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October - December 2005

Friday December 30, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
Not having seen Wind all week I was delighted to spot her at 9:10 this morning on the edge of the Sheraton ledge vocalizing. As I watched she took off but I quickly lost sight of her. At 11:40 I again spotted her, this time on the SE corner of the Sheraton roof with a kill. Sher made me laugh out loud as she stripped a long vein or tendon out of the kill and leaned over the side of the hotel and dropped it off! At 2:15 as I scanned the usual ledges I found two adults!! One on the NW corner of 390 Bay and one on the SW corner. I could not clearly identify who was who. They kept checking each other out, then at 2:30 the one on the SW corner did some leg and wing stretches then started checking eastwards. At 2:40 there was more leg and wing stretching by the SW bird and after writing my note when I looked back it had gone! At 2:45 the bird on the NW corner took off at a liesurely pace and flew to the Sheraton ledge. Checking on it at 2:50 it was clearly vocalizing. It then took off and returned to the NW corner of 390 Bay where it remains now as I log off at 3 p.m. A second bird is now on the east side of the roof of the Sheraton! Both birds clearly checking each other out but not making a move to get closer.

Tuesday November 22, 2005
Jan Chudy reports:
I came in to the office today prepared to send a note to advise that I had not seen Wind in a whole week. The previous two weeks I had seen her at various times each day. I was therefore getting concerned that she may have decided to leave us for the winter. However, as I scanned the Sheraton I thought I noticed something on one of the letters. Sure enough, when I got the scope on the hotel, there was Wind asleep with her head tucked in to her shoulder on the upturn of the last "e" in "centre". There were also the remains of a kill on the cross-bar of the "e". Yipee!

Thursday October 20, 2005
Harry Crawford reports:
Approximately 15 turkey vultures were circling First Canadian Place at 1:40pm. They eventually moved off to the south-west. At the same time, there was a peregrine on the Sheraton Centre nest ledge.

Wednesday October 5, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
Both adults on the north side of the Hilton Logos sitting in the shade.
I was by the same area around 12:30 and both adults were still on the north side of the Hilton.

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