until 6:05 when I spotted her on the upturn of the last "e" in Centre. She could have been there the whole afternoon - I had not checked the letters.

Tuesday August 23, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
At 7:52 a.m. Wind was on the edge of the ledge peering in and then she went and settled herself in the scrape. Checking back at 9:15 Wind was on the standpipe. She was still there at 9:50 but I did not see here again for the balance of the day.
At 4:05 p.m. I spotted a bird playing in the rain puddle on the roof of 80 Richmond. As I watched, it flew off to the building on the south side of Richmond and then I lost it. Having watched Sher several weeks ago give herself a bath for about 15 minutes in a rooftop puddle during the really hot days, I am presuming this was Sher.

Monday August 22, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
Wind was visible for almost all of the day, either on the ledge or mostly on the standpipe. I first spotted her at 9:10. Between 3:20 and 5:15 she never moved from the standpipe.
At 3 p.m. I thought I saw a bird on the NE corner of the Hilton roof. As I got the binoculars on it, it took off and flew a few lazy circles before I lost it. Based on what I could see of the bird, I thought it was Sher, but cannot be 100% sure.

Friday August 19, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Peregrine seen in the area of the Sheraton Hotel when the storm was raging in the northern part of the city. Oddly, the downtown core did not receive any rain until the after the initial storm past.
7p.m. One adult was seen on the sandpipe and another peregrine is seen on the north east corner of the Hilton. I can't see if it's Sher or the other adult.

We have just received sad news from the Ministry of Natural Resources. One of the juveniles from this year's hatch, has died.

"Linda" was rescued after coming to the sidewalk, shortly after taking her first flight. After a first visit to the avian vet, it was recommended that she be taken to OVC for further treatment due to an injury in her mouth. The young female peregrine was then transferred to the OVC in Guelph for antibiotic treatment. X-rays were taken as part of routine examinations, and the radiographs showed a fracture of the sternum, and a heavy fluid build-up in the air sacks, and further antibiotic therapy continued, but the infection proved to be too much for the young bird and she could no longer fight the infection. She died this past week of pneumonia.

On a positive note, the second juvenile female, "Sher" continues to do well and is still in the area. Many reports of wonderful flying and hunting skills by the remaining juvenile are emailed to me on a daily basis. It is most encouraging, as she is slowly becoming a survivor by surpassing the most critical time in her life.

I will continue to monitor "Sher" movements and post them on our website. If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Wednesday August 17, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Wind was on the ledge, rooting around and staring at her feet on occasion, it was very nice to see her up close again. Sher was not in view at this time.

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Tuesday August 16, 2005
Linda Woods reports:

Sher and one adult, assuming it's Windwhistler are seen on the north side of the Hilton sitting on the letters.
Both birds are in the same place although the adult was seen returning to the same spot.
Peregrines are still in the same spot. Unusual.

Saturday August 13, 2005

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Thursday August 11, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
Between 3:15 and 3:40 an adult was on the ledge. Checking at 5:10 I found a bird on the NE corner of 130 Adelaide. I assumed it was the same bird. However, when I got the scope on it and it turned around, it was clearly Sher.

Wednesday August 10, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
This morning, Sher was seen briefly in the area of the Hilton, while an adult was on the north facing logo of the same hotel. During the rain storm this afternoon, an adult was back on the north facing logo of the Hilton hotel. Sher was not seen at this time.
6:40p.m. Sher is seen on the north facing "n" of the Hilton hotel. She disappeared shortly after I spotted her there. It's nice to see her still in the area with the adults.

Jan Chudy reports: At 1:15 I spotted Wind arriving at the nest ledge. At 1:25 she was standing on the nest box and at 1:50 was back peering out of the ledge. Checking at 1:55, she had gone. At 2:45 the rain storm began and I spotted an adult on the standpipe. It stayed there until the rain ended and when I checked at 3:25 it had gone. I believe it was Wind but cannot confirm absolutely because of poor visibility. At 4:55, I spotted Wind walking to her scrape. She fussed around then settled down as if she were brooding. At 5 she had moved back to the edge of the ledge and was looking due south. She was still there at 5:15 - no doubt looking for Sher. This would imply that Linda had Windwhister on the Hilton logo during the rain storm (or vice versa).

