!!! Allot of new exciting events and happenings to report from Lake Ridge,, stay tuned,,, your gonna like it!!

April 24, 2015 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Mark Nash Reports:

April - 2015
I apologize for the lack of recent news and happenings from the Oshawa Lake Ridge hospital nest site, but we have been incredibility busy trying to stay ahead of the peregrines with regards to all of the work that we’re been involved in while out in the field this spring. We have manufactured, delivered and installed three new nest boxes and two new nest trays all in time for the nesting season,, and as you might imagine, its been a very hectic time indeed!
The birds wait for no-one!

Remembering that while we are a Federally chartered Canadian Charity, (a non-profit organization), we are for the most parts, a volunteer run organization, one that receives absolutely no funding or financial support from any form of government, and as such, we are solely dependant on the support of the community through sponsorship support, contributions and tax deductible donations from the private sectors to do what we do.

That being said, in short,, here is a very short update on the Oshawa peregrines,,, - (until we can organize our field notes and get them chronologically posted).

There is renewed territorial activity of the peregrines at the Oshawa Lake Ridge Hospital site, - (although the pair remained territorial on and around the hospital all winter long, and never did migrate)! As such, the CPF manufactured a custom made nest box that was later installed by the hospital staff just in time to catch the peregrines involved in courtship. Copulation between the pair was observed and later, the resident adult male was successful in convincing his mate to use the new nest box! Given the recent observation reports, we believe that the pair have in fact now laid egg(s) and involved in full time incubation of same,,, (in the new nest box)!!! :-) :-) :-)

Stay tuned for more detailed notes and the full story to follow…..