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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Everything is well! Painting proceeds, Both O’Conner and Jack are very much on site and looking good!!

!!! Everything is well! Painting proceeds, Both O’Conner and Jack are very much on site and looking good!!

December 08, 2014 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

December 8th - 2014
Just a quickly update to let everyone know that everything is well out at the Etobicoke nest site with both the building painting activities and the peregrines. For the past week, the Canadian Peregrine Foundation has had a staff member on site working with the painters to ensure that both the painters and the birds are safe. Mark Nash from the CPF has been on the window washers swing stage providing cover and protection for the two painters and ensuring that the peregrines are not hurt during the painting process. As many of you have been watching both locally and on the CPF’s nest camera, the entire exterior of the three office towers of the newly renamed Bloor and Islington Place are being painted, including that of the upper elevations,, including the nest ledge itself.

Other good news is that the nest tray has been serviced - (in part), with some additional pea-gravel having been added to the nest tray, and allot of the old debris has been removed. We also took this opportunity to take critical measurements so that the new nest tray can be manufactured and will be installed next year. While the nest tray has served the peregrines well, it is in much need of replacement. Remembering that we installed this nest tray back in 1997!!

It is worth noting that we have now seen both Jack (the resident adult male and the resident adult female - O’Connor throughout). O’Connor was on hand today to express her opinion of our activity in and around her nest ledge. In typical O’Connor fashion, and with the silence and stealth we have known to expect of her, she appeared out of nowhere, stooped and dive-bombed us a half a dozen times this afternoon, with several toooo-close for comfort dives, making contact with the broom on several occasions.

As you know, the straw broom is utilized to provide an elevated target, one that allows the peregrines an easy soft target allowing them to vent their aggression out on, while protecting the other humans on the swing stage, thus allowing them to carry on with their work activities throughout any attacks.

While the use of a straw broom worked quite well as we expected, O’Connor still managed to have us all ducking below the safety of swing stage rails throughout most of her aerial assault, as she is simply just toooo fast to get out her way!!!

She was convincing enough to have the painters hurry along to get the nest ledge area completed in record time and quickly move out of the nest ledge area!! As you may have also noticed, both cameras were covered up and wrapped in plastic to protect them from any paint over-spray that might have got onto the camera lens.

We have several more days (weather permitting) to complete the painting at this elevation. Remembering that there are still two other ledges at this elevation that heed to be painted, in addition to the areas above the nest ledge level. The remaining ledges are the ledges that Jack uses as a regular butcher block to prepare food and a roosting spot. I expect that we will also receive an additional scolding when we are at this elevation.

The great news, is that the nest ledge looks good, and the pale white colour is not intrusive at all.
Stay tuned,,