London Peregrines May 17th Part 2!!

May 17, 2012 - London - TD Tower

Tracy Simpson Reports:

It was another wonderful day in London delivering Project School Visit to local children in town.  After the visits, I paid a visit to Domenic Ripepi at Sifton Property Management Group and shared and update with the folks at 1 London Place.  They have been fantastic in allowing me to reach a higher elevation in a 23rd floor suite that has offered me a good look into the nest tray on 380 Wellington just beneath the TD sign.  When I arrived upstairs, both of the adults were sitting on the tray in the shade.  Shortly thereafter Dougal, the resident male, left the tray and Thunder, confirmed resident female, remained for another 20 minutes.  I could not see any eggs in view as the angle doesn’t allow me to see down into the tray but the nest tray itself was bathed in the afternoon heat from the sun.  As I was leaving the suite to head down to “the Peregrine Perch” on Wellington, Thunder had taken to the air and both adults were tandem flying just north of Dundas.

Down in the street, Frank was talking to many of the Londoners that were stopping to inquire about their peregrines and how they were doing.  It wasn’t long before Thunder returned to the tray and Dougal took off with purpose as if on a hunt.  I was able to get photographs that clearly show the females band colours and you can almost clearly make out the rotated 2 on top and the X on the bottom.  This was confirmed without a doubt as we also were watching through our scope and had the band perfectly in view.  We will continue to visit as often as we can to watch the progress of the resident pair and share the stories and adventures of these two with the local London community!!  See you soon London!!