Sunday August 7, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
11:40 a.m.
Sher is spotted soaring over the area of York, Adelaide, Richmond. Sts. She is flying very well and it is such a joy to see her still in the area.

Friday August 5, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Walking south on University Ave. at Adelaide St., Sher is seen soaring over the area of Front and Simcoe Sts. She is flying very well and looking more and more like an adult in the air. One adult is seen on the north side of the Hilton hotel, sitting on the logo.

Friday July 29, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
I have been disappointed in not seeing Sher for the whole week. I walked quite a large block yesterday at lunchtime to no avail. Radioing Linda around noon today she advised she had two birds on the north logo of the Hilton (which I cannot see from my window). She thought they were both adults. I told her I would go off and check and shortly after arriving at Queen and University I was joined by Linda. No birds were in sight. We walked quite a large block west and south. Returning east along Wellington I happened to look NE over the Metro Hall park and there was Sher doing some turns at a good height. Linda and I quickly walked across the park to King and University and then north on University. We saw an adult making a few passes over University - we believe it was Windwhistler. Arriving again at the corner of Queen and University we found Sher on the "O" on the north facing Hilton sign. So she may be elusive, but she is obviously faring well.

Thursday July 28, 2005
Mark Nash reports:
I must apologise for not being able to post and update as to the progress of Linda, as we in fact received news back from the the MNR with regards to her status some days ago.

Our district biologist from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has received news back from the folks at the Ontario Veterinary hospital regarding Linda's situation.

After a much more detailed exam, there were other more serious injuries identified, in addition to the minor mouth infection. X-rays have revealed that Linda has suffered a "fractured sternum"(fractured keel), consistent to that of injuries of a hard impact, likely due to her making contact in the chest area with the concrete, either at ground level, or from the side of a building, or a lower roof top. The young peregrines come out of their nest heavy with baby fat, and in many cases are much heavier than their adult parents. Given the fact that they are unskilled in flight, many of their maiden flights usually end up with them coming to the ground, and, particularly here in the city, they meet with hardened concrete surfaces. As you know, many of these hard impacts usually end up in mortality. The lucky ones, such as Linda, survive with only minor injuries.

While this injury is not life threatening, they will have to keep her for a longer rehabilitation period at the Ontario Veterinary hospital. We are still waiting for additional news and word as to when she might be released back to us for her release back to her parents and sister.

I am terribly sorry for not getting this update to the CPF web site, but most recent incidents regarding the theft of one of our educational birds and the province's recent proposal to down list the peregrine falcon from its endangered species status have taken my attention away from the computer and CPF office.

Tuesday July 26, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
What looks like Sher is seen on the east side of Metro Hall just underneath the "pipe" roof area.
Windwhistler is seen on the north east corner of the office tower at Chestnut and Dundas Sts. Wind was seen during this time.

Sunday July 24, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Peregrine noted on the north east corner of Bank of America building on the corner of Simcoe and Front St. Very dark bird, may be Sher.

Saturday July 23, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Sher, tsk tsk tsk, little stinker, but what a pleasant surprise to finally see her.
She' s not doing a lot flying but she is getting from one roof top to the next and is certainly enjoying the undisturbed sanctuary of the Sheraton Centre Hotel.
Too much activity on the other roof tops which is disturbing her juvenile behaviour and her opportunity to learn from the single adult in attendance. But she is learning slowly, as it is. Much more difficult with a single parent and only child at this time. Hopefully Sheraton "Linda" will return from OVC soon to join her sibling.
I saw Sher this evening exploring her surroundings, while Wind kept an eye on her. Very curious little bird.

