Wandering falcons

July 15, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

For the last few weeks, the juveniles have made their way safely to the top of the Sun Life tower. The fledge watch team have finally been able to relax and get their lives back to normal as the juveniles are doing well and have learned how to maneuver around this tall building. Often, one or two can be seen perched on various parts of the parapets of the tower and on top of the King Street sign. The ‘grines’ have been very active around the tower on most days and many employees have seen and heard the increased activity. With sunny days and good winds, on most days at around 2:00 p.m., at least one peregrine flies around the tower. Janice usually sees a single peregrine 3 or 4 times in an afternoon. They tend to come towards the Caroline Street side of the tower and ride the air currents up to the roof.

Learning to fly at lower buildings like Kings Towers and Grand River hospital has paid off. Their flights are strong, and they’ve put on many acrobatic performances around the top floors of the Sun Life building to the delight of employees inside. Caster and Mystery have taught them well! Last week, one flew by the 18th floor with a pigeon in it’s talons and a few minutes later, a rain of feathers fell down from the roof. Another morning, Janice was getting her coffee and a ‘grine’ glided belly first by the window right in front of her almost making her drop her coffee! A lot of the sightings are fast and unexpected and no confirmed identifications have been able to be made to see whose who. On another occasion, Janice was hosting a morning meeting on the 19th floor on the King Street side. The meeting was disrupted from all the screeching and carrying on.

On my way to and from work, the sightings are less often at Grand River Hospital and Kings towers and more so on the Sun Life tower. However, on July 15, I did see 2 circling Kitchener Collegiate Institute and over the parking lot at Central Fresh Mart. They circled around and around at these lower rooftops and then flew to Kings Towers with lots of screeching. The one in the lead was much larger and had a lumbering flight than the 2nd one following. I was pretty sure it was Chroma and possibly Reggie but can’t say for sure. When Chroma was released it was Reggie who was most delighted to see her back in the air and kept on flying to her, encouraging her to get back up to the nest box. They seem to have a special bond. The ‘grines’ were very active that day, with Janice seeing at least 3 in the air together around the same time. At the same time, these 2 landed, I could see one circling the Sun Life building tower. I have not seen any at the hospital or on the CTV tower but heard one yesterday around the station but could not locate it. It could have been on top of one of the rooftops out of sight. I did see one circling high up in the sky but it drifted out of sight quickly and was too far off to be the one vocalizing. This family of peregrines seems to own this city. Janice saw one circling above the neighbourhood across from the SuperStore at Fisher-Hallman and Highland on July 13th. They are called wandering (peregrine) falcons for a very good reason. It is becoming much harder to keep track of them as they start to increase their range and wander out of our sight.

!!! A great meet in Kitchener with the fledge watch team!

July 15, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Mark Nash Reports:

July 16th - 2015
Just a short note to thank Karen for her great hospitality for hosting a fantastic night,,,, and finally being able to meet the incredible Kitchener fledge watch team!! It was really nice to finally meet all of the folks that spent countless hours on the Kitchener fledge watch this season!
A huge thank you to all for bringing of the incredible food and goodies, Karen and Chris for the great BBQ’ed chicken and sausage as well,,,, AND,, I really loved the falcon cookies tooooo!!!

Thank you all for a incredible job well done!

What a fantastic team!!

With four young peregrines having been successfully produced and safely fledged this season in Kitchener, at this point, the rest of course is up their parents and a hole lot of luck over the next two to three years before they will be of breeding age and start showing up on our radar.

Chroma is flying well!

June 28, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

On Friday at 9:30 a.m., Caster was perched on the top parapet on the Sun Life building facing east. One of the juveniles, probably Reggie, was perched on another parapet mirroring his Dad as they surveyed the territory. At 9:45, an adult and juvenile were seen flying circles around the building for about 15 minutes. A second juvenile joined in the chase!! Office workers on the top floors could hear the juveniles vocalizing and they were seen as far down as the 14th floor. From 12:30 to 1:00, Dale dropped by. Caster and Mystery were now on the hospital antenna and CTV tower. Two juveniles, including Chroma, were on the CTV tower, and one was on the hospital roof. The fourth juvenile could be heard vocalizing from the hospital roof while lunch was being prepared and feathers floated down from the rooftop! Caster and Mystery both did some fly bys and one juvenile followed. At 6:15, two of the juveniles, could be seen on the top of the hospital that supports the tower. In a blink of an eye, in typical “grine” fashion, both disappeared out of sight. At 7:00, Karen and Janice could account for all four juveniles. Kings Towers was the preferred perch that night which they haven’t been frequenting for the last week or so. Redbud and Reggie were doing most of the flying. Redbud, a.k.a.Redbutt, did a beautiful little song and dance landing on top of the red light on the Kings Towers antenna to end the evening!

