Quest and Mystery Guy are expecting!!!

March 26, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

I stopped by the nest site today to find Quest down on egg(s?) in the nest box!!  She peeked out very sweetly when her Guy came calling in with her dinner…lots of chatter between the loving couple.  We’ll know in a month or so how many for the pair this year!  Something wonderful to look forward to!

Quest & Mystery Guy enjoying the sun!!

February 29, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Update: Don Mills /Harlequin : I had to drop my hubby off at an appointment on Duncan Mills on Saturday, so I threw my camera in, just in case… And there they were, sunning themselves on the nest ledge!! Quest and (I am fairly sure) Mystery Guy❤️❤️. They look great!!! Looking forward to a great season

Doah on her way but some think she is going the wrong way

September 08, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Z70, from Duncan Mill Rd. was caught by some banders in Innisfil this morning. She weighed 1009 grams. Although she is north many of the females seem to head north then west ending up in places like Michigan while the boys head out across Lake Ontario.

Spot check finds all three flying great!!

June 30, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Spot check done Friday night late, all three flying well! Watched a few lovely flights and then Quest got them all settled on the Thales building for the night ❤️.

RZ Doha Matrix

Spot checks continue…All three doing great!!!

June 18, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Sally and I dropped by last night and saw all three sitting on 225 with a parent!  I drove by tonight, still hoping to see our missing girl, but sadly no sign of her :( …..BUT I did see all three juvies!  All staying high and hanging close together…just love it!!

Doha finally flies and it’s a beauty!!

June 16, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

I arrived early to find Doha right where I left her-on the pole!  And her brothers were watching over her too–so sweet! First RZ hopped off and flew over her and around the blue building and went and chased Dad off the corner of 225.  Then Matrix flew off and around her, almost like saying, here this is how you do it!!  He and his brother then flew off chasing and playing.  Sally joined me then.  We settled in, hoping it wouldn’t be an all day thing again!  The boys joined Doha on the wires, just for a moment(I grabbed my camera but RZ had flown off by the time I took the pic!)  They are adorable!!  I will let Sally report on the rest of our watch:

Sally reports:

I joined Cathy at 8:15 this morning, already knowing via Cathy’s text that DoHa was still on the hydro pole.
She assessed the buildings around her, and flew around 9am. An effortless flight, gaining altitude quickly and landing almost like a pro on the roof of the nest building. Cathy and I high-fived and did a happy dance lol.
We sat down and watched to see where she’d go next. Cathy had a feeling she’d fly east and make for 240 Duncan Mill Rd and that’s exactly what she did. Another fabulous flight! Now she could see Quest above her. A couple more fabulous flights (still landing on the same building after circling out and trying different spots to land). Her brothers flew over, and Cathy and I moved our chairs for a closer view.
She and her brother got fed, and after consulting with Marion it was decided we could move to spot checks. She is flying great! Spot checks will help us track her progress and hopefully she will be careful as her brothers show her their new locations and try and engage in aerial antics.
Finishing much earlier than we expected to, we took advantage of the time and did another drive around to various buildings and back parking lots, and all the areas that can be hard to access during a busy work day, checking for Bobak.  No luck.
Sundays are wonderful for fledge watching in the suburbs! Today was also the perfect day for DoHa to fly. No wind to battle.
Our relief at 3 flying well was boosted by news of the missing Sheraton chick, BonVoy. It renewed our hope that maybe, just maybe Bobak will appear very soon.
Cathy :
And now our watch has ended.  We will be doing spot checks to see how our family is doing.  I want to thank the building  management and security at 220 Duncan Mills for all their support…it makes for a much nicer watch with all their help!  I also want to thank the team-Sally, Lucie, Bob,Mark and Marion–these 3 juvies would not be flying and doing so well without our fledge watch team!!  This was a tough ending, we spent hours looking for Bobak  to no avail…it is always so hard losing one.  I still hold out some hope that she will find her way home, it has happened before!!  Fingers crossed..
Stay high little ones!!

Sally Reports

June 16, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Cathy, Lucie and I arrived at Quest and Mystery’s site to hear that “Red” aka DoHa had come to ground from where she’d spent the night. With Bob, Marion and I positioned with good views of the roof, Mark and Cathy took DoHa up to the 220 roof for release.

She appeared quite soon after, but didn’t really vocalize for a long time, and we didn’t see the parents for a while either. Eventually she called when seeing Quest, but no food brought over.

By this stage her brothers had spotted her, and did some fly overs, settling on the upper roof above her, before continuing with their crazy chasing games, not staying still for long. Super fliers! Mystery gets no peace and quiet now.

With so many theories of where Bobak could have ended up yesterday, Cathy and Lucie walked around the block to check out the lower buildings and shrubbery that we hadn’t had a chance to check the day before. Mystery was on a low building in the direction they walked, and as we’ve seen first-hand, the parents often reveal the location, so why was he hanging out in that spot… No discovery though so they walked back to where Bob and I were watching DoHa, as she’d turtle walked and flapped around the perimeter of the roof retaining wall.