Bruce Massey reports: For this observation, I will combine both the King St. site and the Sheraton Nest Site. To to do this, I walked north on Church to Queen Street, west on Queen to University Avenue south on University Avenue to to Queens Quay, and east on Queens Quay back Jarvis and then north back to King. I saw nothing in the vicinity of the Sheridan Nest Site. It wasn't until I was on Queens Quay that I saw a bird on the southeast corner of the King Edward Hotel. When I got up to King and Church, I had two birds on the north side of the King Edward on the lower ledge. I went over to Toronto St. and a third, obviously immature came in from 33 Victoria. That bird missed it so . landing, and headed back to 33 Victoria. As for the two birds on the King Edward, it was hard to tell whether or not I had two immatures, or one immature and the Tercel. Eventually, all three flew out of sight in the vicinity of 33 Victoria and the Excelsior building. I had to to back off to just north of Adelaide and Church and got all three birds in sight. The third bird, was in a non-usual area, that being where the Excelsior building meets with 33 Victoria. However the bird was facing with its back to me and flew off before I could ascertain whether it was the Tercel or immature. So all I can really say, is that I can confirm having two immatures (Possibly 3) and one adult.

In my travels, I also found out why the Peregrine Watch was not dealing with downed American kestrels this year. It looks as if they had relocated down in the vicinity of St. Lawrence Market. I saw at least three of them in my travels, and what appeared to be in immature male and he was having a little difficulty, but it is staying at height.

Friday July 22, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Not seeing Sher for so long had me worried. but now I think she has her own flight pattern. Last evening, I was watching Wind. She hovered over the hotel, did a short wing flap and then continued Kiting. She broke off and then set down on the antenna. I still could not see where Sher was.
When I arrived home, I scanned the north side of the hotel once again, and there on the north-west corner was Sher, Wind had just teased her with food. Food was dropped and Sher had a late dinner. It became too dark for me to see any further activity.

Thursday July 21, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Midday check and no sightings of adults or the juvenile "Sher".
Late evening check up to 9:00p.m. One peregrine on the north east corner of Standard Life building on King St. West. Of course from one angle it looks like an adult, from street level it looks like a juvenile. I believe it's Sher, she did a lot of preening after her flight to that location but can't be sure on the ID.
either way Paul and I only saw one peregrine.
We'll check the area tomorrow.

Monday July 18, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
A quick look to find Sher on the north-east corner of 130 Adelaide. She was hop scotching around the area and seemed to be playing "footsies" with something, probably prey that was left for her. Wind nor Windwhistler was in view at this time.

Sunday July 17, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
10:30 a.m.
A muggy morning, with welcoming and much needed rain. Walking down Yonge St. at Richmond, Sher is spotted on the north -east corner of 130 Adelaide. St. She has gained more height and it's nice to see her off the Bell building.

Friday July 15, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Sher spent most of her day on the Bell Building on Adelaide St, and on the building north of Bell. ( Buildings are attached at roof level) At 10:30 a.m. Sher had a mid morning snack delivered to her on the east side of the building. Jan and I watched as she picked at her meal.
3:30p.m. Sher was found on the very north section of the Bell building in the shade of the penthouse. An adult was directly above her.
7:00p.m. Another check and Sher had made her way out to the roof level. 7:20p.m. An adult in the air with prey and over to the north east roof of the Hilton and Sher was following intently. She made a great landing beside the adult. A few moments later Sher was out of view and the adult had moved to 130 Adelaide St.
Back down to street level, the film crew gave me an update. I had spoken with them for the past few evenings and they enjoy passing on their sightings. Today, an adult was on the lower building across from the steak house, vocalizing.
They had seen the adult fly low across Richmond St, on a few occasions today.
I have heard this vocalizing for two evenings now. I not sure what it's all about, but I think it's Windwhistler with Sher. I size difference was quite noticeable last evening.

Thursday July 14, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
I am thrilled to report that Sher was found at 10:45 this morning. Linda spotted some unusual pigeon activity and upon scanning the area, spotted a bird on the back south west corner of the Bell building on the north side of Adelaide. Viewing through my telescope I could confirm it was Sher. As I watched, her mom flew to the same roof but to the north west corner. Apparently she left a kill because I saw her take off and then Sher had moved to that corner and was eating. More to follow.