Karen and Chris stopped by on Saturday morning at 10:00 before it started raining. One of the adults was on the CTV tower, while three of the juveniles were seen chasing each other. The rain kept the fledge watch team away. On Sunday at noon, one of the juveniles could be seen from Central Fresh Mart, flying around Kings Towers and landing on the roof. At 7:30 p.m., Karen and Chris stopped by after the rain stopped. One was sighted on the roof of Kings Towers and one on the antenna. Two juveniles were in the flight chasing one another. Shortly after an adult did a flyby with a juvenile in tow. Ginnie and Redbud did over 15 minutes of flying and acrobatics. Ginnie dashed off at one point looking like she was on the hunt after some prey! After the adult left, Chroma landed on the CTV tower and eventually joined in the falcon follies! Her flights were strong and she landed well, on top of the Kings Tower antenna. Thanks to Karen, we finally have confirmation of Chroma in flight and she seems to have recovered from her misadventures.

I stopped by at 9:00. The sky was brilliant for a few minutes but very quickly the light faded as the temperatures dropped. One juvenile was hunkered down behind the drum on the CTV tower, and a second one flew in beside it. One landed on the other CTV tower and then a few minutes later flew on top of the nest box and was joined by a sibling. Just when I thought they were all settling in for the night, they started flying again! One to the hospital, one to Kings towers, and one remained on the CTV tower. At least 3 were in sight but it was getting too dark to do a full count. All of the juveniles are flying well and their flying skills are getting better and stronger each day. Reggie and Redbud are at the top of the class, while Chroma is making a great comeback after her rocky start. Ginnie, the last one to fledge, is keeping up with her siblings.

Caster and Mystery are permanent residents of Kitchener-Waterloo and have been sighted year round from BMO in Waterloo, to Sun Life and CTV to the buildings downtown and both St. Mary’s and Grand River hospitals. The kids now need to learn how to hunt in order to make it on their own and establish their own territories. The skills they are learning now will last them a lifetime. From what we are seeing from their parents, they have the very best teachers. Too soon, we will have to say goodbye to these youngsters as they leave their parents’ territory, but for the next month or so we will continue to watch their progress as long as they give us a show!

Photos courtesy of Karen von Knobloch

Rebud Redbud Redbud & Chroma Redbutt Redbutt Chroma

Reggie is flying far & soaring high!

June 25, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

At 10:00, Janice saw one of the juveniles fly from the front of the Sun Life building and back to the hospital roof, vocalizing and flapping like crazy. Karen at 10:15, sighted one adult on Sun Life, 3 juveniles on the CTV tower and one on the H level of the hospital roof. It looked like Chroma as Karen got a glimpse of her yellow tape.

At 12:30, Caster was perched in his favourite spot on Sun Life and took off a minute later on the hunt down over the parking lot close to Park St. He flew over the parking lot on the Mount Hope St. side with 4 tiny birds chasing him! I could hear some juveniles screeching when he got towards the hospital. I only sighted one juvenile on the CTV tower on the Pine St. side. It was standing up and was holding it’s right wing down over the platform. This behaviour of drooping wings is often observed when they are resting. It was hot out and likely the kids are all hunkered down during the hottest part of the day. The juvenile on the tower went out of site on the platform when I left at 1:00.

David was on the watch at 6:30 and sighted two juveniles on the hospital roof above the H sign. One juvenile circled the hospital then flew towards the Sun Life tower and out of sight. A little bit before 7:00, a mallard flew by. A juvenile landed on the hospital antenna. About 10 minutes later the juvenile flew off of the antenna and joined its siblings above the letter H. Karen and Chris, were on the watch by then and Chris sighted all 4 juveniles together on the hospital roof. One of the adults was on the Sun Life building. The fledge watch team have not observed any flights from Chroma this day to assess her flights.

