One never knows is right!! And boy was it a fledge!!

July 26, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

What a day!  I arrived to find Mom, Dad but saw no baby on the ledge.  Hmm, sleeping like last night?  I sat to observe.  Mom & Dad weren’t worried- Dad even flew to nest ledge, looked down and popped down even-and out!  I sat below Mom-I put my bins on her and she was looking down at me lol. So I waited..but it didn’t feel right so I started making the rounds, checking the ledges, the grounds, shrubs , you name it.  And it was hot lol.  No sign.  I did that 3 or 4 times. Ugh.  It was almost noon now,I called Irma, she said she would be there in a flash. I headed out again, bins on ICICI west side, turned and there he was! On a rooftop of a house across the street! Called Irma back-found him! Called Bruce, who was on his way.  Thank goodness, as he started to fly from rooftop to rooftop to rooftop.  He finally flew back over to north side of the ICICI bldg-only 2 floors up.  Whew.  I was joined by Bruce & Irma and we were talking about old TV shows and we decided to call our little boy MacGyver! And his adventure wasn’t over!  Irma had just left, when people started pouring out of the building-fire alarm!!  Poor MacGyver-all those “aliens” and fire trucks and firemen!! He was a little startled at first but then just stretched and lay down lol!  He was a star!  Everyone was taking pictures and talking about him lol.  So, false alarm over, the “aliens” gone, he decided to fly back over to the roof tops! But he didn’t stay long and headed back to ICICI, round the back and ended up on the top of an evergreen tree!!  There he wobbled back and forth for  abit before heading over to the top of the parking garage!  And there he started to whine.  After a short bit, Mom came in with a bite to eat-I for one was surprised she fed him there but he was sure happy!  Mom and son had a lovely chat first before eating-so cute.  Mom sat on a light fixture in the middle of the parking garage rooftop while he ate.  She then flew over and sat near him, trying to convince him to fly.  No go.  Poor Mom & Dad, something alarmed them on the rooftop garage and they were screaming and diving at something!  It went on for quite some time and they were really rattled after that.  He stayed there for almost 4 hours and they were not happy about it.  Finally, at 8:20 he mustered up the courage to fly and he went over to ICICI, batted and slid down onto the 10th floor ledge, not a pretty landing but he made hight and did well.  Happy parents, happy fledge watchers-Irma & I were cheering-we even had a few people in the parking lot clapping!!! All in all, a good day!!

Its really late, I have a ton of pics from today..I have singled a bunch out-I usually pair them down but, well, I am too tired lol.  So here’s a bunch.  The adult in the pics is Mom Jenna!

Day One-food, more food and vultures!

July 25, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

The day started damp & cool, believe it or not. Our baby did not do too much other than whine for food ALL morning.  He did finally flap and hop abit in a little fit, so they gave in and fed him at noon.  Then it was a food coma for most of the afternoon–too hot for anything else!    Bruce gave me a break from the heat for a couple of hours and watched him sleep mostly–little bit of flapping but that was it lol.  Irma joined us at 5 and Bruce headed home.  Things were quiet, so we couldn’t believe it when Mom brought him MORE food around 530!!  We didn’t see him for the longest time and I guess Mom was wondering too as she flew over and into the nest–a few minutes later she emerged with food in beak, took it to 150 and ate !  We thought the little one hadn’t eaten until he popped up–with the hugest crop!!  He wasn’t up for long before down into the nest he went…and we did not see him again lol.  Two poor vultures made the wrong decision to try and travel thru-while Dad chased one off to the southeast, Mom took care of the other.  And that poor thing didn’t know which way to go and Mom sure smacked it down, a few times, until it figured out go east!!  And off it went to meet up with his buddy way off to go way, way around lol

As we were packing up to leave, Mom went over to check on her baby, or maybe just to say good night lol.  He still didn’t pop up lol. Think we all will be surprised if he goes tomorrow but one never knows…..

Quest update

July 24, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

On the way home from my spot checks at ICICI, I have been dropping by Harlequin to see if I could find anyone home. Yesterday, not a bird in sight.  So quiet :( .  This morning I found an adult peregrine on the Thales building(the only one around).  I didn’t think it was Quest, but I took some pics(he didn’t cooperate and show me his legs lol) and sent them off to Mark for confirmation.  Mark agreed.  A few hours later, Mark contacted me-Quest was on the cam, in the nestbox preening!  I hopped in the car and headed over.  And there she was!  And the unbanded male was still on the Thales building.  Unfortuanately, no juvies were seen :(

I snapped a few pics of Quest(she is so photogenic lol) and observed for a bit.  She started squeeing softly at first.  Then got a bit louder.  This went on for a bit-was she calling the kids?  The New Guy(NG)?  Finally she flew over to 240, first to Kendal’s corner, then to the SE corner of the building where a meal was waiting for her.  She called and NG answered, then she ate.  When she finished, she flew back to the nestbox and NG flew over and sat across from her on the Harlequin building.  Quest then started echuping, and NG called softly back.  So, I guess the courting has started!

The first 3 pics are of NG, the rest are Quest!

Someone finally popped up! Fledge watch about to begin!

