!!! Two residents still very much on site at Hearn!

June 04, 2016 - Toronto - Hearn Power Station

Mark Nash Reports:

June 4th - 2016

The second nest site visit of the day, it was down to the Hearn plant on Unwin Ave to check up on the status and activities of the resident Hearn peregrines. It was only seconds after my arrival that I was able to locate the resident adult male roosting way up on one of the smoke stacks blinking white lights,,, - (approx. 3/4 the way up the old smokestack). Minutes later, the adult female appeared from the south and landed on the upper superstructure roof only meters from her mate. For the next three plus hours, I watched them interact with one another, including two different hunting forays.

Sadly, both birds were too far away for me to get any leg band numbers, but it was quite obvious that the two peregrines are very much still calling the Hearn plant their home.

At no point during the 3 plus hours that I was there, did I see either one of the peregrines go into or come out of a nesting location on the plant and neither of them spent any of their time to the north of the superstructure. They both spent most of their time roosting on the same spots that we had observed the pair on in several seasons past.

As such, I don’t believe that the pair have produced any offspring so far this season. :-(