At 8:45, Karen and Chris watched Reggie take off and fly towards the Sun Life building! He landed on top of Sun Life and took off and landed a few times!! He knows how to put on the brakes by holding up his wings. Reggie soared around the top of the building a few times and then he flew over to Belmont Avenue and even did a dive towards some seagulls! This little guy’s flying skills are getting stronger and more confident each day. Eventually he came in and joined his siblings at the hospital. After a little while, he flew back to the CTV tower. A few times a parent came in during all the action but there were no food drops. Little Reggie is the superstar on this day!!

Photo courtesy of Karen von Knobloch

The gang

Chroma’s big flight

June 24, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

Just before 9:00 this morning, Tony was alerted that Chroma was on top of the 19th floor balcony at Sun Life, where Merry was trapped for a few days last year. Janice and Tony checked on her at various times during the morning. A Sun Life employee on that floor reported that Chroma was on her side. When Janice investigated, Chroma was lying down against the glass and it did look like her left wing was sticking up in an awkward position. She was alert and looking around. At 11:30, I saw an adult circling the upper tower and went up to see how Chroma was doing. When I got there, she was hopping back and forth along the ledge where the mirrored glass is and was trying to jump through, hopping up into the glass. The window is very confusing for young falcons as they can see through it to the landscape below but they can’t get through to the other side. They also see their reflection in the glass and it looks like another falcon so they try to reach them. Luckily, Chroma figured it out and hopped over to the open balcony away from the mirrored glass and the reflections. She seemed to be holding her right wing down lower than normal. She hopped onto the metal ledge under the railing and sat there for a few minutes looking down. Tony and Janice were at street level on Union Street and could see her from there. Just before 12:00, she dropped off the balcony out of my sight. Tony saw her drop and Janice was pretty sure she flew towards the hospital, and the flight was strong. A minute later there were two juveniles flying high above the hospital roof. In the blink of an eye, things change quickly and it’s easy to miss what is going on. With no one completely sure whether Chroma flew or dropped down, we did a rooftop scan. Tony took a walk on the 5th floor roof, as I scanned from the higher floors to see if she fell down to a lower level. Chroma could not be seen anywhere. We put out an alert to the fledge watch team to try and find her.

David arrived at 1:00 and was joined by Kim at 1:30. One juvenile was on the top platform of the CTV tower. Reggie, landed on the top too, and started preening. Karen arrived shortly after that and had sighted a third juvenile tucked into the hospital roof on a lower level. It was pretty quiet other than an osprey flying by at 2:00. At 3:15, Caster flew by with Ginnie hot on his heels. Ginnie and Redbud played tag for a bit. One bird was above the H, one was on the Kings Tower antenna and Reggie was on the CTV tower. Karen checked her images and could see that it was Chroma on the hospital ledge! What a feat for this tough girl! Not only did she make it up to the top of the Sun Life building, but she managed to fly back with, let’s hope only some sore wings and perhaps some bruising. Chroma’s crop looked empty so she probably hadn’t eaten for a while. One of the adults came in with a package and Redbud got it. Mystery was around and Ginnie was trying to fly over the moon!

At 7:00, Janice was back on the watch and saw one juvenile on the CTV tower and one on the hospital antenna. Rudy joined the watch at 7:10 just in time to see one of the adults come in with a food package. The juvenile on the hospital antenna pursued the adult with the food package and caught it in mid-air! Nicely done!! There was some vocalizing from the hospital roof but no one else was in sight. At 7:40, one of the juveniles flew down from to the emergency entrance roof and out of sight. Another juvenile was sighted at the front of the hospital.

