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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Tobi and Ossie Absolutely Incredible!!

Tobi and Ossie Absolutely Incredible!!

July 22, 2012 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Today was a site check day rather than a full time watch at William Osler given the heat and the ability that the juveniles are now showing.  Yesterday I was treated to a great show of skill by both Tobi and Ossie and felt very confident, after I watched the two leave the footprint of the building, that they are safe at this point. 

Winston was by the site in the early evening and was able to witness some incredible flights between the two youngsters and managed to capture some amazing pictures.  Here are his observations;

Today I visited EGH between 3-4:30pm and was delighted to see the two juveniles having a blast. It looks like they’ve taken their game of tag to the air and they really put on a show. For birds that have been flying for less than a week they seem to be quick learners. The two have no trouble gaining altitude or landing. Still not as sure footed as their parents but I am especially surprised at the control of their landings. Aside from Tobi grabbing the side of the hospital just above the H sign, she still stuck the landing by the way, no real evidence that these guys are as new to this as they are. I stayed until 4:30 when the two parents had left for over 15 minutes and both chicks were fast asleep. Less than 15 minutes after that, the skies opened up. I assume the rain was enough to wake up Ossie who was sleeping on the power lines and force him to find cover but I was gone by then.

Thanks Winston for the great pictures and observations.

I arrived just after Winston left and we literally just missed one another.  I found Tobi on the nest ledge and Ossie on the retaining wall of the roof on the east side.  They stayed very relaxed and quiet for the most part until Chessie made an appearance in a tower to the south.  That got the two juveniles to their feet and screaming like the wind.  Chessie came in to the hospital area without food and started a chase in the air with her kids that was nothing short of spectacular.  The three would together go whipping around the hospital and then out over the valley to the west, talon touching, diving and flipping.  They came back a few minutes later and were all three soaring over the nest building only to go back into the dive and roll routine.  They must have stayed in the air a full 5 or more minutes in this display of aerial finesse before the two youngsters finally settled down .

This watch has been a treat to be a part of and there are so many people to thank for its success.  A huge thank you to the staff at the William Osler Hospital for being an incredible host building to this family, the folks at Paladin Security for all their assistance and all of the people who visited with us daily to ask about their peregrine family.  I would also like to personally thank the OMNR Stewardship Rangers for braving the heat and coming out with us and a very special thank you to Bruce Massey, Marion Nash and Kathy Smith who’s great friendship and support made this success possible!!  Way to go Chessie and Hurricane!!

I will be stopping in and doing site checks throughout the next few weeks so watch for more stories and photos on the progress in training of Tobi and Ossie.