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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » A NEW resident male named “Malik”- Black 12 over Y has replaced Stormin!

!!! A NEW resident male named “Malik”- Black 12 over Y has replaced Stormin!

May 16, 2014 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

It was very windy in the corner where Haven was covering her babies and eggs. Still two babies and two eggs. She had difficulty keeping the babies underneath her. They kept *tumbling out* and Haven would wriggle and tuck them under again.

Eventually dad appeared on the ledge, no food, but he literally begged her to let him sit on the eggs. First he made his usual chupping and when Haven did not respond to that his call, it changed to something softer and finally he whined!! A tiny little *weeeeeet* sound !

Haven finally left, and I could clearly see the two eggs and the babies. I know why Haven was reluctant to let him sit. Not only because there were still 2 eggs but because after all he is a new mate!!!! Yes a new mate with the band number 12 over Y and that is not Stormin. After checking the banding data base, it turns out to be Malik , a peregrine hatched in 2010 at the 18 King St. nest,,, a son of Windwistler and Erin.

We’re not sure when Stormin was displaced and though we will miss him, Malik comes from strong stock from one of Canada’s most prolific male peregrines, Windwhistler, who has over 100 offspring (that we know about) to his credit and is now a great, great grandfather.

Malik looked at the little white fluff balls with wide open mouths, thought about them and decided that he KNEW he had to sit on the eggs. I don’t think he was too sure of what to do with the babies and he didn’t actually cover them. They were pressed right against his chest. He is just a little too small to cover both the eggs and babies. About seven minutes later Haven returned, rolled the eggs into place, got comfortable on them and then proceeded to nudge the babies under her.