Karen was back on the watch at 8:00, and sighted three out of the four juveniles. At 8:30, Mystery and Caster were on top of Sun Life on the Union Street side, Caster in his favourite perch. I joined up with Karen a few minutes later and all 4 juveniles could be accounted for. Reggie was on the CTV tower, Ginnie on the highest part of the hospital antenna, Redbud on the rooftop with the big H, and Chroma on the lower level of the hospital roof below Redbud! It did look like Chroma was holding her right wing down a little lower than normal, her shoulder lowered. She stretched out her left wing over the hospital ridge. At around 9:00, the 3 other juveniles all went back to the CTV tower. Chroma took flight a few minutes later. She looked like she was struggling and couldn’t get the height that she needed to make it to the 2nd level platform to join the others on the tower, so she circled back and landed a little higher than she was before, mid way up on the hospital antenna. Reggie joined her there shortly after as if to give her some encouragement. With her back to us, again she held her wings down and stretched them out again. Reggie flew back to the CTV tower to the very top to join the others. At about 9:30, one of the adults flew onto the antenna below Chroma with a food package to try and entice her to leave her perch for a bite to eat. From Karen’s observations today, she hasn’t eaten for a while. The adult flew back to the CTV tower, dropped the food off for the others and then flew off towards the Sun Life tower. Chroma remained on the antenna when we left her at about 10:00. Hopefully, all she needs is a good nights sleep and some rest for her tired wings.

Photos courtesy of Janice Newton, Tony Bergauer & Karen von Knobloch

Chroma and reflections Ginnie & the moon

Riding the winds

June 23, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

Fraser was on the watch at 8:30 Monday morning. All was quiet except for the construction noise. He located three of the juveniles and was able to identify Ginnie who was on the top platform of the CTV tower with one of her siblings. The third one was on the hospital tower while one of the adults could be seen atop Sun Life. At 9:20, I stopped by and observed some baiting games led by one of the adults. The parent flew circles around the hospital emergency entrance with all four kids in hot pursuit. They flew north on King Street, a little above the roof tops and then on towards the Sun Life parking lot. It looked as if the adult was trying to teach them how to chase prey. They all few back to the hospital roof where breakfast was dropped on top of the hospital. The adult took off while three of the juveniles fought over breakfast, with the fourth watching nearby. David was on the watch at 10:30 and saw a few flights, one from the hospital roof over the CTV tower, and another landed on the ledge of the hospital roof and then dropped out of sight. Possibly the same bird, popped back up on the flashing and then went out of sight again. At 12:45, Kim and I observed quite a few flights back and forth between the hospital and the CTV tower. A few of the flights were much lower like what Karen observed the night before. One juvenile flew between the wires and another bumped into the red siding underneath the hospital antenna, dropped down and flew around the antenna, then landing. At 1:15, all were together on the hospital roof and one of the adults came in.

Just before 5:00, I found a decapitated pigeon on the sidewalk on King Street. Partially plucked, it was probably dropped by one of the kids when they were being baiting by one of the parents. David was back watching again at 5:00. At 6:00, Caster and one juvenile circled the hospital antenna a few times and then flew towards Sun Life. Caster landed on top of the building and the juvenile went out of sight as it started to rain. By 6:30, it was it was thundering and raining really hard. Two juveniles could be seen on the hospital roof by the blue H sign as David left the watch. At 8:30, I sighted all 4 juveniles flagging the H sign and one of the adults was on Sun Life. There was a little bit of flying back and forth between the hospital and CTV. One of the adults came in, perhaps with a food drop, as there was a bit of squabbling amongst the kids. The second adult was perched on the hospital antenna watching over the kids on the roof. At 9:15, Sandy could see all four juveniles hunkered down behind the big drum on top of the CTV tower as the storm approached. One adult flew away and the other was perched on top of Sun Life.

Tuesday morning brought high, gusty winds and at 9:30, I saw one falcon riding the winds around the Kings Towers antenna. It had to sail around the tower three times before it was able to land. David reported that the winds were about 60 km/hr at 1:00. Kim and I were out at 1:00 as well and could see three out of four hunkered down on the rooftop under the big H and out of the wind. At 2:30 Karen sighted all four siblings in the same place. At 2:40 Mystery brought a package and landed on the roof just above the juveniles. One took off and joined the adult right away and shortly after another joined them. It looked like Redbud and Chroma had a good lunch and played a bit of tug of war with each other. Reggie and Ginnie could be heard but were out of sight and didn’t join the feeding. One of the parents rode the winds for quite a while and then landed on Sun Life against the wall where the previous nest box was. It was probably Caster, as when Dale arrived at 4:15, Caster was perched on his favorite roof ledge on Sun Life. Mystery came in from Kings Towers and two juveniles followed her over to the hospital roof. The wind was still quite brisk and Dale could see two of the juveniles on the south ledge of the upper level of the hospital. At 4:30, from Sun Life I saw one adult flying around the Bauer lofts playing baiting games north of the building. It was too far to identify the second bird but if it was a juvenile this was the farthest away from the nest site observed so far. I lost sight of them as they headed north towards uptown Waterloo. A few minutes later one of the adults rode the winds back onto the Sun Life building.

