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!!! Introducing Blaze,Mira and Amora

June 05, 2012 - Toronto - Don Mills

Frank Butson Reports:

Today fellow volunteer Rob Mueller and I had the pleasure/priviledge of attending the banding at Harlequin. Rob got some great shots that he has graciously shared and Ive added a few of my own to tell the story.

 Before the banding started several folks watched Quest and her chicks from the street outside. Quest brought in a meal for the chicks shortly before they were collected.

Inside Harlequin headoffice, a large group gathered to see the banding which was filmed and was also being seen live at Harlequins office in New York. That is the picture in a picture on the screen behind Mark Nash in the photos. You can see Quests satellite transmitter in the pics of her. As you can see by her chicks and bringing in the food,it isnt inhibiting her at all!

The chicks Blaze,Amora and Mira came out one by one to meet their adoring public.  Donna Hayes opened the banding with many kind words of support and a great introduction. On behalf of Harlequin Enterprises  Donna (CEO of Harlequin) presented Mark and Marion Nash with a sizeable and much appreciated donation. Donna then was called upon to assist Ministry of Natural Resources biologist and long time friend of CPF Mark Heaton in banding the first chick  Blaze.

More photos will come from the many gathered Im sure so dont be alarmed if you dont appear in any photos seen yet,there are thousands our CPF friends are sorting through.

Quest Food For 3 Quest Off Nest Banders Arrive Setting Up Donna Assisting Mark Mark Nash Emcees Blaze Amora Mira