!!! Both resident adults still very much on site, on and off the various ledges, and still very protective of their home,, but no eggs anywhere to be found!

June 02, 2016 - Toronto - King Street

Mark Nash Reports:

Tuesday May 31st - 2016
A big thank you to the Dream management group and their engineering staff for allow me access to several of their buildings that allowed me a opportunity to get a 360 degree view of the entire upper elevation of the 18 King street nest building. After receiving a flurry of phone calls from our good friends at the Solar Group, the organization that has been supporting the CPF for almost 20 years with their equipment and staff that allows the CPF to access the upper ledges of 18 King Street to do the extraction of the young hatchlings for banding,, (and the same group that does all of the window washing on many of the other buildings that host active peregrine nest sites).

Last week, the Solar window washers were aggressively stooped and dive-bombed by the King Street pair as they attempted to wash the windows on the east side of the 18 King Street nest building. The green light was given to go ahead with the buildings window washing as there has been no indication of any incubation activity on the CPF web camera this season.

For the most parts, during their window washing activities on the South, West, and North parts of the building, the resident peregrines although still very much on site and quite visible, paid little to no attention to the window washers. It wasn’t until they got to the upper east side that the peregrines let loose with an on-slot of attacks and forced them away from the east elevation. Solar had to abandoned their efforts to continue and departed the site.

So, I spent the better part of the afternoon scanning the entire upper elevations of the nest building and ALL of the ledges in an effort to find the eggs that was reported by Solar, but no eggs were observed. The resident adult female was although once again laying down on north end of the nest ledge in camera view,, but again, no eggs were present.

I can only surmise that the resident pair (which we have confirmed to be the Erin and Stormin), are simply territorial and still protecting their home as we would expect. Remembering that hormones still control most every action and its still breeding season!

I took allot of photos of ALL of the ledges on both sides of the building so I could review in detail once on the computer, and sadly, there were no eggs to be found.