Photos courtesy of Karen von Knobloch

Flying games

June 21, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

At 6:30 Saturday morning, Janice started the watch along with Caster on the CTV antenna and Mystery on the hospital antenna. Two juveniles flew around the hospital, one more graceful than the other. At 6:45, two walked around the hospital roof ledge, vocalizing loudly while the parents watched. Two juveniles took flight around the hospital again. At 7:00, Caster and Mystery flew off. Shortly after, Mystery landed back on the hospital antenna while one juvenile relaxed on the highest hospital roof. Another flew over the hospital from a different level. Just before 7:30, one juvenile flew to the roof on the Park Street side and one was perched on the antenna. Just before 8:00, all four juveniles were on the hospital, two sunning themselves on the black rooftop below the antenna, one on the rooftop over the hospital’s main entrance as one did a fly by around their siblings. Mystery remained on the antenna supervising, while the kids started vocalizing loudly. At 8:00, Caster flew by the hospital with a breakfast package and took it to the CTV tower to clean. One of the juveniles joined Caster on the platform for breakfast but accidentally dropped half of it on to the lower platform railing. Caster is vocalizing loudly. The three on the hospital roof seemed to ignore him and remained where they were. When Janice left the watch at 8:30, Caster and one juvenile were on the CTV tower, breakfast remains were hanging over the railing and only one other juvenile was visible on the hospital roof.

At 9:00, Kim and I were on the watch and could see the Caster and Mystery flying from the tower to the hospital and to the Sun Life rooftop and back again. Two juveniles were visible on the hospital rooftop. David was also on the watch along with some new watchers from Waterloo Region Nature. Mystery was perched on the hospital’s antenna with one of the kids. Mystery left and two of the juveniles took her place on the antenna. There were many flights to the hospital and back. Mystery went back to the CTV tower and then left again. One of the juveniles flew to the hospital roof. Ginnie was there and Reggie flew across to join her. Ginnie then left with Reggie following her. They went back to the corner of the hospital to finish some food that was left there earlier. Karen also joined the group at 10:45. Just before 12:00, Reggie did another flight to the hospital tower, Ginnie was still on one of the corners of the hospital and both Chroma and Redbud did flights to the top drum of the CTV tower.

At 7:30 that evening, Kellie was on the watch and all six birds were accounted for. The kids were flying back and forth between the hospital and the CTV tower for quite some time. Two siblings were playing ‘chase’ around the hospital. Only one juvenile never moved from the corner of the H hospital sign until one of it’s siblings looked like it was about to crash land into it and then it did put up its wings briefly but never did fly off. Caster was circling the Sun Life building, and Mystery was perched on the nest tower half way up. She flew off for a bit, then returned to one of the lower level railings. These juvenile falcons are all doing really well and have passed all their initial flight tests!

Kellie observed, that their landings are still very awkward. Their flights are now deliberate, but often they are going a little too fast to make a safe landing and have to circle back around to try landing again and again. Both adults make the Sun Life tower part of their regular perch and it is only a matter of time that the juveniles will follow them to the glass tower. The juveniles will need to experience what glass windows are and we’re hoping they will only brush the windows and not injure themselves in doing so. The fledge watch team will still be keeping an eye on the sky while they start to explore new areas and their range opens up.

