Quest and Kendal Working it Out

March 09, 2013 - Toronto - Don Mills

Bruce Massey Reports:

Yesterday I was joined by Tracy Simpson at the 220 Duncan Mill Road nest site as Quest and Kendal were both on site and their behaviour was a little odd.  In the morning when I first arrived, Kendal was shadowing Quest wherever she went and was almost harassing her.  By the afternoon when Tracy arrived, the tables had turned and it was Quest that was now instigating the chases.  While the activity was all on friendly terms, it was clear that Kendal had pushed his luck with Quest and she was now annoyed with him.  Twice he flew in to mate with her as she sat on the Harlequin building calling him and twice he seemed to abort at the last minute.  Finally she’d had enough of his half hearted attempts and chased him off of every perch he landed on.  It was clear that she wanted him to focus and he was more interested in attending to the nest bowl than her.  She set him straight by the late afternoon and the pair settled in at the nest site.  All photos courtesy of Tracy Simpson.