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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Two eggs confirmed, both resident adults in hard incubation!

!!! Two eggs confirmed, both resident adults in hard incubation!

May 19, 2012 - Etobicoke - William Osler

CPF Postmaster Reports:

May 19th - 2012

Bruce Massey reports this morning after doing the rounds at the various nest sites to get further updates on the status of the nesting peregrines, that he can confirm an “eye-ball” view and confirmed TWO EGGS in the nest tray at the William Osler - Etobicoke General Hospital nest site.

Earlier this season, there were territorial disputes and battles going on at this territory where it appears that O’Connor - Banded Black M over Green 87 - (the previous resident territorial adult female) lost the battle (and the territory & nest site) to a younger sub adult female.

This new younger sub-adult (now the resident female) has produced two eggs in the nest tray at the William Osler nest site and is currently involved in full time incubation duties with her newly acquired mate (the same resident adult male named Hurricane -that has been the resident adult male at William Osler for many years).

Hurricane has obviously accepted his new gal and is actively involved in incubation duties.

The new camera continues to produce an incredible HD colour image that is now being displayed on the internal flat screen monitor that allows daily observations of the nest ledge and all of the live real time happenings and activity from the nest ledge and nest tray.

We are hopeful that with the hospitals support that we can connect the new live camera image to an internet connection so that we can get the live real-time colour images to the CPF web site and global audience soon.

Stay tuned………..

    As a foot note

The previous resident adult female at this nest site (named O’Connor) has been found and obviously doing well, as she has taken over the nest site at the Sun Life centre nest site at Bloor and Islington. O’Connor is currently tending to FOUR hatchlings with her new mate - (the existing resident / territorial male named Jack) at the Sun Life Centre nest site!!!

Banding at the Bloor & Islington - 3300 Bloor Street - Sun Life Centre has been scheduled for May 24th at 1:30 in the east tower lobby and is open to the public.