Linda Woods reports: SHER FOUND!

Out to the streets early this a.m. in attempt to locate Sher. Activity last evening from the adult female lead me to believe that the juvenile "Sher" may be south of King St. on the west side of Yonge. I didn't see anything until I was at Bay and Front Sts. near the "Go Train" entrance. I heard juvenile screaming and I looked up to see an adult chasing a juvenile low over Union Station Bay St. bridge and the billboard. Did not see them come out either side. I walked south on Bay to the ACC building and didn't see any other activity. I did however spot a juvenile on the south side of the EDS building on Front St. across from the Hummingbird Centre. I made my way back to the area to confirm that it was not Sher but one of the King St. juveniles. I headed back to the Sheraton Hotel for a roof top scan, I spotted and Adult on the south west corner of the Bell building. As I was looking from the 43rd floor, my attention was drawn to the north side of the Bell building on Adelaide St., curious pigeon behavior was noted and as I scanned the west side of the building, I spotted "Sher". Uncertain I radioed Jan, who took her scope to confirm that "Yes, Indeed, it was Sher. Shortly after, Wind made a food drop to her, Sher picked at it and then left it. Sher disappeared moments later out of our sight. Jan, now very experienced with her scope, spotted her moments later. She had just moved into the shade and out of my view. Luckily Jan could see her from her angle.

6:15p.m. - 8:30p.m.
Sher remained on the north east corner of the building on the south side of Temperance St at Sheppard St. Windwhistler , sat on the north side of this building, a few feet away.
( I think it was Windwhistler , malar stripe was evident and this adult was small compared to Sher)
The adult was sounding off quite frequently, a police officer that had been on the south side of the Sheraton Hotel on Richmond St. mentioned that he was hearing the vocalization. Around 8:00p.m. Sher finally took off and headed west along Richmond St. She landed on the north side of the Hilton Hotel, on the upper louvered areas.
Sher did not look comfortable there and a few minutes later took off again. I missed this departure, I was answering questions for the hotel staff.
8:30p.m. I moved to Nathan Phillips Square to scan the north side of 120 and 130 Adelaide and only found the adult on the north east corner of 130 Adelaide St.

Wednesday July 13, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Another very hot and humid day. Temps to reach 33 degrees Celsius and with the humidity and smog, make for a very difficult day outside.
A quick check on the ledge early in the morning to discover that Sher had taken off.
Unfortunately after hours of searching every roof top in the direct area, Sher has not been seen. Jan looked on the south side of the buildings from her view point, but no luck.
Wind was not of any help at locating Sher.
Wind did have prey with her twice today, the second time, around 7:30 p.m., she landed on the railing of the cooling tower of 120 Adelaide. She sat there for a few minutes.and then flew south out of my line of view from Nathan Phillips Square. (I search the strappings around the cooling tower while Wind sat, looking for any movement. Last year one juvenile dropped down into that area, but did manage to get itself out.)
Paul saw Wind on the upper level of 130 Adelaide around 8:15p.m. and still this was no indication as to where Sher might be located.
Will try again early tomorrow.

Tuesday July 12, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Sher appears to be content for the time being to stay on the ledge. First thing this morning I checked on her. There was evidence that food was delivered, probably very early in the a.m. She would occasionally come to the edge and peer out and then return to her snoozing spot in the far back area.
Jan Chudy was concerned, because Wind had not been seen in the area at all today. I was also concerned but then we remembered that she is usually not in sight most of the time.
After a long hot day, at 5:15p.m. Wind finally did a food drop to the ledge. Jan reported that Sher jumped on it and started ripping it apart. I managed to get into the room to view this feeding and take photos.( too large for email) Sher certainly was hungry., After her feed she settled back on the ledge and more content now that she had food in her crop.
Very little activity seen from her, probably due to the heat. Good thing, because after yesterday's jaunt down University Ave. it's too hot to be chasing anything.
At 9:00p.m. Sher was still gazing out the ledge.

