Canuck & Seven doing well!

July 13, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Spot check: Toronto/Don Mills/Old Harlequin: A little late posting these pics but I was by last week and saw both our juvies and parents, all doing great! Canuck was on his corner( :) ) when I got there. Food was brought in and Canuck got the goods! But before long, in swooped Seven and the chase was on! Canuck took it screaming from the roof of 235 over and around to the back of 240(Seven disappeared over the forest). He was only two over from the workmen working on the building He was not happy(the workmen enjoyed the show though!!) and didn’t stay long with his food and headed to the roof. But Seven didn’t leave him alone for long and chased him over to the back of the nest building. He landed but Seven chased him off. I watched this all–heart in mouth at times–such low chases, around buildings through hydro wires, screaming the whole time lol. But all was good and ended with two very pooped juvies. Fun to watch!

Spot checks find Canuck & Seven doing well!

July 06, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

SPOT CHECK: TORONTO/DON MILLS: I finally got a chance to check up on our family since June 25(I have included pictures from then as well). I only saw one juvie(may have been two but only saw one at a time) last night, no parents. They showed up around 9:10 pm, a little late for pictures but I did manage to snap a couple, I think I see a hint of white, so I am thinking I saw Seven! But I had reports from Ramesh, from security and a couple of gentlemen that were looking for them, that both juvies and one adult were seen on Sunday. So all good here! Just wayyyy too hot

Seven’s in the air again!

June 16, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Update Toronto/Don Mills: June 16 & 17-After Seven’s rescue Monday morning, she spent the rest of that day and most of the next, on the roof resting up. When I stopped by near dark yesterday, she was gone. Could not see anyone, except Quest who was sitting on the balcony railing, 8th floor of that horrible glass building. Oh no…she was sitting looking in. It is a concrete balcony so I could not see in but she could. Was Seven down there and if so was she ok? I left at dark. I was back early this morning to only find a parent on that same spot. Ugh. No one else around. So I proceeded to try and get into that building, which is locked down due to covid. I buzzed a company that I figured was open and bingo, a very nice lady answered and came down and let me in. Then I spoke to the great security explaining who I was and what I was looking for. As I was speaking to him, a very nice lady came in with her dog(isn’t that great she can bring him to work?!) and she was a big fan of our little family. So that helped! The unit that the balcony is one that is vacant so up we went to see what was up-thank goodness no juvie yayyy! Just Dad-looking at us lol. While I was in the building—everyone showed up!! There was Quest and a juvie on the nest building top ledge and a juvie was on Kendall’s corner!! I was thrilled. Down to get a positive ID- Seven was with Mom, Canuck was in Dad’s spot lol. So all good here-she’s flying again! Sally is going to check in on them tonight, can’t wait for her report!! Here are some of my pics from yesterday and this morning.

Seven needs a boost/Canuck takes on a turkey vulture….or tries

June 15, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

TORONTO/DON MILLS/OLD HARLEQUIN: With fledge watch over as both Canuck & Seven flying well, I was surprised with a call from Security that a bird was down. Nooo. I was over in 5 minutes to find our girl Seven in a bit of pickle herself. She was on the upper parking deck, right at the stairs ugh. But with help from Ramesh, I scooped her up. Quest was NOT happy–the noise–esp. when the carrier came out. But we always give them back Quest. She was back to the roof in no time. Bruce said that the kids were really revving it up the last couple of days and that Seven did have a brush with a window, fairly hard but had recovered. This does do something to their confidence and can take them a while to recover from that. And now she got scooped up by an alien!!! I checked back on her in the late afternoon and was joined by Sally. We watched her get fed on the roof ledge, hop up and down from that ledge, wingersize and run along the roof. All good signs. She was joined by her brother for a bit as well. I hope to see lots of great flights from her in the next few days. I did see Canuck in action-chasing Dad, having fun playing with his Dad. And as Dad started alarm calling, so did he, off went Dad after a turkey vulture, then Canuck! Then Mom went after them-and sent Canuck home lol. What a crazy Canuck! Glad to see him doing so well. So the official watch is over for 2020 here. Sally and I will be doing lots of visits to check in on our little family here. Thanks to Sally, Bob & Bruce for all their time and help. Thanks so much to the security and staff at 220. Couldn’t have done it without them all. And great job Mom & Dad, our Quest & Mystery–what a great pair!

We have lost our sweet Hope

June 14, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Absolutely heartbreaking news-on her second flight this morning, our beautiful Hope hit an unmerciful glass building and was killed instantly. Bruce saw her first flight, which she kept height and landed on 240, second ledge from the top. He missed her second one, but saw Quest and Mystery on the pink building at the back, looking down and went around to find her . Quest flew low over her baby and away.

