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Transmitter 15114 fully sponsored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission

This male peregrine hatched at the Gulf Tower nest in Pittsburgh in April 2002.  On May 17, 2002 he was fitted with a solar-powered satellite transmitter.  Below are reports summarizing his activities over his first year; click here for more recent reports.




Click here for reports since May 18, 2003

May 18, 2003:  43.3N, 79.8W (Hamilton ON).  15114 has spent another full week in Hamilton, alternating between the north and south sides of the downtown area.

May 12, 2003:  43.3N, 79.8W (Hamilton ON).  Except for a brief May 8 expedition to the area around Cayuga, 15114 has remained in Hamilton over the past week, mostly near the downtown area.  To our knowledge, he has not yet been reported from the area of the existing peregrine territory at Jackson Square, where local residents Madame X and Mozart are tending to their first chick of the year as of today.

May 5, 2003:  43.3N, 79.8W (Hamilton ON).  15114 first headed north from Oakville, aiming for the south end of Lake Simcoe on April 29, but quickly reversed course, and was on the east end of Hamilton the next day.  Since then he has remained in the Hamilton area, frequenting both the escarpment and the north half of downtown, not all that far from the active Hamilton peregrine territory.

Apr 28, 2003:  43.5N, 79.7W (Oakville ON).  15114 has had another busy week.  On April 23, he was just north of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  The next day he had moved further north, to the Finger Lakes region of New York, before heading almost due west to the shores of Lake Erie near Dunkirk, New York. By yesterday, 15114 had crossed the Canadian border, and was on the north shore of Lake Ontario in Oakville. 

Apr 21, 2003:  40.7N, 77.3W (McClure PA).  On the move again!  15114 remained in the southern New Jersey area through April 19, but the next day was back in Pennsylvania, a bit north of Harrisburg, and as of today, is about 40 kilometres northwest of Harrisburg, near McClure.

Apr 15, 2003:  39.6N, 75.3W (Woodstown NJ).  Back to familiar territory again!  By April 12, 15114 had returned to Delaware, a bit south of Dover, and the next day he moved back into southern New Jersey yet again.  He has remained there for the past couple of days, most recently in the area of Woodstown, not far from the other sites (e.g. Bridgeton, Alloway, etc) he has frequented over the course of the fall and winter.

Apr 11, 2003:  38.5N, 78.6W (Hughesville MD).  15114 has continued to head southeast.  On April 10 he entered northern Maryland, and eventually reached the Washington DC area.  As of today, he has continued further south, and is near Hughesville, Maryland, roughly 40 kilometres beyond Washington.

Apr 7, 2003:  40.6N, 77.6W (Reedsville PA)Another couple of days, another couple of moves.  On April 5, 15114 shifted 80 kilometres north to around Clearfield, and then today, moved another 90 kilometres southeast to around Reedsville, between State College and Harrisburg.

Apr 4, 2003:  40.4N, 78.7W (Johnstown PA)15114 has again been restless over the past couple of weeks.  Between March 23 and April 4, he covered a distance of well over 1200 kilometres, ranging across five states during that time.

On March 23, he was along the Delaware River, just south of Wilmington, Delaware.  The next day he was 120 kilometres to the northeast, near Princeton, New Jersey.  From there, he swung to the northwest, covering 360 kilometres to reach the area near Olean, New York on March 25.  The following day he backtracked roughly 80 kilometres to Knoxville, Pennsylvania.  March 28 found 15114 another 300 kilometres southeast again, back in the area south of Philadelphia.  He then moved 40 kilometres south on March 29, to a bit past Alloway, New Jersey, where he had been a week earlier!  He remained in that general area for a few days, reaching the west side of Wilmington again by April 2.  However, he wasn't finished traveling yet - the next day he was 120 kilometres to the northwest, nearHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, and another day later he had flown 170 kilometres due west to around Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Mar 22, 2003:  39.5N, 75.3W (Alloway NJ)Just a short shift to the northwest this time, 15114 is now closer to Alloway, New Jersey.

Mar 19, 2003:  39.4N, 75.3W (Bridgeton NJ)15114 remains on the move, making another return to Delaware City for St. Patrick's Day on Monday, and now back in southern New Jersey again, this time around Bridgeton.

