Spot check

June 15, 2015 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Periodic spot checks from a few of us (updating via texts) over the last few days, and all seems to be going great at Duncan Mill/Don Mills!

On Saturday I watched some crazy chasing going on and a pigeon hunt was interrupted by an excited juvie coming into chase whoever was hunting the pigeon. Lucky pigeon that day :)

A few of us could only see two of the three juvies Sunday during the day and into late evening, so this morning it was good to see all three on the roof of the 240 building.

Some fabulous flying from all three including lovely leisurely circling around and around 240 (must be some nice warm humid winds). One flight between the buildings showed a guided bump from a parent, redirecting one of the juvies. They are fabulous flyers I’m in awe that they are flying so well in such short time.

At one point I managed to text a lovely photo of the entire family facing south on the roof of 240.

Heading home soon but as of early evening Monday, the juvies are off somewhere, being monitored by Quest and Skye on the roof of 240 (seems to be a favorite family hangout spot this year). As always I’ll check the “danger zone” - the east side windows of 225 - whenever I’m checking. They are flying confidently now, so hopefully more redirecting/guidance from Skye and Quest as they speed up.