I have put together a few pics of her, plus the last pictures I took on Saturday morning when I stopped by.

Fly forever sweet one 

Seven is off and flying high!

June 11, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

DAY 7 FLEDGE WATCH: TORONTO/DON MILLS/OLD HARLEQUIN: Seven of Nine has fledged!! And she stayed up–well done Seven. I started the day very early, releasing Canuck up on the roof at 6am. He was out of the crate like a shot and up onto the roof ledge. Mom joined him immediately-happy to see her boy! I went home. Carolyn reported about an hour later that Canuck was back on the nest ledge-loves his sisters.They love hanging out together and today was no different. When they went down for their afternoon siesta, Bob arrived so I headed over to ICICI for a hour or so. When I came back, Canuck was off flying, enjoying his freedom. He flew back into the nest an hour or so later. Bob left for a bit and I enjoyed watching the three. Suddenly Canuck spotted Dad, I think, and was off like a shot to the building across the street-roof no problem. I was watching Seven as she was getting antsy-and she was off-came straight at me, then banked to her right, over the field, just like Canuck’s first flight. Then she started back, then turned and went back, then turned back, gaining height and tried for the roof of 225, missed, fell, hit a couple ledges, recovered and was off around the back of the building! I lost sight of her. I waited a minute to see if she would come around, nope, so I walked around to see if she too came down at the back. Nope, around I walked , almost to the street when she came from behind me(maybe had been on the next building?). She was high and gaining, and easily made the rooftop of the nest building!! Landing was really wonky, but way to go Seven!! Well done. A minute later, out came a juvie off the roof-Seven? Where was she going?? Trying for the nest ledge but missing and landing very wonky two over. Then flew and landed one down and a few over, terrible landing. But wait, up popped a juvie on the roof–ahhh that made sense now! She was still up there, this was Canuck–fighting the wind! lol . Silly juvie. I was joined by Sally and we watched Canuck join Seven a minute later on the roof, congratulating her I think. Mom thought so too, and brought a big package for the both of them and beak fed them both on the roof. Lovely. Hope was NOT happy at all but it inspired her to jump to the top of the nest box-so that is another box ticked for her! We watched Canuck do some amazing flying, which was great! Then Seven decided she wanted to go back to the nest ledge and left the roof to try but was knocked off course by her pesky brother, wanting to play! Not on her first flights buddy!! She landed instead on the east side, top ledge of the nest building. And then proceeded to ledge walk and squeezed across the pillars, all the way home!! There was lovely greeting by Hope and Canuck joined them a minute later. And there they stayed the rest of the evening, hanging out together. And there we left them at the end of the night. This was my last day of watch at this site-I now turn my attention to the three at ICICI. But Bruce will be watching over them the next few days, so I leave them in very good hands. I will miss seeing Hope’s first flight, and the other two cuties. Its been lots of fun-I always enjoy Quest’s kids. I will be doing spot checks, so I look forward to seeing them fly! Safe flying little ones . Cathy

Crazy Canuck comes down again!

June 10, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

DAY 6 FLEDGE WATCH TORONTO/DON MILLS/OLD HARLEQUIN: Well, the day started out well–Carolyn opened the watch and reported that Canuck flew to 225(across the street) and got well fed by a parent! The girls were not happy lol. I went over to check on ICICI and came back to watch for a few hours. Canuck flew back onto the nest ledge, the girls got fed and it was HOT. So things slowed down, and finally Quest came in for the afternoon siesta. So I headed back over to ICICI to check on the family there. I was there for just over an hour when Carolyn called: we had a bird down! I headed right over and found Carolyn watching over….CANUCK! What the heck Canuck-he had been flying so well. Carolyn had just stepped off the bus, when she saw him flying a bit low so watched. He tried for 225, missed, headed for the nest ledge, missed, and then went across to the copper glass building where he batted, clung by a talon to the flat glass for quite a bit, before falling down, into a small tree(very small) and then to the ground. Carolyn caught up to see him head off, low across,and around to the back of the nest building and land on the back “porch”. Which has a glass railing around the porch and building. Well, he managed to fly up and over(well done!) but by now he had run out of steam. Too hot, humid out-he should have listened to his Mom and stayed put for the afternoon siesta! He landed on the curb at the very back of the building, which runs along the FOREST!! Noooo. At least he stopped there. So there I found him, and Carolyn. He was panting poor thing. Now, I wasn’t going to try and rescue him on my own and send him into that forest, no way. Since Marion & Mark were on their way anyways, I called and told them the situation and waited for them. When they got there, Carolyn had to head back to work–thanks again to her for staying with our boy and letting me know where he was and what had happened!! So now , rescue was on! Mark went into the forest and came up on him from behind, while Marion & I distracted him. He caught sight of Mark just as he got there, he jumped onto the grating in front of him–and stopped–ick what was this?? And Mark netted him(Marion was a second behind with the towel lol). Mark gently got him out of the net and we got him into the crate–he was NOT happy but he was ok. By now, the wind had whipped up incredibly and we are under severe thunderstorm watch for tonight. So the decision was made to wait and release him on the roof first thing in the morning. I will release him at dawn to a very happy Mom & Dad. The rest of the day was very uneventful as it was so windy and so very very hot, the girls just hung around, thank goodness. Sally, Don & Bob joined us to finish out the watch. Glad the heat will be gone tomorrow-our Crazy Canuck will be home and maybe Seven will fly!! I have put the rescue photos first 