Mark Nash reports: A Fledgling Named Linda

A very busy day indeed. After a short visit to Dr. Markus Luckwaldt at the Amhurst Veterinary Clinic in Scarborough, the news on Linda is much better than first thought ( Dr.Markus Luckwaldt's diagnosis was that it is likely an infected cut in the area around her tongue). Likely caused by something sharp that she ate. Nothing serious, as we first believed.

A BIG THANK YOU to Dr Luckwaldt and all of the Amhurst staff for being able to help us out with situation, as I know that they were also having to deal with several ongoing in-house emergencies at the same time.
Quite a crew indeed!!!

Now off to meet with Mark Heaton from the Aurora District MNR to transfer Linda to his car, so she could be transported to the Ontario Veterinary College, small animal clinic to treatment and care.

Linda's situation: Anticipated one week +/- on antibiotics and hopefully she will be returned. We will have to wait for OVC's report after further examinations and wait for their feedback as to the course of treatment. Quail was sent with Linda to Guelph, hopefully Guelph staff will feed it to her.

Monday July 11, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Follow up to Bruce Massey's report, On initial examination of the Sheraton bird, "Linda" no apparent injuries were evident, however, later that evening Mark Nash arrived for the release and found the young bird to have lesions in her oral cavity.
The juvenile was held back from release and is scheduled for examination by a Wild Bird Vet.
With hopes from everyone that the condition is not that serious, however it will need to be treated in a avian medical facility just outside of Toronto.
Let's hope the treatment goes well and the young peregrine can be returned promptly back to the downtown core.
I will send in updates on her condition as it arrives.
The cost of treatment will need to be covered, anyone interested in making a small donation towards "Sheraton-Linda" treatment please contact us.

Mark Nash reports: The little peregrine that caused all of the fuss on Monday is doing just fine. Her name is "Sher", named by the good folks from the Sheraton Hotel, where she was hatched with her sister "Linda" earlier this spring. This rare and still endangered species (the peregrine falcon) has been nesting and raising families at the Toronto Sheraton Hotel for the past couple of years with great success.

The fledge watches, when the young peregrines start to take their first flights, are busy times for us. They usually end up on the ground during one of their maiden flights, and we are usually there to rescue them from the dangers of the sidewalks, inspect them for any injuries, and then return them to the nest building roof top.

It's funny, in that although our street patrols (called falcon watches) run from 5 am in the morning to 9:30 pm in the evening for approx. 7 to 10 days, and are coordinated by the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and conducted by the many volunteers that have the same concern for the young falcon fledglings, on this day both of the two young peregrines had flown very low to the sidewalk, but were still high enough for us not to be able to get to them. Attempts by both young falcons had failed to gain any altitude over the past 72 hours.

On this day the watchers were exhausted after more than 6 16-hour days in the streets with all the heat and humidity, and they were advised to go home for the afternoon, given that the young birds were so in-active.

Just minutes after our lead falcon watch coordinator arrived back home, we received calls from the building security at 150 King Street that a young peregrine had come to the ground and there was the possibility that the bump into the building glass several floors up from the ground level had caused it to come to the ground. Many thanks to all of the security personal at 150 King Street and the many folks that stayed with the bird to prevent it from walking into the street to other more serious dangers.

We scrambled again as we were flooded by telephone calls to the CPF head office and the cell phones. Poor Linda Woods (the lead falcon watch coordinator) had just arrived back home and put every stitch of her cloths in the washer in an effort to get caught up with over a week's worth of dirty laundry. She scrambled for some dirty cloths, had to take all her wet laundry out of the washer, dump it onto her apt. floor, and travel back to the the downtown core to the downed bird.

In the meantime, Jan Chudy, one of the other volunteers, was just leaving her office for a diner engagement and took a minute to see if she could see the birds and talk to Linda. She happened to see all of the commotion and ended up on scene to help out. I jumped to the car and started downtown from east Scarborough.

Linda finally arrived and both Jan and her attempted to catch up the young bird and place her in a box provided by the security of 150 King Street. Just as they were attempting to catch "Sher up" and perform the rescue, she bolted and took low flight west across University Ave. With many of the crowd in chase, Sher flew west across University Ave - through all of the north and south bound traffic. How she made it without getting hit by all of the rush hour traffic is still a mystery (there must be a peregrine god!!!).

