Frankie Goes to Hollywood… …Um, Ok. Maybe Just Irondequoit, New York!

August 29, 2015 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

We have just received news from our friends in New York State that a falcon was photographed by Dana Mulhern at the Medley Centre in Irondequoit!  The band number, solid black S over 39, was placed on a bird in 2013 at the Etobicoke Sun Life nest and named Little Big Frank after one of our dear fallen comrades who was a falcon watcher for a decade at this nest site.

My phone lit up this afternoon with texts and notices requesting the identity of the bird Dana had spotted and after looking it up and sharing it with the Etobicoke team, the celebrations at seeing one of our fledglings once again as a potential breeding adult began.

Dana and Margaret found the bird on the peak of a building at the mall where it was hunting and they were able to get photos and confirm the band number.  This is amazing news and we are always excited to hear about a re-sighting of one of our own homegrown birds!  Little Big Frank was banded in 2013 as a female and it may turn out that this bird is in fact just that.  Male or female, well, Big Frank wouldn’t have minded either way.  He would have been proud none the less and should this bird turn out to be a girl, she can be thought of as “Big Frankie” and will still carry a great name forward with her.

Thank you so much to Dana and MAK for finding BF and updating us on the status of the bird.  All photos posted were taken by Dana.

Peter at Home

August 12, 2015 - Toronto - Hearn Power Station

Harry Crawford Reports:

I made it down to the Hearn Generating Station just before 9am.  Peter was sitting on the ledge just above the sagging traditional nesting spot.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see any indication of Angela, not that she couldn’t have been around somewhere.

Morgan & Horton doing great!!

August 03, 2015 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

I dropped by yesterday to see if I could catch a glimpse of anyone–I opened the car door to the lovely music(to my ears anyways) of a juvie(I suspected Morgan right away) whining away.  And there she was(she showed me that lovely red tape after abit) screeing away to Dad, both on the Debeers sign.   Found Mom over at Foresters(a favorite spot of hers).  Now where was that brat Horton?  Dad got tired of the whining and left.  Morgan followed soon after–I watched her soar–it was a windy day, I even had trouble keeping my camera still!  She went over and above 411 bdlg, just floating-it was lovely.  She then went behind ICICI and I lost her.  But not for long!  Out popped a juvie, flew over and around DeBeers eventually landing on the Infor sign.  I moved the bins over and there was a second juvie on last years nest ledge!!  Yay both the kids home!!  And there they stayed until I left.  So good to see them doing so well

Chester Morgan

!!! Call Guiness book of records (longest unsuccessfull incubation)

August 01, 2015 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

Today at 9am the resident female decided to consume the final egg in the nest box. This egg is at least 10 weeks old & bleached white from the sun, the last 2 weeks of +30 degrees temps must have really rotted the egg. After she broke the egg & ate it a swarm of flys covered the spot where the liquid layed on the stones. This falcon continues to look confused and not too sure of what to do. The resident male has not been seen in the nest box for a few weeks. It’s disturbing to watch the female so confused.

!!! Little Atlas has some re-hab time with a broken wing,, but the prognosis for a quick turn-around and recovery and release looks very promising!

July 23, 2015 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Mark Nash Reports:

July 23rd - 2015
A very busy day indeed for us all with Mark running out to rescue a trapped fledgling from behind a glass balcony and Tracy running out to Oshawa to rescue a downed fledgling on the ground!

While I don’t have much of the details, we will have to wait for Tracy’s rescue report, the telephone was ringing off the hook today at the CPF head office with downed and trapped fledglings in both Scarborough and Oshawa.

Sadly, little Atlas was recovered from the sidewalk near the Oshawa City Hall today having sustained a non-life threatening injury that was diagnosed after x-rays with a broken wing! The much better news, is that his broken wing is very repairable and his prognosis for a quick turnaround for his release after a short rehab looks really promising!

Stay tuned for more details to follow……….

!!! Scarborough Kennedy & Hwy 401 - female fledgling banded and released back to her parents and sibling!

July 24, 2015 - International, National and Local News

Mark Nash Reports:

July 24th - 2015
A very good afternoon indeed! The little mystery female fledgling was successfully banded and released back to her parents and sibling this afternoon!

Stay tuned for the full report and photos!

!!! There’s another Typhoon comming to the Canada Square nest site!!!Typhoon successfully released!!

July 24, 2015 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Mark Nash Reports:

July 23rd - 2015
Great news, in that little Typhoon was successfully released back to his parents and sister this afternoon! After a short stay with the Toronto Wildlife, Typhoon was cleared for release back to his parents today. I met with Lisa at the TWC and picked up Typhoon late morning and drove him back down town to the Canada Square at Yonge & Eglinton nest building.

A huge thank you to the Canada Square security for accommodating and allowing us access to the outer balcony where Typhoon was released, and to Typhoon’s newest friends (and there were MANY of them) from Canadian Tire who occupies the entire floor and office suites directly below the nest ledge, and their balcony where Typhoon was released.

After making the necessary telephone calls to all involved to let them know that I would be late given all of the traffic congestion and delays, little Typhoon and I battled the overwhelming traffic congestion (thank goodness for air conditioning and a full tank of gas), we arrived just after 12:30pm.

With Bruce from the Canada Square Security in the lead, we arrived on the 16th floor office suites where we were met by 25 plus very anxious Canadian Tire employees that were on hand to witness Typhoons release.

Once the rescue carrier was placed out on the outer balcony with its door opened, Typhoon only took seconds to actually exit the rescue crate, then jumped up the top of the large rescue carrier, turned and watched us through the glass for close to 35 minutes!!! Moments later, he finally jumped again up to the hand rail on the outer balcony wall. There is stayed once again for yet another 15 plus minutes giving us all another great photo opportunity!!!!

Obviously not being stressed at all with our presence watching him - watch us, he was actually quite relaxed during the entire process and seemed very interested in what we were all excited about.. While we didn’t see either of his parents or his sister during the hour that I was there, the Canadian Tire staff had been watching his parents out their windows flying around most of the earlier morning, so we know that both parents are still very much around.

As Typhoon took flight from the balcony hand rail, he immediately gained altitude and ended up flying around to the upper roof elevation, way above our heads!! A great strong first post release flight indeed!!!
Just a I was leaving, we did see another peregrine fly up onto the upper roof area to join Typhoon, but sadly, it flew in so fast that we couldn’t identify if it was one of his parents or his sister.

Either way, we can be assured that he is not alone! A very good morning indeed!

Now, on my way to brave the traffic once again in an effort to meet Mark Heaton at the Aurora district MNR office to have yet another peregrine fledgling banded that I rescued yesterday from Kennedy and Hwy 401 area! She also needs to get back to her parents today!

!!! A new nest site in Scarborough!! At least two fledglings have been produced, one rescued after being trapped behind another glass balcony, and the other fledgling flying very well indeed!!

July 24, 2015 - International, National and Local News

Mark Nash Reports:

July 23rd - 2015
While the Scarborough Yellow pages nest site failed to produce this season, (as a result of a new adult male replacing the long standing resident adult male Ruben) there was still some good news for Scarborough this season!

Shortly after 10am this morning, the phone was again ringing with yet another report of a trapped peregrine stuck behind the glass on a 40 story condo balcony in Scarborough at Kennedy and Hwy. 401 area.

With the help of the condo superintendent, I was escorted to a 40th floor condo unit where I was able to rescue a young “un-banded” female fledgling that was trapped behind the glass balcony front - (see rescue photos) . Given the report from the condo owner, who explained that the bird had been on her balcony now for more than 24 hours. While I was there doing the rescue, there was a second un-banded fledgling vocalizing just above me on the upper balcony overhang several feet from me!!! It took flight (a good strong flight) and landed on one of the other condo roof tops and watched as I captured its sister - (see photos).

So, we have a new Scarborough nest site - somewhere very close,,, but where???????

I spent the next hour searching the roof top with the condo super but didn’t find any evidence of a nest site, (at least on this condo roof),,, but there are three other very tall condos that are part of this property that could be the nest site!!! I will have to return at a later date to do a search of these roofs.

I spent the another hour searching the surrounding neighbourhood for any adults, but found nothing. Shortly after my departure, I spoke with Bruce on the telephone from the CPF, who was now on site, searching the surrounding leading edges of the surrounding rooftops from the ground, and he reports that he was able to locate two peregrines roosting on the leading edges on the south side of the same condo where I had earlier rescued the un-banded female fledgling, one he believed to be an adult male and one fledgling juvenile. Sadly, the sun was setting to the west and his views had the sun directly in his eyes and he was unable to clearly identify the gender of the birds that he was seeing. He’ll be back!!

I was able to contact Mark Heaton from the OMNR and made arrangements to take the rescued female fledgling up to him at the Aurora district office of the Ministry of Natural Resources tomorrow to have it banded, and I will be returning the young fledgling back to the condo roof and releasing it back to its parents and sibling.

Stay tuned for photos and additional information to follow……….

!!! Yet more sad news to report.

July 21, 2015 - Mississauga - Holcim

Mark Nash Reports:

July 21st - 2015
Again it is with great sadness that I must report that we have lost another fledgling.

As many of you know, this is the time of year when we have finished most all of the fledge watches, and the young fledgling survivors are now able to hold their altitude and stay off the ground, (and for the most parts), no longer in need of our help.

That being said, this is not entirely true, as the young fledglings are starting to investigate their new world, and straying further and further from their parents and the home territory throughout the day, and as we all know, unsupervised young children usually get into trouble.

Remembering that the young fledglings are still very much “children”- in mind, still very much dependant on their parents for food as many of them are unable to catch their own food at this point, and most all are still very inexperienced with any time type of real skilled flight, and still have allot of learning yet to do.

This is the time when they end up getting in other types of trouble. remembering that they are building up allot of speed and unable to judge distances given this speed, and end up crashing into things and/or getting stuck or caught in things. Thus is the case for little Ogden who obviously had a collision with something, and sustained serious injuries as a result.

Little Ogden was found on the ground within the plant grounds and was successfully rescued by the great Holcim staff. Unfortunately, Ogden succumb to his injuries and died shortly thereafter.

Typhoon in rehab

July 22, 2015 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

I got a call from an old friend today, Joe Mota the past manager of 18 King st another Peregrine nest site contacted me to let me know he had a Peregrine Juvenile in a box at 2 St. Clair St west. The bird had fallen down the chimney several floors and was found by building maintenance.

I did not ask any further questions since I knew that Joe knew exactly what to do. I called and despatched Bruce to go and get the bird who I expected was one of our Canada square kids.

Sure enough it was Typhoon

Bruce told me that he looked like he had an injury to his eye so he was going top take him to rehab right away.

I will post information on his diagnosis as soon as I know anything.