Hot, Humid and quiet

June 19, 2012 - Toronto - King Street

Linda Woods Reports:

A hot, humid day greeted all the volunteers at the various nest watches. Today at King St was generally quiet day, as the peregrines camped out in the shade for the most part. Harry and Zoe, wereon site early this morning but by 10:30 the heat was already holding the birds down.  I arrived late this afternoon and had no birds in view.  I returned 6p.m. and  saw Windwhistler and Erin in sight, one was on the spire of St.James Church and the other on Dundee Place.  Aphrodite and one of the brothers, were sitting on the roof of the nest building.  I did not have  three of the juveniles in view at one time. I left around 7:50p.m, when Paul arrived to do some observing.  Hope they all show up, just for Paul.