Several blocks later, further west on King Street, Sher finally came down again, landing at street level, atop an umbrella over a table in an outdoor patio full of patrons. She slipped off the umbrella, down to the sidewalk, where Jan and Linda finally caught up with her. Moments later, Sher was finally scooped up and boxed by Jan.

I arrived on scene several minutes later (after all the hard stuff had been done). Sher was later taken back to the Sheraton Hotel, checked out for injuries, and later that night re-released back to the nest ledge at the Sheraton without incident.

As of the writing of this report (July 13th), she is still relaxing on the nest ledge with her mother (named "Wind").

Many many thanks to all that were on site to help us out with this situation.

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Sunday July 10, 2005
Bruce Massey reports:
After finding free on street parking, I made my way along Richmond Street East of University Avenue, I saw a peregrine on the top of 121 Richmond Street, (On the South East corner of York Street, and the building that the Immature went down the chimney last year). This bird turned out to the adult female, but when I went south on York Street, I found one of the immatures on the south side of the same building at a lower level. Well I was making a phone call, the second immature flew in from the building immediately to the East of 121 Richmond Street. I met up with Linda, and then went to the West to cover that direction. One of the immatures flew to lower roof across York Street. For a while, the second immature found shade between the two buildings, but later disappeared. Two volunteers, Lindsay and Harry had joined Linda and myself and we covered the above immature as well as looking for the second immature. Harry, finally found the bird on a mezzanine level, but definitely low and at risk. Linda, Harry and myself instituted a rescue and the the immature (3 guesses who it was, and the first 2 guesses don't count) was put in a rescue Box, to be assessed and as per protocol put back on the ledge after dark. This would allow"Linda" (The Immature Peregrine) to cool off and would keep her on the ledge overnight. When Mark Nash arrived around 1700 hours, I broke off my observations for the night.

Saturday July 9, 2005
Linda Woods reports:

Arriving on site, but apparently not early enough, to find both juveniles had fledged., probably at day break. One juvenile had made it to the north east corner of the Hilton and the other, well we searched and searched. and I had just about given up, when the call came.
Lindsay had found our missing girl.
She had made a full circle and attempted to get back to the ledge, and landed on the window sill of the 41st floor guest room.
We had determined that "Sher" was on the south face of Sheraton Hotel, and "Linda" was on the north east corner of the "other" hotel south of the Sheraton.
Both attempted flights as the sun was about to set, and both juveniles spent the night, outside the nest for the first time. One juvenile was on the new "Opera House" that is still under construction and the other bird "Sher" returned a window sill on 36th floor on the south face of the Sheraton Hotel. What a wonderful day, to see them fly.

Friday July 8, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Arrived on site and both juveniles were still on the ledge. Wind was seen momentarily with the juveniles but did not stay long.
Not too much activity, outside the normal wing flapping and a little vocalization. This afternoon, they became very quiet for hours. Until around 6:45p.m. Paul and I were walking eastward towards Bay, when I spotted an adult female flying with prey on the west side of the Scotia Plaza. When she was headed in the direction of the Sheraton Hotel. Paul and I were surprised, to see her coming from that area. ( she may have been shopping from Windwhistler's stash)
We got a quick glimpse of her as she deposited the food into the Sheraton ledge and then quickly departed, with Windwhistler coming off the "Sheraton"letters and stooping Wind.( I think all in play, and not territorial) I also think Windwhistler is a little miffed because Wind knows where Windwhistler keeps his stash of "grade A" pigeons. Wind and Windwhistler were not seen for the remainder of the shift and at 8:15, the two juveniles appeared to have settled for the night.They are getting closer to fledging.

Ron reports: 3pm
One of the juveniles is very active on the nest site with a lot of flapping and running and flapping. The adult has been active in the area for most of the day too. I can see both juveniles sitting on or close to the ledge now at the west end of the nesting area.

