Falcon dislays!

June 29, 2012 - Ottawa - Delta Ottawa City Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Good morning,
(Friday, June 29, 2012) — (7:10 a.m.)

I was walking up Wellington Street as per my usual morning routine when I spotted a falcon once again in the reflection of the Constitution Square, Tower 1 building. It was perched on the SW corner of the Delta Ottawa City Centre hotel rooftop. By the time I reached Queen Street, it had flown around the hotel and was observed flying over Queen Street. It was making impressive swoops and dives much to my amazement. It did one final fly by and was headed north up and over the Marriott hotel. What a sight it must have been for anyone looking out of their hotel window at that moment. I’d certainly appreciate observing Diana from that vantage point.

I hope that everyone enjoys a festive Canada Day weekend!

Take care,
N. McKenna