Diana is doing well and still on territory.

June 26, 2012 - Ottawa - Delta Ottawa City Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Good morning everyone,
(Tuesday, June 26, 2012) — 7:20 a.m.

As I was walking up Albert Street and passing by the Delta Ottawa City Centre hotel a distinctive “sound” caught my immediate attention. I heard Diana but could not find her. I searched all the rooftops and walked around the hotel but came up empty-handed. By the time I returned to my original location I could no longer hear her. It appeared that the sound came from inside the nest area and must be why I could not see her from street level. I did not detect the presence of a potential threat to Diana or her home. She’s definitely keeping tabs on her ideal home and is not about to let it be claimed by another falcon.

Is there any chance that she could find another mate and raise a family this year? I’d rather see the safe return of Connor but I must be realistic at this point in time.
Take care and keep smiling,
N. McKenna