!!! Two territorial peregrines observed on site,, with lots of copulation going on at Hearn!!

April 01, 2015 - Toronto - Hearn Power Station

CPF Postmaster Reports:

April 1st - 2015

Good news, as Desmond has reported seeing both adult peregrines down at the Hearn plant, and love is in the air for sure!! After being able to spend several hours down at the Hearn plant, Desmond reports seeing both peregrines on site, and involved in several copulation sessions throughout his observation period.
While we have yet to identify “the spot” in which the pair have decided to lay their eggs, it would appear that they are both still very much around and looking again to the Hearn Plant to lay their eggs and raise their family.

We were able to confirm that the resident adult male is still Peter, (produced in Hamilton at the Hamilton Sheraton hotel),, but his mate has not yet been identified as yet this year.

The next mystery is to locate and identify the nest location…………..

Stay tuned………………