Mar 14, 2003:  39.3N, 75.0W (Millville NJ)After reaching Pleasantville, 15114 returned to Delaware City just one day later - but presumably taking the direct route this time!  By March 12, he had crossed over to the east side of the Delaware River.  As of tonight, he has moved a bit more to the southeast, and is located a bit south of Millville, New Jersey.

Mar 7, 2003:  39.7N, 75.6W (Pleasantville DE)As of this evening, 15114 is just 12 kilometres northwest of where he was three weeks ago today, the area around Delaware City which he had called home for much of the winter.  However, his shift from Delaware City to Pleasantville was hardly a direct journey!  Just connecting the dots of locations we received by telemetry, his trip covered 874 km, and no doubt many other side trips were not documented by his transmitter, so it's likely he covered well over 1000 km during the past three weeks.

For the most part, 15114 explored the Delmarva Peninsula south of his previous location.  He began by heading down the centre of it, then moved over to the coast of Chesapeake Bay on Feb 20.  Four days later he was on the opposite coast instead, overlooking Delaware Bay, but after just two more days, he had returned to the west side of the peninsula again.  By February 28, he had crossed to the west side of Chesapeake Bay.  After a couple of days in that part of Maryland, he headed inland to a spot a bit southwest of Richmond, Virginia.  At that point, he turned around and headed back northeast, stopping over briefly again yesterday on the east side of Chesapeake Bay, before ending up again at the north end of Delaware today.

Was this just restlessness, or was 15114 perhaps searching for available territories and/or prospective mates?  Many peregrines in the northeast are already preparing for the nesting season.  Unless 15114 has found a site to settle down in northern Delaware, he may well be on the move again soon.

Dec 31, 2002:  39.6N, 75.6W (Delaware City DE)15114 ends the year near the northeast end of Delaware, along the Delaware River, just north of Delaware City.  Since mid-November, he has been in this same general area - mostly just a bit to the east in southwestern New Jersey.  Though never moving far from day to day, his wanderings do suggest that 15114 hasn't settled in a specific territory for the winter, raising interesting questions about what he may do come spring.   Updates will continue to be posted periodically, especially if any significant moves are made by 15114.

Nov 12, 2002:  39.5N, 75.3W (Alloway NJ)Over the past four weeks, 15114 has made only slight movements around the southern New Jersey area.  He has now been here for more than a month and a half, and it seems likely that 15114 will remain there for the winter.

Oct 15, 2002:  39.5N, 75.1W (Rosenhayn NJ)15114 must have found a good prey base somewhere in the Rosenhayn area, as he has now remained in this area for three weeks. 

Oct 4, 2002:  39.5N, 75.1W (Rosenhayn NJ)Again, no significant movement by 15114 over the past few days.

Sep 29, 2002:  39.5N, 75.1W (Rosenhayn NJ)Following his mid-month restlessness, 15114 has suddenly shifted into a very sedentary mode, moving only very short distances around southern New Jersey over the past five days.

Sep 24, 2002:  39.5N, 75.1W (Rosenhayn NJ)After a week long tour through much of Pennsylvania, 15114 has returned to familiar ground in southern New Jersey.

Sep 23, 2002:  40.1N, 76.4W (Lancaster PA)Just 24 hours after heading off to the northwest, 15114 has reversed course, traveling over 250 kilometres east / southeast today, ending up for the night on the outskirts of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Sep 22, 2002:  40.7N, 78.3W (Tyrone PA) to 41.3N, 79.1W (Sigel PA)15114 was on the move again today, starting off near Tyrone (approx 150 km east of the north end of Pittsburgh), then over the course of six hours, heading roughly 100 kilometres northwest to Sigel, Pennsylvania.

Sep 19, 2002:  40.1N, 76.2W (Leacock PA)For the first time in over two months, 15114 has left New Jersey.  His journey has taken him back in the direction of home (Pittsburgh) though only part way - to Leacock, Pennsylvania, a bit east of Lancaster. 

Sep 18, 2002:  39.5N, 75.2W (Bridgeton NJ)15114 has not moved far in the past week, still in southern New Jersey.

Sep 12, 2002:  39.5N, 75.2W (Bridgeton NJ)For whatever reason, 15114 continues to oscillate between northern and southern New Jersey, this time returning to the southern part of the state, near Bridgeton.