Thursday July 7, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Arriving at 08:00 and found Wind on the ledge with Linda and Sher. Wind had her back turned to the juveniles and was picking at a small morsel of food., I guess trying to grab the interest of the unfledged. The two sisters weren't buying it and ignored their mother.
And that was pretty much the entire day. Wind was absent from the area for a good portion of day.
She did finally show around 6:30p.m. and put on a show for Neil and I.
Wind did the "touch and go" approximately 10 times.
To the ledge and fly away. Wind entered the ledge twice trying to rally up some support to join her in a flight. But once again, the sisters weren't buying it.
Sher ( the darker one ) preferred sit on the edge. Linda stayed well off the edge ( just in case she slipped into flying) Wind finally gave up around 7:30 p.m. No additional activity seen from the juveniles. Wind took off and sat on 390 Bay St. and then returned to 130 Adelaide.The juveniles settled in for the night. and all was quiet at 9:30p.m.

Wednesday July 6, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
The watch has started for the Sheraton Nest. The usual activity was seen, a lot of running the ledge by the lighter coloured juvenile ( Linda)
Sher was happy just to pester her sister at any opportunity. Later on in the morning, they did seem to come to a compromise and settle down.
The last feeding of the day was around 3:00 - 3:30 pm while Harry was on site.
Did not see any real enticing by Wind to encourage the juveniles off the ledge. I guess they are just not ready to fly as yet.
At. 9:30p.m. Wind was on the north-east corner of 130 Adelaide St. and both juveniles had moved further into the nest ledge and were out of view from street level.

Ron reports: 12:25pm
Both juvenile birds are sitting on the ledge looking south and at each other occasionally.
At about 12:05 the adult bird left the nest area and headed west past the Hilton.
The young are certainly sitting near the ledge a lot more in the past couple of days.

The adult is on the S in Sheraton above the nest area. Looks like it is trying to encourage the youngsters out of the nest for first flight.
The adult returned the nest area several times in the last half hour and took off again relatively quickly.
The juveniles are busy running and flapping in the nest area but no first flight yet.

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Tuesday July 5, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
The young birds are very vocal and very active. Wind was seen on the northeast corner of 130 Adelaide St. and that set off the youngsters calling for food.
The loss of their downy white feathers is very evident and slowly the immature colouring is appearing.
These two females have very different colour markings along with very different personalities. It is most enjoyable to watch them interact with each other.
A lot of flapping today and a little bit of running of the ledge. The humidity continues which I think may lessen the activity level. The Sheraton Watch will begin tomorrow.

Jan Chudy reports: Checking in at 8:20 both juveniles were standing near the edge of the ledge peering out at the world and Wind was on the NE corner of 130 Adelaide. At 11:50, Wind was feeding both chicks and at 12:15 she flew off with a scrap for herself which she ate on the top of the "t" of Centre. Both juveniles were on view for most of the day. Not much flapping but lots of peering out of the ledge. Wind was spotted again on the NW corner of 130 Adelaide at 1:30.
Unfortunately, I will be working in the Calgary office for the next three days and will not be able to participate in the newly activated fledgling watch - good luck to all!!

Monday July 4, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Just finishing up the Scarborough watch. We were expecting a really big difference with this site, because of the low building and nothing higher around, with the exception of the tower. Two of the three chicks are now landing on the "Golden Mile" antenna. The third chick, which is also the only female, has had some difficulty staying high, but hopefully after last night's trip to the roof, she'll stay aloft.
Sheraton watch should start this week, probably Wed. I'm heading down to the Sheraton later this morning and watch the activity level and to see the level of downy feathering that remains on the youngsters. Sheraton site is difficult to monitor the chicks once they start flying, let me know if you are interested in participating in the Sheraton watch.

Jan Chudy reports: At 8:50 both juveniles were visible on the ledge and at 9 a.m. Wind was feeding them both. Until the end of the day the juveniles were in various places along the ledge, including sitting in the nest box. At 5:20, the larger juvenile (Linda) was doing a lot of flapping and walked to the edge of the ledge, had a look out and then settled further back.

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