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!!! All of the hatchlings can officially be called fledglings!

June 12, 2012 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Mark Nash Reports:

June 10th to June 12th - 2012

Apologies for the lack of updates on my part as it has been an aggressive time in the streets as they say with five on-going fledge watches and the overlapping bandings. This up-date will have to serve as a summery of the last few days from my perspective, as my comminuting back and forth from Toronto to Burlington and the time I’ve spent on other watches in between have been mostly a blurrrrr, and with the releases after dark, there have been some late night commutes back home to Toronto each night.

As of Tuesday June 12th, all three of the young Burlington hatchlings can now be officially called fledglings, as they have each left the nest box and taken more than several flights. Although short, all but Crock-pot Jimmy had returned on their own steam back to the nest box,,, but he’s close to that elevation!

At the close of last nights watch - (June 12th), Port Hope had been successful in several short flights from tower to tower (and although still terrible hard landings), he has been successful in returning back to the north tower and the nest box itself. Remembering that unlike most of the other inner city urban nest sites, where other buildings that are typically used as “stepping stones” for the young fledglings to gain the elevation necessary to get back to the nest ledges, these stepping stone buildings are simply not present here. The fledglings have a limited number of places with various elevations to use in their efforts to get back to the nest box elevation. And this nest box is high up in the north tower for these young ones to get back tooooo!!

Carrey had to be rescued once during his first few flights and was released back to the north tower without incident and is starting to look like a real peregrine in flight - (well sort of) :-)
His landings are equally as bad, (and hard), but he is sustaining / holding his altitude.

Crock-Pot Jimmy as he has now been nic-named, spent part of today (June 12th) on the upper most beam of the Skyway bridge supervising the traffic, where his parents provided him with food and supervision throughout. Despite the fact that he was intimidated by some pigeons earlier on in his stint on the Skyway, it appears that he is quickly learning they present no threat. (It won’t be long before they start to look tasty)!!

By the later afternoon, Crock-pot Jimmy had successfully returned back to the north tower and was occupying a ledge less than 20 feet below the nest box elevation. Dad delivered him food and by darkness, he had settled down on the ledge for the evening.

Stay tuned for more updates and some of the many photos that have been taken………