Sep 8, 2002:  40.6N, 74.7W (South Branch NJ)Just a slight shift to the northwest for 15114.

Sep 4, 2002:  40.5N, 74.6W (Manville NJ)15114 remains in the northern part of New Jersey, back in familiar territory near Manville once again.

Aug 31, 2002:  40.3N, 74.5W (Rossmoor NJ)The south seems not to have held much interest for 15114 this time around, as he has returned to the northern New Jersey area once again.

Aug 28, 2002:  39.7N, 75.3W (Helmetta NJ)After more than a month in northern New Jersey, 15114 has returned to the southwestern part of the state where he was in early to mid-July.  Interestingly, his sister 15115 also moved significantly for the first time in weeks yesterday, suggesting that they may be getting restless in preparation for further migration.

Aug 25, 2002:  40.4N, 74.4W (Helmetta NJ)15114 has moved just a bit to the southeast over the past day, now close to Helmetta, New Jersey.

Aug 24, 2002:  40.5N, 74.6W (Manville NJ)Reports over the past several days have again shown only limited movement around the area of Manville, New Jersey.

Aug 19, 2002:  40.5N, 74.6W (Manville NJ)15114 remains in the same general area as a week ago, and aside from short local movements, has now been in this location consistently for a full month.

Aug 11, 2002:  40.5N, 74.6W (Manville NJ)After a slight shift to the south on August 8, 15114 has returned to the general area where he has been since around July 18.

Aug 8, 2002:  40.1N, 74.6W (New Egypt NJ)15114 has shifted just a bit south compared to previous days, and is still in a relatively sparsely populated part of New Jersey, a bit northwest of New Egypt.

Aug 5, 2002:  40.4N, 74.7W (Milltown NJ)Still not much movement from 15114, shifting just a bit southeast to the area around Milltown, New Jersey.

Jul 31, 2002:  40.5N, 74.7W (Harlingen NJ)15114 is beginning to show a distinct preference for avoiding urban areas.  He's currently located in an unpopulated area roughly 5 kilometres west of Harlingen, New Jersey.

Jul 27, 2002:  40.5N, 74.6W (Woods Tavern NJ)Daily reports over the past five days continue to show 15114 in the same area of Pennsylvania on the urban fringes between New York City and Philadelphia.

Jul 22, 2002:  40.5N, 74.7W (South Branch NJ)15114 has shifted only a short distance south over the past four days.

Jul 18, 2002:  40.7N, 74.7W (Pluckemin NJ)After close to two weeks in southern New Jersey, 15114 has headed back north.  He's just west of Pluckemin, roughly 85 km NNE of Philadelphia, and less than 60 km west of New York City.

Jul 16, 2002:  39.4N, 75.3W (Shiloh NJ)Maybe no movements are coming yet after all, as 15114 has headed back closer to Shiloh again.

Jul 14, 2002:  39.5N, 75.2W (Seabrook Farms NJ)15114 appears to be getting a bit restless again, shifting north a bit to the area around Seabrook Farms, New Jersey.

Jul 10, 2002:  39.4N, 75.3W (Shiloh NJ)Still no movement of note, aside from slight local position adjustments.

Jul 8, 2002:  39.4N, 75.3W (Shiloh NJ)15114 appears to have settled down for a little while at least, not moving significantly in the past two days.

Jul 6, 2002:  39.4N, 75.3W (Shiloh NJ)Still in New Jersey, but now on the southwest side of the state!  15114 is now near Shiloh, New Jersey, roughly 10 kilometres inland from Delaware Bay.

Jul 5, 2002:  39.7N, 74.2W (Manahawkin NJ)15114 has made an impressive one-day flight of over 320 kilometres east to the Atlantic Coast!  He is near Manahawkin, New Jersey, just a few kilometres from the shore.

Jul 4, 2002:  40.0N, 78.0W (Mcconnellsburg PA)15114 has struck out away from home.  He is now approximately 180 kilometres east of Pittsburgh, a bit north of Mcconnellsburg.

Jul 1, 2002:  40.4N, 80.0W (Pittsburgh PA)15114 remains in the downtown Pittsburgh area.


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