Quest update

July 24, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

On the way home from my spot checks at ICICI, I have been dropping by Harlequin to see if I could find anyone home. Yesterday, not a bird in sight.  So quiet :( .  This morning I found an adult peregrine on the Thales building(the only one around).  I didn’t think it was Quest, but I took some pics(he didn’t cooperate and show me his legs lol) and sent them off to Mark for confirmation.  Mark agreed.  A few hours later, Mark contacted me-Quest was on the cam, in the nestbox preening!  I hopped in the car and headed over.  And there she was!  And the unbanded male was still on the Thales building.  Unfortuanately, no juvies were seen :(

I snapped a few pics of Quest(she is so photogenic lol) and observed for a bit.  She started squeeing softly at first.  Then got a bit louder.  This went on for a bit-was she calling the kids?  The New Guy(NG)?  Finally she flew over to 240, first to Kendal’s corner, then to the SE corner of the building where a meal was waiting for her.  She called and NG answered, then she ate.  When she finished, she flew back to the nestbox and NG flew over and sat across from her on the Harlequin building.  Quest then started echuping, and NG called softly back.  So, I guess the courting has started!

The first 3 pics are of NG, the rest are Quest!

Quest may have the kids hidden

July 11, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:


In a nutshell, eearily quiet. Since coming back to work I’ve so wanted to enjoy the usual aerial antics of juvies chasing and playing, but this year, nada. I read about poor Mac, and a new male in the vicinity (Bruce’s update), and of course wondered about the overall silence and lack of activity around the nest so far this summer. Last week I only really saw Quest from time to time at the nest. One day she spent most of the day there (surely that is unusual when she’d be guiding her four juvies in flight lessons etc? Or they’d be harassing her?) Thinking of previous years, it’s usually an awesome time not long after fledge, when you work so close to a nest site!

I heard affectionate chip chip sounds a couple of times. Last Monday, July 4th, I saw two falcons, one chasing the other between 225 and 220 buildings, and figured it was a juvie doing what they do (the only time I heard that screaming sound). Then I read Bruce’s update re Quest and a new male on the Westin Building, and wondered if it was Quest and her visitor (maybe she was chasing him away???)

Once, later in the week, the chip chip sounds alerted me to look over and I briefly saw two falcons at the nest, then one tucked inside as the other flew off. I wonder now if the new male was bringing Quest food, or trying to land got chased off…or if it was a juvie… Not sure it happened so fast. Have seen an occasional fast fly by and some aerial soaring above 240, and figure it’s probably Quest.

I decided to come in on Saturday to take advantage of the quiet, and walked all over the vicinity around 3pm. Came up to the 7th floor, and did a quick walk to look over to Thales and spotted a falcon right away, on the top north east corner ledge. Saw Quest in the nest box and on the nest ledge. My binocs couldn’t really make out the falcon clearly on the Thales building but I could swear the light picked up a pale enough chest that it had to be an adult. Quest was at the nest ledge for a very long time. Couldn’t see any other falcon (or hear them, again thinking how silent it was).

I decided to wait a bit and check again at around 5-5:30 as the late afternoons on these hot days are often quiet. Quest off somewhere. A peregrine once again on the east side of Thales so walked down Moatfield to get a closer look. Figured it was Quest from the markings. Watched her for a bit, then she took off suddenly, towards the nest building (over Bayview school and out of sight). Very soon after (as I thought I will walk around a bit) I heard the whiny keening sound, and another came in overhead to the very ledge that had just been occupied. Whoever it was looked like an adult (pale chest and heavily barred belly). The distance in from the ledge didn’t allow me to catch any sign of coloured leg tape, but it vocalized on the ledge for quite some time, then took off suddenly towards the ravine. I walked up Moatfield and all around the nest building again, and buildings next to it and couldn’t find anyone. So called it a day.

Re the male spotted at the Westin. Other than a possible visit last week, I haven’t seen another falcon at the nest at all (if he is still trying to move in). Perhaps Quest has the gang off somewhere safe. Fingers crossed. As I type on Monday morning, she’s on the nest ledge (alone).


Possible New Male at Duncan Mill Road

July 04, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Bruce Massey is at Duncan Mill Road right now with Quest on the Westin Hotel and she is not alone. An adult male has joined her and is perched on the opposite side. Quest is on the E of the Westin sign looking north while he sits and admires her. He is confirmed unbanded by scope view.

!!! Some terrible news,, Mac has had to be put-down as a result of his injuries! Quest is a single parent with four fledglings to raise,, again!!

June 28, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Mark Nash Reports:

June 28th - 2016
We have some terrible news to report about Mac,, the new resident adult male with Quest at the Duncan Mills nest site.

Sadly, we have just received a call from Lisa at the TWC that an adult peregrine with Red tape, banded with a Black Canadian Recovery band W over 78 was just received from the Toronto Animal Services moments ago after being picked up from the streets on Bayview Ave., with multiple bone breaks and fractures along with severe internal trauma. Black W over 78 turns out to be McKinney,, Quests mate!!

Unfortunately Mac, (McKinney) had to be put down, as there was absolutely no way of saving him given the extent of his injuries and internal trauma.