On Sunday night, Karen arrived on the watch at 8:00 p.m. to some loud vocalizations from the kids on various parts of the CTV tower. Mystery also was making lots of noise and eventually took off into a very low swoop over the smaller buildings that line King Street. A couple of the kids followed over the low rooftops! Karen held her breath while they flew at that low level towards the Sun Life parking lot but then lost sight of them. Perhaps, Mystery is teaching them where the little birds are? At 8:30, one of the juveniles took off and seemed to pursue a couple of small birds inflight but missed and landed on the hospital roof. The setting sun made it difficult for Karen to identify the juveniles but they all returned to the tower eventually. One juvenile then flew again at a lower level between the two hydro wires across from the tower! Mystery and Caster were perched on the Sun Life tower. One of the juveniles was at the hospital but by the end of the watch just after 9:00, all four kids were back on the tower at the end of this longest day of the year!

Photos courtesy of Karen von Knobloch

Chroma Redbud Redbud & Chroma

Turkey vultures snooping around

June 19, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

Marg and Sarah were on the watch at 9:30 on Friday morning to find all 4 kids on the CTV Tower, 1 on the nest box and the other 3 on the top platform. The action started at 10:00, as the adults arrived and then left again with lots of flights back and forth from the tower to the hospital roofs above the H. Briefly, the entire family was sighted together but with all the action, it was too hard to keep track. By 11:00, Caster and Mystery were back on the Sun Life tower. Martha and Dale joined the watch and by 1:00 all 4 kids, were resting on the hospital roof behind the blue letter H.

At 5:30, Martha and Lisa were watching from various vantage points. There were at least 12 turkey vultures soaring over Mount Hope Street between the hospital and the Sun Life parking lot. One of the peregrines was soaring and screaming. Higher and higher it went and then started to dive bomb the turkey vultures. The other adult came out to go after the vultures but went out of sight shortly, probably to make sure the kids were all right. The remaining peregrine zoned in on one poor vulture and dive-bombed him again and again, making at least 4 or 5 direct hits. The vulture flew overtop of the hospital roof, close to the H and out of sight towards Park Street. On further inspection of the nest sight, at least 2 of the kids were on top of the tower, feeding on a gull which what was attracting all the vultures! The other vultures soared way up high and out of the peregrines attack zone. I left the nest site around 6:15 and the vultures were still snooping around. At 7:00, I saw one of the adults hunting over the Mount Hope Street cemetery, it circled higher and higher over the neighbourhood and went into a deep dive over the cemetery and I lost sight of it in the tree line.

I went back to the site at 7:30 and joined Martha. Chris joined us a little while later. From 8:15 - 9:00 there were lots of flights back and forth between the hospital and the tower. The adults came back and forth from the Sun Life tower and Caster brought a food drop in at 9:00 and flew back to Sun Life. All of the young ones returned to the tower, one landing a little awkwardly on the King Street side and another landed right on the drum right beside another and they snuggled in together. We left the watch at 9:15 knowing that all were safe and accounted for.

Hide and seek

June 18, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

David was on the watch at 10:15. Mystery and the four juveniles were on the tower. One was eating and Mystery was vocalizing. Caster was on top of the antenna on King’s Towers. At 11:10, two juveniles took flight, landed briefly and took flight again. Both returned to the platform where the nest box is.

Kim and I visited the site at 12:30 today. Two or three juveniles were lounging on the northwest corner of the top platform. Caster was on the concave microwave dish on the King Street corner. We did a walk around to see if we could see them all at once, but could only see two at a time. As usual, we were about to leave when all the action started. Mystery flew in with a food drop to the top platform and the kids started vocalizing like crazy. Mystery then flew out with the food as one of the kids followed her. She dropped it in the air for the youngster while as Caster flew with them. Two of them remained on the platform, while another joined Mystery. The other juvenile swooped around the hospital, landed unsteadily on the antenna, then dove off and flew again, landing on the hospital roof and back onto the antenna. Caster soared up really high and kept an eye on things and then flew back to the east corner of the tower to keep an eye on the others. We left around 1:30 with two still hanging out around the hospital.

Dale was on the watch between 4:30 and 5:30. Only two were sighted on the tower on the upper platform. Mystery came by trying to entice them for a flight. One flew towards the hospital and returned with a morsel to share with a sibling. Just before 6:00, I was heading home and stopped in. I spotted two kids on the ledge of the hospital roof above the H, on the Mount Hope Street side. Chroma was on the very top of the tower railing on the east side preening. One adult was on the hospital antenna watching over them. Karen was back on the watch at 6:30 and confirmed that three of the kids were on the hospital roof.

