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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Burlington Fledge watch is well in motion!

!!! Burlington Fledge watch is well in motion!

June 09, 2012 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Mark Nash Reports:

June 9th - 2012
As the oldest juvenile reaches 41 days old today, its still pretty quiet, in that none of the hatchlings have actually taken their first flights. One of the juveniles has learned to jump from the nest box landing platform to the windowsills and back to the nest box landing platform, but given that there was no flight associated with the move, we can’t exactly say it has fledged. He’s cheating!

The resident adult female continues to deal with an injury to her leg, (one that appears to be a foot or toe injury), but seems to have a renewed sense of energy today from what we’re seeing, based on her behaviour of the last week.

She was successful in several hunts in which she both killed pigeons and was able to bring them up to the nest box and feed the kids. While the toe on her right foot still seems extended / dislocated and unable to retract and close it, she is still roosting fine. We did not see her laying down at all today.

Dad is very much involved in catching food, feeding the hatchlings and defending the territory as was quite apparent throughout the days watch.

By 10:00pm, all was well, no fledge, and both parents continued to alarm call and stoop something in the darkness at something under the Skyway bridge further down from the canal.

We never did see what had the adults all upset.
Stay tuned……