McKinney,, (or Mac as he was nick-named), was produced at the Don Mills and Eglinton nest site at the Amexon building in 2014. Mac re-appeared out of the blue late this season where he replaced the existing resident adult male (Sky) at the Duncan Mills nest site where Quest and Sky were already involved in full time incubation of four fertile eggs.

Incredibly, Mac, assisted Quest with both with her incubation duties of the four eggs, and then adopted the hatchlings and assisted with feeding and raising them as if they were his own!

We were all waiting and closely watching with baited breath to see if Mac would continue on with the role as a father. He proved himself and proceeded to both assist with the feeding of the four hatchlings and then carry on with the other parental duties throughout. He has in fact been flight training the four fledglings as we documented during the fledge watch several weeks ago!!

Sadly, it looks like Quest is now on her own once again to finish the flight training of her four fledglings and to teach them to hunt, (a role that is usually undertaken by the adult male).

We will be watching closely again to see if Quest will be able to keep up with the demands of her four fledglings again this season!

As you may recall, the same thing happened to poor Quest several seasons ago when her long standing mate “Kendal” was found injured and Quest was left to raise her four fledglings on her own for the balance of the season. Kendal was not able to be returned back to the wild given the severity of his injuries.

Quest was successful as a single parent that year, (although two years younger),, but there is no reason to believe that she should have any problems this time, so long as she herself stays out of the traffic and clear of the buildings!!!!

Ann checked in on the fledglings

June 20, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Ann Brokelman checked in on the chicks yesterday and found Marta and Jet on the Thales Building and saw Jet take a stoop and land on one of the ledges with food from Quest. Also saw one of the other boys on same building and heard another screaming for food further away.

Thanks for the update Ann

Photos to come so stay tuned.

All flying well now

June 14, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Now that the danger of grounding is over and all fledglings are keeping high we are winding down the watch to spot checks. We will still post any pictures and news anyone sends in.

A few pics from tonight

June 13, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

I dropped by Harlequin this morning but only saw two juvies flying by so I went back this evening and was very very happy to see all 4 hanging out at 240!  Achilles & Jet were together on the top ledge, with Geddy right below them and then our Marta one below that!!  Quest flew in and stirred them up.  She got Achilles & Jet off the ledge and the three of them did some great flying-esp. Quest-wow!  She was showing them a thing or two!!  Just amazing!

The first pic is Marta, then Achilles & Jet, then Geddy,and I had to show Marta snoozing(of course lol) then the boys again!

Marta Achilles & Jet Geddy Marta Achilles & Jet

All 4 high and safe

June 13, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Cathy Ker reported this evening all 4 on east side of 240 waiting on dinner, all is good!

2 more shots of Marta

June 13, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

For the Duncan Mill Rd. site followers

!!! Marta Found High And Safe!

June 12, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

June 12th - 2016
Not to much flying today with the strong wind gusts but the good news is that we found Marta!!

When we first arrived we found only one fledgling on the back upper ledge at 240 and had only one quick fly through by Quest. We could not hear any squawking when Quest flew through but there was a huge event with relay racing going on at the back parking lot of the Harlequin building with hundreds of children and adults and lots of noise so we likely could not have heard them anyway. We focused again on a massive ground search for Marta in the direction and area that we last saw her fly off too, but no luck.

With all the noise from the event the sound was bouncing off the buildings and echoing all over and Quest and her boys seemed to be keeping some distance or perhaps it was just too windy so Mark and I decided to go and get some breakfast and come back.

While we were eating Kathy and Irma came to help out and parched themselves in a spot beside Harlequin out of the worst of the wind to keep an eye on the nest building and 240.

Mark and I arrived shortly after and just as we did we saw Quest fly in and land on an upper ledge of the east side of 240 and join one of her chicks who ran over to her wings flapping with excitement. As soon as we parked I went over to have a look at who was on the ledge with her while Mark went over to talk to Kathy and Irma to get and give updates. I was not there for long when I saw Quest on yet another ledge the fledgling I had seen with her was still in the same spot and another fledgling was on a lower elevation.

I pulled out my camera hoping to get some shots of the leg bands on the 2 fledglings to get a band tape colour and see how we had there but again with the wind they were back from the edge and I just could not get a view of their bands. As I looked at both of them I could see that the one on the top ledge was larger than the one lower down so I was quite sure in my mind that it was Marta, if only I could get a look at that band!!!

I radioed over to Mark and the girls to let them know what I was seeing and Irma and Kathy came over to have a look with me bringing with them the spotting scope. We were not long together when Quest flew off her ledge past and got Marta up and moving and we were able to get a good look, It’s red shouted Irma she’s home!

I managed despite the gusty winds and my excitement to snap a quick picture and was able to confirm that yes it was indeed her. We stayed watching her for a short time until Quest came in and fed her and like Marta had always done before she ate and plopped down for a nap.

With Marta found and no more flying from anyone Kathy and Irma headed home and Mark and I closed off the day. There were a few flights by at least 2 of the boys over to the Tridel building and 1 short flight from Marta out half way to Tridel and then back to the upper ledge of 240.

By darkness, we had all four fledglings in view, all high and out of danger!!!