Karen, Martha and I were watching from 7:00-9:15. When I got there, Chroma was still on the top of the platform. Caster flew around while Redbud & Reggie came from the hospital and flew around the tower. Ginnie remained on the hospital ledge above the H. They flew around a bit and then Reggie and Redbud joined Chroma on the top of the platform, tucked in behind the drum. Mystery was on top of the antenna watching over Ginnie. It started to rain lightly for a little while. As it stopped and the sun peered out a bit, the falcons held out their wings to dry. At 8:15 Caster flew in with a food drop. He flew into the tower platform first and landed on the railing in front of the drum as the kids screamed behind it. He then took the food to Ginnie on the hospital roof. After tucking into her meal and having another rest, Ginnie decided to try and head back to the tower. She headed straight across and was trying to swoop up in the “j” formation that the adults so eloquently do, but she misjudged and lightly “bumped” into the top platform head first. She dropped down a little bit but didn’t really falter much and flew back towards the hospital and out of sight. Martha and I went down to Mount Hope Street to see if we could find her but we had no sight of her. Mystery was still on her perch. From the parking garage, Karen saw Ginnie fly back to the tower and when she tried to land, she accidentally knocked one of her siblings off their perch. They both fell down but landed on the platform. Ginnie did another flight and landed on the top of the drum. We left the watch at 9:15.

Flight training begins!

June 17, 2015 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

All four juveniles were back on King’s Towers as Tony and Rudy started the watch this morning. There were a number of flight and at one point all 4 were in the air. At one point, they could only see 2 ‘grines’ from the City of Kitchener parking lot. Tony went over to Central Fresh Market and could see the other 2 along the edge facing the store. When Rudy left, all of the kids were over on King’s Towers. I dropped by at 8:5 and saw many good flights and landings! Too many to count! They would go out together and separately, would circle and catch the winds. They practiced taking flights back and forth from the nest site and back again. Chroma’s flights are a little unsteady compared to Reggie but given her falls to the ground (and her size), she is doing terrific! At 8:30, the construction workers started walking around the top of the roof which created quite the commotion among the kids. They got on their scaffolding and the teenagers quieted down.

Kim and I checked out the kids at 12:30. Three lazy teenagers were lying around on the northwest corner of the top platform. Two of them had their wings up in the air and looked like they were in a deep sleep even though the noise of the construction zone and the lunch-time traffic was quite loud. The fourth juvenile was a King Towers and was getting some extra pointers from Mystery and Caster as the three swooped and soared around the apartment building. At 1:15, David came on the watch and was there for a few hours. It was a quiet afternoon, with a few flights back and forth from the antenna. Caster was up on the top of the antenna. One of the adults flew in and circled a few times.

At 3:00 p.m., Kim was back watching from the King Street side of the site. Two or three were on the top platform on the northwest side. An adult was perched on the top rail. At 4:00 one of the adults came back and made a food drop to the top platform. A few minutes later, two falcons could be seen at King’s Towers. At about 4:30, one flew off and only one was visible on the platform.

At 5:00, Dale and Karen were on the watch and all 4 juveniles could be accounted for. At 7:00,Caster perched on the King’s Towers antenna and Mystery left. Reggie flew to the smaller CTV tower. Ginnie, was on the top rail facing Pine Street. Reggie remained on the smaller tower. At 8:05, one of the juveniles takes off for a flight towards the hospital antenna. They turn back and they have a close fly-by with another juvenile on their way to the hospital antenna.  The second juvenile turns back and tries to land on the dish on the tower but slides off and flies back right over Dale and Karen on the hospital parking garage roof! A few minutes later, Mystery and Caster take off to do some hunting. At 8:10, Caster returns with a food package. The package is left on the railing and the ‘grines’ vocalize loudly.  One juvenile jumps up on the railing and has dinner. The remaining three juveniles just hang out. They don’t seem to be too interested in the food

At 8:15, the juvenile drops the food onto the platform and gets into a bit of a fight with another over the meal. I joined the watch at 8:30, one adult could be seen on the antenna and flew off a few minutes late. At 8:30, all four juveniles were on the top platform just chilling. There was one short flight and a little bit of wing flapping. A pretty quiet ending to a busy day!