As we grumbled that we might be in for another six or more hour roof watch, rain came through (not too heavy) and DoHa screamed across at her brothers being fed opposite her. We were happy to see Quest bring food over and feed her (a substantial feeding!). She ran and screamed after Quest for more food, but was eventually left alone on the roof for a while. RZee and Matrix flew to join her at some point and we enjoyed some beak kissing between DoHa and one of her brothers. So sweet.

Meandering back and forth then stopping to preen is DoHa’s speciality and sure enough, no flight attempt until 8:15pm! She flew over us, bumped 225, recovered and flew off around the side of 220 building, surprised us again with a returning flight over Valleybrook, then back again towards 220 but losing steam, landing on a hydro pole. Yikes. We had run to see where she might end up, and realized we’d turned the radios off and packed them away thinking she was going to stay put. SO, lesson for today was do not turn off the radios until it’s dark!

DoHa preened and attempted settle down on top of the pole, looking up at a few visits from her brothers, who watched her from a neighbouring building and kept flying over as if to coax her back to buildings with ledges (we noticed they flew in as if to redirect her. Good boys!) Nope, she discovered it’s quite nice to rest against a hydro pole insulator, and probably thinks it’s quite an upgrade from a low meagre parking light! This year, it’s “roof or bust” for this group. They haven’t been on the building ledges too often, but seem to favour all the roof tops or top balconies of the copper building. We’re hoping DoHa discovers that ledges are great fun tomorrow. No sign of the parents of siblings as we closed the watch with DoHa on the hydro pole.

Boback is MIA

June 14, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

DON MILLS UPDATE : DAY 7 fledge watch. Sally reports :

Today was a lovely day weather-wise, compared to yesterday! Surprisingly chilly though, because of the biting wind.
I arrived and immediately saw Quest up on her new favourite window sill, one on the nest box and another in the space between the nest box opening and the lip that partially obscures a content lump! Feeling good that I could confirm the two girls in on the ledge I grabbed the rescue carrier, and did a quick scan of the other roof tops and ledges from where I was sat. Nothing. No sign of Mystery, RZee or Matrix.
It was very, very quiet for quite a while. I thought that Bobak and DoHa must have been fed they were very content. I also thought Quest might be there to discourage the girls from flying as it was incredibly windy! I had to pack my camping chair away and hold onto my towel.
About an hour later it suddenly got very noisy. Mystery appeared, calling overhead flying west and was in a tussle of some sort with another peregrine, quite larger than himself. I hoped it wasn’t a female intruder, and rather a juvie chasing him for food and playing which we’ve seen already.
They disappeared behind the trees that hug the corner of Duncan Mill Rd and Valleybrook. The calling also stopped. All was quiet again.
Then a juvie came over 225 above me and attempted to land on the top ledge of 220, bumped the concrete wall of the ledge, rebounded out above me and then to the top ledge of 240. Might have had difficulty judging the landing because he was carrying a bit of food! Definitely something in his talons (could see a dangly bit lol). Probably couldn’t dislodge one food quickly enough to land. Shortly after though he flew to the roof of 240 and stayed there for quite some time before disappearing from my sight as I was back to focusing on the nest ledge.
Quest then took off around the east side of 225. Bobak and DoHa vocalized and DoHa flapped and ran back and forth on the ledge. She hugged the east corner of the nest ledge and a couple of times I thought she was going to slip and accidentally fledge. Then they were back together by the nest box. And Quest flew back in to her window sill (not with any food though).

There were quite a few alarm calls from Mystery and just before Mark and Marion joined me he took off westward.
Not too much happened and Cathy joined us at the front of 225 Duncan Mills Rd. We moved a little east to get a better view of both 240 and 220.
During the quiet period we suddenly noticed a flight. As we realized Quest was still on the window sill we exclaimed “juvie!” And as we realized this, she went out of sight behind those corner trees. Damn. Off we went to see if we could follow her flight. By the time we were at the south west corner she was out of sight. But, as we made plans for me to check the parking lot and area to the west of 220, with Cathy making for the back of 220 and Marion keeping watch on the corner across the street, we saw a fledgling flap flap flapping against the wind, not getting anywhere and coming to land on a parking light fixture. Hmmm, did the fledgling we had set off to follow land on a low ledge then continue to the light stand…OR…did her sister decide she didn’t want to be “abandoned” by her sister and set off to follow? OR did the fledgling get caught up in one of the crazy wind tunnels, whip around 220 and miraculously make it around to the light fixture (we came to realize this wasn’t so).
Now our main focus was on DoHa (we quickly established it was her from the red tape. Now it dawned on us that it was the larger, less active Bobak - with blue tape - who had flown off low!). At this stage we continued to hope that maybe, just maybe, Bobak had stayed in her usual pancaked position on the ledge, one reason being Quest didn’t immediately set off after her daughters. She stayed on the window sill, not bothered at all by what had just happened. She did eventually fly off around the east side of 225.
We divided up the radio walkie talkies, in case she took flight and we had to split up. But nope, she hopped about back and forth on the light fixture for oh, just about six and a half hours!
Some lovely flights from the boys and parents, the parents also circling and circling, over the Betty Sutherland Trail and surrounding woodland, then east, west and south. It didn’t really give us much comfort to see this.
Lucie arrived and Cathy did a through walkabout, especially the car park and exit driveway to the west of 220.
Lucie walking into the ravine to check the trees, and I found a path that hugged the tree line between the messy construction zone at the back of 220 and 240 and the ravine. We figured we had enough watchers to do check the trees and scrub, in case she’d come to ground and was keeping quiet with all the human activity going on, and noise of jack hammers and what not.
Lucie explored the trail path for quite some time, and Marion also explored the area between 220/240 and the ravine, as that was the direction the parents were frequenting with their search.
Trying not to feel to anxious about Bobak we concentrated on DoHa. And finally, FINALLY she took off east then around between 225 and the copper building. Cathy followed, Lucie saw where she went and radioed to tell us where she’d landed. We repositioned with her in view. She entertained us on the balcony railing of the building, by head butting the opaque, mirrored glass window and tumbling down into the balcony. Soon after the hopped up onto the railing again, and then attempted to get onto the outside ledge of the balcony. She almost fell but did a parrot trick by catching herself with her beak and flapping and scrambling back up the outer balcony ledge.
Cathy and Lucie walked to try and account for the male juvies. They alerted us to the parents both flying south east over Moatfield Drive, to settle on the Thales building. We mused on this choice of where to settle (it was now dusk) and wondered if they had found Bobak, or heard her calling. We are full of hope that she is OK and will appear over the next day or two.

Cathy and Lucie had also found where the male juries were, and we closed the watch with DoHa on the balcony wall of where she’d flown, and one parent on the north side of Thales.



2 boys flying well, 2 girls still ledge potatoes

June 13, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:


FROM CATHY: I arrived on this wet wet day to find our ledge potatoes right were we left them last night! I saw some flying over 240 as I was driving up so knew the boys were ok. I hadn’t even gotten out of the car when Quest flew into the nest ledge with a big package for the girls! Big rain was coming and I guess she wanted to keep them there… She stuffed them lol. I just sat and watched them… Knew they weren’t going anywhere soon! Lucie joined me a bit later and we set up, ready for the rain. Found both boys on the roof (Lucie got some great pics-helped identifying them!). Dad got them some food as well… He especially worked at keeping RZ on site! And then it poured…. Everyone stayed put. Good job Mom and Dad! Sally joined us as the rain took a break for a bit. And then repeat… Thunderstorm was on its way and Mom and Dad did the same thing, fed everyone to keep them put and then took cover! Bob joined us at this point and we enjoyed (?) the storm! It was over fairly quickly thank goodness… Just before I left (early tonight

Matrix comes down!!

June 12, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

DAY 5 FLEDGE WATCH! Wow, what a day it’s been!! When I drove up, I saw Matrix ledge hopping and girls on the nest ledge. I parked, got my stuff out of the car, went to set up and Matrix wasn’t on the ledge. I thought I saw three on the ledge, and as I was on my own, I set up and settled in. And that sinking feeling started… I only saw two. For heavens sake, these sneaky juvies!! I waited for Lucie to arrive, as I didn’t want to lose sight of the girls (man, I shouldn’t have worried, those ledge potatoes, as Marion calls them lol). As soon as Lucie arrived, I was off to check. No sooner had I left and Lucie was calling, a nice lady from the building advised her that there was a bird on a car in the parking lot! We headed back and sure enough, there he was! Not happy to see us though!! He took off through the parking lot to next door, gained a bit of height but brushed the glass building and came down! We ran over and I headed for where I saw him last, didn’t see him. I asked a very nice girl who was there if she had seen him and yes she did, he hadn’t flown out. We walked back and there he was, UNDER A CAR! My first such rescue lol. Got him out and into the carrier. He spent some time beside us. Bob joined us later. We watched the ledge potatoes lol. I had seen RZ earlier in the morning, he flew in chasing Dad, then circled around, went and saw his Mom and then headed east again. Doing great! Then it was time for Bob and I to put Matrix on the roof! It went well and he was up on the retaining wall in no time! He went to the back of the building, popped down and was gone! Ugh. Sneaky. Well no worries, he popped up on the next door rooftop with RZ!!!! Boys are back together!! It was lovely to see them! Mom and Dad were too and they were rewarded with food! After that, there were more rooftop flights and the night closed out with the boys up high and the girls on the ledge! It was a great day! Sorry for the long post but it was fun!! Lots of rain expected tomorrow, so the girls may just wait another day… We will see!