July 23, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

I have been watching on and off for over a week for a peek at our chick and on Wednesday  he/she finally peeked out at the world!  As we only had one chick hatch this year, the MNR would not band a single chick, so we do not know the sex–yet.  We will have to go by observations, or if, at fledge time, the chick comes to ground.  On Friday the little guy finally got up the courage to hop up on the ledge and is now observing his bigger world.

Today he did more of the same, tho this evening after about an hour and a half Dad came home with dinner and that FINALLY got him moving!  Took a real hissy fit lol.  So Dad flew over, showed him his dinner and took it back over to Mom to prepare!  When Mom got it over to him, he hopped down into the nest ledge and reached up and grabbed it from her -hungry baby!  I then left him eating, and Mom & Dad watching him from the other building.

I’ll be back out tomorrow to check on things, with full fledge watch starting on Monday!  Let the fun begin :)

Feeding Time In Windsor

July 15, 2016 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marilyn Weller Reports:

One of our volunteers, Denis Dupuis, sent this link to a video clip of Voltaire, feeding Westview. In the perimeter, watching dinner time, is another of the young, Ariel.

Thank you, Denis, for this great clip!

Still Home and Napping

July 14, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Harry Crawford Reports:

Let sleeping birds lie.  Singleton is still at home and taking a nap in the incredible heat.  It is almost 3pm.

Mom and Son on Ledge

July 14, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Harry Crawford Reports:

Just before noon today, both Rhea Mae and Singleton appeared on the Sheraton nest ledge.

!!! Singleton Seen and Confirmed

July 13, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Harry Crawford Reports:

Before 8am, I spotted who I thought was Singleton, just south of the
Sheraton Centre.  I still couldn’t confirm it was him.  A bit later, he was
seen on an adjacent building with Tiago.  Rhea-Mae was on the Sheraton nest
ledge.  He spent nearly an hour in that location before taking off.  He
looks good.  I would still like to see how his landings are.

Singleton, has not been seen for a day

July 12, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

Singleton, the single hatch of Rhea Mae and Tiago, has not been positively seen for a day now.  Yesterday he was doing well, staying high with both Rhea Mae and Tiago in attendance. Evening of  July 11th, he was last seen high on a near by roof top and disappeared out of view.

Rhea Mae and Tiago, aren’t showing any indication that they don’t know where he is and are staying close to the Sheraton. He’s out there somewhere. Just have to wait till he pops his head up.

We’ll continue to watch for him.

Quest may have the kids hidden

July 11, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:


In a nutshell, eearily quiet. Since coming back to work I’ve so wanted to enjoy the usual aerial antics of juvies chasing and playing, but this year, nada. I read about poor Mac, and a new male in the vicinity (Bruce’s update), and of course wondered about the overall silence and lack of activity around the nest so far this summer. Last week I only really saw Quest from time to time at the nest. One day she spent most of the day there (surely that is unusual when she’d be guiding her four juvies in flight lessons etc? Or they’d be harassing her?) Thinking of previous years, it’s usually an awesome time not long after fledge, when you work so close to a nest site!

I heard affectionate chip chip sounds a couple of times. Last Monday, July 4th, I saw two falcons, one chasing the other between 225 and 220 buildings, and figured it was a juvie doing what they do (the only time I heard that screaming sound). Then I read Bruce’s update re Quest and a new male on the Westin Building, and wondered if it was Quest and her visitor (maybe she was chasing him away???)

Once, later in the week, the chip chip sounds alerted me to look over and I briefly saw two falcons at the nest, then one tucked inside as the other flew off. I wonder now if the new male was bringing Quest food, or trying to land got chased off…or if it was a juvie… Not sure it happened so fast. Have seen an occasional fast fly by and some aerial soaring above 240, and figure it’s probably Quest.

I decided to come in on Saturday to take advantage of the quiet, and walked all over the vicinity around 3pm. Came up to the 7th floor, and did a quick walk to look over to Thales and spotted a falcon right away, on the top north east corner ledge. Saw Quest in the nest box and on the nest ledge. My binocs couldn’t really make out the falcon clearly on the Thales building but I could swear the light picked up a pale enough chest that it had to be an adult. Quest was at the nest ledge for a very long time. Couldn’t see any other falcon (or hear them, again thinking how silent it was).

I decided to wait a bit and check again at around 5-5:30 as the late afternoons on these hot days are often quiet. Quest off somewhere. A peregrine once again on the east side of Thales so walked down Moatfield to get a closer look. Figured it was Quest from the markings. Watched her for a bit, then she took off suddenly, towards the nest building (over Bayview school and out of sight). Very soon after (as I thought I will walk around a bit) I heard the whiny keening sound, and another came in overhead to the very ledge that had just been occupied. Whoever it was looked like an adult (pale chest and heavily barred belly). The distance in from the ledge didn’t allow me to catch any sign of coloured leg tape, but it vocalized on the ledge for quite some time, then took off suddenly towards the ravine. I walked up Moatfield and all around the nest building again, and buildings next to it and couldn’t find anyone. So called it a day.

Re the male spotted at the Westin. Other than a possible visit last week, I haven’t seen another falcon at the nest at all (if he is still trying to move in). Perhaps Quest has the gang off somewhere safe. Fingers crossed. As I type on Monday morning, she’s on the nest ledge (alone).