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Canadian Peregrine Foundation

!!! 4 eggs for Oshawa

April 21, 2017 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

April 21
According to Ernie from Oshawa Lakeridge Hospital the first egg was laid on March 31, the 4th (last) egg was laid on April 7th.

!!! 2 Hatchlings

April 22, 2017 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

April 22nd

There are now 2 hatchlings

Easter Weekend No Bunny visit But Turkey Vulture stops by.

April 16, 2017 - Toronto - Don Mills

Ann Brokelman Reports:

Sunday April 16th

I arrived at 145
Quest was on eggs
Mystery was sitting outside the nest box
I took a few shots from parking lot

Went to the front of building and mystery started to scream at me.
Suddenly quest took off
Mystery continued to scream
At this time I was across the road at front of harlequin
Mystery went crazy screaming
Finally I looked behind me to see a slow moving turkey vulture taking its time across the sky. By the time I turned around mystery was on that TV so fast my head spun.
Mystery Quickly escorted him away and quest went back on nest box.
This was only 5 min
High winds
Rain falling

I was speechless

Mystery is staying very close to quest
Even now just above harlequin

3 perhaps even 4 eggs

April 13, 2017 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

April 13th
snap shot of eggs today.

2 eegs now.

April 09, 2017 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

there are 2 eggs now.

Mistery Man

April 08, 2017 - Toronto - Don Mills

Ann Brokelman Reports:

April 8th

I arrived to see quest tucked in to her nesting box. No sign of Mystery Man. Texted Marion when Quest went flying fast out of box and MM arrived on roof of Harlequin.
I moved my car to the east side in time to see MM and Quest Mating. MM went directly to the nesting box while Quest preened and relaxed on roof.
Went back to the front of building and had a great look at MM and was able to get some lovely facial shots. Quest came back on nest and MM was bowing to her.
Quest when into box and MM took off like a bat out of hell.
I was able to confirm that MM has no bands. As he flew directly to me.
MM then went on the nesting building and preened. A poop shot showed the one leg completely with no band.

Mystery Man is stunning. Fast and so far very quiet. Quest on the other hand is screaming at him non stop.

A few photos.


Both in nest

April 08, 2017 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

April 8th

Quest and her mate in box. The male is confirmed by Ann who is on site to have no bands so is likely the same male that showed up last year at fledge.

!!! Quest has first egg

April 07, 2017 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

April 7th
Quest laid her first egg April 7th.

2 eggs now

April 07, 2017 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

We now have 2 eggs at Sheraton. Photo to come.

One on ledge

April 01, 2017 - Toronto - King Street

Marion Nash Reports:

Quick snap shot from today. One bird on the ledge. Will they nest there this year? Keep watching!