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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Erin Still at King St and Ivy Persists

Erin Still at King St and Ivy Persists

December 27, 2015 - Toronto - King Street

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Bruce and Linda have spent time watching the 18 King St nest site closely for changes in behavior and sightings of Ivy.  As of this past Thursday, Erin, who was identified by her band through scope views, is still the resident female at the site and is regularly seen bonding with Stormin.  Ivy continues to be seen on occasion on the edge of the territory and Stormin is now taking offence to this.  He has flown out to her roosting spots several times in an attempt to drive her off and Bruce witnessed one occasion where he forced Ivy to flip over in the air to fend him off.  He is being very stern and staying the course in his decision to defend his 17 year old mate Erin who is also taking calculated opportunities to make it clear to young Ivy that this is her home.  On Thursday, both Stormin and Erin were very active in the area hunting until late afternoon when Erin decided a nap on the nest ledge was called for.  Stormin took up position on the top of the nest building above her and stayed for 45 minutes watching the area closely while she slept.

We will continue to monitor the activity in the area and report on any news.