Amanda from MEC 2019 has been seen at Beaver Stadium Pennsylvania State university and University Park. Photos by Joe Gyekis

January 16, 2021 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Tracy said, That is good news. By all rights that bird should not be alive. She had collided with the buildings at Mac several times and the last time she struck a building she hit it head on and full steam ahead. Bruce thought for sure she was done. After she hit the building though she immediately recovered from it midflight or should I say mid fall. She ended up landing somewhere decent and from that point on she proved us all wrong and became a superstar. Nice to hear she’s been seen.

copy link below for more photos.

Tonga from 2003 photos taken in Michigan

January 16, 2021 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

here are some photos of Tonga taken recently PT Edward Ontario. Thanks for sharing Earl!

Darcy having a bath at Humber Bay

January 15, 2021 - Greater Toronto - Private Residential 1

Marion Nash Reports:

link to video copy paste in your browser.

One Of The 2018 Offspring Lost

December 04, 2020 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

Marion Nash Reports:

Posted on ebirds December 3rd. I checked our database and found this is a male named Lawrence produced at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel in 2018. Sad way to end 2020

More photos of Darcy and Lucky

December 05, 2020 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

More photos of Darcy and Lucky Darcy’s photos taken November 23rd. Lucky’s taken December 2nd. Seen at Humber Bay Park. First 6 are Darcy. Thanks for sharing Barbara

Grand Slam

November 22, 2020 - Toronto - Rogers Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Report from USA on Grand Slam produced at the Rogers Center and banded in 2018 was seen October 31st at CHITTENDEN COUNTY, VERMONT, USA He was trapped at a banding station and released. Another Canadian Survivor!

Report on Nino

November 10, 2020 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Just got a report that Nino 2020 hatch at Bloor and Islington was seen on October 12th at LORAIN COUNTY, OHIO, USA Desc: SANDY RIDGE RESERVATION

Marriott hatched at the Toronto Downtown Sheraton Hotel band 06 over AW still hanging out in the Oshawa area. See report below.

October 19, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

The falcon in the first three photos was in the south end of the Second Marsh near Lake Ontario and the other photos were taken in the southwest corner of McLaughlin Bay in Oshawa.

Rockette scoring a free meal

October 11, 2020 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marion Nash Reports:

Rockette Our 2020 Windsor Ambassador Bridge fledgling was captured Sunday October 11th by Bob Hall-Brooks and Chip Ogglesby at the Lake banding station at Holiday Beach. She was healthy and has gained 59 grams since banding. She was then released to continue her fall migration.


September 02, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) has posted a falconry proposal for public comment on the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO 019-1806). The proposal will expand the falconry wild take by eliminating the draw and adding goshawks.

They have already approved the take of one of the following species, Red Tailed hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, Sharp Shinned Hawk and Merlin by Ontario falconers.

CPF does not agree with the take of any wild raptor regardless of species status wildlife should not be taken from the wild for sport. If you feel the same as we do please, please make your opinion and comments know by responding to the OMNRF public comment registry before October 8th 2020 deadline.

Lets keep our wild birds of prey flying free as they were meant to be! please share this information to your friends.

You can read and respond to the proposal here: