!!! Kitchener CTV / Bell tower update - 4 eggs!!

April 02, 2019 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Marion Nash Reports:

April 2nd - 2019
A further update today from our friends at the Kitchener CTV studio, as they have confirmed that there is 4 eggs in the nest box!

!!! Kitchener CTV / Bell tower - peregrines back in the CPF nest box…. eggs eggs eggs!!!!!

March 29, 2019 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Marion Nash Reports:

March 29th - 2019

We have just received some great news from our friends at the Kitchener CTV studio…

A delightful surprise and very good news indeed has just arrived via e-mail late this afternoon that the Kitchener peregrines have once again returned to the Kitchener CTV / Bell tower and the CPF nest box and it has been confirmed that the peregrines are currently down hard involved in FULL TIME INCUBATION duties on eggs!!

Sadly, we are unable to tell you “who” is nesting in the nest box, (but they are peregrines),, as we have no idea as yet on any band identification of the birds there… but time will soon tell….. :-)
The challenge is on……

We have been running afield for the past two weeks and a little slow to get back into the CPF office to pick up e-mail, thus a little late in getting this news posted (along with all of the other 2019 updates we’ve got so far)….. BUT we are slowly getting there…… There is allot of running around!

We are waiting for confirmation from CTV Kitchener if they will be running the nest camera live again this season…..
Stay tuned,, more updates to follow……….

Nest site Summary of 2018

September 05, 2018 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Marion Nash Reports:

I know you have all missed keeping track of your local peregrine families but there is good news.

We now have someone to help with the web site and can post all the latest news.

Here is a quick summery of the 2018 nesting season, banding events and fledge watch. If you notice that I have not posted any information about the Bloor and Islington nest site it is because the nest failed this year. O’Connor the adult female has been replaced by a new female who although did lay eggs they did failed to hatch. We are not sure if O’Connor was killed by the new female in a territorial battle or if she has moved to an as of yet unknown location, hopefully the later is true.

Fledge Watch
although the fledge watchers were kept very busy by the fledglings and preformed many rescues we are happy to say that of the 41 chicks banded this season there were only 4 lost and 1 injured.

1 of the chicks lost produced at the Burlington Bridge nest was very sick with Trichominiasis a protozoan infection too advanced to save and who passed during extraction from nest.

The Second loss was Gigi from the Mississauga MEC nest site who unfortunately hit a window and died on impact.

The 3rd was Sun from the Toronto Downtown Sheraton Hotel nest who had gone missing for over a week and although our watchers made a tremendous effort to find him they began to expect by the end of the week that he passed. Unfortunately he was later found dehydrated and starving he was taken into rehab but passed same day.

I also got a report yesterday that one of the fledglings from 220 Duncan Mill Rd. Was found over the September long weekend in Hamilton with an injured wing. It turns out it is Loki identified by his band number X over 85. x-rays have been taken and shows a broken wrist so we are waiting on a report from the vet to see if this break is operable.

One other injury happened this year to the Adult male Lucifer in Kitchener at the CTV nest site and has been in rehab. Lucifer had a broken with that was operated on and he is now in flight pen to work the wing, His mate Mystery managed to keep her 4 chicks fed and protected but this is where the 4th loss comes in one of the chicks hopped off the nest box onto the tower where he spent a day or 2 and disappeared he was never found on the ground so we assume he was grabbed by and owl during the night. Hopefully all goes well for Lucifer and he will be released back to his mate soon.

Banding Events 2018

We are looking for funding to buy bands for next year as the Federal government is not longer supplying them to the Provinces and the Province of Ontario did not budget for them. If you are interested in supporting the banding program and help protect our Ontario produced falcon chicks please kindy make a donation to The Canadian Peregrine Foundation. You can send a cheque to the foundation at 25 Crouse Rd. Suite 20 Toronto, Ontario M1R 5P8 or go on line and click our donation button on the front page of the web site at www.peregrine-foundation.ca Canada Helps.

This year there were several unhatched eggs and most of the chicks hatched were male. The weights at banding age for most of the chicks was also low compared to pervious years.

May 22nd 2018
Mississauga MEC

band Z21

William Osler Hospital

band X14

May 23rd 2018
Windsor Ambassador Bridge

band Y59

May 24th 2018
Hamilton Sheraton Hotel


band Y51

band Y52

band Y60

May 25th 2018
Oshawa Lakeridge Hospital

band Z22

Burlington Lift Bridge

band Y61

band X13

May 29th 2018
220 Duncan Mill Rd.

Male- Thor
band X83

band X84

Male- Loki
band X85

Male- Velcro
band X87

June 5th 2018
Canada Square

band X95

band X97

band R14

June 5th 2018
Rogers Centre

band Z23

Male-Grand Slam
Band Z24

Band X94

June 5th 2018
Toronto Downtown Sheraton Hotel

Male- Geoff
Band X15

Band X92

Band X93

June 6th

OPG Pickering

Female- Millidarry
Band Z25

Band Z26

Male- Chadwick
Band R15

Band Z27

June 6th 2018
Scarborough Yellow Pages

Band R16

Band Z67

June 8th 2018
ADM Mills Port Colborne

Female- Mongolia
Band Z59

Band X03

Male- Macaroon
Band X07

female-Red Velvet
Band Z63

June 20th
Mount Sinai Hospital

Male-Chase ( banded when rescued during fledge)
Band X05

2 other chicks not banded ( believed to be male)

June 27th 2018
Don Mills Amazon

Male-Professor X
Band X04

Female- Chalaza
Band- Z38

June 28th 2018
Kitchener CATV Tower

Band Z39

Female- Sadie
Band Z40

Band X12

Band W92

There were also 2 Quarry sites that produced chicks as did the Mississauga CRH Cement plant but due to bad logistics this year we were unable to get the age of the chicks in time to band. Hopefully we will get the information a bit quicker next year and if we are able to raise the funds needed to continue to band your chicks.

I will post some photos soon

Aerial antics!

June 19, 2016 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

At 10:10 a.m., Heather was on the watch and the juveniles were flying everywhere! They are flying really well now, getting good heights, soaring and swooping around together with lots of acrobatics. By 10:20, they all settled down except for one juvenile who flew back and forth, from the CTV tower, to the hospital and to the Kings Tower. At 10:45, the entire family were in sight – the juveniles on the CTV tower and the adults on the Kings Tower antenna. At 10:55, a juvenile flew to Kings Tower and circled a few times. One of the adults joined it and they flew over to the hospital together. The juvenile landed on the antenna while a parent circled above, and then flew back to Kings Tower where the second adult was perched on the antenna above. At 11:05, the adult flew back over Kings Tower, the juvenile took flight to follow and ended up back at CTV. They vocalized to each other off and on. At 11:18 it’s getting hot out and one juvenile laid down on the edge of the top platform with its wing hanging over the edge, tired from all the flying! Two others were preening and the fourth was laying down too. At 11:30, all juveniles were at the top of CTV tower – three on the top platform and one just above perched on the railing.

Mike and Elaine were on the watch at 4:00 p.m. and at first only located one juvenile on the upper platform of the CTV tower. At 4:15 they discovered a dead gull on the top of the hospital parking garage. One of the adults was sighted on the Sun Life tower at 4:25. Ten minutes later, a food package was dropped off at the upper platform of the CTV tower. All four juveniles were on that level. At 6:05, Tenor flew to the hospital tower. Five minutes later, another juvenile flew from the CTV tower and engaged Tenor in some aerial acrobatics. The remaining two took flight and all four were in the air, flying from tower to tower and building to building! At 6:20, only three of the juveniles were accounted for. One had flown over the hospital parking garage. Mike went to check it out and found the missing juvenile eating the dead gull on the top floor of parking garage! At 6:30, Susie arrived to join Mike and Elaine on the top floor of the garage to observe three of the juveniles taking turns eating the gull only 40 feet away!! The first juvenile ate more than half of the gull, then regurgitated some of the meal before flying back to the CTV. Ziegler was seen feeding one of her siblings!

Sheldon and I arrived shortly after 8:00 p.m. to join Susie on the watch. At one point, there were falcons flying everywhere and one falcon flew off really low towards Waterloo and we lost sight of it around the lower office buildings. We were going to go off on the hunt for it just in case it went down, however all kids and one adult were accounted for about 20 minutes later. Two were on the top platform, one was beside the nest box and the fourth was on the girders on the north side under the nest box platform. Sheldon and I went to the garage roof to inspect the gull carcass and a few minutes later one of the adults quickly moved in to escort us away from their dinner! At 9:00 p.m. it quieted down, one of the kids was laying down on the ledge of the nest box under the light of the moon. All were safe and accounted for at various levels as we left the watch.

Photos courtesy of Heather Buerkle

Spectacular flying!

June 18, 2016 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

It was a noisy morning at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday when Janice was on the watch. Two of the juveniles were on the top of the CTV tower and one was‎ on the antenna at Kings Tower with a parent looking on. Lots of vocalizations were coming from the top of the CTV tower. At 7:00, the juvenile on the Kings Tower antenna flew back to sit beside one of it’s siblings. At 7:25, the fourth juvenile was located on the Kings Tower roof on the Central Fresh Market side. It was quiet until 7:45 when another juvenile flew to Kings Tower. The one left behind called to the others. A few minutes later, the one on the far side of Kings Tower flew to join it’s sibling and they had a lot to say to each other. The adult still looked on from the antenna. At 7:55, it was non stop vocalizing from the two on the CTV tower. At 8:05 one of the juveniles on Kings Tower flew to the front of the building and the other perched lower down on the antenna. The two juveniles on the CTV tower didn’t move the entire time. It got quiet for a few minutes and then the wing flapping and vocalizing started up again.

At 9:00 a.m., two of the juveniles perched on the top scaffolding on the CTV tower and two were still on Kings Tower. A food drop came in at 9:15 and one juvenile flew back from Kings Tower to CTV to squabble with it’s siblings. Martha and I were on the watch at 10:15. Three juveniles were on the top platform on the west side and an adult was on the north railing on the nest box platform as two vultures sailed by.

At 10:20, one of the juveniles took off at lightening speed and flew all the way to the Sun Life building, where he met up with one of the adults with a pigeon in tow! There was a spectacular display of teasing and taunting from the adult to the juvenile as they flew back towards the hospital, twisting and turning through the air with the pigeon. They then moved overtop of the CTV rooftop and all four juveniles were in the air flying every which way while trying to get the pigeon! Unfortunately, the pigeon dropped to the rooftop and they all flew back to their respective perches. At 10:40, an osprey flew by and was immediately escorted out of the area by one of the adults. The adult landed on the hospital antenna while the kids vocalized loudly! Shortly after 11:00 one juvenile circled around the CTV tower but misjudged the landing and headed to Kings Towers, landed there and jumped down to the rooftop and out of sight. It quieted down after that with at least three on the top platform of the CTV tower. Rudy and Michael were watching in the afternoon. At 2:30 a pigeon was brought in to the top of the tower. A great blue heron flew overtop of the nest site really high up. At 8:45, there were a few nice flights over to the Kings Tower antenna, one over to the hospital antenna to join an adult and back. Three were on the top of the CTV platform at the end of the watch.

Photos courtesy of Heather Buerkle & Michael Hilborn

Tumble time!

June 17, 2016 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

Just before 7:00 p.m., three of the juveniles were on the furthest corner of the Kings Tower roof with the fourth vocalizing from the upper platform of the CTV tower. Mystery does two successive flybys at 7:05. One of the juveniles headed back to Kings Tower at 7:10, fumbles the landing on the roof edge facing King Street, tumbles, striking the upper railing of the 2nd apartment from the top and lands on the balcony of the 3rd apartment from the top (to the right of the blue box & under the window air conditioner)!! The juvenile walked around the balcony and attempted to squeeze through the vertical rungs but decides to go under the lower railing, takes flight easily and successfully flies back to the CTV tower. Whew!

During this performance, number three flies back to the CTV Tower from the Kings Tower roof. At 7:30, Mystery returns with a bird from the direction of the hospital lands on the top of the microwave dish. Two juveniles were on the top of the dish and two on the top platform. It was crowded on top of the dish! One of the juveniles started to slide down the convex side of the dish, fell off, recovers and circles around to the back of the tower and lands on the upper platform. Mystery stayed with the remaining youngster on top of the dish and a flurry of feathers descends from the dish as the meal was prepared. At 7:45, Mystery leaves with what is left of the bird, circles and landed with it on the upper platform to the delight of the other 3 fledglings! At 7:55, Mystery flies to the hospital tower. After a couple of walkabouts, all four youngsters are accounted for on the upper platform silhouetted against the sun at 8:10 p.m. while Mystery keeps an eye on them from the hospital antenna.

Photos courtesy of Don Thomas & Heather Buerkle from June 14.

Hope Mystery

!!! Casper’s flying high !!!

June 17, 2016 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

At 6:05 this morning, two of the juveniles were located in the nest box. The third finally popped its head up over at Kings Tower while Mystery perched on the small tower in the CTV parking lot. Casper’s release was scheduled for 9:30 and was looking feisty and bright when she arrived in the carrier. At 9:45, Mystery brought in some food. Tenor and Ziegler were feeding on the very top of the CTV tower while Hope hopped around the nestbox platform trying to figure out how to get up top for breakfast. She flew up to the railing adjacent to the nestbox and sat there for a little bit. At 10:05, she flew off the tower and circled around the tower. Hope took two more flights one with one of the parents. Casper (Photo 3) was released on top of Kings Towers right around the same time. She hopped up on the north ledge close to the middle of the tower. She wasn’t up there for very long before she lifted off, swooped down a little and flew in the direction of the hospital parking garage, circled around the tower. She had nice height and landed gracefully on the very top of the CTV tower!! A smooth release and beautiful flight!!

At 10:45, Hope (Photo 4) still on the nestbox platform flew up to one of the wifi antennas but was awkwardly perched there and soon lifted off and flew around CTV and directly over the top but wasn’t able to negotiate a landing as she soared over the top. She flew over to Kings Towers and landed halfway done on the antenna there. One of the adults flew off and joined the other adult and Hope at Kings Towers. At 10:50, Casper (Photo 5) flew in with a small food drop on the top of the CTV tower. One of the young ones, grabbed it and ran into the centre of the tower to feed. Caster landed on one of the wifi antennas on the east side of the tower underneath the nestbox.

Shortly after 3:00, both Mystery and Caster flew by the CTV tower trying to entice the young ones off the top platform. They were visible from the Pine Street side of the tower. Then they move over to side facing Grand River Hospital. It was a hot 30 degrees Celsius and the kids were all staying put. Mystery flew by again but there were no food drops. One of the adults came in at 5:30 and made a food drop to all four who were on the top level of the CTV tower.

Photos courtesy of Tony Bergauer and Karen von Knobloch

Casper Casper Casper Hope Caster

!!! What a day! Casper fledges & is rescued !!!

June 16, 2016 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

Tony was the sole fledgewatcher at the start of the watch at 6:15. To the relief of the fledgewatch team this morning, all four juveniles were accounted for. At one point three out of four juveniles were in flight. It’s next to impossible for one volunteer to keep track of these teenagers!! The fourth was found on a hydro pole on King Street just north of the CTV tower. Tony went back to his car to grab a towel just in case he needed to rescue a grounded bird. By the time he got back the fourth had left the hydro pole. By 6:35, all were accounted for. Two on the tower on the East side and to on Kings Towers. At 7:10, they were all in about the same positions. Zielger (red tape), was positively identified on top of the microwave dish. She’s the only one with coloured tape on her silver band, which makes it much harder for the team to id these birds.

Shortly after 9:00, Karen, Michael, Martha and David had arrived as it was going to be a busy fledgewatch! The conditions were challenging being both windy and warm today. The team scoured the area and all four fledglings were found and there were many flights! Even with all the volunteers on the ground, it became a blur of birds all whizzing around. Tenor took a nice flight at 10 a.m. from the CTV tower towards the hospital and back to CTV (Photo 1). Ziegler had a bit of trouble with a Kings Tower landing and flew back to successfully land on top of the microwave dish at CTV. One of the adults came in for a food drop for the two youngsters on top of Kings Towers. Tenor and Ziegler (Photo 2) spent a lot of time on Kings Towers keeping Hope company.

Mom and Dad did a few fly bys and circles supervising the youngsters. At one point, Mystery took off to the Sun Life tower to hassle a maintenance worker on the top of the building and swooped in fairly close at times. Mystery came in and landed at the opposite end of Kings Towers on the King Street side and jumped down on the roof and picked up some food remnants and then flew off and tried to entice the kids to follow her (Photo 3). She dropped the meal and it fluttered to the ground.

Casper, who finally fledged from the nest box, was on the 2nd level from the ground of the Bell Media tower and stayed put there all morning (Photo 4). Around 11:30 she started moving around the platform she was on and made way as if to take off but decided against. At 12:45 Casper launched herself off of the platform and up King Street. She tried to land on a lamp post but failed and circled back towards CTV but she was flying low and out of sight! Kim and Karen were pretty certain she ended up on the ground and quickly grabbed their rescue gear and headed over to search for her. They searched Pine Street, up and down the streets and parking lots but couldn’t find her anywhere. They decided to go back and search the CTV parking lot.

Karen heard a flutter and went behind CTV and Casper appeared like a ghost about 40 feet in front of her in the middle of the parking lot! She flew a few times low to the ground behind the CTV building and was even dive bombed by a crow twice!! Kim and Karen tried to get her to move towards the fence, Kim went and grabbed the carrier and came back from the other direction while Karen proceeded to move slowly closer while waving the towel close to the ground. The crow came in for dive bomb over Casper which made her freeze. Karen was now only 10 feet from her! Casper let her approach and Karen successfully toweled her as Kim came in with the carrier and into the carrier she went!!! She was taken into CTV for some quiet time and hydration. Rudy was consulted and arrangements were made with CTV to release her from the top of Kings Towers at around 3:00 pm. The wind was so strong on the rooftop the team decided it was in Casper’s best interest to wait until tomorrow morning for her release which is planned for 9:30 a.m. 

Hope is flying well since yesterday’s release. at 2:10 p.m. she came in for a landing at the top of the CTV tower (Photo 5) and Mystery flew by at 3:10 p.m. (Photo 6). Glenn and Barb arrived to take over the the afternoon shift. At 4:55, two of the kids were on the top of the CTV tower, one was on the nest box. Shortly after one and then the other flew down from the top into the nestbox. At 5:05, Mystery brought in dinner and circled the nest box, two times teasing the kids and on the second pass dropped dinner into the nest box. Tenor had to wait while Hope and Ziegler greedily tucked into supper but finally grabbed a morsel from his sisters. Mystery flew south into the gusty winds and could be seen far off towards mid-town and circled back overtop of Mount Hope Cemetery. At 5:20, one of the adults was back on the hospital tower. At 5:30, Mystery chased a small raptor out over the CTV tower and landed on top and perched on the upper rail until 5:45 when she flew off back towards Sun Life. The three juveniles remained in the nest box. A little after 6:00 Mystery flew to the hospital antenna from the south, perched for a bit and then heading back out over Mount Hope Cemetery. At last report at 6:30, the kids hadn’t attempted any more flights and were all on the tower.

Whew, what a day! And what a great team!! Thanks to all involved for rescuing Casper on her first big day of flying!!

Photos courtesy of Karen von Knobloch

Tenor Ziegler Mystery Casper Hope Mystery

!!! Hope’s second release !!!

June 15, 2016 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

All 3 babies were accounted for at 6:30 this morning. Two were in the nest box and one on the top of the microwave dish on the Bell Media tower. Volunteers gathered at 9:30 for Hope’s release and spread out around the area. It was decided to release her from the rooftop of the Kings Towers to give her a higher altitude. The wind was fairly low and the sun was out at 10:00 a.m when she was set free on top of the apartment building. Mystery swooped around the Kings Tower antenna, vocalizing alot while Caster calmly looked on from the small tower in the CTV parking lot. Hope hopped onto the south west ledge facing King Street. She spent a good hour there, flapping her wings, hopping and taking a small fly hop from one ledge to the other. At times, she’d hop down to the rooftop out of site of the fledgewatchers.

At 11:45 Mystery and Tenor flew over to Kings Towers. Tenor stayed with Hope there as Mystery flew off towards the hospital. Hope and Tenor perched on the north ledge. At 12:20 Tenor flew to CTV and then back to Kings Towers. A few minutes there were more flights by adults and juveniles with falcons seeming to be flying everywhere! Only Casper had not been confirmed to have flown. Around 1:15, one of the adults came back to Kings Towers with a food package trying to encourage Hope and Tenor to follow. The meal was dropped off and a few minutes later the adult came back again to try and call them out. All got quiet again when the parent flew off towards the hospital.

At 3:40, it got exciting again. Tenor flew over to the hospital antenna and landed below where Mystery was perched. A few minutes later, both flew to the Kings Towers possibly due to a maintenance worker on the rooftop. As Tenor landed on the antenna, Hope (not confirmed) flew over to the Bell Media tower, circled it and flew back to the Kings Tower roof. Meanwhile, Tenor also flew back to the Bell tower. Both adults perched on the Kings Tower antenna and it quieted down somewhat. At 4:35, Tenor took another flight from CTV to visit Hope on Kings Tower.

At 7:30, Tenor and Hope were still on the Kings Tower roof in the rain while the other two were by the nest box at CTV . One of the adults perched on the hospital antenna. At 8:30, Tenor and one of his sisters, flew from the next box platform over to Kings Tower in quick succession. One of them tried to land on the roof but missed, recovered and flew around again. It missed again, recovered and flew around but missed and landed on one of the top balconies. A tenant came out onto the balcony right after the juvenile got there! At the end of this rainy, wet fledgewatch, Hope and one of her siblings were still on the King’s Tower rooftop, and the third on the balcony. Tonight we have an empty nest box as this day ends!

!!! Hope’s rescues & Ziegler’s big flight !!!

June 14, 2016 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

All of the juveniles were safe and sound at the start of the fledge watch at 6:00 this morning. Tenor was on the edge of the top platform while Mystery was prepping breakfast. At about 6:40, Tenor went for a brief flight. He circled around the Bell Media tower and landed back on the top platform. At 6:45, Ziegler hopped up onto the roof in the back of CTV’s parking lot. At 6:50, one of the other babies followed Tenor’s flight path and landed on the east corner of the top of the Bell tower. At 7:15, two kids were on the top of the tower, one was on the nest box platform and the fourth one was on the ledge of the nest box.

At 9:25, 3 out of 4 of the kids were on the top platform! Casper (S41) was still sticking close to the nest box. One of the adults did a low fly by right down King Street towards downtown Kitchener at 10:10 and at 10:20 another adult flew by. One of the parents was sighted just before 11:00 on the King’s Towers antennae while the kids screamed. It quieted down until 11:45. Ziegler, Hope and are still on the top platform, while Casper remained on the nest box platform on the Pine Street side. Ziegler still has her red tape on her band, but all of the others have lost their coloured tape which make it harder for the fledge watch team to identify the birds. Hope took 3 flights during this time, one to the hospital tower and back!! At one point, Mystery coaxed her out and she did a nice loop out towards the hospital and landed back on top of the Bell tower. Caster continued to perch at the hospital tower watching over most of Hope’s flights.

Just before 2:00 a fuss could be heard from one of the ‘grines’ at the Sun Life tower. Hope had taken another flight from the tower towards the hospital and back but couldn’t make it back to the platforms. She tried to land on one of the tower’s steel beams but ended upside down. She aborted that flight and ended up perched on a hydro wire only about 15 feet from the ground on Pine Street. Hope sat there for over an hour and just before 3:00 she made another attempt to fly to the tower platforms, but couldn’t grasp the bars with her talons and ended upside down again. She flew off to the Pine Street medical building and landed on the window sill. She flew back over towards the Bell tower but landed in front of the bushes on the ground. The fledge watch team corralled her and she was easily captured by Rudy.

Meanwhile, Ziegler flew to King’s Towers and Tenor to the antenna. During the afternoon Caster and Mystery were busy flying around after their newly fledged kids! At one point, one of the adults flew off to chase a small raptor out of the immediate area. There is a nesting pair of Merlin’s in Mount Hope Cemetery that are a little too close to Caster & Mystery’s territory. At 6:00 p.m., one of the adults brought in a meal for Casper in the nest box, and then took off with it towards Uptown Waterloo and landed with it up on the east parapet. A 2nd and 3rd ‘grine’ were sighted on top of the Sun Life tower! At the very top of the tower was Ziegler!! What a big flight for this newly fledged falcon!!

Hope was examined and hydrated. She wasn’t injured and at 6:40 p.m. was released from the CTV rooftop adjacent to the Bell Media tower. She hopped onto the building’s edge walking back and forth and getting a bearing on her new surroundings. Caster was on perched on top of the hospital antenna watching over the family. Tenor took a flight towards Caster and his perch but headed back and landed on the very top of the Bell tower on top of the drum. Mystery flew back to join Tenor on top of the drum with Ziegler hot on her tail!! At 7:20, Hope flew back out towards the hospital around the tower but she couldn’t get enough loft and again couldn’t latch onto the steel beams with her talons and went upside down and flew down towards the CTV building and ended up lightly hitting the lower windows and landed in the garden. For the 2nd time today, Hope was rescued from the ground! At 8:00 p.m. Caster and Mystery both arrived and are trying to coax the juveniles to fly. At 8:25 one of the kids did a couple of flights around the tower. At 8:30, one of them takes a flight to the roof of King’s Towers. After about 10 minutes, the juvenile flies back to the tower but isn’t able to land on the satellite dish and flies to the hospital roof. Caster follows the youngster and again stands guard from his perch on the hospital antenna with lots of vocalizations to his kids. Casper has not had a confirmed flight and is resting in the nest box. Hope will be released in the morning after a good night’s rest.

Photos courtesy of Karen von Knobloch & Michael Hilborn