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Crazy birds

June 24, 2012 - Toronto - King Street

Linda Woods Reports:

Watching this afternoon, can’t get an accurate head count for all four. I think I may have had three at one time.  Two are doing long flights, chasing each other and even flying in the heavy rain that went through the downtown area around dinner time.  Adults have been sitting in odd spots, but I think that may be that the kids are venturing further away.  This evening I had Aphrodite come south of Front St. I could hear a juvie screaming but could not see it. Then Aphrodite came flying over head and out of my view. Moments later, two flying into view and headed towards the King Edward Hotel. At 8:30 I have one adult on the nest ledge,in camera view, and two juvies on the rigging arm on the east side of the hotel roof.