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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » A Quiet Day at Canada Square

A Quiet Day at Canada Square

June 23, 2012 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Tracy Simpson Reports:

After yesterday’s marathon session we spent a lot of the day just sitting and watching the peregrines watch the world.

Haven spent much of her time on Rio-Can or flying into old nest ledge looking for food and scraps I guess. Stormin was around a lot more than usual too. He even carted some food to the nest ledge and then took it off and sat on the very north west corner of the black building; this was this evening.

We saw fledglings but only one at a time so I am not sure who we saw. Marion definitely identified Simcoe by the yellow when he was on the old nest ledge. We also think we saw Brisk by the way in which he lands on the old nest ledge. We saw one of them flying, high, with Stormin and Haven joined in before the youngster called it quits and disappeared.

All in all, a lovely quiet day for me. My old bones do not take kindly to a lot of walking.