June 09, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

DAY 5 FLEDGE WATCH:  What a great day!! Our boy made it home-yayyyyy!! I arrived to a quiet nest, girls hanging out(Seven was proud of herself, getting up onto the nestbox) and parents on their usual corners. Darn! No sign of him. I did a sweep around but no Canuck. So I drove up the street and started to drive in and around buildings, just in case. I stopped behind one low building and listened-tons of alarm calls by resident robins etc…could it be our boy? I got out and peered back into the forest–on a dead tree–a baby hawk! Not my baby…So I headed back to watch the girls. I hadn’t sat for long, when I heard that beautiful squee of a juvie coming from the area he had been last seen…did I really hear that–again, closer and Dad called back! OH YES!! I ran, going toward that beautiful sound-loud now. And there he was, on the building that he just missed before he went into the forest. ON THE ROOF! Whoohoo! I moved my chair where I could see him and the girls, but he didn’t stay there long-he flew over me to the rooftop of the building across from the nest! Way to go Canuck!! He chased Mom off, then whined at Dad–he was hungry lol. But he did not stop–he flew all over the place, sometimes landing at not so great a place but got himself out and about over and over again! It was fantastic! We called him our Crazy Canuck lol. His last flight took landed him, quite nicely, right in front of the nest box!! He truly was home. His sisters were very happy to see him. He spent the rest of this very, very hot day, resting with his family on the nest ledge. Seven is getting very close to fledging, Hope has a few days to go, unless an accidental fledge lol. A very good day!!  Thanks to Sally & Bob for helping out again!

Canuck fledges, unfortunately now missing

June 08, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

DAY 4 Fledge watch, Toronto/Don Mills/Old Harlequin: The day started out well, Canuck was really ramping it up-flying across the ledge, lots of action…he was ready. I spent the morning there, then headed over to check on ICICI when morning feeding was happening and afternoon siesta was beginning. Marion & Bob came for the afternoon. Marion texted me-Canuck had taken his first flight-out over the street, over a parking lot, turned and back over another street to the back of the building across from the nest building. He touched the glass, and came down. Marion & Bob rescued him and into the crate he went. I went over and we did a release on roof of the nest building. Mom & Dad were waiting and a happy reunion.He spent quite a while on the roof-it was getting late and he decided another flight was in order, except he changed his mind, tried to go back, missed and flew across the street and landed 3 floors up. Not a good place, no ledge. He clung there, trying to figure out what to do. He finally turned and flew. Straight at the nest building, but banked a 90 degrees and flew next door to a taller building. Touched the top, but couldn’t grab, fell, recovered and flew, out, over the top of trees, into the forest and out of sight. My heart sank. Not again! Not the way to end the day. Only good thing is that we think Dad sees him, he was calling him. That means he is alive and most likely in a tree. So hopefully, Dad will bring him home tomorrow…

Canuck stays put for another day!

June 07, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

DAY 4 Fledge watch Toronto/Don Mills/old Harlequin: The day started out promising, Canuck was really hopping(literally) and flying along the ledge. Seemed like all was good for a flight but Mom & Dad had other plans. They got fed and Mom stayed in the nest box with the kids pretty well all afternoon, which tends to keep the kids put. But Canuck did do one big boy thing-he hopped up onto the top of the nestbox, just like Mom does! Then there were many alarm calls and Mom & Dad were off like a shot and gone for quite a while. When they came back, it was late afternoon. And things were quiet. We did see a lovely fly in by both parents, in sync,(very cool) with food at the end of the evening. Their bedtime meal  . And after that , the three of them were huddled together at the nestbox, ready for bed lol. Tomorrow is another day…..