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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Fledge Watch Begins at the new Don Mills Nest Site!!

Fledge Watch Begins at the new Don Mills Nest Site!!

July 11, 2012 - International, National and Local News

Kathy Smith Reports:

I arrive 5:50am and Randy (neighbourhood volunteer) was already there. He had spotted one baby on the 5th floor window ledge of the ICICI building and the other was nowhere to be seen. The female was south on the apartments screaming away so I patrolled the grounds around both complexes with no site of Ben ( blue tape ). While watching Len ( yellow tape )  Irma and her husband Dick had joined us. We look up and there’s the lil brat Ben on the chimney of apartments!!

By 8 am Ben on the chimney gets food and by 8:30 am, Len who had been hanging out on the 5th floor window comes down to the but not before circling both buildings. I take Len in to security and we place him in a rescue carrier and lock him in the security room. By the afternoon, the parents, both confirmed as unbanded adults, are now flying by Ben on the chimney with food.  Ben was content to stay on the chimney and scream but refused to fly for it.  No takers!!

  Bruce arrives and shortly after the adults buzz Ben several times in a effort to get him off of the chimney.  There was work being conducted on the roof area of the apartment building so I obtained the managers phone number just in case.  Bruce went over and was able to catch a couple of workers coming down for a break and gave them the heads up or should I say “HEADS UP”; a little friendly warning in case baby come down to roof level and the parents came over to protect him.  

I left the Watch with Ben on the chimney being watched by Bruce, Randy and the parents and Len safely tucked away in a rescue carrier.  Bruce will do the release tonigh and hopefully Len will have learned to stay high!!  A big thank you to security and building management of ICICI, the nest building, for helping out Len once again!!