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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Erin and Stormin Confirmed Adults at King Street

Erin and Stormin Confirmed Adults at King Street

March 30, 2016 - Toronto - King Street

Bruce Massey Reports:

This past weekend I spent a total of 11 hours monitoring the activity at King Street.  The adults were both in and out of the nest ledge often during my visits and there were two attempts at copulation while I was there.  Erin spent a great deal of time on the St. James spire, one of her favorite spots, and I was able to read her recovery band.  She is black over red B over rotated D with a faded purple USFW.  Stormin spent time roosting on the south roofline of 18 King Street and I was able to see his solid black 30 over Y.

Both adults were paying a great deal of attention to the north end of the nest ledge, preferring that to the bowl commonly used behind the pillar.  At times Erin would go and lay down in the nest bowl and Stormin would visit her with gifts of food.  While we are unsure whether they will produce eggs this year, they certainly are trying.